MudNats 2019 Part 1! Total Talon 1000R and Ranger MUDLYFE!
WOW! Quadna Mud Nationals is WILD!


    Do you guys like the mud content!? We had a BLAST!

    • Kevin Ruddles
      Kevin Ruddles

      Love it.

    • emery jones
      emery jones

      We want jumps!!! Send itttt

    • landon bradley
      landon bradley

      Yes muddin is my life

    • JETT PWR
      JETT PWR

      @Swamp Donkey lots

    • JETT PWR
      JETT PWR

      @Everything Off-road why would anyone wanna see them ruin machines 🙄


    Can u go to west point

  • Brian tel
    Brian tel

    No beers in hand

  • Xd Pulsed
    Xd Pulsed

    I want a side by side soooo bad

  • Willy

    I thought he meant gnats in the mud

  • Phillip Johnson
    Phillip Johnson

    If you are stuck in a pond, you should be the one to get wet and hook up to the cool person who's going to pull you out guys

  • Devon Ault
    Devon Ault

    just got to send it

  • Mark Build
    Mark Build

    I want to punch the Red head in the face so bad!!!!!!!

  • Mark Build
    Mark Build

    stop sending these stupid fucks money ! git out and live your life.

  • Robert Sinclair
    Robert Sinclair

    Honestly Honda should have given you that Talon. You have convinced me that if I am going to buy a SxS it would be a Talon 1000R.

  • John Baldwin
    John Baldwin

    I love the mud! What size tires r u running on the Talon?

  • Jackson Worlow
    Jackson Worlow

    Wait Minnesota I thought y’all came to hillarosa in Arkansas

  • Jackson Worlow
    Jackson Worlow

    Hope to see you next time

  • Tony Spencer
    Tony Spencer

    What's the rim size on the talon with the 32s?

  • Crooked Man
    Crooked Man

    Please tell me the name of that go pro

  • Robert Dean
    Robert Dean

    I just bought the 2019 crew high lifter just like that a few days ago haven’t even got to drive it yet because of work but I love watching the vids of mudlyfe I need to get mine fixed up!

  • NoMercyHawk

    I always wonder if Osta knows he's throwing up the universal sign for I love you instead of rock on....haha. 🤟🤘

  • bob knar
    bob knar

    Come to hogwaller in Florida, will blow your mind how wild we are

  • Infamousten 0886
    Infamousten 0886

    Love your videos guys. Great to see always helping each other out

  • leonel barreto
    leonel barreto

    What exhaust have the blue x3 ???

  • Richard Wilkes
    Richard Wilkes

    You so come to Kentucky Earlington

  • vdzrussell

    idk about this year cuz of covid but I might have to come down from AK to check this event out.

  • Woods Unknown
    Woods Unknown

    Turbo and some assassinators would be awesome on mud life. Great video.



  • D Bwrs
    D Bwrs

    Minnesota born and raised as well!! summers are too legit up here

  • Latham Streeter
    Latham Streeter

    Can't wait for the cleaning video!!

  • Ryan Smith
    Ryan Smith

    Doug is the kinda guy I would like to work with. So down to earth and not annoying at all.....

  • ngh

    What size tire is Osta Cruiser running? I saw you guys skimming the pond. I would think skimming a mud pit would be easer. :-)

  • stgraves260

    100 % agree with y'all. Don't get me wrong I like having fun, but somethings should not be aloud at those parks. Somethings I just down want to be around and I deffanetly don't want my kids around.

  • SXS Outdoor Sports
    SXS Outdoor Sports

    What trailer are you guys using?

  • Jbray DA9
    Jbray DA9

    If you guys want a badass place to ride with a campground , check out to tecumseh trails in shawnee, Ohio. I promise you won't be disappointed.

  • Jessie Estock
    Jessie Estock

    This video should be titled Ostacruiser saves the day Or Dustyassnats

  • Remer Motel
    Remer Motel

    If you are looking for an out of the way place to stay with the best trails in the area especially the ride to mud nats look into Remer Motel and Campground. Groups like RZRMN and SXS KINGS head out for the day specifically to ride to RMC and hit the trails in between.

  • Wayne Menard rebel rider YouTube
    Wayne Menard rebel rider YouTube


  • Fred Autrey
    Fred Autrey

    What tires are being used on the Talon?


      System 3 XT300

  • Arkansas Mud Kings
    Arkansas Mud Kings

    Got me wanting to take a drive up north!

  • Tampa Boys Customs
    Tampa Boys Customs

    Wow this looks like so much fun awesome stuff.

  • Brian Player
    Brian Player

    This video is full savage

  • Daniel Edwards
    Daniel Edwards

    Seriously, that was was pretty bad stuff but it looks like a play ground compared to the areas I run in (Big Nasty-Effingham county Georgia) You want to see what mud looks like check this video:

  • Daniel Edwards
    Daniel Edwards

    Are you kidding? Take a look at how the big boys play at the mud Nationals:


      That definitely didn't look like Minnesota 2019.

  • Brandon Holliman
    Brandon Holliman

    Somebody count how many times Savage was said in this video

  • Roger Fuller
    Roger Fuller

    9:22 my dad works with that guy!

  • Reese Zellar
    Reese Zellar

    Should I do a mudding video I have a Yamaha

  • red bitter123
    red bitter123

    David’s sherp would have been awesome being there.

  • Do Something Fun
    Do Something Fun


  • ζegends

    David is a champ helping folks like he does. There's a reason people like him!!


      Pretty much the best dude ever.

  • Eric Buchta
    Eric Buchta

    That thing sounds like the muffler fell off. Brother got to put it back on the can am

  • John Taylor
    John Taylor

    What tires r on the x3?

  • Tom Atkins
    Tom Atkins

    Hey guys. How do I see the things you can’t show on ALgone? I think that would be awesome

  • josh obrien
    josh obrien

    Hope to see ya guys next year

  • Glockspecific

    You cant go across the border with mud on your machine?

  • Spun

    need a new build to hit the skeg...

  • seando87 XT
    seando87 XT

    Plane flew by in first gear.

  • Sam Krieger
    Sam Krieger

    Jackson Racing turbo kit never gona happen. Sucker play to get us to consider honda.

  • Wali Hamid
    Wali Hamid

    That accent. Colorado, Canada???

  • Joshua Elias
    Joshua Elias

    He Went to slow in the talon that's why he got stuck there i know cuz I've done that in the rzr then 2nd try went full send it mode and made it right through never let a mudhole beat ya. Love the videos yall keep it up



  • Brock Tucker
    Brock Tucker

    You guys are completely awesome even when I'm work wishing I was riding I can watch yall and it makes my day so much better !!!! Roll on on with these awesome blogs

  • Quintero Landscapes
    Quintero Landscapes

    Put er’ in the puddin’

  • ZMR

    What tires are on the Talon?

    • ZMR
      ZMR thanks.



  • DJ Star Scream
    DJ Star Scream

    MudNats 2019 Biggest Party in the south.

  • Ragnarok

    If you're hanging out with Ostacruiser you know you're doing it right.

  • Michael Hess
    Michael Hess

    New subscriber, love the channel, ostacruiser has an awesome channel as well, been subscribed to them for a long time now 👌👌

  • Kyle Strayer
    Kyle Strayer

    I used to live there before it became famous the cabin right before the entrance we used to ride our BMX bikes on the golf course

  • Bratwire

    I have 34's on my x3 but i still get stuck a ton, up in Brockville, Ontario

  • Mangel Leslie
    Mangel Leslie

    I bet the park owner loves all the beer cans on top of the hill. You drop a can on the ground anywhere you are simply a pig.

  • Mangel Leslie
    Mangel Leslie

    You don't believe seat belts or harnesses? Really?

    • KuntryBruh

      Mangel Leslie no, my dad would of died in a car crash if he had his seatbelt on. He instead flew out the windshield while the car burned.

  • Brody Eichenberg
    Brody Eichenberg


  • Justin Whiting
    Justin Whiting

    Come to Florida we will show you real mud. The tires are clean the entire time going through all of that. You can do that in a go cart.


      It would appear that you didn't actually watch the video lol

  • raaul zam
    raaul zam

    Increible lugar para los racer saludos desde Mexico 🇲🇽

  • pogosticknick

    No one: Ostacruiser: "Oh Frick Ya!"


    Need a drone

  • Mr. Kojack1
    Mr. Kojack1

    Bro you man handled one of his dogs and then backed out.😆

  • Joshua Smith
    Joshua Smith

    Where is this??

  • Luke McD12
    Luke McD12

    Famous words, " You know it's good when the exhaust hits the water BLUB ALA LA"

  • allen hughes
    allen hughes

    triple dog


      I tried the double and could barely handle it, not sure how he does it.

  • 64jazdude

    Scott Smith (Highlifter) & I went to high school together!

  • Bryan Robinson
    Bryan Robinson

    That water smells like ASS! 😀

  • Jackson McClelland
    Jackson McClelland

    Take a shot for every time they say savage


    Hey Doug let get back to the mud this water smells like. ASS. LOL

  • Colton Middleton
    Colton Middleton

    You say savage way to much

  • M C
    M C

    Is the xx no more?

  • lbbradley55

    Is it only me who find it AMAZING that Ppl get EXCITED to drive 16 hrs. Pulling 1 of these & spend $$$ 😲

  • mark walker
    mark walker

    loved the video you guys always do a quality job but..... would really like to see the X-Files lol understand about the sponsers but would be nice

  • D J
    D J

    You guys really do it for me lol

  • Dustin Musgrave
    Dustin Musgrave

    That's shitty people leaving cans on the ground :( I'm sure they have a clean up crew tho


    C’mon Nick & Doug...we wanna see the drunks riding & the debauchery of drunken female wheelers from your first night there lol.


      We honestly just didn't record much of that.

  • Micheal Gale
    Micheal Gale

    hell yeah ,,, freakin Mud Life

  • KingBossQuad

    lol at 34" outlaw is big :). Hold my beer.

  • Chandler Walters
    Chandler Walters

    they just dont belong there. crying an whining about getting wet or muddy. booo hoo. guy in the talon doesnt know how to drive in the mud either while whining the hole time lmfao


      srs man those guys are annoying

  • Randy White
    Randy White

    What become of the broken wildcat.


      Still at the dealer getting a new motah, hopefully have back soon

  • Curtis Robinson
    Curtis Robinson

    Doug should move up to Canada and become Canadian. Hang with Osta and their crew. That would make some great videos


      If this Blog thing doesn't work out that's where I'm headed, lol

  • grandprismatic

    Highlighter always puts on a great event. Dave has made the trip too TX for it here. Bitchin footage you guys knocked it out of the park. For Dave to come to Fort Worth 10 minutes from my house was totally sikk. 5 ⭐️ \m/

  • Paul G. Gerard
    Paul G. Gerard

    Great job you guys and gals.

  • gary tee
    gary tee

    again no sous him and honey at a wine and food tasting at the mall time to get rick back more see battle dad more then sous

  • David Wiebking
    David Wiebking

    awsome video guys. glad you finally got into some actual mud.

  • Outdoor Man
    Outdoor Man

    Hahahaha awesome!!! What a great video. Love the colabs

  • robert fitzgerald
    robert fitzgerald

    Hey why does ur wife always shy from the cam...its good to see the spouses in the vids and that there involved like you guys ..dont be shy

  • BruuupLife

    Thank goodness for osta

  • Alfred The Savage
    Alfred The Savage

    Mud Newb riding through the water with a phone in his hand. Funny Stuff

  • Justin G
    Justin G

    The torn up sticker on mudlyfe saying "sxsb" was a perfect fit for this event