New HAULER for 2JZ RZR, Turbo RS1 gets a cage, and 2JP event announcement!!!
Huge thanks to for the hookup and for the BADASS cage!!!
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  • Jeff .j
    Jeff .j

    How long is the trailer and can you get 2 machines in it?

  • Kevin Daugherty
    Kevin Daugherty


  • Sand Dogs
    Sand Dogs

    You guys Need to bring that toy to Albany, Oregon for their Sand Drags next Summer.

  • Fs 19 Landscaping , transport , Towing
    Fs 19 Landscaping , transport , Towing

    are u going to do a giveaway

  • Ashton Frye
    Ashton Frye

    A dodge would look better.



  • mrFoxYou1

    MADE IN THE USA!!! Bois

  • Triple B ATV
    Triple B ATV

    doug shave!

  • Alex

    Super glad to see you get the cage. Keep rippin 🤘

  • SouthernApproach

    The simultaneous “ehhhhh” at 12:14 😂

  • Jonathan Perez
    Jonathan Perez

    Doug what the what did you do to your forehead bud? Ouch

  • Jonathan Perez
    Jonathan Perez

    What’s the news on Sous machine? That trailer is awesome looking good!!!!!

  • Freedom Isnotfree
    Freedom Isnotfree

    Be glad you have tolls. Here in ont.canadastan we have 407. Cost you an arm and a leg if you wanna go even 30km. Best part is the old half not even owned by canada . What a joke 🤡world

  • cadillac_coy Scott
    cadillac_coy Scott

    Was hoping to see you guys at glamis. Good luck in FL

  • Matthew E
    Matthew E

    Doug, you need to memorize Ricky Bobby’s first interview in talledega nights. .

  • Greg Smith
    Greg Smith

    Oh hell yeah! I was hoping to see 2JP on the drag strip. Never thought I would see it at Cleetus and Cars! I can't wait to see you guys.

  • Sam Drake
    Sam Drake

    Miss the trail riding videos. Wish you guys would get back to some of that

  • Moises Haros
    Moises Haros

    are you guys gonna line it up this Saturday at olds hill?

  • Serriik

    Hell yeah!!

  • jason pettit
    jason pettit

    more like rick the AXLE BRAKER

  • Crimson Tide
    Crimson Tide

    Biiiiiiiiiigg haulin guy!!

  • Chris Drew
    Chris Drew

    Doug Butterfield = Generic Matthew McConaughey. Okay, Okay, Okayyyy

  • Layne Smith
    Layne Smith

    Just seen yall in Macon

  • Shelby Lester
    Shelby Lester

    Hopefully 2021 is a lot better you guys to should do a meet and ride at badlands or a place near you

  • Chris Pohl
    Chris Pohl

    You guys should sell doug cages!

  • Curtis B
    Curtis B

    Hell Yeah 2JP on the strip thank you I can't wait

  • Mark Hyland
    Mark Hyland

    Too bad your going to miss the Sand Outlaw race in Glamis. Hopefully next time.

  • Frank Cline
    Frank Cline

    dope cage

  • Keith Jackson
    Keith Jackson

    I just saw you guys in Charleston Tennessee at the loves truck stop.

  • kennedy McCue
    kennedy McCue

    Literally my home town great guys at mid city trailers!

  • Thomas Schachtel
    Thomas Schachtel

    Houser made some innovative stuff back in the day. Definitely made some of the baddest A-arms out there. Glad to see them expanding into the growing market.

  • Erik Fonder
    Erik Fonder

    Why not go gooseneck with 7000 pound axles

  • Tim Genz
    Tim Genz

    Doug you look like Battle Axe Jones heavier brother, lay off the McDonald's

  • Rusty Wells
    Rusty Wells

    The way you guys roll you need a trailer twice that size! Heck a big rig would be about right!

  • Greg Ilgenfritz
    Greg Ilgenfritz

    It's a good thing you had a trailer to haul that

  • morris mills
    morris mills

    I really love what you guys do! I want to see more of 2JP and all the guys (some chics wouldn’t hurt). Anyways, I’ve hauled a lot of heavy stuff in my life and had a trailer built to my specifications 15 years ago to haul equipment. I’m a pretty meticulous person when it comes to weight and performance and what things are capable of doing, much like you guys are. The trailer you got is very nice. However I don’t believe you have enough axle support. Those axles can support 12 K gross trailer weight. I think you need to be careful and mindful when you’re loading this trailer. I would hate to see you have problems and not be able to get to a race or an event. I think you need to weigh the trailer empty, and calculate exactly how much you can really haul inside of it. Just based on an educated guess, the weight of the trailer empty with 2JP Plus another side by side, tools, equipment, fuel/fluids, extra tires, probably a generator, etc. etc. will easily exceed the axle capacity. I believe it’s in your best interest to add a third axle. I hate to be a downer on this one but I don’t wanna see you on the side of the road either. Please feel free to contact me anytime I have a lot of experience with axles, failure rate percentage, electric brakes, electric over hydraulic disc brakes, Lighting systems and relays, and all kinds of other stuff. I would be glad to help in anyway possible, thank you and good luck!


      Trailer weighs under 4K; plenty of payload left for 2 4 seats and gear.

  • mofat01

    It doesn't get more majestic than Doug's mullet blowing in the wind @5:22

  • Nick Whitefield
    Nick Whitefield

    Just need some big ass sxsblog stickers for the trailer now.

  • Thomas Kain
    Thomas Kain

    Are you guys sponsored by McDonald's? You should be!

  • Marcella Flores
    Marcella Flores

    When are you gonna be in glamis

  • Scott Estergaard
    Scott Estergaard

    Nice rig men!

  • Fabrication Nation
    Fabrication Nation

    Gotta love Houser....they've been top quality for 20 years......I used to dream about having some Houser long travel arms

  • Alonzo Clark
    Alonzo Clark

    doug reminds me of butters. Just happy lol

  • shammy nz
    shammy nz

    Keep up the awesome work guys

  • steven ecker
    steven ecker

    I’m pissed that the blog was in my hometown and I didn’t know 😔

  • Luke Muntner
    Luke Muntner

    Big Dog = Overdone. Time for something new.


      The Big Dog revolution has just begun.

  • oocombz

    So I just want to say up front sorry for the double comment on the video but I'm like 90% certain I just saw you boys roll through part of Ohio. If that's the case safe travels. And avoid 75 around Cincinnati it's closed.

  • jeff752540

    Just bought a set of wheels and tires through the Rocky Mountain link thanks for the videos


      Thank you.

  • Jett Westfall
    Jett Westfall

    Send me a message on Instagram @_j.westfall if you’d like to outfit the trailer with organizers like fuel jug racks, helmet holders, jack pouches, tie downs, strip doors, and other organizers all the way down to flashlight holders!

  • dakotalayinlow

    Doug's hair hasn't looked better than it did in this video. 5 stars for sure!

  • K B
    K B

    Little known fact.....standard flats pull better, V's tend to follow the wind and dart to either side

  • Peter Cole
    Peter Cole

    Damn save some ladies for the rest of us guys cause that setup is sexy Af!!!

  • Scat Pack Styles
    Scat Pack Styles

    Wait, so no Packard head to head?

  • Giovanna Gianni
    Giovanna Gianni

    nice pork chops doooglas!

  • Will Northrup
    Will Northrup

    What happened to dougs face?!

    • WildBill 33
      WildBill 33

      The boxing match during driver change lol

  • Chuck Vedder
    Chuck Vedder

    Great video as always. I know you were getting a trailer on short notice this time. You might want to check out in the future for a trailer. I was able to order one a year ago and it took less than two weeks for them to build it for me. Their prices were way lower than anyone around me (Illinois) even after paying Illinois sales tax when I titled it. They have great options too. I worked with one of their reps and picked it up at their factory lot in Georgia. P.S. I am in no way associated with them, just a very happy customer.

  • Gonecheenin

    I was disappointed in your Houser Racing tour, how could you go there & not interview Erin Houser!!! 😁 I have their YXZ recessed winch plate on my 2016 - excellently made/designed products!

  • Reece Carikas
    Reece Carikas

    2JP Trailer needs to be wrapped in Jurassic wrap its only then going to be worthy to carry SXS.Blog best machine

  • matad311

    CF1 would be cool with a wild crazy custom long travel suspension!

  • anthony Maldonado
    anthony Maldonado

    when y’all gonna be in glamis )

  • Taylor Jones
    Taylor Jones

    I'm liking Rick being in the videos more. His dry sarcasm always entertaining.

  • JordansRc

    Nice unit brother’s 👍 Great effort in the 2.4 hr as well, tough break there. Can’t wait to see her rip at Cleetus & Cars

  • Buckeye Dad
    Buckeye Dad

    In my hometown of Marion Ohio and I missed them!!!!

  • Tim Daley
    Tim Daley

    Better add a wheelie bar to 2jp for the drag strip.

  • Jacob Martin
    Jacob Martin


  • Steve Fendelet
    Steve Fendelet

    Can’t wait to see 2Jz in Florida! Side note..., I feel like Ive heard the “Alarm” excuse from Butter chops before, Haha. Good stuff!

  • Kade Lotzien
    Kade Lotzien

    Ricks helmet probably won’t blow out of this one either lol


    I go past that trailer everyday before you bought I live in Niles right above Elkhart. Simonton lake is right behind you

  • Obeyda Shibli
    Obeyda Shibli

    Nice beard dude, love it 😂❤

  • powerstrokelife

    I live about 45 minutes from elkarht

  • Zach Rock
    Zach Rock

    We neeeeeeeed to see this thing run olds in glamis

  • Nicholas Fonseca
    Nicholas Fonseca

    I see you had the evolution flag in the shop. What do you guys thing about the turbo system they have made for the Polaris general?

  • Ol Dirty BEAN
    Ol Dirty BEAN

    Doug couldn't be more wrong y'all got the wrong color on the truck and the trailer the correct answer is white cause it always looks clean and if you drive a white truck in Michigan speed limits are just suggestions cause cops don't pull white trucks over for anything

  • Mark Webber
    Mark Webber

    I now have to go buy plane tickets!!!

  • EnabledShooter

    You should consider a fifth wheel trailer. You can sleep in the part that goes over the bed of the truck and you could also install bunks that fold up to the sides to accommodate even more people. It's a great way to have a multi-purpose trailer. Ours has an AC/heat unit on top. The fifth wheel pulls so much better too.

  • Reinaldo Sonera
    Reinaldo Sonera

    You guys deserve that and more! Kuddos and keep the good job


    Doug get in a fight?

  • Aj Renn
    Aj Renn

    You guys went right by my house.

  • Asylumental

    Doug: "Tough break, It wasnt me though, it was whatever alter ego this is..." 😂😂 (Sounds like CF1 is getting some SHOCK THERAPY to go with that cage!!??!!!)


    I works just love to see the cf1 get some real love! Suspension wheels tires more power a little mini 2jp !

  • Thomas Frederick
    Thomas Frederick

    You can tell LEO is almost 40 he still uses the word tight

  • Kienan Owens
    Kienan Owens

    You guys should but hcr 72” wide a arms and radius rods on the cf1

  • craig bollinger
    craig bollinger

    Who make the tubing I don’t recall a steel mill in Marion Ohio

  • Clint M
    Clint M

    IS there any reason you didn't go to a 5th wheel? I am just curious

  • V4 YT
    V4 YT

    good content thanks

  • Jayson Carey
    Jayson Carey

    Marion is only about 45 minutes from my house 🤘🏻 houser is a badass place!

  • Joseph Cleary
    Joseph Cleary

    Gentlemen, I'm going to insist you get a set of wide mud flaps for the back of Larry. RockTamers makes a nice kit that mounts to the hitch and are fully adjustable. One trip across country and the front of that trailer will be destroyed from rock chips and dents... Ask me how I know....

  • shane judd
    shane judd

    gonna be awesome. Can't wait

  • WrenchandRip

    you boys do a LOT of driving. respect

  • Tristan Hipps
    Tristan Hipps

    i got 5 bucks to you guys if you pull off the the H and the I on the "triumph" logo.

  • Raghknarr Scott
    Raghknarr Scott

    You guys need to get yourselves a Gen-Y Torsion Hitch to absorb over 90% of the Push & Pull those heavy load trailers exhibit while towing. Much safer and much less stressful to drive. I won’t tow without one anymore.

  • Pat Filipczak
    Pat Filipczak

    Doug heavy metal thunderfield lemmy would be proud

  • David Baker
    David Baker

    What no Glamis for Thanksgiving? So bummed.

  • MrTrevtrev198

    I have houser cage, tree kickers, high ground clearance front control arms,and rear radius rods good quality products

  • J Hoose
    J Hoose

    What’s the interior height on that big dog trailer? Going to clear the Buffalo with the big tires?

  • Tyler Danberry
    Tyler Danberry

    So does anyone know what ever happened to Aaron and Dozer from Full Throttle Off-road? Haven’t seen anything from them for awhile now their Glamis trip was the last thing posted.

  • Jay Harris
    Jay Harris

    Appears that you found the correct “Auto-Generate Control” button somewhere on the dashboard? Thank you! 😉😊🙏🏻 Still love SXS crew and videos.


      No nothing has changed. May be a video length issue

  • Coltin Simon
    Coltin Simon

    I live in Findlay Ohio not far from Toledo Ohio. Would really like to meet you guys when you come threw Ohio again

  • Doug Scott
    Doug Scott

    Exit 25 my hometown, Milan Mi watching your videos..

  • Kenneth Potter III
    Kenneth Potter III

    So dumb drug what happened to the old videos now it's all about speed not about having fun