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  • johnnyhvac0134

    Just noticed the 2 piece plastic roof on the Buffalo. Does it pop and crack annoyingly also? Any suggestions for noise reduction with it?


    Not sure if you have fixed it but the rear spring guards got put on the wrong side. Otherwise, sweet kit and video👍🏽

  • 8ball

    Is buffalo a turbo too...? How mutch hp have it... p,ease make a video how mutch every Maschine have .. original .. every Tuning Step.. hp now and very interesting the costs for Maschin .. Tuning... and the Trips.. and Please explaine die Name of your Projekts.. 168 (?) And i have 100 more questions and the answer are interesting i Think..... Good Job guys.....!!!

  • Colton Miller
    Colton Miller

    I’ve been thinking about getting a rzr pro xp and I think I’m going to get one now

  • John Mccullough
    John Mccullough

    Make a video on the rzr towing power asap man be the first to do it. Put an f 250 on a trailer an c if it can tow it effectively

  • John Mccullough
    John Mccullough

    Can i pay youguys to install mine


      Yep, sure can, shoot us an email

  • Geoff harding
    Geoff harding

    Maybe rename darkside!?

  • Steve Acosta
    Steve Acosta

    I'm new to the sxs whats the biggest tires I can go with on my 2020 xp 4 1000 and keep it stock

  • Steve Acosta
    Steve Acosta

    Man u guys rock

  • Titan LMRC
    Titan LMRC

    How long is your guyses fate trailer????

    • Titan LMRC
      Titan LMRC

      ​ Okay, because when i get the RZRS i'm getting a 31 ft



    • Titan LMRC
      Titan LMRC

      The silver one

  • CorwinINaDSM

    Love the video's with Seus(spelling?), yes i know its rediculous, but he makes me smile.

  • Michael Hritz
    Michael Hritz

    7:28 Douglas Bedroom-eyesfield

  • WahidTrynaHeghugh

    If you guys never did a video with Cleetus, I probably would never have found your channel. I love watching you guys just be yourselves just as much as watching the builds. Sous is just a laugh riot! Thanks for the entertainment.

  • April Leonard
    April Leonard

    6:45 i want some of what hes on

  • ttarob

    You guys should look at getting a 2 post lift for working on rigs, they’re not that expensive these days! It would make you lives easier!!

  • ОБрОН *
    ОБрОН *

    Здорово,ребята!!! С наилучшими пожеланиями, из России!

  • Tyler George
    Tyler George

    Love the product but not for $9,000 dollars WTF ?!?!?!


    Nice content! love the video :)

  • Keegan McCarville
    Keegan McCarville

    Anybody else not like the new design? The RZR Pros are disgusting... definitely would get an XP Turbo before these hideous machines.

  • Hector Rodriguez
    Hector Rodriguez

    Amazing new Polaris water craft

  • Vanessa Durand
    Vanessa Durand

    Song name please

  • Calvin H.
    Calvin H.

    She's a THICC MACHINE!! It looks more like ET than it does a Buffalo or Darth Vader. And It's Something To Phone Home About. I mean, you could phone home and tell your dad how THICC she is. lol

  • Calvin H.
    Calvin H.

    It is a family program, I'll be that fridge girl's daddy so that she's family-friendly. :)) Who's your daddy! lol.

  • Caleb Ooten
    Caleb Ooten

    What tires are on that red turbo S that nick was in?

    • Caleb Ooten
      Caleb Ooten

      Thanks boss!


      Maxxis Carnivore

  • nmason194

    Ive been binging old episodes lately... id love to see you guys do a throw back ep where you went and sat in the old Doug shop, had a couple bevies, and went over your favourite moments from the last few years. (With clips of course) Love the channel!!!

  • Riding with Lucas
    Riding with Lucas

    Love to ride with y’all when I get a utv lol

  • william trojnor
    william trojnor

    You guys need a lift

  • RJB1017

    At 28:34 the way The side profile looked and the way it soaked up the landing with the front end real low, it reminded me of a mid 2000’s funco sand car. Random i know.

  • Ronny Griffin
    Ronny Griffin

    I'm throwing some engine codes in my 2020 RZR XP Pro was wondering if anybody my check engine light came on and it went into limp mode will knock you over 15 miles per hour

  • Jerry fab
    Jerry fab

    Can't wait till zuse rolls it lol

  • Turbo

    Nick sous, never change 😂

  • Tryingitall

    SXS Blog would never be the same without the Sous. Great to see an HCR Pro install.

  • XxCaptanTac0MoN

    It pains me knowing that such an amazing SXS channel dose not have a lift 😭

  • Jay Miner
    Jay Miner

    Dougie B hittin the weights?


      Never man. Dudes naturally yoked lol

  • H Gonzalez
    H Gonzalez

    If not the “Buffalo” how about Darth VaZAR

  • 17madracki17

    When RG’s speed 4 seater hatches there isn’t going to be anything that compares. better hide your polaris and hide your canam.


      We'll see about that.

  • fat yeetz
    fat yeetz

    sous seems like hes on cocaine everyother episode

  • Brian Proffitt
    Brian Proffitt

    I wonder what one of the Kawasaki’s will do with a turbo ? 👀

  • Colton Stewart
    Colton Stewart

    Doug looks jacked in that shit

  • Arizona Picker
    Arizona Picker

    You can put lipstick on a pig, but its still a pig.

  • CharlieboySLONDON

    Man, Nick has me in stitches through most youre blogs 🤣 This guy needs a blooper reel. Dam the Buffalo is thick 👌

  • Wayne Timbrook
    Wayne Timbrook

    I just order the evo slip on from you all cant wait until it comes in

  • Master V
    Master V

    like the builds, hate the forces over hyped acting.. Nick is just annoying to watch.


      I wish you could say we were acting. Just not the case brother.

  • tayjadster

    Great job on the filming and editing Leo! Sous being Sous and Doug’s infectious smile - you guys never disappoint. Keep sending it 110 buds!

  • A1 UTV
    A1 UTV

    Lol at evo belt being better than oem.

    • A1 UTV
      A1 UTV i suppose its only credible depending on who I’m talking to. Lol two of ya drive x3’s. Ive seen my share of evo belts go but my preference is more about how they perform. I put 4400 miles on my oem belt and it never blew, i tried a worlds best and it was just a stiff belt that had a tendency to slip in slow speed situations. Love your videos guys.


      Have blown many OEM belts but never a world's best on a RZR. 🤷‍♂️

  • Philip Kidd
    Philip Kidd

    Need to reach out to super atv they have awesome parts for 4 wheelers and sidexsides

  • Fabrication Nation
    Fabrication Nation

    Wow, who knew Sous could dance so well

  • rusty harris
    rusty harris

    So when is the lift or lifts coming so you guys can save the tearing your backs up for the trails and not working on the machines. LOL


      Hahahaahaahah eventually.

  • William Stamper
    William Stamper

    Alot of coke was used filming this video

    • William Stamper
      William Stamper no i was thinking a 2 liter original


      1 diet Coke lol

  • J. Taylor
    J. Taylor

    I have so much fun watching you guys, fricken love these vids, so funny.

  • 420MadBloke

    Great video guys !! A Props production !

  • trevor kilian
    trevor kilian

    Bunch of hyenas laughing when he blew the belt lmao

  • Jake Ruiz
    Jake Ruiz

    Fuckin sous.... Love you man... Sucks without you being there bro... Nasty cannot have the show without you. Lokes...

  • Len Shreck
    Len Shreck

    Never driven or been in a sxs been watching the channel for approximately a year really enjoy the content. Keep it rolling.


      Thanks Len!!

  • Larry Sutton
    Larry Sutton

    Have you guys thought about checking out the Cub Cadet unit because I would be extremely interested in your opinion of it

  • RageMonkey

    Sous gets to jump her, but Douglas has to ride in the back during it!

  • David Luckey
    David Luckey

    I saw there was a whole pile of Jack stands out there in that field

  • catchphillies

    That new song that Sous was pumpin his junk to and spitting his drink is Money!

  • angel jimenez
    angel jimenez

    Can I have the bumpers since it’s not going back on the Buffalo 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • AV Bangers
    AV Bangers

    Buff and low.. Buffalow

  • Shady Shortbus
    Shady Shortbus

    Dam it Doug are those Chrome sockets on an impact

  • Chris Hunter
    Chris Hunter

    Fun fact- THERE ARE NO BUFFALO IN NORTH AMERICA. BISON yes buffalo no. Still a fan. Cheers 🍺🍺

  • Brian YXZ1000R
    Brian YXZ1000R

    Sous.....Buffalo Gold!!!!!

  • Cory Thomson
    Cory Thomson

    Hey sous you're right buddy 2 sandwiches is too much

  • Ryan Sawyer
    Ryan Sawyer

    Man .. another classic Blog video. Love going Epic for no reason lol.. As a side note, Project 168 is still a great looking machine. Just sayin.

  • Anthony Aubuchon
    Anthony Aubuchon

    When the machine was setting there all torn apart I'm Glad you all explained how you took a few bolts out and the parts fell off. I was beginning to think you let Sous drive again. Lol. Kidding of course. Good vid.

  • 64jazdude

    Another video. Another belt failure. Project Buffalo Turd is a success!

  • bigsweet69 l
    bigsweet69 l

    What are the tires on buffalo

    • Brian YXZ1000R
      Brian YXZ1000R

      System 3 xt300

  • dunerinaz

    The way it should've come from Polaris. If they had come out with the Pro in 72" from the start, they would've sold twice as many

  • Andrew Goodrich
    Andrew Goodrich

    Cereally lol what you guys do without Saucy Soux .....

  • John Thomson
    John Thomson

    Have you guys ever been on a ride where something didn't break

  • John Thomson
    John Thomson

    These guys are cool and defiantly essential workers...............................

  • Paul Davidson
    Paul Davidson

    But it’s still Polaris and there most of all poor quality junk looks cool but still junk

  • MrBtown101

    all that money she needs some shock therapy springs boys

    • All-IN Offroad
      All-IN Offroad

      The number 1 best upgrade to a sxs !!!!!!

  • Steve White
    Steve White

    Please please look up “ guy on a buffalo “ you won’t be disappointed.

  • Carlitos Way
    Carlitos Way

    Loving the savagegeese video edit!

  • Jovani es
    Jovani es

    19:17. Would you trust that face around your daughter.

  • cameron sproule
    cameron sproule

    I’ve been watching these videos since almost the beginning lol it’s kinda cool/ funny how much you guys have warmed up to the whole camera stuff/Filming. The videos are awesome keep up the sweet videos/ builds!

  • soredem

    Turbo S looks way better..

  • CertifiedGhettofied

    Freaking sweet lookin!

  • logan wright
    logan wright

    Edits in this video are awesome, love watching the channel. Keep it up 👍🏻

  • Kirby Youngs
    Kirby Youngs

    I started watching because of the content..... I stayed because of the sick edits and slo mos!

  • DoubleA Day
    DoubleA Day

    Uhhh, yeaaahhh. We don't have Buffalo on the west coast unless a farmer is raising them for meat. I like the enthusiasm though

    • DoubleA Day
      DoubleA Day

      Keep up the videos guys. Very entertaining and always looking forward to the next one

  • Daniel Dunham
    Daniel Dunham

    You guys need a gut hook to open all that plastic wrapped stuff.

  • Gary Tee
    Gary Tee

    way to much of sous

  • M. Andrew
    M. Andrew

    I can't say I'm surprised that Sous is using a panel tool to remove ball joints from the knuckle. :) LOL.

  • James Karayanis
    James Karayanis

    That's the Boggin' Buffalo project for sure. Sous was on fire, putting all the LOL's in lol today!

  • Kevin Barker
    Kevin Barker

    Great channel!

  • ngh

    On another note, it now looks like the rear is a bit firm and the front a bit soft. Just from that small jump, the front was bottoming and the rear didn't look like it went through half the stroke. Might only need to tweak the front...

  • John Mattu
    John Mattu

    Did Sous's mom get a check for him when he was little? She should have !!! LOL You guys kill me. Sous's face, glaring into Doug's eyes @ 31.27, is this going to work for KOH ???

  • Travis Hall
    Travis Hall

    You guys are cool as hell. Been watching a couple years now since Doug went an got the yxz. Love the builds and the rides y'all go on. Stay safe from the RONA guys 👍👍

  • Live2thrill

    I’m thinking some pro armor doors? Not a huge fan of the stock doors and it would look sick on the pro. Great video guys!

  • Dark Vapor
    Dark Vapor

    Sooooo, I will address the Buffalo in the room. Is it going to have Portals ?

  • Live2thrill

    Hell yes!! So excited

  • Chris Rogers
    Chris Rogers

    if you could pick, this pro xp or your turbo s

  • ngh

    I think Sous has been eating too much Buffalo BEEF! Lol... Sorry man, its not beef.

  • Skinny Pedal Wheelers
    Skinny Pedal Wheelers

    Leo rocking the drug rug lol

  • Allen Townsend
    Allen Townsend

    Hey Sous! Save some blow for the rest of us huh... 😁🤣😂😭

  • Ray C.
    Ray C.

    More power = 750 RWHP

  • 412_Yinzer

    Ratchet wrenches 👌

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