Our 1000HP 2JZ swapped RZR hits the track! (and it goes VERY BAD!)
tear down video here:
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    What's next for 2JP? LET US KNOW:

    • Tyler Souther
      Tyler Souther

      2JP around the ol' circuit at the shop bud? New lap record? Maybe probly not but maybe might possibly happen bud🤷‍♂️🤙👌

    • OzSkitzo

      Put a Barra in it if you want a torque monster

    • Theodore. Jr Hepburn
      Theodore. Jr Hepburn

      it will buff out just need some zip ties and duct tape

    • andrew stanton
      andrew stanton

      A dart block

    • Jacob Young
      Jacob Young

      Quad rotor swap, talk to Rob........

  • Silverboy005

    That's not a window that's a garage entrance on that block right there daamm

  • lilSquirtBottle

    Those yellow wheels look the the stock chevy obs wheels


    Just imagine doing hill climbs with that!!!!!

  • Jerzy Daine Guy
    Jerzy Daine Guy

    Leo, Sorry about Phoebe my man! Glad you got the new pup... but I know it sux!

  • Tre Funk
    Tre Funk

    Variety is the spice o life muh man, say it all the time, f'in love it boys

  • Half Benjamin Marshall
    Half Benjamin Marshall

    Can't believe everyone getting a boner over this car,is it fast... yes is it quick... no, can't even get it down the track,you guys put your 1100 hp up against k&tperformance or packardperformance or paceoffroad ....you lose

  • Kiza91

    i love how broken the man is and here is is being humble love ya vids guys keep it up

  • hagerhog118

    Get it doug!!!

  • hagerhog118

    JP'S 1st launch was just amazing!!!!

  • Theodore. Jr Hepburn
    Theodore. Jr Hepburn

    it will buff out

  • Edward Platt
    Edward Platt

    So very sorry for your loss R.I.P fur baby

  • Gazlay43

    Turns out, I’m pretty fat 😂

  • Jeffrey 8910
    Jeffrey 8910

    Full send or no send baby

  • Joseph Wilson
    Joseph Wilson

    Sorry for your loss Leo! I know it’s tough! Sweet wheelie Doug and another great video.

  • Brandon Boyd
    Brandon Boyd

    LS swap time!

  • DreamTheory

    now those are some scoops

  • andrew stanton
    andrew stanton

    Broken engines are offerings to the gods of speed. Don't fret, bigger badass things will come

  • Xavier Reynolds
    Xavier Reynolds

    Maybe a Barra?

  • Jacob Young
    Jacob Young

    Time for a quad rotor swap.



  • Richard Loup
    Richard Loup

    Awesome project!,,, a lot boost for a cast block looks like from that piece that broke off...

  • Anthony Lucas
    Anthony Lucas

    Yall deserve more subscribers! The whole group of guys are awesome funny people love the content!

  • Chupacabra Offroad
    Chupacabra Offroad

    Holy engine hole!

  • Jason Schlencker
    Jason Schlencker

    Flicking a main bearing over the driver's shoulder!!! That's a talent Mate!!! Wicked!!! It would be interesting to see a 1500 Barra motor in 1 of those critters. precisionracing.com.au/barra-long-engine/ Regards, Jas.

  • White_LTZ 211
    White_LTZ 211

    Gotta run a 2.6@120mph in 300ft to outrun the atvs Looks quick though !!

  • Nick schmitz
    Nick schmitz

    All that time and money and it blows up??!!!! WTF time for a NEW engine builder

  • Pimp Daddy
    Pimp Daddy

    That looks like Phil’s race track

    • Will Parker
      Will Parker

      someone else said it was phil’s track a few comments up

  • Stacy Reid
    Stacy Reid

    Hey guys, I met a guy today that is having a problem with his 2012 CanAm Commander 800 not running right and told him to contact y’all about it his name is Josh Roberts I tried to help him out with some suggestions

  • Turbo's and Gaming PC's
    Turbo's and Gaming PC's

    Hopefully a lesson was learned about boost and overboosting a block that is very commonly known to only handle 600 at the bottom end. Beef it up before throwing 30 pounds of boost at it this should be common sense on everyone’s part especially the tuner. I remember seeing a video before where he kept pushing more and more boost and to be honest I was waiting for it to blow up. Careless behavior on his part, doesn’t do any good to find the problem after a main cap has come flying out of the side of the block. He should of spotted that oil pressure issue right after the pass where it happened.

    • SXSBlog.com

      Imagine if it was a built bottom end. Because it was.

  • simon bilodeau
    simon bilodeau


  • kevin auman
    kevin auman

    That is part of racing unfortunately 🤷‍♂️

  • 1550 Nanometer
    1550 Nanometer

    Shoulda LS'd it 6 bolt mains woulda held hahaha

  • Al Petro
    Al Petro

    I subscribed hope that helps

    • SXSBlog.com

      It does! Thank you!

  • TheGacygacy

    "just ran over here so I'm out of breath......turns out, I'm pretty fat." HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I was dying

  • Derick Johnson
    Derick Johnson

    Hopefully be ready for the race with Packard Performance

  • Logan Patterson
    Logan Patterson

    Time for a billet block

    • SXSBlog.com



    build a formula offroad type SxS

  • Immortal

    Michigan in the house! That's a bad ass machine guys!

  • Conan Ruisi
    Conan Ruisi

    So I criticized you for not having a good idea on this because the power to weight ratio is literally stupid, but that’s not even the major issue. The major issue is you need a skid plate and in my opinion a more reliable motor. But I get wanting a specific part because it’s that part.

  • Dale Gribble
    Dale Gribble

    what a unique feeling when a main bearing lands in your lap

  • David Novikoff
    David Novikoff

    Welcome to the world of tomuch boost .. 10 grand on the line glamis is coming lol

  • david zabel
    david zabel

    Rip man's best friend

  • Dale Rufener
    Dale Rufener

    Next for 2jp.a firewall that goes to top of cage incase it grenades again Doug is safe from bomb shratnel.yall rock.be safe

  • beachpinko1

    Jz Crap. Have cleetus build you a Chevy motor. Then you break every other part between horse power and drive line?

  • Krystle Steepe
    Krystle Steepe

    It's this at Phils sand drags?

  • John Volt
    John Volt

    when your engine starts throwing bearings in your lap that is good sign you have made it angry.

  • Ron heather
    Ron heather

    time for a billet block

  • Ron heather
    Ron heather

    why does the camera guy get so close to everyone's face

  • Steve Lamperta
    Steve Lamperta

    I understand its a little late now , and I'm not trying to be a dick ,. But whenever I ever saw a loss of oil pressure in any of my builds I always stopped running it till I found the reason for the loss of oil pressure. Any change in oil pressure should be looked at . Great build guy's , very impressed.

    • SXSBlog.com

      Hindsight 2020. Seemed like a starvation issue because it came back

  • Steve Jewell
    Steve Jewell

    You guys need to get a sponsorship from Pella or Andersen. Hell...any window company would be great.

  • 204 Video
    204 Video

    Very awesome guys. Great video 🤘

  • Steven Plaskett
    Steven Plaskett

    Good luck finding another 2j there in very short supply with everyone blowing them up drifting your looking at 3 to 4k for just a block and rotating assembly. Time to barra swap it next

    • SXSBlog.com

      Oh we found one ;)

  • wayfaring stranger
    wayfaring stranger

    Time to dig out the trusted 'ol ls.

  • Tucker Schwab
    Tucker Schwab

    Make a built duramax powered rzr with like, all the horsepower.

  • blair

    lsx time

  • dreadgnarr

    Should have used an LS

  • Jake West
    Jake West


  • nate colby
    nate colby

    What a monster. Can't wait for motor v.2.

  • Hayden James
    Hayden James

    I just got to know what it does int the 1/4 on some slicks

    • SXSBlog.com

      We will find out!

  • ProjectADD

    I like how approximately 1 second into calmly taking off his helmet, Doug realizes "maybe getting the F out of this car should be my first priority"

    • SXSBlog.com

      The fumes got rough pretty quickly lol

  • Savage63

    Never good when you have a main Bearing in your lap! Lol. Damn guys!

  • Tito Pacheco
    Tito Pacheco

    Dougs a true mechanic/ builder/ die-hard Horsepower fanatic right there, some look at that to be utter failure but doug knows hey "its all in the game of building an absolute horsepower animal" sh!ts going to break snap pop and fail but you pull the good out of that "pile" of bad and form the beast around it and eventually you ARE going to end up with a fire breathing track eating monster that brings nothing to the table except time smashing speeds and becomes unstoppable!!! You just have to eat live sleep and breath it and remember the bad isnt always bad! Im definitely going to say you guys have done insane wonders with that thing already!!!! Stay focused like you guys are good at and the rest will line up!!! Ty for the vid guys!!!

  • Joe Anderson
    Joe Anderson

    You blew your stuff up for my entertainment, I'll give you a subscribe for sure.


    Dam that's a window

  • PhoenixVanquish

    Such a bummer that the engine blew. It was amazing carnage footage. I'm excited to see where you guys take this build from here.


    Bigger badder faster

  • Jeffrey Kidd
    Jeffrey Kidd

    I feel for you guys. Nice to see your spirits are still up. Can't wait to see the new build

  • Buddy lenway
    Buddy lenway

    It's time to LS swap

  • rzrporn

    Cool build but you better bring it to get around them Packard boy !!

  • Matthew Sanders
    Matthew Sanders

    LS swap it

  • Corbin Hinkle
    Corbin Hinkle

    Never in my life have I heard someone have a nerdier accent. I know they are cool guys, but the way they talk... that’s tough.

  • NorthStar Racing
    NorthStar Racing

    Time to put money towards a block that's 1500hp capable and push for 1000hp


    a real sadness for an incredible project. I mount a 2jz 1200+, I hesitate to put the titan crankshaft maincaps. (really expensive machining) can you tell me if you had the maincaps stock or not? is this really the cause of engine failure? I am French and unfortunately do not speak French to understand everything. thanks and good luck !!!

    • rotor13

      You can tell they're stock maincaps. Thats where the next weak link in the chain when you have forged rods and pistons.



  • Firstname Lastname is allowed
    Firstname Lastname is allowed

    You can hear it rattlin when you got on the two step if you listen real close

  • Firstname Lastname is allowed
    Firstname Lastname is allowed

    Right before you did the first pass when you drove up to the start and it showed the back of it driving away, as said before it looked badass!! Those crazy tires stickin out, but the best thing i think is how quite it is! LS is usually the go to with a cam and no exhaust basicly so they loud! This beast is a sleeper'ish kinda. LoL it doesnt sound like it can do what it does when you are just rollin around. Cant wait to see it rollin again!!

  • endurableDAN vlogs
    endurableDAN vlogs

    Well when things fail you know you gotta fix it better trial and error same with my dirt bike that has been blow up for 2 years

  • Brandon Bryant
    Brandon Bryant

    Holy Buckets!

  • Dillon Gray
    Dillon Gray

    Time for a rebuild 🤣

  • Ward Fertuck
    Ward Fertuck

    Did the fckn main bearing cap fall right in your lap????

  • StreetStang

    Subscribed and liked. Good luck getting it out back together.

  • Christopher Pate
    Christopher Pate

    Ls camed with turbo

    • Christopher Pate
      Christopher Pate

      Or add another turbo

  • Freddy Sperry
    Freddy Sperry

    “Stock it’s only meant for about a 1000 horsepower” what engine can you say that about wow just wow

    • N4CR

      800 is really where the limit is for Supras to stay reliable. This obviously can't handle 1khp+ long term...

    • Andrey Tarasevich
      Andrey Tarasevich

      Audi 4.0 tfsi look it up. 1200-1400 easy on stock components

    • rotor13

      Quite a few engines can make 1000hp before needing to be opened up lol

    • cottonwoodrebel

      Honestly impressive but there are several engines capable of that

  • Mannybe

    Still a bad ass video.

  • William Hamm
    William Hamm

    Even my four and a half year old watching with me said that bad when he saw the holes in the block. 😂. Sorry for the dogo loss guys.

  • Jared Thompson
    Jared Thompson

    So I take it you aren't gonna race packard

  • Diesel Clutch
    Diesel Clutch

    Time for an ls

  • RSChris05

    Looks like you french fried when you shoulda pizza'd.

  • Shaun A
    Shaun A

    Blew the damn side out of er.

  • Paul Childers
    Paul Childers

    Every time a 2J block gets disemboweled, an angel gets their wings.

  • william yurick
    william yurick

    damit when I saw that smoke I prayed that the turbo oil feed line blew off sorry man but I know yall will get her rippin agine

  • Ellsworth Chris
    Ellsworth Chris

    Losing a pet is so painful. I’m so sorry for your loss man. That’s really brutal. Rest In Peace pup.

  • Falcomtrust

    Damn son !!!

  • Adam Irace
    Adam Irace

    I laughed my ass off when it blew chunks 😂😂

  • SupraNaturalTT

    The loss of your animal is so hard no matter what the type or size. In my case my parrot that was my best bud and so smart 🥺

  • Stephen Rudolph
    Stephen Rudolph

    8:59 guy running with a belt , all im thinking is what in the cleetus McFarland have the sxsblog boys been upto

  • JoshW817

    We're y'all logging data?

  • Alex Maturin
    Alex Maturin

    LS swap

  • Dee10

    gah damn... thats the most windows i have ever seen from one incident. i dont think the crank is straight anymore.

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