Our 270HP Turbo RZR RS1 gets some MUCH NEEDED help! (we secretly wrecked it!!!)
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  • Brayden Hutchinson
    Brayden Hutchinson

    Seeing the rs1 on some 36 inch tires and y'all should make a really big hill climb that has rocks and everything thing on it and test all the sxs on there I think the bufflo would win

  • Wesston’s Outdoors
    Wesston’s Outdoors

    Lower the RS1 and put 34’s on it

  • Evan Temple
    Evan Temple

    Wowwww nick almost crushed his hands when he rolled that

  • Ian Snarski
    Ian Snarski

    bro his arm could’ve been gone

  • Torque Monkey
    Torque Monkey

    23:24 That you Meatloaf!?

  • Flowersson

    16:47 I love the no hesitation, full power out of the gate.

  • Adolfo Martinez
    Adolfo Martinez

    What tire and wheel set up does the CF1 have... I love how it looks

  • Bryan Schwing
    Bryan Schwing

    How about an another side by side live. Round table talk

  • Seth Jochim
    Seth Jochim

    Hcr 72” kit

  • Eddie Harmon
    Eddie Harmon

    “Some really really bad work has happened here today!” *Proceeds to full send* 😂😂😂

  • Nathan Matthews
    Nathan Matthews

    You should have put "Send it Sous" behind the wheel to really put it to the test!! But yet again another awesome vid!!

  • Gavin Nunns
    Gavin Nunns

    Man after watching Nick almost crush his hand on that roll I'm going to stop being lazy and actually put up my window nets!

  • BushkillRider

    16:32 - "computer's got a virus" lmao!!

  • derekseab

    I'd like to see the RS1 get pretty again. Get the love she so much deserves. She's been beat on since her first hour. Now she's got over spray and a QPC stuck in her exhaust!! She's got no rear plastics.... It bums me out to watch her get that much abuse. All of you say she's a great machine (I own one myself) but she gets the shit end of the stick at every turn. I'd LOVE to have 270hp in mine. IMO an RS1 is the most fun unit made. Give her some love!

  • abels_

    Send it to the moon

  • Travis Cox
    Travis Cox

    Looks like you need to put 3 old school lights with rock guards in the pocket

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    That shit was hilarious when he pulled on the cage.

  • John Baldwin
    John Baldwin

    You guys are great, I really liked the way you reheated that burger .LOL

  • Samuel Widman
    Samuel Widman

    4:00 the nick story telling is Big Facts!

  • welden mad
    welden mad

    More power!

  • Ryan Postier
    Ryan Postier

    God rs1 is one of the best machines

  • Carlos Mendez
    Carlos Mendez

    CF1 on tracks

  • WrenchandRip

    the parachute guy lmao

  • JustB

    Can you put turbo S components on the RS1 to make it wider? Trailing arms, radius rods, and front a arms.

  • joey schultz
    joey schultz

    One thing I would to see would be a sick wrap or like a paint and powder coating change or somthing

  • joey schultz
    joey schultz

    I’m just waiting for a full out build in mud life paint , powder coating like everything

  • gypsy xxx
    gypsy xxx

    now i'm hungry

  • Johnny G
    Johnny G

    Thanks fer tha Video Fellaz!! Great Content!

  • adam wilson
    adam wilson

    zip ties and apple pies. needs to be a shirt.

  • XL_Roman

    Ryan is flexing on us with the supreme jacket

  • Jason Defouw
    Jason Defouw

    We need to see a turbocharged long travel ranger “big family machine”

  • austin sherfield
    austin sherfield

    Less cf1 more rs1t maybe rs1s

  • Alex

    Glad to see the cage. Full send 🚀🚀

  • Craig Pennell
    Craig Pennell

    CanAm should make a single seater as well!! Looks FUN!!! ROCK ON MY NINJAS!!

  • Logan Mitchell
    Logan Mitchell

    I have been binge watching your content. Love your videos guys. Keep it up. I’d love to end up having a sxs.

  • Jake Wiechman
    Jake Wiechman

    Something to do to CF1? Bigger turbo?!

  • Dayton Trail Riders
    Dayton Trail Riders

    Rick growing the bangs out. 👍

  • James Arneson
    James Arneson

    BS nobody watches your great videos, idk how many I’ve seen and enjoyed!

  • Acura RL
    Acura RL

    The engines will crank untill oil pressure is built then spark will be triggered and it will start. So longer they sit longer they crank till start

  • Acura RL
    Acura RL

    Camera guy needs to step back few feet

  • Andy Redmon
    Andy Redmon

    Sous Fab, how bout Fab-U-Sous!

  • fullyford

    the McRZR. im lovin it

  • Joshua Foust
    Joshua Foust

    I have yet to miss a video

  • Kieran Scanlon
    Kieran Scanlon

    "shooooooot" had me rolling XD. Wanna see another frozen river rip with the CF1.

  • bUd D Dove
    bUd D Dove

    Is your refrigerator single?

  • Tonto Gonzales
    Tonto Gonzales

    RonnieMac would give a big 👍 for those sky wheelies.

  • Shaun griffith
    Shaun griffith

    🤣🤣🤣 u guys make a good team. Doug sliging mud all over the truck what a dick lol

  • Dr. Mark in Texas
    Dr. Mark in Texas

    🏆🏆🏆👍🙏 Thank you for sharing Happy New Year 🎇

  • C Johnson
    C Johnson

    The best thing you guys can do is keep having as much fun as possible and record it! Thanks for all the vids and happy new year!

  • Aaron Castro
    Aaron Castro

    Who's the new Dude? Did I miss something? I have followed and watched every vid from the OG mavericks. Don't recognize him

  • rcwildman

    Big turbo big turbo! Come onnnnn baby! Send it

  • Darwin Calliou
    Darwin Calliou

    Mickey Dees better recognize 🤣🤟 Start sponsoring road trips at least haha

  • Jess Heffren
    Jess Heffren

    K swap it with a bigTurbo on high boost

  • Dan G
    Dan G

    Gotta to watch you guys your in my backyard got to represent the home team can't wait to see you take on the hoonicorn😎😎😎😎


    Turbo s arms or long travel

  • Kodiak King
    Kodiak King

    Rs1 on tracks this winter!!!!

  • Asylumental

    *"You just gotta take a look at it..."*

  • Cameron j Marsh
    Cameron j Marsh

    If that is a single seater is it still classed as a side by side

  • Caleb Horst
    Caleb Horst

    You need to try out a new RMax 1000

  • Dougie Fresh
    Dougie Fresh

    Put a super charger on it😂😂😂

  • Wesley Kjar
    Wesley Kjar

    You guys need to add a second floor In that shop put a 4poar lift as an elevator

  • Alex Houdek
    Alex Houdek

    What's up with the building in front of ghoul hill?

  • Conlan Bartley
    Conlan Bartley

    Fix the intercooler mount already lol

  • KC 135
    KC 135

    Solid fab work today lol

  • George Siroky
    George Siroky

    day 1 of trying to get yall to do a garage tour

  • Shane Lucas
    Shane Lucas

    Would love to see the CF1 "finished" with some new plastics. Great content!

  • ngh

    C'mon... You can do better with the intercooler. Tiny bracket to raise it up 1" so it isn't smashing the radiator at least! DOH!

  • ngh

    Sous might need those arm straps since he likes to try to catch the whole machine when he rolls!

  • Dillon Elrod
    Dillon Elrod

    Just ordered my shock therapy spring kit for my 20 pro xp and I couldn’t be more excited.

  • RT Outdoors
    RT Outdoors

    Looks like EVP should get into the “non-stick” exhaust market. 😁

  • Micheal Guimond
    Micheal Guimond


  • jimmysaff

    Cf1 with tracks could be interesting.

  • Powerhouse Patty
    Powerhouse Patty

    Videos are always too long man.. video should start at 17:00 mins in

  • Chicken Fingers
    Chicken Fingers

    Don’t they all look good from 25ft away

  • Skimask

    my tacoma 4 cyl makes more power then that turd

  • jfresh360

    Find out the CF1 was rolled, and then we find out Cleetus is on his 2nd x3 hahaha truth is coming out!! Good stuff boys!! 🍔🍔

    • jfresh360

      @JustB algone.info/slow/video/pYXO2qidr5yiuGw was that one right here. At the very end when Rick was picking the units up

    • JustB

      Which video was that revealed in?

  • Jake Dibbert
    Jake Dibbert

    Almost a quarter mill!!!!!

  • Edgar Flores
    Edgar Flores

    Hey I have the same channel locks 😂

  • Stephen Simrak
    Stephen Simrak

    Whoever thought of the "shoe" a few weeks ago and now the "shoot" needs a raise. Absolutely hilarious

  • Ferris Bueller
    Ferris Bueller

    Funniest video I've watched in ages, you guys telling the story of when Sous crashed the RS1 is gold.

  • Sinister_Vulcan Games
    Sinister_Vulcan Games

    The editing 😂 I laughed way to hard at the chuuuuuuute

    • Tonto Gonzales
      Tonto Gonzales

      That was clever as heck. Got me chuckled up.

  • Michael Lowry 541
    Michael Lowry 541

    Longest sxs wheelie? Whats the youtube record?

  • Aaron Hicks
    Aaron Hicks

    Guys Saw the Hoonigan (Ken Block) drive a CANAM at a place called Swing Arm City in Utah. The area has very unique geologic features. I would love to see you guys go there with friends.

  • micjr21

    Now I'm extremely hungry for McDonald's. Nice cage and shocks

  • John Swanson
    John Swanson

    Please put new plastics on this Rs1, would really like to see how nice you could make this.

  • Kody Kaster
    Kody Kaster

    Do a BACKFLIP with the CF1

  • eric worthington
    eric worthington

    Should’ve grabbed the patty to slap on the bun before you grabbed a bite.. still shocked. What a trooper lol!

  • eric worthington
    eric worthington

    Idea #1 remove the meat from exhaust

  • Eric Leskovec
    Eric Leskovec

    KRXs needs love too!

  • Remy Forte
    Remy Forte

    Do you guys ever wash your machines 🤔

  • Jeremy Rittenhouse
    Jeremy Rittenhouse

    Okay. You need to make this a "McDonald's" themed machine. But like the movie Coming to America. Especially with Coming to America 2 coming out.

  • Rory Hanson
    Rory Hanson

    Zip ties and apple pies #2021 quotes !

  • Alpha Male 101 Jacob Winegardner
    Alpha Male 101 Jacob Winegardner

    Make the RS1 a 72” unit! It would take it to the next level!

  • Bryan Dixon
    Bryan Dixon

    I’m watching your show at Glamis new year’s was awesome last night here🤘🏻

  • ItchyPrince 379
    ItchyPrince 379

    This machine is a straight RIPPER!!! I’ve been wondering what you guys use to clean your machines for awhile now because that mud looks like a real pain to wash off.

  • Don’t Test It.
    Don’t Test It.

    Crank that rear end a bit more you guys are a bit on the low side still

  • Travis Renaker
    Travis Renaker

    Bigger turbo an wider. Love that thing.

  • Matt Bishop
    Matt Bishop

    You have to put tracks on the CF1 and take it in the snow

  • Breanne De Luca
    Breanne De Luca

    Help step sous, I’m stuck 😩

  • Tommy G
    Tommy G

    CF1 is my favorite unit! I’d still like to see a 50” trail build!

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