Our craziest Maverick X3 project to date? Dougs gone 2 stroke WILD!! 2 STROKE X3!!!
Great idea or greatest idea?!
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  • Lucas Oliver
    Lucas Oliver

    Put the x3 engine in the snowmobile

  • Connor Hunton
    Connor Hunton

    Yup. Good idea

  • Luke Combs
    Luke Combs

    I think it’s a awesome idea and build triple 2stroke badass fellas

  • Noah Inman
    Noah Inman

    Now put the X3 engine in the sled frame😂

  • Marc Macdonald
    Marc Macdonald

    It sounds like its only running on 2 cylinders

  • Toby Toby
    Toby Toby

    15 minutes done. Brother

  • Toby Toby
    Toby Toby

    Best thing so far. Ride hard ride faster. MJF THE BOSS.

  • Toby Toby
    Toby Toby

    X 3 / 2 : STROKEN.

  • Doug Seibert
    Doug Seibert


  • Austin Carter
    Austin Carter

    One Stop Performance makes RZRs with Apex 4 stroke Yamaha engine swaps and they are epic! Would be super cool to see a built 2 -stroke in a side by side. Also you could keep it simple and call it an "Z3" instead of "X3" because its a mach -Z 3-cylinder engine.

  • Kamakaze04

    I think this is an awesome idea! being a sled head in the past and loving atv's now. can't wait to see it all done. just kinda wish it was the 1000 cc engine from a mach z.

  • jon sweden boys speed
    jon sweden boys speed


  • Jimmy Lawrence
    Jimmy Lawrence

    Growing up in upstate NY, now in NC with a SxS. I love this build!!!

  • Greg Slater
    Greg Slater

    Nothing like the sound of a Rotax 800 triple 2 stroke! Wish I still had my mint Mach Z 800 triple, such a Great Lake runner. Good luck on the build, should be interesting!

  • Ethan Lindborg
    Ethan Lindborg

    Genius. I don’t know why everyone’s bashing it.

  • M D
    M D

    Now thats a greasy triple. Looking forward to seeing this build!

  • John Stamper
    John Stamper

    I love the idea!

  • Mike Tyler
    Mike Tyler

    I love it

  • chris borders
    chris borders

    Take the engine from the x3 and put it on the sled

  • VeeDees

    This is sick

  • Raleigh Johnson
    Raleigh Johnson

    I really hope this works out well, I have been day dreaming of doing this for a couple years

  • Logan Krause
    Logan Krause

    You need to do it

  • Pocket Change TV
    Pocket Change TV

    yall should take the mud flap off so it can throw 20ft roost

  • serge c
    serge c

    send it

  • Rui Gaio
    Rui Gaio

    Love the ideia!

  • Night Runnaa
    Night Runnaa

    Should have got a ole jet ski motor they have 2 strokes that make more power

  • Davo UpNYa
    Davo UpNYa

    Put the x3 engine into snowmobile !

  • Mitch Merkes
    Mitch Merkes

    Can-doo 2

  • Rick Tervol
    Rick Tervol

    Great idea can't wait to see it done 800 + two stroke sweet

  • Samuel Brown
    Samuel Brown

    If you guys want a real bad ass set of pipes and built motor hmu.

  • White_LTZ 211
    White_LTZ 211

    That doo triple done right will out run that 2jz sxs lol


    Moxie Junior or Moxxi 2.0 or twin moxie or Moxie freedom Moxie McFarland


    Call it moxie

  • Paul Lacombe
    Paul Lacombe

    Someone made a drag sled out of that snowmobile it ran a 8 second flat up in epping New Hampshire

  • Chris Cardoza
    Chris Cardoza

    I think he has a great idea and l hope you guys pull it off..

  • ProjectADD

    Love 2 strokes, I'm totally on board, but I did also appreciate the "do you know how much hp that machine makes stock?" comment. Maybe start with a different chassis?

  • Mike Modjewski
    Mike Modjewski


  • Caleb Payne
    Caleb Payne

    Uncle Ronnie Mac has to rip the X3 when it’s done!!

  • Hulikato

    “Rack mounted mikunis, nothing but the best” love it

  • mocha haze
    mocha haze

    X3 2x3x3. X3 with 2 stroke, 3 cylinders, 3 pipes

  • QCRider -
    QCRider -

    Yes 2 stroke!!

  • Zack scott
    Zack scott

    Do the 1027 kit and jaws pipes

  • Uni

    drag sled build?

  • TheRedMenace 1199R
    TheRedMenace 1199R


  • Chris Tori
    Chris Tori

    Hell yeah!!!

  • TheRedMenace 1199R
    TheRedMenace 1199R

    I love it, the torque is gonna be a BLAST! Freakin send it!!!

  • nick west
    nick west

    I liked and subbed for this. I hope this happens

  • Dalton Michaels
    Dalton Michaels

    i think a lighter RS1 would fully utilize the insane power to weight ratio a 2 stroke offers a little better but it will be awesome no matter what.

  • Dalton Michaels
    Dalton Michaels

    The only people who hate this idea probably voted for Al Gore in the 2020 election lol.

  • 4570dylan

    Idk what rpm that things supposed to run, but it sounds about 1000 rpm low

  • Creator 262
    Creator 262

    Good call, i love it

  • fishin fool
    fishin fool

    Took the can off aka killed all the power....2 strokes need exhaust

  • spun222499

    ironic enough that if they ever make a new mach z its going to have the x3 engine

  • spun222499

    love it!!!

  • Nick Blanchard
    Nick Blanchard

    After this tho I think a rotary engine swap wud be interesting 🤔 .

  • Nick Blanchard
    Nick Blanchard

    Doug this is a fantastic idea can’t wait till it first rip!!

  • winston smith
    winston smith

    its the ski x doo three

  • David Tornow
    David Tornow


  • Tim Z
    Tim Z

    needs 2 of those i think to have enough powaaaaaa

  • Smit1791

    As cool of an idea as this is, it's a bit depressing to see an old beast like that get sacrificed.

  • 2stroke terrorist
    2stroke terrorist

  • Thomas cannon
    Thomas cannon


  • ziggy z
    ziggy z

    Clutching will be key to make this truly work well.

  • Zach Nunns
    Zach Nunns

    You should turbo it

  • RyanWhiskey Caissie
    RyanWhiskey Caissie

    Maverick ZX2

  • chevyfreak24

    Doug has some of the best ideas a man could have!

  • busta goblin
    busta goblin

    big bore!!! full send!! buddy!!!

  • Austin Sandoval
    Austin Sandoval

    How about “canned ham”? I mean both of them were junk at this point! Bent frame on the x3 and the ski doo was in rough shape so perfect name for the totaled x3!

  • Dillon Youngquist
    Dillon Youngquist

    I want to see it make the most power you can manage. Also if ghpc can put a sled engine in a triumph I think this should be cake.

  • Josh

    Don't use the pod filters, they kill flow, build an intake to an upper outerwears style

  • Josh

    Crankshopvt has pipes. Mill your head a bit, v force reeds, port port porting. Bore carbs, The buggy's kind of heavy though. Might need a severe gear down. You'll want this turning 8200 wot

  • James Manson
    James Manson

    Wow. For years I thought a Yamaha waveraider 1100 triple would be a cool engine for SxS. Or the upsized 1200 triple. But your 800 should do the trick. Had a 95' 1100 waveraider once upon a time. Regret selling it.

  • Matt Foster
    Matt Foster

    Sous... Actually Correlated The Honda Perfectly With The Two-Stroke...!! While Properly Tuned Two-Strokes Can Run Strong, They Have Their Place.... And It’s Not In A Heavy UTV... Period. Now Back To The Honda Correlation... Remember Every Ring-A-Ding Kid Back In The 90’s & Early 2000’s... Had To Put A HUGE, Loud-Ass Weed-eater Muffler On Their Honda’s..?? Yes, Even The DX’s... We (People Who Drive American Cars, With American V8s.)... “We” Called Those POS Ricers... “FARTCANS”. Obnoxious Noise...No Power. This Can-Am “HACK-BUILD”... Is Gonna Be Exactly That. Heavy + Two-Stroke + Obnoxiously Loud = Modern Day Fart Can. Hence, The Name If This Build Without Any Doubt... “PROJECT FART-CAN”. It’s So True...Whether You Want To Admit It Or Not! I Also Bet O’l Leonar-DOUGH.!! Had A Junked Out Honda Civic “DX” With A Monster-Sized Chrome Fartcan Attached !! #POSER. SAVE FACE & DUMP THIS LOSER OF A BUILD... Oh Yeah... Don’t Forget To Strap Leonar-DOUGH In It Before You Dump It. #SAVEUSALL

  • Drake Anderson
    Drake Anderson

    I love it!!!

  • Greg Sebulsky
    Greg Sebulsky

    Nothing like a 2 stroke

  • Lefty eh
    Lefty eh

    Why can't they do a factory 2t 850 ETEC? That would actually get me interested in the SxS game. As of right now there are 3 2t dirtbikes and 2 2t sleds in my garage. The only 4t allowed is the Honda rancher with a plow, and that's only because someone else deals with the maintenance. I'll never have any 4t toys, 2t's are just so much easier to deal with.

  • NinerOut

    Doug's excitement for this project is awesome! Definitely his passion...should be fun to watch the master.

  • bob Barrett
    bob Barrett

    Personally, I love 2 strokes! This idea is great! Two strokes need to make a comeback

    • Marc Macdonald
      Marc Macdonald

      Only old guys that run groomed trails only run 4 strokes. The 2 stroke snowmobile engine is far from dead

  • skyler bowie
    skyler bowie

    The name should be x2s

  • Matthew Morgan
    Matthew Morgan

    Doug great idea the original power maker

  • Jorg van Meggelen
    Jorg van Meggelen

    The world needs this, let that 2-stroke revv!!!

  • AbuRat913

    This unit better have 3 lectrons

  • Dave Wyman
    Dave Wyman

    Put them together and get X2-Mach 3 !!!

  • Cristian Saavedra
    Cristian Saavedra

    Did Doug said Cleetus old X3?

  • Brad Nichols
    Brad Nichols

    Dont be dogging on probably the meanest triple 2 strokes out there....I've owned a couple, meanest sled I've ever been around! Get it running good and find a long enough space to let it go....mine covered ground from 60 to 125 in a couple seconds!

  • Thomas

    What happened to cleetus x3?

  • Jake Lutz
    Jake Lutz

    I need that CDI box!

    • SXSBlog.com

      So do we lol

  • aVo inc
    aVo inc

    love the idea. personally would have went with a late model gp1300r engine. fuel injection, loads of aftermarket parts, super reliable. either way it’s gonna be awesome

  • junior leal
    junior leal

    I like it but I see people do a Apex motor swap and put out like 280hp and more

  • Jeremy M Carlson
    Jeremy M Carlson

    Love It!

  • FjAy RocksT
    FjAy RocksT

    yup. do it.

  • The Drive Outdoors
    The Drive Outdoors


  • Devon Farmer
    Devon Farmer

    2-stroke the world

  • RobesEleven

    Triple X

  • Robert Williamson
    Robert Williamson

    Or you could take the x3 apart and rebuild it into a smaller version to make it fast with that snowmobile engine

  • Jeremy Spafford
    Jeremy Spafford

    Max 3 new name

  • Seth Mulkey
    Seth Mulkey

    Yes!!! 2 stroke for ever!!!

  • Dennis Wilder
    Dennis Wilder

    I have a use for the seat and clutches of ignition

  • Tim Hornbeck Jr
    Tim Hornbeck Jr

    "The Moxy" Maverick X3

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