Our Honda Talon 1000R gets a JACKSON RACING TURBO KIT!
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    Ask questions, we answer. Question here:

    • stgraves260

      @shabbadabbadoop12345 no one knows what? What’s your question?

    • shabbadabbadoop12345

      @stgraves260 seems like no one knows. 15th it goes in for the turbo. Guess we will find out

    • stgraves260

      @shabbadabbadoop12345 oh ok I got ya. From my understanding you can set the governor at the speed you want. You just can’t set it higher than 95 mph. You can keep it at 74 if ya like. It will just get there faster.

    • shabbadabbadoop12345

      @stgraves260 wasnt wanting to eliminate the governor. Wanted to keep the warranty. Dealership and Jackson racing said u could put 32 inch tires on and would go 84. Considering getting the turbo installed. Thanks for the quick response

    • stgraves260

      @shabbadabbadoop12345 74 MPH without the Turbo/programmer. Governed at 95 MPH with Turbo/programmer. I don’t know of a way to completely eliminate the governor.

  • vf12497439

    As I learn more about these machines, the stock suspension barely can handle the stock motors. Fine if all you do is set at the flat or the hill climb all day looking to drag race. I ride the oregon dunes where its rough chop from thousands of tires going every direction and whoops.... monster whoops! On my naturally aspirated yxz I could do so much more with long travel suspension and high end shocks than a turbo that I dont dare open it until the sand looks smooth. My advice would be suspension before motor, I spend a lot of time driving 20 mph down a trail because my suspension can't handle the stock motor.

  • Big Bones
    Big Bones

    We got a turbo talon too❤🖤

  • Justin Schooler
    Justin Schooler

    That little box of parts is 6000 bux lol

  • stgraves260

    So why did y’all take off the EVO exhaust ?

  • Chadjones7376@gmail.com chadfuckinjones
    Chadjones7376@gmail.com chadfuckinjones

    I would just love to see the look on each one of your faces and see what your reaction is going to be lol lol

  • Chadjones7376@gmail.com chadfuckinjones
    Chadjones7376@gmail.com chadfuckinjones

    I would love to spend some riding time with y’all it would be a great time if y’all are letting anyone else in to ride with you guys I’m chad jones I race for Suzuki and I just won’t to ride my RZR 1000 turbocharged ride I just add a few things like a four inch long lift and everything else that goes along with it

  • Chuck Farley
    Chuck Farley

    Is it for real $6,000 for that turbo ?

  • South Florida Man
    South Florida Man

    Anything special to be able to snorkel it with turbo? You know how we ride in Florida. See that water, oops it was a pond. Mainly is the bypass valve / blow off water proof?

  • Greek

    Great video guys, what the cost of install for this kit? I’m buying a Talon 1000 X live valve 2 seater by next summer and I’m looking for someone to install my kit.

  • stgraves260

    It’s Turbo time, but not for $6,000.

  • 311hitwall

    Transmission will be failing before long.

  • Ososik Media
    Ososik Media

    Looking good!!!!



  • Ken

    Bravo guys.. I’m in town from TRASH-ganistan... (Afghanistan). OMG guys there are zero sxs at the dealers in San Antonio.. no Mavericks no RZR pro XP’s ... no turbo S nothing... only one 2021 Polaris 1000 turbo $18,500 in Austin several tallons are out there and as nick would call it only like 3 KR-LAST ((krx). I want to pull the trigger but seriously nothing you guys will bless is available to buy in a 500 mile radius .. 😤. I’m home for three more weeks and I want something you guys can get behind... I’m not buying a chump machine. And yes you have answered my comments many times so thank you for everything to include the videos.. keeps a man alive ... YOU SAY?

  • Brandon Boyd
    Brandon Boyd

    It’s about time!!!!

  • rich r
    rich r

    Im curious as to how much the turbo kit and the upgraded shocks cost for the talon?

  • Ken

    Bravo your shop is clean too... 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • stgraves260

    Just put a Honda 2000 motor on that Talon. LoL it’s only $2000. The new 2020 V-Tech Type R crate motor is only $6,000 and 300+ HP and that’s a hole motor. $6 K for just a Turbo. They are nuts!!!!

    • Marcus Valle
      Marcus Valle

      Got videos

  • Dennis Dixon
    Dennis Dixon

    can you guys get your hands on a 2021 Yamaha Wolverine RMAX 1000. Please see what you can do.

  • Stacy Reid
    Stacy Reid

    I’m like Ostacruiser, about it going into fairly deep water especially with the air box intake right in front of the rear tire I would definitely recommend a snorkel for it even for just trails

  • NotaBRZ NotaMiata
    NotaBRZ NotaMiata

    Just offer it from the factory already! Nice unit.

  • Keaton Dye
    Keaton Dye

    Yamaha RMAXX on the channel soon?

  • Winston Pratt
    Winston Pratt

    Rip 2jp this will make a gr8 substitute 👌😉

  • sub4 trump 20'
    sub4 trump 20'

    Finally hondaaa

  • Strength & Stuff
    Strength & Stuff

    would love to see this engin in one of there atvs to compete with can am and polaris

  • Tyler Malic
    Tyler Malic

    cbr 1000r engine swap for the talion

  • Poe Tay Toe
    Poe Tay Toe

    Should use two nuts to install those studs nice and tight. Just put two nuts on the stud and tighten them together then can use the top one to tighten stud.

  • Dwightsp26

    Now u gotta recalibrate for 31s

  • Jimmy Abercrombie
    Jimmy Abercrombie

    You guys Rock!

  • Michael Beck
    Michael Beck

    The turbo is a exhaust! Just run a down pipe out

  • ARMOR GAMER jeremy
    ARMOR GAMER jeremy

    Yay we are going to get the bad weather i am in oregon

  • Sean Leach
    Sean Leach

    Feels like deja vu.

  • Gods Squad
    Gods Squad

    I love how excited Doug/ Dudeless gets when opening a package and finding decals

  • A J Hofer
    A J Hofer

    Yes 🙌🏼 thank you guys !!! This answered my tuning questions !!! Time to get rid of that stock cage !! !!!

  • Blah Blah
    Blah Blah

    Of course it’s jacksons racing.

  • Jacob Williams
    Jacob Williams

    Needs more Arnold Schwarzenegger “It’s turbo time” - Jingle All the Way.

  • Albert Allen
    Albert Allen

    Love it! You guys gotta capture the turbo talon sticker install though!

  • Jared Fleming
    Jared Fleming

    Evo needs to pair up with Jackson racing and tune for an exhaust!!

  • andrew sundelius
    andrew sundelius

    It will burn down it will lean out cylinder 1 and super rich cylinder 2 don't waste the time and they won't stand behind it

    • andrew sundelius
      andrew sundelius

      And it voids all warranty

  • green76vett

    I was watching the cool stuff but the biden bs gotta go

  • Alex Moore
    Alex Moore

    Excellent, future plans for me

  • Colby Roddam
    Colby Roddam

    you guys startin to fall behind in the talon world, we have pioneers pushing more hp at around 140hp natural aspirated lol. several turbo kits and top end upgrades out there and shit i4wd delet is almost worked out.

  • Ralf Meyering
    Ralf Meyering

    What about the yxz which one ist faster ?

  • Daniel Gomez
    Daniel Gomez

    Love you guys, and Jesus is freakin funny!!

  • Brandon Mobley
    Brandon Mobley

    "I'm not really a big 'quip' guy." How can you not love these guys?

  • David Fernandez
    David Fernandez

    Is Krx 1000 next ?

  • beachpinko1

    My big Question...... Review the items given to you! Who gave you all these thing to test out? If the item work or suck........ some of us want to know....... Thank you!

  • King RJ
    King RJ

    The Honda Talon now sounds like lazer beams when the blow off valve opens! Haha

  • Muffin Man
    Muffin Man

    Please bring 2jp into Polaris for a oil change or something

  • bubba zukii
    bubba zukii

    $5700 kit 😳 it is nice tho

  • Chris Carota
    Chris Carota

    Talone Turbo Time!

  • Shaun RareEarth7126
    Shaun RareEarth7126

    Cool you guys got Eli Tomac brother on your show

  • Justin Abby
    Justin Abby

    Is the engine out of 2JP?

  • kelly soulinhavongsa
    kelly soulinhavongsa

    If you can assemble ikea furniture then you can turbo a talon with this kit no problem!

  • Bubba Bearpaws
    Bubba Bearpaws

    Good luck guys at the 2.4hrs of LeMullet, 2020 is going out strong.

  • bob Barrett
    bob Barrett

    Great video! Took a long time to get here but what’s a year between friends. Looking forward to the official rip with this bugger!

  • Keo Fewer
    Keo Fewer

    Check for leaks and take her right to the rev limiter...........................CLASSIC

  • alexander russell
    alexander russell

    R YOU Guys getting The Robby Gordon's speed utv thats all I here now I got 1 pre-ordered next level utv game changing

  • Matt Brown
    Matt Brown


  • Curt chop side by side
    Curt chop side by side


  • Todd Wilkerson
    Todd Wilkerson

    When can I drop mine off to get one put on. Lol

    • SXSBlog.com

      Whenever lol

  • Eric Renner
    Eric Renner

    You guys simply MUST turbo the KRX. That is the only thing missing on that machine IMO.

  • Civilized Delinquent
    Civilized Delinquent

    One turbo everybody knows the rules. She rips. That’s a review.

  • dirty p
    dirty p

    It's like a sleeper with the stock exhaust

  • Andrew Pascarelli
    Andrew Pascarelli

    Love the “all hands on deck” attention given to a great unit

  • Andrew Pascarelli
    Andrew Pascarelli

    Turbo excellence!

  • Bald Eagle
    Bald Eagle

    You said it all! 🇺🇸

  • Michael Messner
    Michael Messner

    Great job team, solid install on a solid unit.

  • Ian Henry
    Ian Henry

    Needs to be louder

  • Bryon Ott
    Bryon Ott

    Rick has a ring on. Did I miss an episode?

  • Patrick Tho93
    Patrick Tho93

    Your video quality is insane

  • Jim P.
    Jim P.

    What a mud-stained POS.

  • chui racing h22
    chui racing h22

    I want to se the yellow yfz

  • Sand Dogs
    Sand Dogs

    I was told from a Honda dealership here in Oregon that set will take it from 104 to 180 hp he had theirs put on a dyno.. Hey how did you guys get "Eli Tomac" to drive if it's not him he sure resembles him a lot.. lol

  • Bill Allen
    Bill Allen

    He was ripping through those packages like a spoiled brat at Christmas untill he got to the Turbo! Then his face was a Gold digger at a engagement ring!! LMAO....

  • Gary Kroeze
    Gary Kroeze

    Rush springs ranch has a lot of trails big hills and a race track whith a huge jump an amazing place👌

  • ASOG

    So they sent everything one would need except a Doug to install it, good thing you guys already have your own Doug.

  • Derrick Langeslay
    Derrick Langeslay

    So from one talon owner to another, THANK YOU, THANK YOU & THANK YOU!! Keep the footage coming!!! IM LITERALLY sick of staring at the kit in my inbox and am waiting for a small nudge to pull the trigger! Unfortunately in the middle portion of MN on public trails a TURBA is not needed. However comma we are planning a silver lake trip this spring and as we all know with great sand comes a great need for more HORSEPOWER... Any chance the kit will be available though SxSblog or is it ztrickly through Garret Jackson? -RED-

    • Derrick Langeslay
      Derrick Langeslay

      One question I do have is: Now that you have gone turbo will you be adding the launch control module that they just released as an add on for us NON-LIVE guys???

  • perezm714

    I sold my old Maverick. I'm looking to get a Talon 1000R with interest in adding a turbo kit later.

  • Kerry Heutel
    Kerry Heutel

    So glad to see the talon getting some screen time.

  • Brianmac32

    Hi guys. Love the channel. I ordered a pro xp 4 and I want to upgrade the tires to a 32”. I plan on doing mostly trail riding with some rock crawling and also quite a bit of asphalt. Btw I live in Utah. I like the tusk terrabite aramids and the efx motovator. But I would love to hear what you recommend. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks!!!

  • GavinHunyady187

    I seen you guys headed south on US23 by my house in Fenton the other day, didn't realize you guys were that close.

  • Roaming Rockies
    Roaming Rockies

    Nice Job guys!

  • John Friessen
    John Friessen

    what app or software are u using for the before and after data??

  • ngh

    So, you can pick up a Speed for less than it costs to buy another new machine and add all of your own goodies. Are you looking to bring a Speed into the fold? Wildcat XX / Tracker XTR + Goodies? There are still Wildcat XX fans out here..... ;-)

  • Richard Harris
    Richard Harris

    It's NOT WORTH THE EFFORT for that little of a gain

    • SXSBlog.com

      100% disagree

  • pghdave420

    you guys prob got all the news.is honda ever gonna make a single seat sxs?i mean if they aren't making 450 quads anymore which sucks.

  • Thomas Cornelius
    Thomas Cornelius

    Nice job putting that in bro. Man you do great work.

  • Kenneth Gerdon
    Kenneth Gerdon

    Y'all keep this up I'm gonna find one of those sexy white '21's in my garage soon. Been eyeing them for a while, your first Talon review is actually how I found you all.

  • Pat Filipczak
    Pat Filipczak

    Race it against a turbo rzr

  • dingakasteve

    Need a stock x3, stock XPT vs the turbo talon for fun

  • Mainville ATV and Outdoors
    Mainville ATV and Outdoors

    Can anyone explain the Banana at 0:30 ? lol Also yes, turbos. fufufufufufu pssshhhh

  • M Byrd
    M Byrd

    OMG love it, and yes unfortunately, california sucks Ass for C.A.R.B. shit, omg it really dose sucks so bad, but hey im out of Cali soon so Yay!

  • BarnStangz

    Excellent work on this bois. I don't know if you are going to offer the service or not.... But would you install this for customers? I have a feeling that we're going to see Honda just have a Talon Turbo option right from the factory eventually. It's nice that this kit exists for sure!

    • BarnStangz

      @SXSBlog.com That's good to hear! Make sure you let people know that, earn some extra cheddar for the business!

    • SXSBlog.com

      Yep we’d do this install for customers for sure

  • Bean306

    Awesome, I have a 2020 XP turbo and I've thought about buying a Talon and adding this same turbo kit. I'm very interested in seeing how it performs. From the research I've done they work good, however I have seen I guy on youtube that has had alot of issues with his at higher elevations...👍👍


    Very cool, if I was to trade off my Turbo S it would be for the Honda. That rear suspension seems lacking to me though, from reading on forums out west no real way to fix the angles for high speed operation. Question - how is that cooler going to keep clear being underneath living in the mud? Seems like it will be constantly getting packed full of mud & need cleaned? The PoPo design is both good/bad in this way, stays totally clear of mud, but does have a habit of leaking coolant into intake... Good work though, like the Honda.

  • Moto Adventure Haiti
    Moto Adventure Haiti

    Love it! Keep it cranking Michigan boys! That thing is prob bigger then the turbo on my truck here in haiti! haha

  • Ethan Brockman
    Ethan Brockman

    It sounds like a lawnmower w that exuast

  • Jeff Green
    Jeff Green

    You know you need to do the krx1000 now. It’s only necessary that you do so to do the best bike comparison to see which bike comes out the best. Put same size tires on the krx and turbo it and let’s see what happens. Good luck guys live the videos.👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

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