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  • michael clayton
    michael clayton

    Would you guys be interested in re homing the factory turbo I would love to put that thing on my little 800s to help it out it definitely needs it. That rs1 is one bad machine I would love to have one of those too. I love without guys are doing stay safe and have fun.

  • Tito Pacheco
    Tito Pacheco

    Little rocket! I think that s1 should be called the "angry spider" it just looks like an angry spider out there rocketing across the field LOL good job with that fellas ty and like always....KEEP EM COMIN!!🤙

  • Aj Lauzon
    Aj Lauzon

    No tune??

  • Todd Vardaman
    Todd Vardaman

    HOLY POOP,!!!


    I just did a review on the 2021 Polaris RZR Turbo S Velocity. The first impressions are mind blowing. Check it out :) algone.info/slow/video/q5evqZ6agl58mmQ

  • Edgar Olea
    Edgar Olea

    Nice, good job. See you guys at Glamis.

  • DV Yungeen
    DV Yungeen

    The durmtown in Georgia?

  • crazesc10

    Y’all need a parts carts or bigger tires haha

  • Merica Freedomland
    Merica Freedomland

    The fact that the rs1 has the same id1300s that i have in my 900hp c6 zr1 corvette that is absolutely unreal!! Hahaha wowww

  • Turbo Dune Builds
    Turbo Dune Builds

    “Holy poop”

  • Tampa Boys Customs
    Tampa Boys Customs

    An that thing was ripping that’s crazy 96 mph

  • Tampa Boys Customs
    Tampa Boys Customs

    Man that turbo looks great

  • Tanner Croteau
    Tanner Croteau

    now fit a automotive turbski on it now

  • Meanold bonbon
    Meanold bonbon

    issue would be roll cage not rated that fast and i rework it and toss a few more bars and supports into it and a 5 point harness as well. check trans and see if you can put upper top end gears.

  • Eric Prosch-Jensen
    Eric Prosch-Jensen

    Is the speed sensor going through the rear tires?

  • Fastball Films
    Fastball Films

    Beast mode power or bust

  • Winston Pratt
    Winston Pratt

    Rick cracks me up 😂 heard something about McDonald's so we're pretty excited lol

  • Robert Vasquez
    Robert Vasquez

    Lmfao going through a blog withdrawal and Rick's "Hey how ya doing" whilst flipped on his side killed me jeez love these dudes

  • Freckles

    You should sell this in a kit after you work out all the tweaks and stuff if your not already

  • Nathaniel Bass
    Nathaniel Bass

    Time to put the slicks back on and see if it does a wheelie from pure power lol this time have two people hold each side of the rzr'z roll cage when you do the burnout to heat the tires lol

  • Mike Diaz
    Mike Diaz

    Cf1 needs linelock

  • Richard Harris
    Richard Harris

    You can clock that turbo but limited to the distance between bolts to keep wastegate actuator straight

  • Stoffeangel

    92 octane........ our cheap fuel is 95octane then 98 and 99octane premium


    5:18 that’s what she said

  • Martin Dominguez
    Martin Dominguez

    I need one for my rc cars to measure speed and times

  • Guy Outdoors
    Guy Outdoors

    Nick Savage would be proud. 👌🇺🇸

  • J Rome
    J Rome

    Heard a rumour, the RS1 is going to shock therapy, in AZ...? True or false

  • jj wald
    jj wald

    How would you go about taking a 2018 ranger just a little bit faster

  • Aaron Haas
    Aaron Haas

    "I feel the need..... THE NEED, FOR SPEED!"

  • Cash Wilson
    Cash Wilson

    You guys should buy a rzr 800 and completely build it


    The CF1 got Rick rolled!!😂🤣

  • Shaun Clark
    Shaun Clark

    bigger wheels and tires!!!! go 110

  • Joseph Irick
    Joseph Irick

    Lol coop definitely did y’all a favor.

  • Mattox Work
    Mattox Work

    Video starts at 17:00 minutes

  • Elijah Rich
    Elijah Rich

    That RS1 looks so stubby. What do you think it would take to stretch that thing and fit another seat behind the driver's seat. Maybe an RST (Tandem). I'm thinking fighter jet style.

  • Максим Назарян
    Максим Назарян

    Bruuuuuuh.Сan i Buy a Dynomite Turbo Kit on your website for rzr and put it in my Rzr rs1 ? Is it possible ? and is it a world wide shipping ? Thank u in advance

  • nathan Workman
    nathan Workman

    When your RS1 makes more hp that a stock 3 valve mustang

  • Moises Haros
    Moises Haros

    Just added the dynamite 270 on mine tested the 91 tune so far and it's pulls nice with 91 tune next week gonna test the E85 tune

  • J DelMonte
    J DelMonte

    Leo your unit sounds horrible, you need to fix that thing! Thanks for the great content tho 👍

  • Hunter Hagadorn
    Hunter Hagadorn

    Leo needs a 2021 rr with smart shox

  • grdnjmsn

    Mud Wiser

  • FalseBroadcast

    Is like to see a rs2 where’s it’s a longer rs1 with a seat behind it in a setup kind of like a Apache attack helicopter? I just like the rs1 cause the way there balenced

  • Jackson Lovegrove
    Jackson Lovegrove

    Flowmaster Doug

  • BigD1395

    That's what she said!!!!

  • Pajama Time
    Pajama Time

    Well, that thing rips!

  • Dustin Owens
    Dustin Owens

    Looking like a new suspension is should be on order

  • Korey C
    Korey C

    time to change the name for FS1 (FULL SEND 1)

  • Trevin

    Rick needs to just “mad Max” CF1 now ....extra fuel tanks , tattered body panels... sawed off 12 gage😂

  • CorwinINaDSM

    prob time to upgrade that intercooler.

  • Timmy Vannatten
    Timmy Vannatten

    Rip the body off and make the Leroy of razors!!!!

  • Ashton Pilgrim
    Ashton Pilgrim

    Doug 100% needs a mullet 🇦🇺🇦🇺

  • Alex Garvey-welch.
    Alex Garvey-welch.

    that looks f'#$king Mental as fella's, nice one.

  • Asylumental

    The new intro is hilarious, I was a big fan of the old one but this was not a bad change..

  • Kameron Cowles
    Kameron Cowles

    You should drag race cf1 v beast mode


    I will give you a blank check to let me take one lap in the rs1😂😂😂😂

  • Jonathan Parham
    Jonathan Parham

    Can you guys please put a cage on this thing?

  • Your Average Tryhard
    Your Average Tryhard

    How did you guys like Durhamtown

  • Darrick Dykstra
    Darrick Dykstra

    Put some pro armor 32's on the cf1 and it will be unstoppable on the dunes

  • ngh

    Nick looked waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy too comfortable with that 3" of hose he had to manipulate.

  • ngh

    Need the long travel kit for the RS1 TURBO! I hate looking at that thing with the top spring completely collapsed just sitting by itself. That RS1 deserves to get a long travel and shocks that do justice to this menace!!!

  • Angel Hernandez
    Angel Hernandez

    Quarter mile next???

  • derekseab

    Maybe start thinking of an improved roll cage....just sayin

  • Jacob Winegardner
    Jacob Winegardner

    Put some 32” carnivores on it and send it! Please!!!!!

  • J Bandit
    J Bandit

    Does rick have a normal voice or does he always speak like a pro wrestler?

  • Bill Reavely
    Bill Reavely


  • Bill Reavely
    Bill Reavely

    YOU HAVE TO TAKE IT TO GLAMIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • California Thrills
    California Thrills

    what do you guys think of the 2021 x rs?

  • DJ Combs
    DJ Combs

    That think is freaking rocket

  • Greg Kelly
    Greg Kelly

    When I saw ya'll at Silver this last weekend, I didn't realize you had the big terba on it?! BTW Doug, your Dad is a hoot. Chatted with him for a half hour after you guys left. Also time for a cage, fella's. Keep up the good work!

  • Ol Dirty BEAN
    Ol Dirty BEAN

    You gotta call it the RF 1 now cause every one of y'all let out the Rick Flair woooo when you drove it

  • matthew donnelly
    matthew donnelly

    Time for long travel!?

  • Shaun P
    Shaun P

    What’s going on with project 2JZ?

  • Andrew Cable
    Andrew Cable

    TIME #5 asking for a TWIN TURBA YXZ

  • Crypto King
    Crypto King

    Let’s turbo my 2020 Honda Talon 1000-4 Fox Live Valve guys.

  • funwithguns89

    Man dont let anyone die in this at the dunes. Gonna be real easy to over send.

  • Atomix

    can someone ask rick why he is always acting so wierd 😂😂

  • Plum Bum
    Plum Bum

    Like to see you turbo the general ! ?


    Next time wheelies? Pavement?

  • Jaran Higley
    Jaran Higley

    She's a ripper!

  • Jeff Schmitt
    Jeff Schmitt

    That thing is stupid fast! I want to rip it so bad!!

  • Saving Grace
    Saving Grace

    Ahh the Honda monkey

  • Danny Cardin
    Danny Cardin

    Man I can not wait to see this machine at silver lake it’s going to be insane. You guys will be smoking everyone in the sand drags. I’m sitting on ready. Thanks guys take care and stay safe.👍👍

  • Mc's Bike life
    Mc's Bike life

    I’m a dirt biker / superbike guy don’t own a sxs or want to and never driven one but boy do I enjoy this channel!!!!

  • Jace Gallimore
    Jace Gallimore

    Put drag slicks on it

  • Jesse Shelton
    Jesse Shelton

    What an absolute ripper!! You guys are killin it keep the awesome content coming!

  • Biggiecheese325

    Cummins swap ?

  • Kenneth Ketterer
    Kenneth Ketterer

    who wants to see them do a wheelie now with all that power

  • Danny Taylor
    Danny Taylor

    There is 20 dislikes on here 🤔 how could you not like this 😳. Another great video men love your work, hope next year I can get my first sxs haha... Dan Australia

  • Dustin Duke
    Dustin Duke

    Y’all need an HCR long travel kit with a shock therapy set up on the CF-1 now it would be killer in the dunes!!!!

  • brandon cowboy
    brandon cowboy

    wooow put 440 engine in that almost 700 hp

  • Lance McKusick
    Lance McKusick

    You guys should work with your stakeholders and create an RS1 Turbo kit that covers everything you need to turbo the RS1

  • James Janzen
    James Janzen

    Mack a wheelie bar for the RS1

  • Allen Allen
    Allen Allen

    need some arm straps to keep your arms in just in case of a roll over

  • Gael Pantoja
    Gael Pantoja

    since you guys have a lot of razors can i get one👀😭😔

  • Garett Naranjo
    Garett Naranjo

    It need bigger tiers

  • Shuken Flash
    Shuken Flash

    I want to see this thing race 2JP when its done. They're both going to be insane

  • Shoot1st 007
    Shoot1st 007

    Doug is ridiculous. Why isn’t he working for a major company, or is SXSBlog the major company. :D I hope you guys are feeling lucky that he’s on the channel.

  • Russell Henderson
    Russell Henderson

    It’s on crack

  • Andrew Lisabeth
    Andrew Lisabeth

    Roll cage needed

  • Daniel Moore
    Daniel Moore

    Cleeter ,james, and cooper you 3 fellas are the most genuine kick ass muricans!! Congratulations boys on the wins and what a sweet rip it was.. keep killin it boys

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