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  • SXSBlog.com

    Think you can beat us!? BRING IT!

    • 400smallblock

      Just an idea for ya as I'm about half way thru the video.....(on the ice) Once the machine begins good rotation, bring the steering wheel back to ALMOST straight...worth a try at least

    • Austin Maney
      Austin Maney

      I don’t think I can

    • Mike crystal robert
      Mike crystal robert

      Cboys beat you I think

    • Joe Patenaude
      Joe Patenaude

      hey sxs blog you guys NEED TO CALL OLE CLEETER AND CALL HIM OUT!

    • Dank Genetics
      Dank Genetics

      Am I the only one noticing the front wheel angle dictating rear wheel lift?

  • Rick Hop
    Rick Hop

    You guys set a dangerous bar to think dumb people will try to one up you SMH. With that being said you guys are great 👍

  • Justin Parker
    Justin Parker

    If you watch monster trucks do cyclones they get up spinning to 2 wheels

  • Dan Tompkins
    Dan Tompkins

    Use smaller tires... Your tire weight is making you tip...

  • Thomas Jacobs
    Thomas Jacobs

    What kind of blow off valve is that I have a aftermarket assassins and that one sounds so much meaner

    • Thomas Jacobs
      Thomas Jacobs

      SXSBlog.com perfect thank you

    • SXSBlog.com

      Evo everything

    • Joey Ramus
      Joey Ramus

      I have the same on it’s a big gun limited

  • trevman187

    Wheel rpm and angular momentum are probably what's causing the wheels to try to lift

  • Donald Fuller
    Donald Fuller

    Can a 4 Wheeler join this challenge. I got a hyped up scrambler that is insane in the cyclone department. Just be careful I had 7 feet of intestines removed from getting twisted bowel from doing this.

  • Thatguywithnopancreas

    That was cool...BOV sounds good. What kinda power is that thing putting down?

    • SXSBlog.com

      Roughly 270

  • Kyle Mcmahon
    Kyle Mcmahon

    I wonder if there is a way to calculate the g force us was going through. He was describing the begaining of blacking out from g force. So I wonder what g force was?

  • Autistic Monkey
    Autistic Monkey

    I saw a pp on the billboard behind doug when he went 97

  • Kungfu Commando
    Kungfu Commando

    Astronaut training.

  • Jesus Martinez
    Jesus Martinez

    My mom told me to watch educational videos I think this is good enough

  • Nathan Edwards
    Nathan Edwards

    Where are these boys from Michigan?

  • Summeron253

    I recommend you sell that sportsman 450 before it starts ticking and you need to replace the head and or its starts dieing at idle...... Buy a 570. In my opinion.

  • Ricardo Maldonado
    Ricardo Maldonado

    Can someone calculate G's?

  • Kristoffer Nilsson
    Kristoffer Nilsson

    Did this with an Audi Quattro in the snow. Never again. Not even riding the tea cups at the fair after that. And i probably werent even close to those revs. Well done man.

  • daemn42

    FWIW, yes it is gyroscopic precession that is trying to flip them over, which is dependent on the weight of the wheel and tire combo, the diameter of the tires and the tire rotational speed. In other words, large diameter, heavy tires spinning faster, creates a greater gyroscopic precession force trying to flip them over. That's also why it happened faster on the ice and when he got into it too fast in the parking lot because the wheel speed was much higher than yaw rate. Easing into it kept the wheel speed lower. So.. How to do faster cyclones? Smaller diameter, lighter wheels/tires. Yes they'll have to rotate a bit faster but because rotational inertia increases by the square of the radius, I think smaller diameter tires will more than offset the higher wheel speed.

  • Tyson Kidd
    Tyson Kidd

    I still think the cboys won

  • Allshownogo Shane
    Allshownogo Shane

    Omg I don’t know why I find that so entertaining but I would laugh every time he would do it 😂🤣😂

  • Rick Alva
    Rick Alva

    Gotta go the other way to unwind

  • Say What
    Say What

    These guys are some crazy characters

  • TexRobNC

    I'm still watching this, but I think the physics make sense of what is happening. On pavement, your center of spin is locked HARD to the center of mass due to rotation. When doing this on the ice, it's still sliding side to side. It means it's going to tip over the direction of the slide every time, right? Notice how the fastest one was the one where the thing was locked in, not moving any direction. It really starts to melt in a circle fast and that works for it.

  • I went to the woods
    I went to the woods

    I think you need a little suspension travel to help it balance

  • Kipp Benkert
    Kipp Benkert

    Back i wanna say about 5 years ago. Before you guys came threw. I got my merc buried right where yalls truck is at. Took a powerstroke and a duramax to get me out.

  • angel mendoza
    angel mendoza

    These dudes are the danny Duncan and cleetusmcfarland of rzrs

  • Dan W
    Dan W

    30:47. Interesting new merch idea? Something for the ladies I presume?

  • Llama Cebu
    Llama Cebu

    I see cleetus or James wrecking in the near future

  • Johnny Street Sign
    Johnny Street Sign

    Babe Ruth never held the bat up to call his shot.

  • Bucket Mouth Inc
    Bucket Mouth Inc

    I’m more impressed them Big Mack boxes stayed in the roof storage spot this entire video! 😱

  • brad boyer
    brad boyer

    Cboystv might have beaten y’all

    • SXSBlog.com


  • Daniel Brockert
    Daniel Brockert

    Need a flight suit soon

  • D B Jr
    D B Jr

    maybe let the suspension werk, instead of having it static. after all that is what suspension is for

  • jon sweden boys speed
    jon sweden boys speed

    C boys did it better

  • Matt Fields
    Matt Fields

    I wonder what the felt G’s are.

  • tim stroh
    tim stroh

    We have lift off!!!!!!! who needs rotors!!!!!!!

  • Matt Fields
    Matt Fields

    I swore I was subscribed to this channel, well before any Cleetus collaboration. ALgone doing ALgone things....

  • M Blizzy
    M Blizzy

    You guys seem to get the same effect from McDonald’s as I get from maryjane lol

  • X3R0D3D

    try studded tires on the pond! with some sidewall studding as well! and you may be right outta control!

  • Ehren Krause
    Ehren Krause

    Would have been easier if you just changed the shocks. But good to know anything can be turned into a lowrider 😆

  • Anthony Mason
    Anthony Mason

    Once the syclone is initiated... steer back straight as you feed more throttle. Stays more planted for longer

  • Ultra Limited
    Ultra Limited

    U have to hit triple digits. U just have to....

  • Mike crystal robert
    Mike crystal robert

    Cboys did it way better the cyclones

  • Dazzle On East
    Dazzle On East

    watch cboy's new video they easily went faster without doing offset or anything just sending it

  • Jason Haley
    Jason Haley

    Hey....maybe 99.99 RPM's opens then 'in turn' (see what I did there?) 100.00 RPM's surpasses a threshold (a lá going supersonic...>BOOM

  • Warlock

    14:30. You're welcome.

  • Jeremy annis
    Jeremy annis

    Cboys did it better for sure

  • dalepete71

    sorry guys love ya but i think the C-Boys now hold the world record. just my opinion

  • BusaJohnny1

    31:13🤣🤣 look at the white board😂

  • Joe Patenaude
    Joe Patenaude

    Can Doug do 102.1RPM FOR 2021

  • Joe Patenaude
    Joe Patenaude

    I think ole uncle Rick needs to try the world record cyclone

  • Hoosier Patriot
    Hoosier Patriot

    Next time like 20 pumps in the truck


    Could you guys post a part number for the spring tool?

  • Branden Lathbury
    Branden Lathbury

    It’s called a Carolina squat

  • dirtcurt1

    Try soaping up the shop floor(painted) if you don't have ice. I did it in my shop and had the same feeling that I might fly through the side wall.

  • Mondo Speedy
    Mondo Speedy

    Turn the other direction, wheel speed, spin direction, engine rotation. Simple physics. Go the other direction, see what happens.

  • Steve Roberts III
    Steve Roberts III

    Florida men cant hang. Tool box James or Cleetus

  • Tyler Norris
    Tyler Norris


    • SXSBlog.com

      Lol why

  • Spilly

    Put smaller tyres on. also you could remote control it to see how fast it will actually spin. That would have been INTENSE

  • Merica Man
    Merica Man

    My rough estimate of the number of Gs his head is receiving is 3 assuming 100 rpm and a radius of spin of 1 foot.

  • Anthony Piraino
    Anthony Piraino

    After seeing this the next day I went out and tried to cyclone it was so crazy I sent an email to you guys with some video of it maybe you can tell me how fast I was going

  • Jordan Gryg
    Jordan Gryg

    CBOYS just showed you guys up first try .. sorry boys

    • SXSBlog.com

      Pffffff not even close. Good rip though haha

  • George wiley
    George wiley

    Wheels speed to fast entire knee joint and tire mass acting like huge gyroscopes

  • Noah Valdez
    Noah Valdez

    thing cboys got you beat.....

  • Johnny Vance
    Johnny Vance

    I wonder if the wideness of the tire wide or skinny would have any effects on the cyclone

  • Johnny Vance
    Johnny Vance

    I remember I just wrote in like a week and a half ago asking how to do a cyclone and I see this today thinking Doug you have to be insane

  • Juicernaut

    The race unit sounds amazing!

  • Kayle Lheureux
    Kayle Lheureux

    Cboys just did what you guys are tying to do so do you hear a contest.

  • Hans Zuerner
    Hans Zuerner

    C boys just did it in there maverick and they where on 2 wheels for like 5 spins 😂 i should say Ben was. Ps u have my initials cut into your roll cage lol. Looks rad.

  • 99excivic

    Holy crap that looked crazy!! But did anybody else catch the cock and balls drawing of the whiteboard near the end of the video? Lmao

  • carstoniu

    awesome as always.. best side by side content on youtube easily :) how come the right (if looking from the front) headlight is so much weaker then the left? just a dead LED?? or am i crazy? haha

  • David Dyer
    David Dyer


  • Ducky OnQuack
    Ducky OnQuack

    C boys beat them for sho

  • Len Shreck
    Len Shreck

    When you bringing the females back on

  • Len Shreck
    Len Shreck

    Doug needs a G suite to fill with air to force blood to his brain

  • Paul Dombrowski
    Paul Dombrowski

    Try spinning the opposite direction

  • Jarrett Labate
    Jarrett Labate

    I think it's got something to do with wheelbase because i'm positive my max spins way faster but it's been a while since i've tried

    • Jarrett Labate
      Jarrett Labate

      Well that was before i saw the end of the video i definitely can't do 97 RPM

  • dan schuch
    dan schuch

    Need to try studs. More traction helped, maybe even more is better to keep it planted

  • hobbesfif

    Doug laughing maniacally after first driving the lowered rzr had me cackling as well.

  • Ray Hernandez
    Ray Hernandez

    Might be Centrifugal force of the wheels and tires that are causing the early lifting. Try a lighter wheel and tire package.. Just a thought.

  • FoolishFarmer

    Look up gyroscopic precession or "anti gravity wheel". My guess for the reason she's lifting on ice is too much wheel speed and heavy wheels/tires acting like flywheels which relates to the mentioned topics/videos. Can't wait to see 100+!

  • Tanner Mathews
    Tanner Mathews

    notice the Macdonald's in the top of the rs1 the whole video

  • Andrew J
    Andrew J

    Do it again and get an air horn so when his tires lift you can blast it and when he hears it he knows to let off

  • Dumpster II Racing
    Dumpster II Racing

    Hell yeah guys. Proud to be a fellow Michigander

  • Wyatt Aubert
    Wyatt Aubert

    Tell Doug to stare at a point on the cage or hood and keep concentrated on it.

  • Rod CR250
    Rod CR250

    C boys might have got ya..

  • Tim Myers
    Tim Myers

    C boys tv won

  • Rachel Matt
    Rachel Matt

    Need smaller tires.

  • D S
    D S

    Much Respect for you guys .. Making Great funny Content,so enjoyable to watch.. Man only if i was their with you guys living the life most us men dream of Living. Yall got your own cool funny characters,man gotta say guys yall completely deserve how you living. Yall always showing your appreciation and Looking forward to watch more funny cool enjoyable videos maybe 1 day we will meet One Eternity Later🤞🙏. Keep Sendin Them... Much Respect guys..

  • DEDBRD1977

    Guy's , do us all a favor and stay away from the big red fire hydrants . Hitting one of those at 70 rpm would suck !

  • Erric D Johnson 74
    Erric D Johnson 74

    Damn that thing was on 2 wheels while spinning around Crazy awesome 🔥👍✌️

  • Coy Beaman
    Coy Beaman

    I think cboys got you

  • ben low
    ben low

    Gotta throw the tracks on the rs1

  • Maika Kanekoa
    Maika Kanekoa

    centrifical force need the normal shocks height to absorb the rotational

  • Logan Harmon
    Logan Harmon

    Cboys 1 uped you guys for sure

  • Ruebon Holder
    Ruebon Holder

    This is just an idea.. Put smaller tires on it.. Those big tires are ballooning from the wheel speed.. And the centrifugal mass of the larger tours are probably throwing the balance off of the central weight of the machine


    stop talking

  • Tim Myers
    Tim Myers

    It sounded like it was going to blow up

  • Tim Myers
    Tim Myers

    I hit 92

  • Swordz Man
    Swordz Man

    Learned in an old subaru at the riverbank near my hometown: throttle blipping, on and off the gas makes you spin infinitely faster. Though, I didn't have to worry about rolling the suby!

  • SpeedFinsTV

    In my yxz, smaller tires did noticeably better

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