Polaris RZR RS1 gets a TURBO ENGINE SWAP! Turbo RS1 time!
We'll call it Project CF1 lololol
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  • Dean Randall
    Dean Randall

    As long as you don't blow the differential you'll be fine!

  • Tito Pacheco
    Tito Pacheco

    This is why i love these guys LOL, full sends 110% of the time even if it includes a machine thats fallin, give her bigger life and let'R eat lol.....best channel on yt bar none!!🤙 and Rick, "this is as harbor freight as it gets" LMAO

  • Kungfu Commando
    Kungfu Commando

    So....who is the u-boat commander?

  • Mouse Gipson
    Mouse Gipson

    Awesome video good job

  • Jason Hull
    Jason Hull

    Rick is taking some time to.like for sure

  • bam530530

    Glad the new shop is in Mexico and not under Whitless lock down restrictions.

  • TJ Shine
    TJ Shine

    Doug's new name BUFF!

  • ltr450NoS

    Wait, so what does cf1 stand for??

    • SXSBlog.com

      Cobble fuck 1

  • Josh E
    Josh E

    Cooper was Boggin Deep brother

  • Kevin O'Berry
    Kevin O'Berry

    Time for a “Beefy unit” shirt

  • Brad Snyder Junior Sender
    Brad Snyder Junior Sender

    Wtf is Leonardo wearing a drug rug?! 😂

    • Brad Snyder Junior Sender
      Brad Snyder Junior Sender

      Bahhhh yess I knew it could only see the sleeve before lolzzzzz

  • Meg Murphy
    Meg Murphy

    Put twin turbos on it

  • Red_Beard_626

    Putting the heart of a Trex into a raptor= Traptor!

  • Zach Ellinger
    Zach Ellinger

    How do you even pick what to take on a ride? Everything’s a ripper! Keep the videos common’ boys. It is keeping up morale for sure.

  • Semper Fi
    Semper Fi

    Wow! This unit has been sitting a while.

  • John Taylor
    John Taylor

    What year is the rs1 ?

    • SXSBlog.com


  • Tryingitall

    A long awaited mod. This will be so sick for sure.

  • CincinnatiReefer

    This is going to be so badass!

  • Greg Travels
    Greg Travels

    It’s crazy how many nice sets of wheels and tires you guys have just sitting in the yard and you run that stock crap on most of your rides? What a waste!

  • Owen Schmitt
    Owen Schmitt

    How much to rebuild that RS1 and throw it in a 2012 800s and breath some life into that unit??

  • toybear01

    give it tall air stacks to bog deep

  • C Chap
    C Chap

    Time for a new cage on that bad boy.

  • Rev him up Hotdog
    Rev him up Hotdog

    Done this back last year 17 turbo engine in rs1 super fast

  • Jacob Slabach
    Jacob Slabach

    Yesss been waiting a long time for this

  • Outdoor Man
    Outdoor Man

    Got part 2 bud?? Sxsblog fiend needs a fresh video lol

  • Jason-Talentless Offroad
    Jason-Talentless Offroad

    I hope I'm wrong, but I am not holding my breath that the dunes open this year

  • Randy Mish
    Randy Mish

    I hope Polaris is watching. I have been holding off to buy a new unit, especially with current deals, in hopes for a release of a turbo RS1

  • Bad Beard Offroad
    Bad Beard Offroad

    It's safe to say.... Doug just want's to do wheelies.

  • David Gutierrez
    David Gutierrez

    Now turbo the talon or trx or do something with something other then a Polaris.

  • Chris Bethmann
    Chris Bethmann

    Wow! Who could care less morons!

  • Trevin

    Intriguing engine change out ..fantastic decision to change out the harness at the same time 👍I assure you people at Polaris are watching your channel right now thinking about the future

  • chris77777777ify

    I’d just fix the first one, then see what happens.

  • Bill Meyers
    Bill Meyers

    your channel was a lot better when you rode mid level machines. Few people can afford $30000 machines. Prefer your older videos. Don't so much relate to the new ones

  • Ismael Marrero
    Ismael Marrero

    Great build and she going to be a ripper a big tums UP to you and your team for making a amazing machine SXSBlog.com number one #1

  • Clay Perry
    Clay Perry

    I think some custom rs1 turbo stickers on it would look badass on that

  • Logan Schultz
    Logan Schultz

    Drop a mk1 vw body on top of the rs1

  • Robert Caron
    Robert Caron

    I swapped a RZR 900 engine by myself took me week my job was easy compared to this one

  • Stratten 45
    Stratten 45

    Maybe rick should fab himself a can am x1?

  • azflowrider

    I remember seeing you guys in Glamis and showed you my Turbo RS1, it should get to the party alot quicker. Great work guys!!!!

  • Bodi Neumann
    Bodi Neumann

    What happened to mudlyfe?

  • Jose Soto
    Jose Soto

    And just do wheelies 😂😂😂

  • Colin Krajicek
    Colin Krajicek

    Damn now all the sudden you need another HCR kit for the rs1 lol

  • Asteria Adventures
    Asteria Adventures

    The Best ALgone Channel!

  • supermoto sessions
    supermoto sessions

    Danm you sat there the whole time you must be the founder of the channel lol

  • Nathan Waidelich
    Nathan Waidelich

    I can't wait to see the CF1 with some crazy high HP tune. It's going to rip.

  • swauss Swaussinator
    swauss Swaussinator

    Crazy question? How the heck do y'all afford all these toys?

  • Eugene White
    Eugene White

    Awesome build guys can’t wait to see more.

  • Kreg Dion
    Kreg Dion

    RZR lives again thanks JP

  • Doug Summers
    Doug Summers

    The front drive shaft is weak on the rs1. Check out kb3. They have the beefy drive shafts needed for this.

  • Riley Bruh
    Riley Bruh

    Hell yeah brother!!!

  • Scott Estergaard
    Scott Estergaard

    Nothing scares you!

  • j can am rider
    j can am rider

    You guys always thanks yours views always humble, keep the good work

  • Micha Stoutenburg
    Micha Stoutenburg

    You guys are freaking awesome!!!

  • Miguel Juteau
    Miguel Juteau

    Very good project guys! 👍

  • Dave

    Can you guys get a SHERP and make it faster?

  • dakotalayinlow

    amazing how fast that shop filled up.. now ya need one 2x bigger! lol

  • TheCulinarian

    Is there anything on Earth better than a turbski?

  • IceAires

    haven't seen it run yet and i want one!!! love the vids keep it up boys.

  • Matt Damon
    Matt Damon

    Finally super excited!

  • Quentin Andersen
    Quentin Andersen

    Damn doug does know what he is saying and doings

  • Kurt

    @16:10 Doug just flexicuting everybody

  • Juanpi Lopes
    Juanpi Lopes

    What happened to the yxz? Very good videos, nice work!! Greetings from Argentina.

  • mckrackin5324

    Just watching to have something else to think about. My good friend was killed in his turbo RZR tonight. Surreal day.

    • mckrackin5324

      @SXSBlog.com Appreciate that. I don't even know why I made the comment. My brain is just spinning out of control I guess.

    • SXSBlog.com

      Sorry to hear that brother. Our best wishes go to his friends and family.

  • Jake Pysz
    Jake Pysz

    Money goes in gets converted into sound and power also produces spinny boi memes

  • The Ace
    The Ace

    what’s up with the yxz?

  • Markus Nichols
    Markus Nichols

    Hey I got to looking at the bench seat you guys made you should make some brackets to put tires on the side of it

  • Curt chop side by side
    Curt chop side by side

    Ya!!! Rick is in the intro now!!! Sweet!

  • Tyson Fries
    Tyson Fries

    And then add a long travel suspension!! Yahoo!!

  • Decathelon Dave
    Decathelon Dave

    great job

  • Blake Burns
    Blake Burns

    The rs1 has always been a beast of a car. Yee-yee brother.

  • Johnny G
    Johnny G

    Thang is gonna B Sick!

  • Kyle

    I just want a can am rs1, if you know what I mean

  • Kevin Gatrell
    Kevin Gatrell

    @SXSBLOG With all them Bald Eagles under the hood maybe an upgraded cage would be a good idea? Lol🙃🦅🇺🇲


    That thing. Has got hairy legs. XD

  • Jay Ellingsen
    Jay Ellingsen

    It’s amazing how full that shop has gotten.

  • Dustin Bieri
    Dustin Bieri

    I did the same thing with my rs1. Running a X3 air to air with fan for Intercooler. Running 2860r turbo as well. The rs1 also has the turbo fuel pump already as well.

    • Jay Nissen
      Jay Nissen

      Dustin Bieri it has the turbo fuel pump? Missed that in the parts diagrams

  • John Greenlee
    John Greenlee

    It's like it shoulda been that way the entire time!!

  • Kris mx crazed
    Kris mx crazed

    Oh yeah cleet sent us

  • Twisted SxS
    Twisted SxS

    74” wide HCR stage 6 turbo RS1?? Can I get a HELL YEAH BROTHER!!

  • Jason Kolich
    Jason Kolich

    Don’t even have to watch, this gets a thumbs up just from the title. Had always hoped you would turbo the RS1.

  • Nico Tietjen
    Nico Tietjen

    put the rs1 motor in the landmower lol

  • Jace’s Own World
    Jace’s Own World

    Could you guys go back to making videos where we actually see things happen within the first 10 minutes?? 😀

  • 907 Gladiator
    907 Gladiator

    One line fuel system, that's why you're getting a misfire. Your fuel rail and injectors are probably full of crud.

  • Sergio Caballero
    Sergio Caballero

    I've been subscribed since i saw yall on cleetus channel but yall need to include some of the trail machines as well, ive git a mav 800 trail would be nice to see some content on those too. As always awesome content guys

  • huts spencer
    huts spencer

    When are you going to build / buy a boom for the forklift?

  • Ben Baggett
    Ben Baggett

    Hey! Just sunk my 570 Sportsman, think we can fit a turbo swap in there? Haha! Good stuff guys!

  • JD10

    Badass thumbnail!

  • Michael Jones
    Michael Jones

    I’m surprised you didn’t clean the RS1 first. I personally don’t like working on dirty cars.

  • sean kettledon
    sean kettledon

    Been wanting a long time for this build

  • Brian Hubbard
    Brian Hubbard

    Radical RS1, aka Radical Bastard RS1. More power!! God bless guy's.

  • Greg Drake
    Greg Drake

    I have a good question for you guys is there away you could put the steering wheel off an old Honda Pilot into a rzr so a guy in a wheelchair could drive it with the gas and break hooked

    • Greg Drake
      Greg Drake

      To the steering wheel and remove the pedals so a guys feet don’t get into them

  • Upnorth Kenny
    Upnorth Kenny

    Really I think that with turbo motor and the suspension of the buffalo on that machine THAT would be a ( mad bad machine).✊🏽

  • Brandon Hasemann
    Brandon Hasemann

    I’m excited to see this!!

  • ponypwr

    200hp? Lets double that, This is still America... well..... 1 drag race unit coming right up!

  • clark bullard
    clark bullard

    Dang Leo do you get you hands dirty or what???😂😂😂😂😅

  • Dustin Duke
    Dustin Duke

    Dude this thing is going to be SICK can’t wait to see her rip tater chip!!!!!!!!!!!


    Like if you wish @sxsblog.com dropped a video every day!!!

  • Douglas Phillips
    Douglas Phillips

    “CF Rick”

  • Darwin Calliou
    Darwin Calliou


  • RCA Good Times!
    RCA Good Times!

    Looks like im a little late for the video. Great video guys! Things is going to be a beast.