Polaris RZR RS1 turbo swap PART 2!!! IT'S ALIVE!!! terba time
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  • Jacksquatch


  • Максим Назарян
    Максим Назарян

    Bruuuuuuh.Сan i Buy a Dynomite Turbo Kit on your website for rzr and put it in my Rzr rs1 ? Is it possible ? and is it a world wide shipping ? Thank u in advance

  • Mouse Gipson
    Mouse Gipson

    Awesome wow

  • Elijah Rich
    Elijah Rich

    "Hey, Nick. Why don't you go to the other side of the shop to get a fire extinguisher even though there is one right behind me?" - Doug Butterfield

  • Jory

    Keep up this regular uploads even if they're shorter, you will explode because it's an awesome channel!

  • Daddy O
    Daddy O

    Doug is a mad scientist!

  • Joe Williams
    Joe Williams

    Need a bussa or a zx14 motor lmao

  • Adam Polhamus
    Adam Polhamus

    Long travel the cf1. That would be BAD A.....

  • Steve Cherrett
    Steve Cherrett

    You're so genuine Doug no problem dude

  • Steve Cherrett
    Steve Cherrett

    Extended a arms

  • Cory Record
    Cory Record

    Turbos basically increase displacement 🤓


    Might Have Voided The Warranty There Bud

  • Wild girl Adventures
    Wild girl Adventures

    I need to put a turbo in my rs1 now 😏

  • Kevin Enger
    Kevin Enger

    Being a RS1 owner myself, im lovin this build more than any other!! Please hurry with next vid!!!!

  • xSammanx

    We want more, we want more! Awesome guys!

  • Morgan Guilliams
    Morgan Guilliams

    What’s CF1 stand for? I couldn’t tell what rick said on last episode

    • Morgan Guilliams
      Morgan Guilliams

      Haha yes! Such a sweet project!!

    • SXSBlog.com

      Cobble fuck

  • Jay Ellingsen
    Jay Ellingsen

    What an awesome project! Spot on content!

  • Dallas Jones
    Dallas Jones

    I love it. You guys are giving me some crazy building ideas. Keep it up guys. Love your videos

  • Rolando Gonzalez
    Rolando Gonzalez

    Send it for sure🤪

  • carson Day
    carson Day

    This is prob omw of my most interesting attention filled projects you guys did! Love ya all

  • Rooster Tv
    Rooster Tv

    Portals, mud tire and snorkel!!!!

  • Jason-Talentless Offroad
    Jason-Talentless Offroad

    You turn a rs1 into a turbo, and I trying to turn a 2 seat turbo into an rs1

  • marcos gigena
    marcos gigena

    excellent video, too bad they don't have a spanish translation. Cheers

  • Screamn’ Eagle
    Screamn’ Eagle

    THE SUSPENSE!!! Better than anything on TV bar none not even close!

  • jimmy james
    jimmy james

    LOVE this build! 👍🏻

  • Tryingitall

    First test with slicks!#popwheelie

  • Sootkettle

    Love the vids but you guys say duuuude dude duuuuude way to much

    • SXSBlog.com

      Dude c'mon

  • Cole Hockenberry
    Cole Hockenberry

    That’s not a coolant leak it’s the automatic burnout lube dispensing system. Lol

  • James Pinion
    James Pinion

    Keep @coop away from it....🤣

  • Fun freq
    Fun freq

    Cool stuff! But I want to know when your going to get that Speed UTV unit?

    • Fun freq
      Fun freq

      @SXSBlog.com Have you been watching the Wednesday night live streams?

    • SXSBlog.com

      If they actually ever come out we'll consider it lol

  • Instrumental Racing
    Instrumental Racing

    So rad🤘

  • Momo


  • Jordan Fleenor
    Jordan Fleenor

    How u gonna leave us on a cliff hanger like that lol

  • Matt Damon
    Matt Damon

    Dude the wait is killing me!

  • Simpson Rd Larry
    Simpson Rd Larry

    That thing is going to be one crazy ass buggy!!! Can’t wait to see you guys rippin it!!💥💥👍🏼

  • BigD1395

    Lmao, I love Nick Soos he’s a trip!

  • joey schultz
    joey schultz

    We gotta get a top speed run on that rs1

  • Ryan Fisher
    Ryan Fisher

    Great videos guys I have a 2016 og Mav 1000 turbo wish yall still had a couple of them

  • Michael Hritz
    Michael Hritz

    If Polaris produces this machine and DOESN'T call it the CF1, I'll be disappointed. Great work fellas. Excited to see this thing RIP!

  • Victor Alley
    Victor Alley

    Is Leonardo wearing a drug rug? Was this filmed on 4-20?? Are you a pothead Fokker???

  • Douglasw

    Why is Doug the only one to be a patreon supporter? 😂😂😂

  • Jonathan Chapman
    Jonathan Chapman

    I love all the builds but the no stress builds and just having fun and some of the best ever. Love you guys too. HELL YEAH BROTHER CF1 = crazy raceday

  • James Glenn
    James Glenn

    So close to seeing it RIP 🌽🤬

  • Van Palmer
    Van Palmer

    Turbo-RS1 (aka) TRS1!! Can't wait to see this BABY GO!!

  • headwound

    thanks for bringing Rick back!!@%#$

  • Lee Ashworth
    Lee Ashworth

    Greatest video ever

  • Darrick Dykstra
    Darrick Dykstra

    You guys should build these and sell them as a unit or a kit. Great work!!!

  • Ryan Sawyer
    Ryan Sawyer

    Idk why but those plastic Polaris stock steering wheels drive me crazy.

  • Frederick Clem
    Frederick Clem

    Awesome guys keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alex M
    Alex M

    I've been tempted to pick one up to enjoy my time in the desert but I think this vid just sealed the deal, thank ya


    Will it Wheelie 🤔

  • Brandon Floyd
    Brandon Floyd

    4:14 they look like one of those couples that dress alike. 😂😂

  • boorerbj

    CF1 weapon. Gunna need a better cage on that sucker.

  • Bigbubba-AKA Brian gardner
    Bigbubba-AKA Brian gardner

    Guys I love this if it wasint for u guies I'd b going nuts with all this lock down crap, its u guies and your videos that keep me going, keep up the great work and I cant waight to see the JP project finished that's going to b a wicked machine and I'm looking forward to the next video thanks for all u do.

  • Pedal Man
    Pedal Man

    YOU GUYS KICK A&&!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Aaronfx4

    Can’t wait to see it rip!! Question are the stock RzR turbo motors built stronger for boost from the factory? Or is it the same as installing an aftermarket turbo on a naturally aspirated RzR motor? Keep the videos coming love you guys thank ya

  • Tony

    I watch a lot of sxsblog. But I have no clue what the camera guy looks like

  • Alex REO
    Alex REO

    Min7:07 oooohhh lights on the dash 😨 Min7:30 started the engine 😱😆😆 respect friends hahaha the first to do this ooohhh yeeaahh 👍🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

  • pete

    Doug you are the man can't wait to see that thing I love it I thought my was fast I cant even imagine that's going to be the baddest rs1 around

  • C. .G.
    C. .G.

    Post the next vid tomorrow!!!! Please. Lol

  • Dylan Branch
    Dylan Branch

    I’m loving this!

  • Thomas Bown
    Thomas Bown

    Been saying Polaris should do this since they came out. Glad you guys beat them to it 😎

  • Xd parad0x
    Xd parad0x

    Let’s start a pool on how long it takes Sous to wreck it. In a fun way of course!

  • G’s Life
    G’s Life

    DAAAAMN IT!!! SO BAD ASS!!! 🤘🏼😝🔥🔥

  • Colton Meadows
    Colton Meadows

    What is sous using for cleaning?

  • Shawn Herring
    Shawn Herring

    You guys are killing 2020. Been subscribed for awhile and I really enjoy how you guys have become more comfortable on camera. Wish you nothing but success. Also the RS1-S is my favorite project so far.

  • Sinister_Vulcan Games
    Sinister_Vulcan Games

    What's extra cool is the all OEM parts they are using

  • barrygriffith99

    Awesome guys I can’t wait for the next episode when it’s on the track can you say RECORD.

  • Terry Hatfield
    Terry Hatfield

    I always enjoy watching Doug work and obviously so does Nick. lol...

  • D C
    D C


  • jtwstheman

    This may be my favorite project!! 👍👍

  • Meg Murphy
    Meg Murphy

    Two turbos are better

  • Robert Doxtator
    Robert Doxtator

    Wild horse needs a sxs engine🤔

  • azflowrider

    BOOOSTED!!!!! i'm glad you guys got this done, long time coming

  • Outdoor Man
    Outdoor Man

    Awesome!! Clock on the wall for timelapse shots??

  • Kidneybeans

    Doug is the man!!! You guys are all awesome!! Excellent project!!! Can’t wait to see it rip sous-style!!!

  • jrolf423

    Pants tight operation there! Can't wait to see 'er rip!

  • Freddy Muldoon
    Freddy Muldoon

    Shotgun a beer every time someone says “Dude”

  • Michael Messner
    Michael Messner

    Holy shit! That will be a very tough race against beast mode. CF1 Will be a monster.

  • Rubberdown

    Would not think that thing would start with that many missing parts. Fire and fuel... Send it

  • Freddy Muldoon
    Freddy Muldoon

    My OCD kept saying Please Wash the RS1

  • Wgn Bnr
    Wgn Bnr

    You know what? This will decimate all, after, you put about fifteen grand in it or more. If we have to, overnight parts from Japan...

  • matthew donnelly
    matthew donnelly

    Amazing project. Ear to ear smile when it fired up. Cant wait to see test ride!!!!!

  • gopro shreddits
    gopro shreddits

    Put turbo s arms on it

  • Dennis Hill
    Dennis Hill

    I just wanted to thank you guys. My son and I have been on a binge watching session on your channel, you guys have come far fast. Keep the original content coming!

  • Riley Bruh
    Riley Bruh

    I can not wait to see this thing rip!!

  • GGG Racing
    GGG Racing

    I need one.. Awesome work!

  • ProBuilt ATV
    ProBuilt ATV

    Ok so vids have to be at least 35 minutes from now on, love what your doin


    Project white knuckle 1....... Wk1

  • Shawn Goulart
    Shawn Goulart

    Best creation ever

  • Gonecheenin

    Oh my fawkin gawd this needs to be 72" wide before it's all said & done. Straight up F14 fighter jet!

    • jimmy james
      jimmy james

      Gonecheenin F-16 you mean? Single seat! 😜

  • Jeff Brazie
    Jeff Brazie

    I will be listening from across the road. Mr. FedEx😁

  • Justin Stewart
    Justin Stewart

    I can’t wait to see what this thing will do, I have always thought about putting a 1000 turbo on a rs1. This thing will be insane

  • Ted Luna
    Ted Luna

    Rs1 turboed and JP going to be beast,,2020 is going to be a fregin blast

  • Drew Goody
    Drew Goody

    Dude this is going to be badass gotta be honest I started getting a little too excited when she started up (IF U KNO WHAT I MEAN) lol... the rs1 already cranks but swapping in a turbski engine she is going to be FRICKEN FRACKEN FAST ... Deff gonna be leaking a little brown from the rear section when you go for maiden voyage lolol cant wait to see her rip ... that is gonna be just that much more funnererer .....

  • Kirby Youngs
    Kirby Youngs

    I love the time lapse of Doug working to make it run and Sous just walking around wiping stuff sparkly clean.

  • Marc Durupt
    Marc Durupt

    Pro xp suspension! Trail decimator

  • The Gaming Pudding
    The Gaming Pudding

    You should name it trail force 1


    like look on Sous' face says everything that needs to be said and more. but we all know damn well that thing is gonna get rolled super fast hahaha


    The matching shirts gotta never happen again...lol

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