Pro XPs, Maverick X3s, and RZR Turbo Ss RIP DRUMMOND ISLAND!
This place is THE BEST!
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  • jay b
    jay b

    What's up guys... I enjoy all your vidz..Just purchased the 2021XP pro. First ride this weekend .. any pointers?

  • Anaconduh

    to get to madeline island in lake superior

  • bt fxs
    bt fxs

    If braydon price colabed with them

  • Matt Barnett
    Matt Barnett

    Ride a ferry to go ride in Missouri at bricks

  • RAW

    This is badass I want one I wanna roll with you guys!!

  • Jesse Saxon
    Jesse Saxon

    I have to say it, this is my favorite SXSB series. SX road trip vids are the best

  • Chad Booth
    Chad Booth

    BoisBlanc island is another very cool island to go wheeling on, and it’s not so far north

  • Lara Klees
    Lara Klees

    The one thing I hate is them calling them cars

  • Brooks Taylor
    Brooks Taylor

    The thing you thought was a tooth was a horn coral

  • Northern Properties Vacation Home Rentals
    Northern Properties Vacation Home Rentals

    Glad you liked the house!! No motorized vehicles on grass though! 😉.


      For the thumbnail thoughhh!

  • All videos27
    All videos27

    What a noob driver channel and talkative man faltu

  • Dan Lux
    Dan Lux

    Where’s the yankum ropes?

  • Hunter Whitaker
    Hunter Whitaker

    I have a cottage there. Jeeping there is a blast! Hopefully we get to see you guys out on the trails sometime

  • Johnny Propane
    Johnny Propane

    A group of us just did this run last weekend. I learned that my sport quad was most likely not the best choice for those trails. lol Woke up the day after our first ride feeling like I got beat with a ball bat in my sleep.

  • Michael Charette
    Michael Charette

    Sous is such a goof. Idk why y’all allow him on video

  • Robert Edwards
    Robert Edwards

    "And thats where I take a dump dawg!! See this drawer!? Extra Roller!" Hahahahahahaha

  • Beth n Mike Watkins
    Beth n Mike Watkins

    You all should do a ride in harlan county

  • WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot

    You guys make me miss Michigan. The most awesome place in the world for very short summers.

  • 4 Wheeler And UTV Parts
    4 Wheeler And UTV Parts

    Beautiful trail. enjoyed the whole video.

  • Skittle_ 692
    Skittle_ 692

    Have you been to the cliffs insane terrain

  • golfwhacko

    These guys are why the island is so torn up!


    I just did a review on the 2021 Polaris RZR Turbo S Velocity. The first impressions are mind blowing. Check it out :)

  • Sebastian Saenz
    Sebastian Saenz

    17:35 vid starts

  • trix4free

    Next time you guys go across the bridge, don't eat at McDonald's! Eat at clydes in st ignace, best burgers anywhere

  • Dan Quistberg
    Dan Quistberg


  • David Goff
    David Goff

    Lots of islands around Australia that you hop on ferries for cool off-roading. Fraser Island and Curtis island.

  • Andy Keith
    Andy Keith

    Bro the gas station they were at is 6-8 mins from my house WTF

  • Camden Combs
    Camden Combs

    Their is

  • Nicholas Fraunfelter
    Nicholas Fraunfelter

    What trailer is the bigger one? I need one that can fit 4-5

  • Bruce Martin
    Bruce Martin

    Great video as always

  • Off road Outlaws
    Off road Outlaws


  • Big Wink
    Big Wink

    12:40 what is this guy on??? 😆😂🤣

  • Vortex_Xt_1986

    Hey we have some mad ferry rides to get to some sick off-road country. Check out Fraser Island or Morten island to name a few that Australia has got 😎👍

  • Trent Gravel
    Trent Gravel

    The Klondike ferry in Alberta

  • ToxicFlicks

    i havent been on trails like these but here in Oregon the dunes have trails similar

  • DirkDiggler

    Love it guy's. Michigander here aswell. I've always wanted to go to Drummond but not ideal terrain for a dirt scooter. I go to mackinac once or twice a year just for a nice little getaway. Actually headed up for 5 days leaving this afternoon. Can't beat northern Michigan!

  • J. Marc
    J. Marc

    Hello guys, where did you buy these nice RZR Rain Camo jacket? Classy !


    No way F-150 can hall that!!! what

  • CrippledMerc

    There’s an island (I forget the name at the moment) off the coast of either Australia or New Zealand that you take a ferry ride to and it’s a hotspot for 4x4’s, over-lander’s, and pretty much anything else for off-roading.

  • Route 460
    Route 460

    Newfoundland biggest island in North America

  • Merica Freedomland
    Merica Freedomland

    That place is soo sick but it needs tvs from this decade hahaha them JVCs are some solid units

    • Merica Freedomland
      Merica Freedomland

      Zak Rankl yeah I stayed in traverse city for a week or so i could definitely see the further you go the more it gets like that, im from south east michigan. So its way different imo

    • Zak Rankl
      Zak Rankl

      Thats how the U.P is tho

  • Dakari


  • Terry Rauh
    Terry Rauh

    Whistlindeisel needs to come here with you guys that would be bad ass

  • Moss on it Mossey
    Moss on it Mossey

    Just picked up a 2017 rzr xp turbo with full shock therapy suspension and love it things a tank!

  • Bob g
    Bob g

    i like how you stop to take in some of the sites

  • chris cotton
    chris cotton

    The pacific north west has a lot of fairies and secluded wheeling spots

    • Mya Robertson
      Mya Robertson

      I’m from Louisiana and there is a lot of mud down here.

  • Madhurya Das
    Madhurya Das

    I love polaris

  • Tampa Boys Customs
    Tampa Boys Customs

    You guys went full send so awesome

  • Garcia family adventure
    Garcia family adventure

    Bolivar peninsula in Texas you ride a ferry from Galveston Texas to Bolivar and it's a like a 5 or 8 Mile Long Beach that you can ride UTV's ATVs four-wheelers on

  • Jack Richardson
    Jack Richardson

    Will be there the first week of September. Got a new Rzr 900 Fox Edition, so I won't be going all the places you guys can! Still plan on having 5 days of fun.


      Enjoy it!

  • Lynze Tate
    Lynze Tate


  • Lynze Tate
    Lynze Tate


  • Lynze Tate
    Lynze Tate


  • Lynze Tate
    Lynze Tate


  • z28tinman

    Big Sandy, Tennessee you can take the ferry across the TN river and ride, then take it back and ride all night.

  • Seth

    Those mud holes need some serious mud specific tires.

  • Seth

    What shock setup had the auxiliary tanks way up on the roll cage? I’ve never seen a set up like that.

  • Patrick Calahan
    Patrick Calahan

    You're not wrong.

  • Glockspecific

    If you guys like this type of stuff you should come to Tennessee, I've been all over the world thanks to the Corps, that said I have never had a better time riding anywhere else!

  • rider383

    Get a Polaris turbo S

  • Thomas Cornelius
    Thomas Cornelius

    Oh yeah. That's the part of Canada where they say a all the time a. Lol. Great video guys. Thank you very much. God bless.

  • motivation IN Drive
    motivation IN Drive

    For those that don’t wanna waste time... just skip to 18 minutes in 🤦‍♂️

    • Calum Flemings RC’s
      Calum Flemings RC’s

      Yes that’s a very good point they just waste there time 😂

  • D payne
    D payne

    Am I tripping or did I see a spooky looking face like it was from the ring or some shit around that 11:05 11:15 mark ? Right when he says are you ready and flips light on

  • Takumi F
    Takumi F

    Where are you guys located?!?!

  • Jason Hull
    Jason Hull

    rick needs to disappear again. sous is way better.

  • Buzz Buzz Stiltner
    Buzz Buzz Stiltner

    Hey y’all guys are cool

  • Neil S
    Neil S

    No weed smoking here😂😂😂

  • Matt Ford
    Matt Ford

    What was the cabin you stayed at called? Trying to plan a bachelor party!

  • Steve Stephens
    Steve Stephens

    Love the vid definitely looks like a place I'd love to go riding good one guys 👌🤘👍

  • Fallout Gamer66
    Fallout Gamer66

    Yo are you playing snow runner on Drummond island

  • adam0U812 Davies
    adam0U812 Davies

    Enjoy all of your videos 👍 They are great to watch and well informed. You guys really need to stop eating the clown food. That crap is not good for anybody. Keep the awesome videos coming

  • Chris Goulding
    Chris Goulding

    Bell Island Newfoundland is another place where you can take a ferry to go riding.

  • Andrew Endicott
    Andrew Endicott

    With the wider units like the Turbo S, how tight are the trails up there or is there no problem

  • JB Outdoors
    JB Outdoors

    So awesome to see the island in the spring/summer. I know the excitement you guys have! I just did that trip in March and took a tracked Polaris ranger to marble head on the snowmobile trails. Awesome trip and that island literally is the land of freedom, different world up there!!

  • Chad Stevens
    Chad Stevens

    Frazier Island in Australia!

  • Talon Riesbeck
    Talon Riesbeck

    Fraser Island in Australia

  • Owen Clayton
    Owen Clayton

    It’s cool to see them in the up of Michigan

  • octane jake
    octane jake

    That's gotta be looking across towards manitoulin island some sketchy boating out there lots of rocks.

  • Hunter Smith
    Hunter Smith

    Always love the random bonus footage at the end

  • Brandon Farmer
    Brandon Farmer

    You bunch of sissy hit that hole with some speed

  • Cutler Floyd
    Cutler Floyd

    He said we found a lake 🤦🏼‍♂️😭

  • AXIAL32

    That bad mud hole is a sticky clay hole. That's one reason it was immediately soup and suctioning the canam on the lower skids

  • G’s Life
    G’s Life

    Such an awesome trail man love the video. Got a little dizzy from watching video though, I’m thinking cause I had it playing on my 75” TV. Souser With the cribs ☝🏼💀🤣🤣🤣

  • Patrick Barto
    Patrick Barto

    Get Sous happy and everything takes care of it self from there XD, holy shit that was really off the rip lmfaooo! TIGHT!!!

  • Hayden Gancedo
    Hayden Gancedo

    Galveston has a fairy

  • Eddy Goss
    Eddy Goss

    Tasmania you ferry from Australia mainland

  • DJ Combs
    DJ Combs

    How many times that f150 fill up?


      Once up once down

  • Wyatt Nolan
    Wyatt Nolan

    Cordova and kodiak AK are places you have to take a ferryboat to to ride

  • NoMercyHawk

    I hope Dougy is getting fairly compensated for all them miles gettin put on big blue!

  • Brandon Howren
    Brandon Howren

    I'm confused! I just don't know if Everything is "Burning Right"?!?! 🤣

  • Bob Fever
    Bob Fever

    Come take our Giant Ferry to Vancouver Island. its bigger than oregon. mostly forested . LOTS of SXS riding here. whole new world here for you Vancouver Island , BC, Canada. just above washington State. lets go for a Rip

  • Kevin Bunce
    Kevin Bunce

    Swore I saw you guys on your way to Fossil. What day was that? Last week Thursday?


      Ya Weds-sun

  • Zach F
    Zach F

    Would’ve liked to seen the General come along. I’m still trying to decide between the General XP, KRX, and Maverick Sport XMR.

  • Gavin Greaves
    Gavin Greaves

    No not only barge crossing ride in Australia "Quads tio the Cape crosses a barge to get the tip of cape york on about a 3500km ride over 10 days or so.

  • Jaren Nelson
    Jaren Nelson

    You can take a ferry to go to the hard side of the hole in the rock trail in utah, but you can also drive around the long way, so tough break



  • Chris Klee
    Chris Klee

    Living in Traverse City I love seeing the riding videos. Getting my rzr the end of July

  • TheBorderCivic 979
    TheBorderCivic 979


  • Freeq Ace
    Freeq Ace

    Where my snow runner boys at

  • Alex L
    Alex L

    Leo's humor damn near wrecks the videos for me. It's all good until he uses every catch line 999999999 times. Kinda funny 🙃

    • Alex L
      Alex L

      Still love the guy and the videos though. Y'all are a happy crew and I'm glad for your growth on the channel


      Ya what a darsh

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