Project 168 is DONE! 270HP RZR Turbo S big turbo, new shocks, new wheels!
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  • Richard Little
    Richard Little

    Garage product A-Arm bushing would be better than stock.


    Loved the gun shots 👌 I want to upgrade it like your how to do it im from dubai

  • Kurt Sumthinorother
    Kurt Sumthinorother

    625 aged studs! Those are the huge money unbreakable mega studs

  • Gerardo Avila
    Gerardo Avila

    Amigos increíble lo qué hacen a mí me encantaría uno aunque sea normal los almiro

  • vf12497439

    Reliability with this build? Local dealer has a turbo s with an evo build. The salesman steared me away. Said its not going to last, wonder if it was just that car or they not holding up? Decided to buy a 2021 turbo s for 2 grand less than the tricked out one... I havent bought anything new in 25 years. The new 4 cylinders going to hit the floor next month and im going to be pissed? Lol

  • motomaniac 69420
    motomaniac 69420

    Is it 270 to the wheels?

  • SmallBoreOutlaw


  • JM Synthetics
    JM Synthetics

    You know I love watching the videos, but I hate when they mention how they had to pay MSRP or retail for something. Thats what the rest of us have to do.

  • Clint the Audio Guy
    Clint the Audio Guy

    Rich Wrap, nice. I was going to come out with "Clint's Mints" lol. The after-dinner mint with class...and then I found out someone already makes it for horses, haha.

  • BeFOre -AfTTer
    BeFOre -AfTTer


  • Mo’ Smoke Tv
    Mo’ Smoke Tv

    Sous needs a bad ass roof

  • ruben echezabal
    ruben echezabal

    Yo whats going on with the new videos???


    I just watch PFI video beast mode tough break!!!

  • Jerzy Daine Guy
    Jerzy Daine Guy

    Just saw 2JZ for a short blast by Cleetus and the Boosted Boyz can't wait to see your Glamis vid!!

  • Stephen cutiepie
    Stephen cutiepie

    I really love this channel and it’s content. Just sucks that I have to watch other channels to know what ur doin all the time but keep up the good work guys love everything

  • fetiish636

    more VIDEOS!!!! your favorite Polaris employee wants more!!!!!!

  • Perron Playz
    Perron Playz

    Who else has been going through the channel waiting for the glamis videos to come out

  • Baddazzrider Turner
    Baddazzrider Turner

    Ohh fuck no you guys are getting punk'd on clituse channel already you need to represent Dam

  • johnniooocc

    WTF .. 4 days and no vid

  • Zachary Tecco
    Zachary Tecco

    Are y’all gonna be at the hill tonight?? Or would u Mind if I come find ur camp to meet y’all lol..very stoked y’all are at glamis, I’m parked at roadrunner

  • Joey Baldarelli
    Joey Baldarelli

    Rip beast mode.... would of loved to hear it from you guys... yall still alive?

  • Rhino Laws
    Rhino Laws

    Patiently waiting for a new video!!!!

  • Asylumental

    FOUR FRICKEN DAYS SINCE AN UPLOAD!?!?!?! You guys are my favorite channel, why you gotta do me like this??

  • Jay Harris
    Jay Harris

    Great Job! Can’t wait to see the videos from Glamis. Hope all your cars make through during your stay and have fun! Btw, thank you for the return of Closed Captions.

  • Vegard Claussen
    Vegard Claussen

    Honestly that kinda looks to be the same size as a Fiesta ST’s turbo. Roughly, lol.

  • Bart Weeks
    Bart Weeks

    YO!! Where y'all hiding the KRX 1000?? It's never in any of the shops or Video's 😭😭

  • Asher Mattson
    Asher Mattson

    After the intro when the music started I gotta admit I started jammin.

  • Ben Letts
    Ben Letts

    Good video. But sucks I just upgraded to the paddles you’re dogging in the video

  • Charles Lynch
    Charles Lynch

    I hope you guys take this as a compliment, you guys are a bunch of knuckleheads and I love it, if you get a chance to come up to Western PA by Avonmore, give me a holler and tell Nick be careful that firecracker he got love the turbo, take it easy guys

  • Dave Pete
    Dave Pete

    My BIGGEST question is. How much will you have into that UTV when it is complete? Total including the RZR? I am guessing $55k

  • pascual carlos
    pascual carlos

    What exhaust would you guys recommend for a stock Can Am X3 X-MR turbo RR ?

  • derekseab

    Glad to see Nick Sous's ride getting some love.

  • Milan Siroky
    Milan Siroky

    Stm is a Michigan brand...

  • bode kunas
    bode kunas

    Hey boys, This is one of my favorite vids on the channel and this vid made my day keep up the great work boys what a vid🔥

  • StreetSlayingGTO

    You guys need to build one of your machines to race the mint 400

  • Diy type of guy
    Diy type of guy


  • nathan butler
    nathan butler

    Bring out the snowmobiles this winter if yall still have them I would like to see dougs 380hp snowmobile doing work

  • Murphy Hayes
    Murphy Hayes

    What’s the price tag on such a build guys?I’m definitely interested! 2021 RZR!

  • Wayne Jones
    Wayne Jones

    One word - Tripod. Tried again, but can't do it. Simply cannot watch your vids without getting nauseous from all of the camera movement, which sucks, because I love your content.

  • Everyday Excavations
    Everyday Excavations

    Put it up to a stock turbo s so we can tell the difference!

  • Desert Reefer and Son
    Desert Reefer and Son

    5:15 “open fuel pump!” Lol that’s not a fuel pump it’s a fuel tank!

  • Robert Vasquez
    Robert Vasquez

    Sous aka Lil Rich lmfao

  • Owen B
    Owen B

    How about a slip tank on the truck so you always have e85 on pump

  • NW Riders
    NW Riders

    prject 168 vs battlefield

  • Paul's Vlogs
    Paul's Vlogs

    great video guys. I hope My ALgone channel grows up just like yours.

  • BurninRubber93

    Garage product bushings are the best of the best and lifetime warranty when they wear out you get new ones

  • seanlmsd

    Where are you guys camping at ? I missed you guys the last couple years.

  • Kyle Cosentino
    Kyle Cosentino

    When you guys doing another video

  • Carrot Head
    Carrot Head

    I miss the yxz

  • Shaun Schutkesting
    Shaun Schutkesting

    Will that stock secondary hold the power?

  • Tyler Bell
    Tyler Bell

    Brayden Price collab???

  • sky blue
    sky blue

    Appreciate ya.

  • Kevin Callahan
    Kevin Callahan

    My 5 year old son is absolutely obsessed with you guys and your channel. Thank you for providing hours of great entertainment for my little gearhead!

  • Tristan Hipps
    Tristan Hipps

    Pro Tip. with a RZR when they are really hot dont just let them idle for 30s to cool it down before you shut if off put her in park and bring the RPM's up to 1500-2000 RPM's and you will see your temp drop quickly. the water pump just doesnt flow enough to fast cool at and idle.

  • Gmakke

    I dare you to get a Tatum Dragon. Or test it but i want to see that on this channel!

  • Zippy7901

    This episode just makes me smile! Heck yeah dudes!

  • Stan Chase
    Stan Chase

    Would like to see a Roxor build... Maybe a big Turbro? LS Swap? Cummins swap?

  • langston1616

    Commenting so Doug can get the good ramen.

  • EvoTechBuilt *****
    EvoTechBuilt *****

    Badass! Would also be nice for future buyers to know what items were installed in the description !

  • red bitter123
    red bitter123

    Rs1 next please. RS1. RS1 RS1. PLEASE PLEASE 👍👍

  • Mark Harris
    Mark Harris

    Epic last couple weeks of work for a Epic Yearly trip to GLAMIS!!!! I cant wait this line up is Best yet by far...... 2JP, BEASTMODE, GHOUL, PROJECT 268. So I have to ask im from Salt Lake City, Utah home of the LITTLE SAHARA SAND DUNES, HOME OF THE REAL SAND MOUNTAIN, highest sand dune in the USA. U guys should really look into making a another Utah trip but to little sahara I know u guys will always come back, Ive been riding there for as long as I remember, since my parents took me and taught me to live, love, and bleed MotorSports. I love watching u guys and remined me of my brothers, who had the fastest bike this season build it up and send it. I will be ready to go ride with u guys if u ever come to Utah, Ive got my project MINI RAIL 2 SEATER ZX10R LONG TRAVEL, Ive always wanted this and finally got something to build on!!!!! ARE U GUYS GOING TO COMPETE IN THE OUTLAW RACING WITH THE EVO GUYS AND ALL THE OTHER COMP WHOEVER THEY ARE!!!!!!!!

  • Handstandman Stan
    Handstandman Stan

    Hey shoutout to homie at 18:50, dunno who but... maybe he helped fix her up... you know the deal, recognition n whatnot...

  • john cox
    john cox

    Y’all got to get another catch phase appreciate you is used on Hannah barons channel for years just letting you know I’m a loyal follower

  • Cuco Lopez
    Cuco Lopez

    Will you guys be selling those ball joints?

  • Justin Krigbaum
    Justin Krigbaum

    How long will y'all be in glamis? Hoping to see you guys out there!

  • Zach B
    Zach B

    Are all these guys gay?

  • Petrol Spice
    Petrol Spice

    When Doug hugs himself, you know it's good.

  • Jace G
    Jace G

    Learn somthin new everyday didnt know a razer was a 2 cylinder

  • 1978JWJ

    You guys are awesome, as a crew the support, amazing. I love watching you guys grow. Been watching for years, since the orange Wildcat LOL! anyway I know you guys go hard but Nick's Turbo S was a year one model of the top of the line Polaris yet what 2 years ago?- and its trashed! geez you hardcore or Polaris needs to up the durability. That's always the negative whenever you hear anyone talk sh!t about a SXS. Looks like unfortunely yall proved them right!

  • Cuco Lopez
    Cuco Lopez

    Project 168 + 102 👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼🔥🔥🔥

  • Chris Wilson
    Chris Wilson

    Can't wait to see it rip!

  • Matthew Lund
    Matthew Lund

    1. Swingset jump @65 mph....not 66 !!! 2. You guys need a shop boy with OCD. its getting pretty messy there !!!

  • Jay Smith
    Jay Smith

    Man I would love to hang out with these guys always good attitudes and seem super fun.

  • K Bone
    K Bone

    Still slow as a bus.

  • WrenchandRip

    nick absolutely deserves this. now go turbo sous your way to cali!


    Put rear steer on the buffalo

  • chevyfreak24

    Since sous has a bed delete yall need to bob the rear fenders to finnish the look!!

  • Black Ace Productions
    Black Ace Productions

    About time nick gets a nice setup!

  • Adam Wooley
    Adam Wooley

    Awesome can’t wait to see it in the sand

  • matad311

    Finally Sous’s car got the love and upgrades it needed! Can’t wait to see send it sous again back at it!

  • Zach Derr
    Zach Derr

    What happened to the theme song?

  • Shuken Flash
    Shuken Flash

    I'd watch a 4 hour one-cut video of you guys working on a machine

  • Erik Fonder
    Erik Fonder

    Need a shop cleaning guy lol

  • devinblast

    Every machine looks good and getting attention how about the yamaha

  • Elliott Coleman
    Elliott Coleman

    Congratulations Sous! But why haven’t you guys upgraded Sous to a newer Pro XP since everyone got something newer. Seems like Sous is getting the short end of the stick and Rich is getting more of the goods. Not trying to put you guys on the spot. Maybe that’s why we don’t see as much of Sous.

  • jamie jangula
    jamie jangula

    I feel like by now you guys should enough parts to make 3 stock utv vehicles.

  • Shaun Hughes
    Shaun Hughes

    What rpm 2 step did you guys do?

  • bob Barrett
    bob Barrett

    I can’t wait to see video of Sous rippin that new rig. That’s awesome!

  • Aaron Haas
    Aaron Haas

    Yeah buddy!!!! That thing sounds soooo mean. Can’t wait to see it doing the rips!

  • Jason-Talentless Offroad
    Jason-Talentless Offroad

    Glad to see Doug is still rocking the chops

  • the real muddawg
    the real muddawg

    The time lapse music is hard AF. Def needs to be blasted more in the vids!

  • Pablo !
    Pablo !

    You should probably just rent the next bay over to store all the wheels and tires you buy. Jebus you gals are like my wife with purses!

  • Kyle Lanoue
    Kyle Lanoue

    168 looks SO good

  • dirty p
    dirty p

    Every time you open a box of goodies Doug be like there goes all the money.

  • Rods Adventures
    Rods Adventures

    Look forward to new videos. Keep it up boys 👍👍

  • Rockkhound

    I don't even own a sxs nor have I ever or plan to lol... this is high quality entertainment and its natural....its hard to find a quality honest person..let alone a group of them putting out the best ALgone content out there ...thanks for sharing dudes

  • Cecil French
    Cecil French

    Dont think there is a better group of guys on youtube yall deserve all the success yall have had i know yall are going to be huge and the work yall do always impressed by the results

  • Brian Hicks
    Brian Hicks

    Old wheels you just got look way better

  • Josie Davis
    Josie Davis

    Were is the x3 that Rick fliped

  • Brian Hicks
    Brian Hicks

    Build the 3 valve yxz but still never touching the XX SAD

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