Race Unit RIPS, new Mustang, 250hp X3 tests ITP Cryptid tires (and rolls!)
Just making the best of a muddy situation
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  • SXSBlog.com

    Should we do some BIG DOG mud rides!?

    • oocombz

      Heck yeah dudes!!!!

    • Hodgie’s fire wood And adventuress
      Hodgie’s fire wood And adventuress

      I love ITP Black-waters evolution tires. Awesome on the trails and in the mud. Give them a try!!!!

    • Cooper Daniel
      Cooper Daniel

      @Shawn Jerome i think they arr

    • BH Hazy2281
      BH Hazy2281


    • Cooper Daniel
      Cooper Daniel


  • Addison Estes
    Addison Estes

    In the market for a new refrigerator. Wondering what brand you are using in the background

  • Fordkiller 2863
    Fordkiller 2863

    Bull shit that will do 12s probably

  • Jaran Higley
    Jaran Higley

    Love the bike RS DS. Thanks for the laugh Leo! Little rolliver!😃😃😄😄😄

  • Merica Freedomland
    Merica Freedomland

    And he got the a10 auto monster of a trans

  • Tom Flourre
    Tom Flourre

    You should look into putting ground hogs or super swampers on the race unit. But nothing any bigger.

  • FV536

    Y’all should do a Polaris 850 HO 2020 build that would be awesome

  • Tonto Gonzales
    Tonto Gonzales

    you should consider maybe putting Mud Flaps on the old truck?

  • brianadams429

    Rick pulled the fuse out for the front diff i thought on the last video the race unit was in.

  • daniel gisewhite
    daniel gisewhite

    Battle dads just the coolest

  • Terrell Chapman
    Terrell Chapman

    Y’all boys must not do to much mud riding.

  • Chippys ATV
    Chippys ATV

    Cryptids are the equivalent to all terrain tires, need to run some actual mud tires and live by the seat of your pants with some fast paced riding lol

  • Brody Gibson
    Brody Gibson

    U guys need some 32 inch assinators on it

  • Hunter Bond
    Hunter Bond

    Unscrew the 4x4 actuator put in a small brass fitting and screw it back in bam 4x4 again lol

  • jason pettit
    jason pettit

    i like to see 2JZ vs the mustang battle dad car on a drag strip father vs son be best show

  • Donald Tripp
    Donald Tripp

    The race unit going over the hill looked like a mud volcano!

  • Project T
    Project T

    I agree with Rick,. Nick when you said your good just send it, it seemed that was to lift in my head too lol

  • Brett Phelps
    Brett Phelps

    Colabe with Braden price ????

  • Eric Smith
    Eric Smith

    I need some advice. Would a turbo suffer if the use of the machine is for snow plowing. Grandkids rides. Ice fishing. Hunting. And then trail riding Baldwin area Harrison area and the upper peninsula. Buddies I ride with do not have turbos.

  • Hunter Smith
    Hunter Smith

    The very last clip of the video Rick getting the race unit broke free #legend

  • Blake Swain
    Blake Swain

    There’s a vacuum line that engages 4x4 on the intake i bet it burnt in the fire

  • avery corwin
    avery corwin

    You guys local to Ohio? I'm from Lexington ohio love the videos👍

  • dirty p
    dirty p

    Rick primed himself for that BigDog

  • Waydon Ingram
    Waydon Ingram

    Rip drag strip

  • welewisiii

    nobody will want to drive behind or next to or in front of you with those criptid tires while trail riding. throw shit everywhere and break windshields killer in the mud

  • Jesse Burns
    Jesse Burns

    Lol its amazing how fired up u get when u hit the limiter on a small block. Hell ya brother send it

  • Jake Dibbert
    Jake Dibbert

    Loved Ricks reaction at the end lol priceless

  • Steve IW
    Steve IW

    I heard that the viewers are itching for that 2jp update.

    • Steve IW
      Steve IW

      @SXSBlog.com BIG DOG

    • SXSBlog.com

      Tomorrow night BAY B

  • sgjackson1992

    Y’all unplugged the 4x4 for burnout in low gear

  • Tyler lahners
    Tyler lahners

    Are you guys working on the 2jz 1000 hp utv?

  • DJ Combs
    DJ Combs

    I want y’all to do a video of washing it , that’s caked


    Lol I have 32 cryptids on my high lifter ranger kinda shitty on the hard pack but everything else amazing. Water crossing is pretty sweet also 👍👍💪

  • Devin Burke
    Devin Burke

    Did Rick put the fuse back in from burnout rivals

  • coburna5

    Someone has my text tone at 7:25 and it Confuse the shit out of me.

  • Aaron Huffman
    Aaron Huffman

    Lift the race unit and put 38s on it with some nos lol.

  • ponypwr

    Best thing about the supercharged Mustang... Its all under warranty! Great day to be a Ford guy! The new 10speed automatic transmission is a game changer, close to a full second faster in the 1/4 than the previous 6speed auto stock vs stock. These cars will run 10s with minor simple upgrades! This car could be made to go 9s fairly easy!

  • Franco C
    Franco C

    Awesome video as always! Freaking Mustang, mudding, race unit, hot laps, laying it over with Leo! Loved it guys!!! Need to get some mudders on that race unit!!!!

  • Curtis B
    Curtis B

    Sorry guys but Battle Dad is my favorite now sweet Mustang congrats

  • KP3

    Where’s the ranger

  • Rowdy Broomstick
    Rowdy Broomstick

    Lot's of effort to make videos even if it's nasty out! Nice work SXS team!

  • MikeD

    Hey please check out my devils hot tub attempt? Please i’ve been watching your guises videos since you did the burn out For the Razorback gage . When you used as much oil as you burn rubber lol

  • Andrew Schwarz
    Andrew Schwarz

    Awesome video guys! Content is awesome as always!

  • James Moore
    James Moore

    What a surprise mud tires working good in mud honestly mud tires like that are best all around way better over a regular trail tire those mud tires rip the trails amazing and climb hills even better and don’t have to worry about mud

  • Cole Guillory
    Cole Guillory

    Ayeeeeee Louisiana babyyyyyyyy

  • James Moore
    James Moore

    The real shocker is the Ford is getting the gm going not the other way around that Ford won’t be running like that when it reaches that age that’s for sure

  • Carpe Diem Flyer
    Carpe Diem Flyer

    Happy for Battle Dad!

  • Devin Stenerson
    Devin Stenerson

    Mustang vs 2jp

  • Coletrain6502

    Now hold your jimmies boys, you'd be absolutely amazed how well these operate on the trails. I have a set on my 18 general 1000 that have about 1800 miles on them with everything between hard pack and asshole deep mud and it is an animal. Only thing they don't care for is wet rock and or asphalt. Anything above 10mph and they are smooth as butter. Machine has 3700 hard ass miles on it and still doesn't need wheel bearings whereas my old man has a 900s with factory dirt commanders and is due for some bearings at only 1800 miles.


    When your sons side by side makes twice as much power as your car 🚗 🙌 na all jokes aside, nice ride.

  • Erik Fonder
    Erik Fonder

    Loves this tires on the trails

  • Billy Highfill
    Billy Highfill

    5.0 was cool till I saw it's an auto.... I mean cool? Idk. Im a purist. And when it comes to sports cars. Unless it's a dual clutch, I want a standard. Lemme row the gears and actually feel the car 👌💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪

  • Max Dragonette
    Max Dragonette

    Can we get a video comparison of the 64in X3 vs the 72in X3? How different they feel and pros and cons?

  • Cannibal440

    I think Drag Week is in order for Battle Dad and SXS Blog crew.

  • MrSlowbusa614

    Alex should get his ass out their... 😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • Conor Hogan
    Conor Hogan

    I’m not going to act like I wouldn’t take it in a heart beat 😂, but battle dad should’ve gotten sync 3 for that car

  • Charlie Oneil
    Charlie Oneil

    How are y’all’s wolverine trailers holding up? Any issues with them?


    What happen to subtitles or close captions?

  • Jacob Mustang
    Jacob Mustang

    Easy 10 sec car, definitely suggest Lund Racing for any tuning in the future.👍

  • Greg Olsen
    Greg Olsen


  • Johnson Boy12
    Johnson Boy12

    Get ready for heatsoak damn roush chargers are junk

  • Danny Schultz
    Danny Schultz

    You pulled the fuse for the 4x4 on the Chinese chuch

    • Danny Schultz
      Danny Schultz

      When you went for the burnout contest

  • Handstandman Stan
    Handstandman Stan

    Race unit never pulls out...

  • R3PRKING670 96
    R3PRKING670 96

    17:34 isw Doug was on some drugs 😂😂

  • Walker Damare'
    Walker Damare'

    Put assassinators on it

  • Brian Jacobs
    Brian Jacobs

    This channel always puts a smile on my face

    • SXSBlog.com

      Thanks for watching Brian

  • Kolin Newman
    Kolin Newman

    Ayee got the sleeper stang !! Love it

  • Trav City
    Trav City

    Love the race truck, bulletproof Chevy small block, give it hell, catches fire, cooks hot dogs and keep ripping! Great overall video. I was smiling the entire time.

  • Section Eleven Outdoors
    Section Eleven Outdoors

    Off-topic, but you guys should bring your rigs to tip up town at Houghton Lake this year. They are having SXS ice races

    • SXSBlog.com

      Had a wedding last time. Might this time


    If you guys swing by Durhamtown on your Florida trip. I would love to meet up and do some ripping with you guys! I don’t believe you guys found the turbo track out there. Some nice hill climbs out there too. Hell bring the mud tires if y’all want mud action. 🤙🏻

  • Peter Wade
    Peter Wade

    I always wonder if u guys dont own a hose to wash all that dirt off the machines?🙄🙄🙄

  • junior miller
    junior miller

    Edit out the ford footage. Some of us have bad memories 😂

  • Victor Delgado
    Victor Delgado

    Battle dad gettin it

  • Zach Frye
    Zach Frye

    Battledad deserves it 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  • Arch Stanton
    Arch Stanton

    Really good to see BattleDad again, we've missed him. Happy as heck for him and his new hot rod, could not happen to a nicer guy IMHO. Those tires were unreal.

  • 06goatm6

    100% need to get a "goul" style sticker of Leo made now. And this time make him and Rick put them on their cars

  • Trav Smith
    Trav Smith

    Those cryptids are what I run on my can am defender xmr


    Doug is obviously the only one that passed physics 11

  • mark warren
    mark warren

    Get sedona to send you some Mud Rebel Rt's. Great aggressive everyday tire.

  • Solomon Lack
    Solomon Lack

    Alright now get some real mud tire like an assassinator

  • Timothy Wright
    Timothy Wright

    Natural boggers...

  • David Cason
    David Cason

    ITP Cryptids you guys should take him to the sand dunes I think you'd be amazed at how well they actually work in the sand if you think they work that well in the mud well yeah the sand is something else I take him to the dunes in Oregon and use them as paddles instead of actual paddles

  • Beechmont Ford
    Beechmont Ford

    Thank you for choosing Beechmont Ford Performance for your ROUSH supercharged Mustang! We appreciate you!!

  • reno Allstate
    reno Allstate

    When when when is the race unit getting some China diggers!!!

  • Rockkhound

    Doug pointing where Rick is and then crunching the shop was hilarious


    Getting dirty is fun. Cleaning up not so much!

  • Kevin Ruddles
    Kevin Ruddles

    That weather rocks .

  • Jack Marcus
    Jack Marcus

    Great to see Will back in videos! Hope to see more of him! Such a happy dude!

  • The Steve Z Chronicles
    The Steve Z Chronicles

    So is it ok for us to wait at the McDonald’s for you then? Bahahaha!

  • Bc D
    Bc D

    It's probably the actuator on the front end why 4x4 isn't working. Pull the actuator out, put a short 5/8 socket in the hole and put the actuator back on. It'll keep the front end locked but you will still be able to unlock the transfer case.

  • Samuel Braun
    Samuel Braun

    Well, at least I’m not the only one who rolled my rig this week haha.

  • Michael Deemer
    Michael Deemer

    New shop dog?

  • Eric Lopez
    Eric Lopez

    So will there be another "washing your sxs" video?

  • B Rock
    B Rock

    Put atv mud tires on the race unit

  • Ian McFadden
    Ian McFadden

    I really like that fridge decal, anyone know where to get one?

  • Relax Gringo
    Relax Gringo

    I would love to see you guys go to some mud events

  • Hoagie Sherlin
    Hoagie Sherlin

    Trump 2020🇺🇸

  • Relax Gringo
    Relax Gringo

    Battle dad got the whip!

  • Relax Gringo
    Relax Gringo

    Rick beard🤘🏼

  • Brett Lang
    Brett Lang

    Im going to assume he got it from beechmont ford? I live about 30 minutes away from there, theyre always supercharging f-150's and mustangs lol

  • Chris B
    Chris B