RACE UNIT RIP, Pro XP hits the jump, and big TRIP PREP!
Rick SENDS the race unit on the gauntlet and we prep for our big weekend rip!
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  • Tito Pacheco
    Tito Pacheco

    A thousand people probably already said this but the hole in those flaps Leo are so you can chain them open for the day so you dont have to hear them " slapping" while workin in the field lol, all in all freekin Awesome!! Ty guys keep em comin!!🤙

    • SXSBlog.com

      The more you know....

  • supermoto sessions
    supermoto sessions

    i dont even know you doug but i respect you lol somthing about you

  • Yfm Cody
    Yfm Cody

    Lower the idle so they clink

  • Relax Gringo
    Relax Gringo

    Cleetus and cars is the purpose for race unit

  • Shaun Liedtke
    Shaun Liedtke

    Why in the world would you guys been a 53 footer with a load of sailboat fuel for?!?!

  • angel martinez
    angel martinez

    i see leo likes the vapes

  • Jake Dibbert
    Jake Dibbert

    What a crazy ride that looks like

  • Chris Marten
    Chris Marten

    Great vid guys always entertaining

  • OG1

    Guys, you should add a second berm right after the first one, so first berm is left and then a half-berm turning right towards the 180 turn around the tree !

  • Paul Noecker
    Paul Noecker

    I needed that truck action LOL

  • Vincent farms
    Vincent farms

    Weld nuts to the tractor flap

  • Patrick Teschke
    Patrick Teschke

    Do you guys know of any maverick x3 giveaways? I know can am does some here and there. I would do anything for one but i dont have the money right now.

  • Beastly_420

    Why don’t you guys have a turbo talon?

  • john doe
    john doe

    Damn that Chevy sound so damn good. 😎

  • Joseph Forsman
    Joseph Forsman

    Put road salt on the track it will stop the dust =)

  • A Mac
    A Mac

    nice vid guys looking forward to more

  • John Martin
    John Martin

    Are you going to buy the monster truck or not

  • Chuck Hudson
    Chuck Hudson

    Sous victim of classic spousal grounding?

  • Dylancooke55

    Race units burnin right. Glad its gonna be a project!

  • Daniel Dunham
    Daniel Dunham

    Rick needs a new set of kidneys after that beating! Lol

  • Chase Vincent
    Chase Vincent

    Get a water truck

  • Trent Clinkscales
    Trent Clinkscales

    The “low travel” should be called the “Monkey Line”!

  • Isiah Yeager
    Isiah Yeager

    What kind of motor is in the race unit

  • Vietnamese cuisine
    Vietnamese cuisine


  • Toothless

    That Sound pulling that pin out made my dog's go nut's...

  • Dustin Duke
    Dustin Duke

    Yea I agree we need more nick sous where has he been!!!!!!!?????????

  • didntseeitcomin1

    Price tag stickers added about 40hp.

  • marcus jonsen
    marcus jonsen

    So fun to watch 😁👍

  • Levi Balazs
    Levi Balazs

    The springs are on the tractor flaps would be like coil spring hold the flap part down on the exhaust not pull it away

  • Terry Dee
    Terry Dee

    Holy Fu(k , 17:57 that was so close Nick! 8-0

  • Mason Shafer
    Mason Shafer

    Weld small weights on those tractor flaps and it will be clanking all you want😂😂😂

  • Patric Essig
    Patric Essig

    Race unit gonna be a monster truck innit???

  • Mike Desilets
    Mike Desilets

    Auto zone lifetime warranty. LMAO

  • Rob Wagner
    Rob Wagner

    It's basically the best thing I've ever seen.....,.True

  • ngh

    Gotta say guys.... Still disappointed you don't have a XX or Tracker XTR in the family... :-(

    • ngh

      @SXSBlog.com If you put the work into one like the RZR's, I would like to think it would perform well... Swap the crazy motor out of the YXZ. Lol Maybe you need the Tracker XTR 1000 instead...

    • SXSBlog.com

      Had one and we sold it off, just wasn't for us

  • ngh

    Race Unit Sounds Perfect!!! How could you ever get tired of that fat cam? Now you just need the big turbo and blow off... Lol! Remove some leaves on that baby and add some bilsteins. You might be able to make it a little better.

  • Bill Murphy
    Bill Murphy

    Truck needs coil over shocks

  • Hunter Elmore
    Hunter Elmore

    Take a bolt and a couple nuts and put it through the hole on the flap it will clank like crazy

  • Tommy Thonesen
    Tommy Thonesen

    Get yoshimura pipes on the monkey

  • TJ Shine
    TJ Shine

    Race Unit definitely needs some Shock Therapy!!!

  • Nick Newman
    Nick Newman

    I’m sorry to be a negative Nancy but y’all come up with the stupids names for shit

  • Josh Brown
    Josh Brown

    The race unit becoming your own monster truck build!!!

  • A J Hofer
    A J Hofer

    I take it the jump didn’t go to well 🤣😂

  • Ken

    Guys take care of dug

  • Ken

    Your cameras are way clearer

  • Michael Griffin
    Michael Griffin

    That truck sounds f'ing amazing!!

  • Jamie Bouchard
    Jamie Bouchard


  • the nice guy
    the nice guy

    Heck ya dude. On my phone it notified me like 15hours later that yall had a video, on the playstation your the first video to pop up.

  • BR Speedy's Automotive
    BR Speedy's Automotive

    You guys have good road trip vids, have a good run! 😀👍🏻👍🏻

  • Big Daves World
    Big Daves World

    Nice makup (dirt) Douglas

  • Derohk

    i think its time race unit got a set of king shocks lol

  • Milli 69
    Milli 69

    the turbo xp is way faster than the pro xp i’ve raced and beat the pro xp

    • SXSBlog.com

      Not in our experience

  • Nick Praster
    Nick Praster

    I'm just going to come out and say it ... I think Ol Cleetus is rubbing off on you guys and I'm not disappointed one bit lol

    • Nick Praster
      Nick Praster

      @SXSBlog.comwell keep it coming , love watching your guys videos never a full moment! Ricks Race Unit is MINT 👌🏻!

    • SXSBlog.com

      Lol we've been doing this stuff since we were 14

  • The Layla Bean
    The Layla Bean

    Thats basically the best thing ive ever seen he says. Bahahahahaha. Too damn funny.

  • Dan Stevens
    Dan Stevens

    Water tank on the race unit

  • Chonch

    Papa Ghoul!!

  • red bitter123
    red bitter123

    Wanna see the RS1 more. Lap times around the old gauntlet. Would be awesome

    • SXSBlog.com

      You'll be seeing lots of that machine VERY soon

  • Joe Kaiser
    Joe Kaiser

    For your water need's you could always get a water pump and tap in to the pond.

  • Jonathan Chapman
    Jonathan Chapman

    I just love these videos guys. Seriously thank y’all for creating this content

  • Kevin

    The engine in the race unit sounds so freedom!


    Hell yeah Rick!!!!!

  • Matthew Wright
    Matthew Wright

    Weld some metal to the inside of the flap making them heavier so that clank good mod👍🏻🇺🇸

  • Donald Liverance
    Donald Liverance

    Doug the stoner shines like a lighthouse either that or dude needs a hard nap

  • Dillon Stone
    Dillon Stone

    Pre runner the race truck???????


    We’re the yxz haven’t seen it in a while

  • Patrick Daly
    Patrick Daly

    When are u going to silver lake I would like to come ride w all u goons

  • SXS Shuster
    SXS Shuster

    That exit scene doe 👀

  • Passiv Aggressor
    Passiv Aggressor

    You know you guys were talking about a monster truck, throw some long travel suspension on the race unit. It already sounds like a monster truck and would be badass with some suspension.

  • jhama78

    Needs more winters shifter on the race unit....

  • Firstjimmy Lasthedgecock
    Firstjimmy Lasthedgecock

    Do you sell Used UTV ,?

  • New T30
    New T30

    SXS Blog pulling team?🤔 I mean it only makes sense to take it to the next level. Leo and Rick touring county fairs all over Michigan.

  • Tim Rose
    Tim Rose

    Your not wrong

  • mista spanky
    mista spanky

    Calcium on the track before a rain storm should do the trick

  • UC308Hatch

    Lol, race unit takes the advertising sign corner better than some of the sxs’s

  • Polaris g
    Polaris g

    Looks like 53ft of sketchy, liability!...😂🇺🇲🦅 love y'all!

  • Devin Burk
    Devin Burk

    Sxsblog.com I was wondering if you guys have experienced any issues with the pro XP’s clutch or any of the other things some people have been complaining about? I trust your opinions over anybody else’s on ALgone or the internet

  • Tim Genz
    Tim Genz

    Have fun, be safe

  • Polaris g
    Polaris g

    Well sh**!....🇺🇲🦅

  • ty

    the passenger side go pro in the race unit was excellent, nicely done

  • travbaker

    race unit needs long travel and turned into a pre runner

  • Paul Dombrowski
    Paul Dombrowski

    "Your not wrong"! Beer challenge?

  • Johnny Hammersticks
    Johnny Hammersticks

    Nice chevy pickup fellas, I got a 5 speed 98 c1500 and the thing scoots pretty damn good. As always killer content boys. Edit: wasn't gonna say water truck, but yeah.....water truck boys or even a pipe and hose with sprinklers.😄

  • C. .G.
    C. .G.

    We need a Race Unit t-shirt in the line up

  • Logan B
    Logan B

    Flat bed lift kit and bigger tires for the race truck and throw some shocks on it

  • WahidTrynaHeghugh

    That truck is hilarious hope to see it get jumped

  • lee butters
    lee butters

    Dude its the counter weight!

  • lee butters
    lee butters

    With Rick's bottom lip actions I think he would do a mean Richard Nixon impression.

  • Sterling

    17:20 did i just have a stoke orr

  • J B
    J B

    Get the new 6x6 and make it a water truck..

  • Vivid Racing
    Vivid Racing

    First thing I see are some tractor flaps.. YEE HAW! Can't wait for more of that action 😜

  • Rip, Wreck, and Ride
    Rip, Wreck, and Ride

    Is the Race unit a burn out car for cleetus and cars?

    • SXSBlog.com

      Hey you never know

  • cybermavrik

    9:44 the quality of work a person does for you when they really don't want to do the work ever again... Hope you guys didn't pay for that

  • Devin Burk
    Devin Burk

    Rick should just it just one time lol


    that truck sounds AWESOME, Love the choppy idle. whats the size of that cam?

  • Carl Waldmann
    Carl Waldmann

    Thumbs up Rick

  • Jeff Patrick
    Jeff Patrick

    Race unit is the best sounding thing on ALgone.

  • Thomas Blais
    Thomas Blais

    Race truck needs a quarter stick shifter

  • cross 777
    cross 777

    Rick's awesome just letting it rip. I'm excited for the trip videos to get loaded up. great job gentlemen👍👍👍

  • TagGeorge

    Glad hand Lock, and a king pin lock.

  • Eric Riese
    Eric Riese

    Burnout truck?

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