RACETOBER 2019! X3 vs RZR vs YXZ vs XX vs Talon vs EVERYTHING!
Racetober 2019 was one for the history books! The track went from a swamp to the most perfect track we've ever had in the matter of a few days. Racers came from across the nation to come compete and hang!

  • SXSBlog.com

    This was an awesome day! What's your favorite race?!

    • Reckless Ranch Oregon
      Reckless Ranch Oregon

      algone.info/slow/video/hoKUzm1okXWesps YXZ ss vs R Sand dune drag race, YXZ jumping OREGON

    • Jeremy Baker
      Jeremy Baker

      All of them , the winner circle was as intense as a steet outlaws cash days .... IDEA have a SXSBlog cash days!

    • Kelly Brown
      Kelly Brown

      Hey guys Check out Ken Block's ride at swingarm Utah on his Can-Am on ALgone it's good stuff.

    • jose henriquez
      jose henriquez

      You guys should invite packard see some 500hp plus yxz’s our there

    • Rocky Mountain ATV MC
      Rocky Mountain ATV MC

      That PT Cruiser tho ✊✊

  • Dylan Price
    Dylan Price

    I know this is an older video but the guy with the sun staches is awesome for going to Riley hospital to give them out. I was there almost 20 years ago and almost passed but they saved me

  • Robert Stewart
    Robert Stewart

    You guys should race 2jp next racetober

  • Tanner

    Man I wish there could have been a racetober in 2020. O well hopefully we’ll see it again in 2021.

  • Gunnerchris30

    Is it the drag racer in me or did the evo car also jump in the final?

  • Donald Gowans
    Donald Gowans

    And the Yamaha flag too freaking awesome boys 😎

  • Donald Gowans
    Donald Gowans

    Representing the FORD flag awesome 😎

  • Tito Pacheco
    Tito Pacheco

    Yankum reed is an animal!! Lol sick!

  • Mall Crawler
    Mall Crawler

    18:41 "here's how to not race" dudes smokes em in wheelie! haha

  • Andrey Cholak
    Andrey Cholak

    at 22:56 leo dropped his gum

  • Austin Calhoun
    Austin Calhoun

    13:20 mind absolutely boggled in horsepower

  • Muzz

    I love how articulate Nick gets when he's excited.... 😎

  • Jonathan Spruill
    Jonathan Spruill

    Y’all should put a 4 inch lift and 35s on the defender

  • Chris Hartley
    Chris Hartley

    9:33 get me there and feed me lol and I will film for free! Been filming bmx and skateboarding for over 15years

    • Chris Hartley
      Chris Hartley

      9:30 I meant

  • David Dyer
    David Dyer

    looks like an amazing time. love to see the success you guys have made on this channel. great job guys

  • indyxcx800

    Anyone know if they are or did run this event for 2020?.... Where is this held?

    • indyxcx800

      @SXSBlog.com where is this held? I've watched a ton of your videos and I dont think I've ever heard where this is at

    • SXSBlog.com

      Spring event cancelled, fall event still TBD

  • Wolf Racing
    Wolf Racing

    Best channel out there I’m starting to get some content

  • Ken

    Porta potties?

  • X3 Andy
    X3 Andy

    Doug's YXZ riiiiiips!

  • drwinlied

    I haven't gotten through the video yet...but atv's welcome here? 7:49 found one.

  • Samurai_ Simon
    Samurai_ Simon

    12:17 what buggy is that ... can someone tell PLZ

  • Dennis T
    Dennis T

    Question for the Blog and fans... Is there any benefit for the Blog to invite the Grind Hard Plumbing boys out to a Racetober event to at least show off their crazy cool, custom fab creations on the dirt drags? Is there a co-lab opportunity or is it just a one and done cool thing to see? I think it would be great to see them swap machines and take them for a rip down the dirt drags...

  • River Big
    River Big

    Three rounds of three top two advance then two rounds of three the winner of those races race each other in the final. JUST SAYIN

  • Joshua Smith
    Joshua Smith

    Why do they call them cars? lol

  • Shotzy

    Is it me or At 15:00 the RZR like disappeared for a second LOOL

  • Jacob Ferguson
    Jacob Ferguson

    They are utv s not cars

  • Bryan Wilson
    Bryan Wilson

    Cant wait to see what the turbo rs1 will do in 2020

  • MaxB

    Just watched it again. Damn that was awesome! 2nd thumbs up right there! 👍🏼👍🏼

  • Charles Beans
    Charles Beans

    Couple them units had some serious POW POW!

  • Jeremy Hoffman
    Jeremy Hoffman

    You guys ever heard of FishMas?

  • Fastball Films
    Fastball Films

    cooper needs nitrous on his talon lmao 17-:30

  • Jason Garcia
    Jason Garcia

    40:06 The fire in the background is my wallet after one of these 😂

  • Sean Rowe
    Sean Rowe


  • DevilzDance81

    This event looks so awesome!

  • Localhost

    the best explanation of the canam naming system at 14:00 haha. Perfect! X-RS-RS-XC-RS Turbo

  • Moto Insanity
    Moto Insanity

    Do you sell the turbo kit on the yxz?

  • Hype Joey
    Hype Joey

    nobody no one at all SXSBlog boys : JUST RIPPIN' THE HECK OUT OF IT!

  • Brad Freesmeyer
    Brad Freesmeyer

    Where do I get a "I shaved my balls for this" t-shirt? 😆

  • Fishing Oklahoma
    Fishing Oklahoma

    I love how perfect Doug handles every situation thrown at him 😂

  • Rick David
    Rick David

    The insanity!!! I love it!

  • Kimberly Evans
    Kimberly Evans

    Does anybody remember Johnny Bravo Doug got Johnny Bravo here But thank you for the videos

  • Tylar Kennedy
    Tylar Kennedy

    If that one Mexican dude don’t shut the fuck up holy shit he is so fucking annoying get him off the channel he fucking ruins the whole vid

  • C2k

    Why do they do that thing where someone drives pas the start line then reverses?

  • The Reaper
    The Reaper

    Came to you guys from cleetus McFarland's channel you guys are awesome

    • SXSBlog.com

      Thanks Chase!

  • Rick Rodriguez
    Rick Rodriguez

    Where is this? I have to move my family there!

  • Elcordinho

    the shirt :):):) 28:31

  • Elber Galarga
    Elber Galarga

    X3.... fuck...

  • Chevra

    What exactly happened in that last race? The one guy thought he seen Red, Yellow, Green but after video review there was no Yellow?

  • Randy VanMeter
    Randy VanMeter

    Enjoyed the vid and the general attitude of the event! Was great to enjoy the potential of each machine. This shows the aftermarket potential that makes ANY machine a buddy beater...Looked like a great time! Ride on!!

  • Holyhallie

    YZ 125: hold my beer

  • evilvicious

    you guys should of had at least 1M subs by now, amazing fun content. sharing this with everybody.

  • Mark Manning
    Mark Manning

    Need a finish line cam

  • Tony Davis
    Tony Davis

    WOW, you guys killed it. Nice event

  • Downhill_Don_ Juan
    Downhill_Don_ Juan

    Why can drag racers never be professional. God damn let Doug talk😂

  • Mateo C
    Mateo C

    That 4 seater was killing it

  • Harald Scheer
    Harald Scheer

    You probably had a good day, but I wanted to see more of the yxz and not just 2 races. It was nice to have a close up view of people launching there cars but why no at at finish line. Sorry I was to impressed with the video this year

  • Haitipap 123
    Haitipap 123

    You guys do an amazing job. I start each episode and think I may skim it for content, but end up watching the entire thing. Awesome Job!! I do have one question: Is Doug always the nicest person alive? He seems like the type of person that never gets angry. Just curious...

  • Mat3051112

    Great job guys

  • Kyle King
    Kyle King

    I’d like to see one of MrCuervoRacing’s raptor 700’s against these!

  • Glockspecific

    2 cameras mounted one at the start and one at the finish line, that's a big shi* ton of content you could release with music! Exhaust music, great event to bring everyone together, god bless y'all and ill travel from Tn for the next one!

  • Glockspecific

    I think you could do that a lot more often, I would think these guys own shops or something? That would be the reason for the more serious position on who won, I am the fastest so come to me type deal.. Just a thought

  • Glockspecific

    That purple YXZ and that MOTHER EFFFN boss on the 4 wheeler @18:40!! He showed you lol

  • David Wiebking
    David Wiebking

    awesome guys


    Talon on nitrous?


    24:44 guy behind doug in the cowboy hat is flipping you off what a dick head

  • N2rescue

    Good to see kicking but

  • Johnson videos
    Johnson videos

    I believe I was promised some wildcat

  • jorge f
    jorge f

    besides paddle tires, what's the best tire for traction in those same conditions? I'm currently running stock bighorns 2.0 on a modded rzr xpt and looking for another tire that offers more grip? i was thinking to replace the rears with bighorn 3.0s? thoughts? thanks in advance

  • Ken Design
    Ken Design

    The little guy at 27:10 showed that he was a total Chooch at 36:12 if that guy stayed home this video would be even better!

    • skidoochris

      that guys car beat evey car there and they all knew it!

  • Tyler Bryant
    Tyler Bryant

    Probably the best drag race for sxs of the year

  • Mario Gonzalez
    Mario Gonzalez

    Next year you guys should be commenting on a microphone so everyone can hear you guys.

  • Rick Tervol
    Rick Tervol

    What a great show u guys put on epic thanks

  • Tim Daley
    Tim Daley

    Fun stuff, next time you guys should have a camera or two live streaming :) For those of us fans that cant make it.

  • Nasty SandMo
    Nasty SandMo

    He who wheelies wins unless you get passed by another on a wheelie.

  • Christopher Williams
    Christopher Williams

    The nitrous talon still a little to under powered for those cars lol

  • dillonJ

    Beastmode screams..."I want a Bugatti but who can afford one"

  • Sand Dogs
    Sand Dogs

    You need to grate the track in between every 3-4 runs that would help 100% yeah I know it will take up race time but shit happens...It just makes everyone as track time equal...Thanks for the vids.

  • Izom

    8:16 love those trucks- great event- 14:40 holycrap what a monster...;- ()

  • Dale Prokop
    Dale Prokop

    No cf Moto? Lol

  • Cody Clark
    Cody Clark

    Dude. You guys are killing it. Congrats.

  • Steve Brown
    Steve Brown

    You guys put together a great vid here. Was great to see all the machines and your whole crew...cant wait to see if you post extra footage. Wish we could have been there.

  • Joseph Lane
    Joseph Lane

    iv seen every one of these events u guys have put on and this one was by far the best one. great job guys!

  • Eric D.
    Eric D.

    36:24 blue hoodie guy getting shut down then goes into sour grapes mode

  • c_alright

    Kickass event!

  • aaron Markham
    aaron Markham

    Um.....boys ....wtf is this kfx 1000? Maybe I missed a video but don't think so....

  • JakeTheSnake RD
    JakeTheSnake RD

    Do you guys know Michigan Dirt bc thats my uncle

  • Russ Polaris
    Russ Polaris

    You guys race and abuse every vehicle you have. Why wasn’t the XP Pro racing? 1. It’s a dog 2. It broke Pick one!

  • almeqdad1993

    What a great event, enjoyed every minute

  • Juan Aceves
    Juan Aceves

    Hey Guys, Whats up with the teryx 1000. no love from kawi?

  • Jarrod Hall
    Jarrod Hall

    Looked amazing. A lot of fast machines. I just sold Blake that XX wildcat. He came all the way down the Kentucky. To Richmond Motorsports. He was a great guy to deal with. Glad he helped out with the industrial water pump.

  • Glynn Mason
    Glynn Mason

    Bro, they are Not cars! But it’s an awesome video though!!!

  • Justin Ward
    Justin Ward

    When are you guys getting ahold of a new kawi???

  • Mike Cardin
    Mike Cardin

    My favorite would have been the race between beast mode, Yamaha yxz, nitrous x3, Rick the parts manager 👍

  • Jay Miner
    Jay Miner

    Get a few 60 inchers and come ride with us here in NY. I promise a great, low key time.

  • Josh Cook
    Josh Cook

    Looks like a awesome day but why was bike kicked out??

  • tayjadster

    Sous's commentary.......classic!!!

  • Lance R6
    Lance R6

    Are y’all going to take a look at the Kawasaki KRX 1000 looks like a good unit.

  • zbmjwc

    Craziest racetober yet right on crazy crazy fast cars wow

  • G Thomps
    G Thomps

    Where the footage of the after party?!

  • Graves MadRat
    Graves MadRat

    Chase is a race. Great video and some sick cars. No race between Doug and the Blue YXZ, and no Steve races?? Nice job speaking at the end of the video Mr. Butterfield , class act all the way. I think alot of us watchers on here wish we had a Father like you.

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