Rick ROLLS his X3! Longest WHEELIE OF ALL TIME? UTV Takeover Day 2!
This was BOUND to happen eventually!
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  • SXSBlog.com

    Ricks wheelie...longest ever?!

    • Stacy Reid
      Stacy Reid

      Question for y’all, how is it that no one ever comes over the top of the dunes while someone is carving the other side of it??

    • Tee Shark
      Tee Shark

      @Magia hell yeah, would love to see what Travis would do in that thing. Guys reach out to PT & Nitro Circus. I am 10000% positive he would love to have you guys come out to Virginia to play at Pastrana Land!!! Be the first to land a double flip, something tells me the flip has been done already but ya never know... I can already see the smile on Travis' face launching 1 of those beasts!

    • Tee Shark
      Tee Shark

      Longest 1 wheel wheelie fo sho!

    • Steve IW
      Steve IW

      Unreal. Holding out on us

    • It’s *lame*
      It’s *lame*

      Ramp was probably was a good time for the monster truck

  • colton struckmeier
    colton struckmeier

    Rick rolled

  • Chaz Beed
    Chaz Beed

    Matt is the “shy and awkward” guy from Tik tok and I love it

  • Kungfu Commando
    Kungfu Commando

    Sent ‘Er just a lil too hard boys....

  • Daniel Dunham
    Daniel Dunham

    Awsome wheelie Rick!

  • Christopher Wagner
    Christopher Wagner

    There is a Time like no other to have doug to do some fabrications wow rocket boost AllDay AllDay

  • Alyssia Frenzel
    Alyssia Frenzel

    It's the quite ones you have to watch out for

  • Dan Lux
    Dan Lux

    Wheelie bar!

  • Brandon Stanton
    Brandon Stanton

    Eanna give YT a bog shout out for recommending these guys...cause now im HOOKED!!

  • Powerstrokin 6.7
    Powerstrokin 6.7

    1:00 trump 2020

  • AtvAddicted

    Turns out Leo is a big everything guy lol

  • Dang Bo
    Dang Bo

    Tonight i'll attempt the "LET'S GIT" take a shot game. How hammed do you think I will be by the end of this video.

  • Curtis B
    Curtis B

    That's the way to multitask having fun and weight reduction you don't need no stinking plastic it just gets in the way 😆

  • black sheep shepherd
    black sheep shepherd

    They should have named this video RICK ROLLED...ha...hahaha...no? 🤣☠

  • Christian merrell
    Christian merrell

    Hope yall enjoyed little Sahara. I'm from the norman area yall should take a look at madden crew offroad and DMD offroad. Just for shits and gigs


    Don’t say it, don’t say it, don’t say it... Rick Roll, FUCK

  • Jack Stradtner
    Jack Stradtner

    Pls no “utv takeover “ anywhere else cause i hate u mfers rippin two fast down blind double track when u can destroy us on two wheels

  • C Chap
    C Chap

    The trails are the most badass part of Little Sahara, so much fun.

  • Jerry fab
    Jerry fab

    Big flair guys lol

  • Tin Man
    Tin Man

    Rick the brake is on the left hand side ! You should try and stop rolling your s***. Just saying I never seen any of your buddies roller s***. You got to know when to pull back brother.

  • Tee Shark
    Tee Shark

    Would love to see these beasts at Pastrana Land, Travis would have a blast launching 1 of em.

  • Tee Shark
    Tee Shark

    Lmao... A for effort, NEXT!

  • Tee Shark
    Tee Shark

    Word of the day: Advantageous - involving or creating favorable circumstances that increase the chances of success or effectiveness; beneficial. [Aka. Fun as **** all day long in our Ripsaw 1000RR!!! - 1000 horsies kickin mile high sand rooster tails]

  • Ryan Goodner
    Ryan Goodner

    Rick is turning into Cletus!!!

  • Showtime Speed Shop
    Showtime Speed Shop

    Rick crawls out like “phew. Why’s it so spicyyyy”

  • Alfonso Mendoza
    Alfonso Mendoza


  • Bradley Harrington
    Bradley Harrington

    Dammit I got baited Into a rick roll video lol

  • Sean Mooney
    Sean Mooney

    Rick isn’t that awesome.... team Doug to pick up your goon pieces, nicks dope too.


    Another one gets Rick Rolled!!

  • Ultimate Driving Machines
    Ultimate Driving Machines

    Awesome video but quit talking like a 16 yr girl

  • Christopher Martinez
    Christopher Martinez

    Just catching up 😂😂😂👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼🍻🍻🍻🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • 707madman

    Not watching this video because I'm scared of getting rick rolled.


    excellent video guys. Is it possible in the near future you guys can take a cruise in the Battlegrounds I'm not afraid to say that I think I'm not the only one that misses that place

  • Jedi Master Grogu
    Jedi Master Grogu

    Wow we just got rick rolled

  • cornspace

    So, he was Rick Rolled.

  • JB Bakerstein
    JB Bakerstein

    I am so ready for that 2j jp porn. If there's slow mo take offs. I'll give these guys a blank check. #slaps.Com

  • rmx 001
    rmx 001

    Wicked video but can we get more ads please, love the ads.

    • rmx 001
      rmx 001

      Totally understand but no you can not skip over them, what's turned into 1 add at the beginning has now turned into 3 adds broken into appx 12 to 15 seconds each at predetermined time by ALgone, so no unfortunately we can't just skip over them and to be honest stop watching the vid has the 3rd set 9f adds came up. That's really sucks because the boys and I really enjoyed your content. Thanks for responding to our comment.

    • SXSBlog.com

      Ads allow us to make the videos. Feel free to skip.

  • P a s - K a i i
    P a s - K a i i

    could have saved it if he hadnt of slammed the breaks lol

  • Anthony's Adventures
    Anthony's Adventures

    That's how you send it! Good job Rick. Nick Zeus it's so sad you have no marbles like Doug and Rick.. Lol

  • 1golfbag

    You guys are killing me! I'm dieing to see RZR RIP THE SAND!!!

  • Matt Shadix
    Matt Shadix

    I’d love to see you guys enter more of the events, cf1 would be a barrel racing beast, I believe more competition and purpose building rigs for the comps would make have the channel really growing at warp speed. I enjoy every video but they start to all look the same as far as just ripping the dunes.

  • Nolin Gatewood
    Nolin Gatewood

    Rick got rick rolled

  • the dude
    the dude

    I love your ability to not swear when stuff gets crazy. Oh my gosh! Oooohhh mmmmmy GOSSSSSHHHH

  • FaDeBaller 8949
    FaDeBaller 8949

    To the 1% that sees this I hope you guys have a good life and don’t let eney thing get in the way of your dreams

  • Tony Webb
    Tony Webb

    Do you stock the bov charge tubes for a 2016 maverick turbo ? I did look at the shop but it appears you don't have parts for them at all? Thanks Tony

  • ENZ3D

    I felt like i had sand in my mouth watching rick get out of that buggy, you know that feeling lol.

  • Dale Bartley
    Dale Bartley

    Awesome. Love your videos. Thanks for sharing.

  • joe pedraza
    joe pedraza

    Come on guys you are killing me where’s the 2JZ Video. I’m dying over here🥶😱🤕

  • CDXX

    Rick be rollin'-rollin'-rollin'-rollin' (what!)

  • CWirtz 18
    CWirtz 18

    If there’s anything going out on your machine the dunes will finish it off

  • eh TV
    eh TV

    What a riot! Wicked display of power Rick. Another event to put on the wish list.

    • Backwoods Taylor
      Backwoods Taylor

      It’s a blast huckfest is awesome

    • Reid Morin
      Reid Morin

      Yo what up eh tv

  • Northern Redneck
    Northern Redneck

    You guys build tough machines. No better durability test than rolling it

  • Jason Bowden
    Jason Bowden

    Just Incase you forgot.....yes I’m still waiting for the JP action 9/23 at 9:20pm. Thank you.

  • ARMOR GAMER jeremy
    ARMOR GAMER jeremy

    Dude when are guys running the 2jz unit in the sand

  • Nick Miraldi
    Nick Miraldi

    Why did Souz hit that double! Lol that would have been EPIC!!!

  • LGHTSPD675

    The number of broken parts in this video does not bode well for 2JP...

  • James Glenn
    James Glenn

    Big fun boys, limits were pushed, machines were tested. 2JP was on secret spy stuff duty👍 Great vid guys

  • mofat01

    Bed Delete Yeah!!

  • Derek Harmon
    Derek Harmon

    Love the 2jp suspense great vid glad Rick's A OK!

  • John Kennedy
    John Kennedy

    R I C K K K

  • Relax Gringo
    Relax Gringo

    We do a lot of big night rides in Kentucky. It’s so much fun it’s literally my favorite especially around mammoth cave. Would love to have you all down.

  • Adrian Ruvalcaba
    Adrian Ruvalcaba

    Y’all still coming to glamis in October even with no camp rzr?

  • Alex

    the absolute speed of the Sous on camera to get to the shot 😂😂👏

  • Clinton Barger Jr
    Clinton Barger Jr

    My friend Robbie Jeffs built all the tracks and the jump for huckfest out there!! Cant wait to see you guys in Coos Bay for UTV Takeover soon!!!

  • A Pat
    A Pat

    Get a wet towel or maybe some jizz. 11:23 🤣🤣🤣

  • William Cooper
    William Cooper

    "Dont skook your shorts bro". I about died laughing when I heard that

  • Ismael ventura
    Ismael ventura

    Rick might have crashed but goth darn it the was the longest biggest most baddass wheelie ever

  • Srt Jg
    Srt Jg

    Totally worth it Rick killed it

  • Dylan Lilly
    Dylan Lilly

    I bet when someone breaks something Dougs like shit I’m gonna have to fix that 😂

  • Kevin Unnerstall
    Kevin Unnerstall

    "Or maybe some jizz" - underrated lowkey funny @leo

  • Jake Small
    Jake Small

    Rick is the first utv 12 o’clock boy

  • Jake Small
    Jake Small

    Lmaooo the slow mo with nick yelling in the background. Hilarious

  • Seth N.
    Seth N.

    22:13...i couldnt even see that till i rewatched it a 3rd time...what a save on seeing that go pro!!!

  • Jake Small
    Jake Small

    Damn big sous rocking the Big Dog shirt. Haven’t seen one of those in like 15 years lmao

  • BrokenMember

    Probably should do wheelies on bikes to learn how to modulate the brakes

  • bustin yanutz
    bustin yanutz

    I see you you guys only brought 3- 55gallon drums of fuel, you guys must not be planing to ride too long

  • BackyardGoons

    anyone else refreshing to see of jp's video is out yet? haha

    • BackyardGoons

      Still refreshing

  • Brian Short
    Brian Short

    DUDE!!! Give up on the TikTok catch phrases!!!!

  • Mike Larsen
    Mike Larsen

    Awesome stuff guys.. you really need to invest in a drone for the dunes. Or is like totally illegal 🚫

  • Jools West
    Jools West

    Jumpy and glitchy video..... shame, it’s becoming regular for this channel. No other vids glitch out for me....

    • SXSBlog.com

      It’s just you bro

  • Larry Allen Jr
    Larry Allen Jr

    Rick... NEVER CHANGE!

  • justin anderson
    justin anderson

    Just waiting for the 2jz to get out of first gear....

  • Tj Trujillo
    Tj Trujillo

    You guys need to hit up ST. Anthony's in Idaho if you guys want to see big dunes!!

  • Anthony Stamper
    Anthony Stamper

    2JP teasing!! That's like a chick slipping a nip

  • Peter Pan
    Peter Pan

    Big ... Guy

  • Mike Collins
    Mike Collins

    Lol very nice 👍needs a wheelie bar 🤣

  • Julio Valencia
    Julio Valencia

    Next year I’m seeing y’all there 🙂 y’all going to glamis Halloween 👻 or dumont dunes?

  • Kevin24Seven

    This video should have just been a Rick Roll

  • David Baker
    David Baker

    When are we going to get to see 2JP in action at the dunes

    • SXSBlog.com

      Less than 24 hrs from now ;)

  • Tyler The Bass Creator
    Tyler The Bass Creator

    " ooowwwww mmmmmyyyy Gooooooooooooooooopwwwwwwwwwwwsssssssssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhh!" 😭😂😂😂


    Forget to add caption close. Thanks.

  • abriam lakzadeh
    abriam lakzadeh

    Love this content. Do wish y’all would give the General some more love.

    • SXSBlog.com

      It’s on deck for a ride tomorrow

  • Harry Dabs
    Harry Dabs

    Man tough video. Looks like it was a rough weekend. Hope the next vids you guys are smiling haha

  • Kelly Hayward
    Kelly Hayward

    Would love to see some drone footage of all the lights at night where everyone gathers.

  • Caydon Miller
    Caydon Miller

    Love this channel!! Makes me want to get a SxS and send it🙌💯🔥

  • pkmiller77

    Seems like everything breaks all the time. Should have brought the Talon.

  • KR 6.4
    KR 6.4

    Let’s see a Rmax vs the General

  • Sea Stacker
    Sea Stacker

    Rick aka “full send rick” 🤟🏻 I love the havoc stuff, but I’m still partial to the Pit Vipers.

  • KingBossQuad

    Nicks voice in slow mo is FAP material.

  • Tonto Gonzales
    Tonto Gonzales

    Dune rule#8 always keep a can of starting fluid and matches for reseating tires on rims 🤘 Dune Rule#11 always keep long zip ties and flush cuts for broken plastic. 👍

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