Part 1 of our first day in MOAB!!!
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  • Outdoorsy Guy
    Outdoorsy Guy

    I’ve traveled through Moab in April 2019 for the first time....I love that area and I so want to ride in the rocks like that. Awesome video guys!!!!

  • Growing Grace
    Growing Grace

    Wow that was amazing!

  • Carlos M
    Carlos M

    I dont know.. rzr in general arw too high for this climbing

  • cesar Rodriguex
    cesar Rodriguex

    I seen this chick rip up hells gate one handed with a beer in her hand. Shit was gnarley!

  • Limez Guff
    Limez Guff


  • Gregory Smith
    Gregory Smith

    If the run away ramp was by a canyon it would have been on a corner so if something happened to your steering would you rather go into a canyon for sure or have a chance of stopping in the gravel

  • Samuel marsden
    Samuel marsden

    You guys should do king of the hammers

  • Darwin Calliou
    Darwin Calliou


  • Theyrun

    12:03 Who can name the side by sides left to right?

  • Brandon Mullen
    Brandon Mullen

    So as a Utah native the 85 is standard for altitude

  • Dussy

    “This bad bitch on 35’s dude…” watching some older videos it’s so funny to hear you swear

  • Lane Hagar
    Lane Hagar

    What GoPro mounts are those?

  • Logan Stine
    Logan Stine

    My wallet breaker

  • Enduro VEX
    Enduro VEX

    • Enduro VEX
      Enduro VEX

      lol losers

  • big vicious
    big vicious

    Is the X3 still up for sale

  • Kevin Heck
    Kevin Heck

    Moab is such a cute little town.

  • Anime Nation
    Anime Nation

    I wish I had on I live next to a whole bunch of trails

  • Mr.Scardypants

    Ummm it isn’t a car (btw this is my first video)

  • Tracy Griffin
    Tracy Griffin

    Of all the videos I've watched of you all, this was by far the best one. I loved the drone footage at the end. Beautiful place. I plan to visit Moab as one of my destination places. Its been nice following you knuckleheads and wacting your comroddery.

  • George F
    George F

    You gotta keep the v under the car in center. Turn when the v turns

  • Rasse Siltanen
    Rasse Siltanen

    Our fuel in finland is 95 and 98


      Dang! The good stuff

  • bryan calderon
    bryan calderon

    What do you do to de maverick x3 to sound like that ???

  • Seth Pittman
    Seth Pittman

    Its not a CAR

  • Dakota Stone
    Dakota Stone

    E85 is corn ethanol that has some regular 87 octane in it e85 is better and cheaper to make and basically is corn liquor or moonshine with a bit of gas in it

  • Phillip Wilson dodge truck 1500
    Phillip Wilson dodge truck 1500

    We just did this last weekend 5/15/2020. Its a great place for rock crawling.

  • Richard Dean
    Richard Dean

    he needs a can am

  • Ryan Grissom
    Ryan Grissom

    I dont think even mudlyfe could make it through a runaway truck ramp lol

  • Kevin Gordon
    Kevin Gordon

    Those runaway ramps have like 3 feet deep pea gravel which stops a loaded semi almost immediately so the canyon is no big deal, fyi if a truck uses it the driver has to pay to redress it at a cost of $6,000.00

  • Bobby T
    Bobby T

    I want to watch lamp is for stopping a truck when it's brakes go out

  • ConnorOnYt

    Back on the road eh bud I love Canadians

  • Konnor Aragon
    Konnor Aragon

    Who saw the black thing fall out of the sky at the beginning or the drone shot

  • codsac

    unnecessary commentary when the wheels comes off the ground 2 inches. wtf

  • Julian Rivas
    Julian Rivas

    I went to the same place


      Sweet spot!

  • Mark Wolfe
    Mark Wolfe

    @2:40, haha, flatlanders!

    PHQNA I made it look easy in an 08 RZR with a shattered front diff (discovered later)

  • James Drak
    James Drak

    Above a certain altitude the air thins to the point where you get the same.peformance from less octane fuel. When i moved to utah i had 94 octane in my truck and it was like on race fuel.

  • Fastball Films
    Fastball Films

    Ain’t nothing for the Buffalo 🏁

  • kenneth fox
    kenneth fox

    That's my home town where Cole did that INSANE jump! You should bring the crew out. You will enjoy I promise!

  • Mark Daniel
    Mark Daniel

    Is Coles car still for sale?

  • Sugar less gum 1607
    Sugar less gum 1607

    Why does nick have a bald spot on top of his head

  • oocombz

    Gawd Turba Brian is a Savage. 🔥🔥

  • Dave R
    Dave R

    A group of us went riding in Beaver Utah last year. should have ripped around there!The trails are excellent and the area very sxs friendly.


      We'll be back to Utah without a doubt, beautiful place

  • leighhl

    Whats with the helmets........... rode all over moab in side x sides

  • Arnold White
    Arnold White

    Yo I think y'all should try the defender 6x6

  • TJ Shine
    TJ Shine

    "Theresa" sighting at 3:33!!! Where has she been???

  • markeldamgaard

    I wanted to see the Jeep just as a comparison.

    • markeldamgaard
      markeldamgaard Don't be sorry it would just be nice to see in some future video.


      Ah true. Sorry!

  • Kilo

    The guy in between the beavers,with a cowboy hat lmao....But a good video guys...

  • Iron Tough01
    Iron Tough01

    It’s them X3s! Y’all need a couple more X3 builds

  • Dakota Miller
    Dakota Miller

    Have you ever tested sand paddles in the snow you should make a video on it

    • Dakota Miller
      Dakota Miller have to done tracks?


      Yeah we did way back, worked terribly lol

  • Bear Wilmarth
    Bear Wilmarth

    That's called spoted wolf. It's no joke. My brother drives a snow plow on that road.

  • Chubb Rock
    Chubb Rock

    i wish the lions back was still open, Id want to see you go up and down that!

    • kong3

      Lion's back isn't harder than those, just spine chilling. I've done it a bunch of times, dirt bike and atv. You'd definitely want a spotter turning around up there. Tubs are spooky when you're down in there. Often they have a lot of water in them.

  • Chubb Rock
    Chubb Rock

    about 50 miles up the road is a town called Fillmore, so Utahn's know it as the "Fillmore Beaver area"

  • KGB

    Shame! Who the hell has to be winched up Hells Gate!!??

  • Nic Fry
    Nic Fry

    Dang y’all are mad lucky it’s my dream to have a side by side! To bad I cannot come up with the money :(

  • chris davis
    chris davis

    Rich people...

  • BulletSpoung

    You need to ride the Piute trail system in western Utah (Marysvale). You ride all day going from town to town and on some of the trails it's so long you need to stay overnight on the trail then in town alternating back and forth. I think the total amount of trails are over 3000 miles, some are marked and some you're on your own. We averaged between 50 and 90 miles pre day depending on how tuff the trail is. If you go you will soon understand it's all about range and not speed, the more fuel you have the better.

  • Ryan Irwin
    Ryan Irwin

    Steel bender or Moab rim next boys.

  • Stacy Reid
    Stacy Reid

    Those runaway ramps are gravel for sure but they are about 3-4 feet deep in that gravel so if you hit it you will definitely bury you vehicles down long before you get to the end

  • All Things Offroad
    All Things Offroad

    Cmon Doug they’ve done that climb in a Hyundai sanata

  • All Things Offroad
    All Things Offroad

    Dudes every time I get on youtube I have to re subscribe to your channel 🤔

  • unknown User
    unknown User

    doing hells in a sxs is a cake walk compared to doing it in a truck. nonetheless good vid boys....


      We never claimed to be rock climbing pros

  • Legoman585

    Great video. You guys are so lucky to be able to drive there. If that was in Australia the fun police would have already banned vehicles from driving there.


      It's quite incredible. I've been to Uluru. They told me I wasn't supposed to WALK on it. :(

  • IconickGG G
    IconickGG G

    If you go in the truck stop, i believe its a flying J in Beaver UT, they have shirts that say "I

  • Luis Alba
    Luis Alba

    Can you guys please do more stuff with the Cboys

  • Steve Fendelet
    Steve Fendelet

    Wow! Epic. Bucket list trip for sure. Awesome

  • Kieran Mann
    Kieran Mann


  • c_alright

    Come on guy, hells gate made battlefield its bitch!!! Gotta redeem yourself Douglas!

  • james clark
    james clark

    So Leo when are you trading in the spark for a Segway sxs hybrid!?

  • Greg turner
    Greg turner

    Or build a prerunner

  • Greg turner
    Greg turner

    You guys should build a sxs for desert racing and go race that would be cool

  • Dave Barrette
    Dave Barrette

    Tell me Cole don't look like Cooper (at a glance) with a mustache..LOL

  • Mark O
    Mark O

    FFS I wish you guys would learn about octane rating. Higher octane has LESS power than lower octane, it is less likely to explode therefore it won't detonate early in high compression, high performance engines. At high elevation the octane can be lower since there's less air, so less combustion chamber pressure and less likely to knock.

    • moejoeryzen

      pre·ten·tious /prəˈten(t)SHəs/ adjective 1. attempting to impress by affecting greater importance, talent, culture, etc., than is actually possessed: “I wish you guys would learn about octane...”


      Imagine if we were joking the whole time.

  • Andrew Blum
    Andrew Blum

    too many yee yee's!!

  • Chris Moro
    Chris Moro

    Have u seen the video of a stock Kia Sorrento climbing it.

  • Craig Lapointe
    Craig Lapointe

    Let's not forget, Kawasaki Teryx, with a central motor, and old school crawler beasts that it is!😏😜😁

  • Joey C
    Joey C

    its like i live thru your guys adventures! videos get better and better!


    wow that is steep dang that's no joke

  • Ryan Y
    Ryan Y

    Looks beautiful out there! Someday.... You guys see the new Segway side by sides? Very interesting.

  • Shawnsullivan7

    I think the stock rig making it up like a boss was the clear winner

  • Riley Bliven
    Riley Bliven

    yall need custom SXSBlog wraps



  • John Thomson
    John Thomson

    Awesome vid fellas, MERICA

  • ed flowers
    ed flowers

    when i did rock crawling back 20 years ago we used a spotter with a long ski rope works perfectly throw one in the back

  • Darren Mcgowan
    Darren Mcgowan

    Did hells gate in my bone stock x3 max- the extra wheel base made it no problem

  • Tresper86 yee
    Tresper86 yee

    The "gravel run off ramps" aren't solid it's loose as crap so the trucks sink up to their axles in it and come to a stop

  • J Taylor
    J Taylor

    17:25 we were there in early October, took a left and ended up at this part first. Ended up going down it instead of up lol. We called it Devils Basment instead of Devils Gate since we went thru half of it backwards.



  • Jaran Higley
    Jaran Higley

    Do or do not, there is no try! Sous!

  • Jaran Higley
    Jaran Higley

    The Max Rs is a great crawler in Moab!

  • Jaran Higley
    Jaran Higley

    In the Wendy's, the sign says "Welcome to Wendy's Beaver!"😁

  • raptorider42

    Turbo Bryan..... send me a message. I have a couple questions for you!!!

    • raptorider42

      Hey. I seem to remember you saying you are from Oregon. I rode the Oregon dunes also... switched from dirt bikes to quads to a turbo s....I think it’s great u travel and get to go to cool place with blog guys. When are they gonna make it down to Oregon dunes to ride with you!!!!

    • Turbo Brian
      Turbo Brian

      Hey! Wassup?

  • Daniel Relph
    Daniel Relph

    Looks like the four seaters have an advantage on that sketchy incline Doug was starting to flip at slow speed I think if he had a little more momentum the front end would have dropped down but that must have felt spooky when all you see is sky and knowing you would roll all the way back down...I wont lie I'd go for the winch too.

  • Kody (Kode Red)
    Kody (Kode Red)

    Makes me proud to live only 6 hours from there and wat h my buddies go down and wheel that. Thanks for the awesome video

    • Kody (Kode Red)
      Kody (Kode Red) ya same here. If it was that close I'd half to see if I could find ya guys on the trails with my chevota whenninget it done. An you guys were maybe 4 hours from the famous Diesel brothers shop as well. An thanks to cleetus McFarland I'm hooked on your videos.


      No problem, wish it was that close to us!

  • Nathan

    6:09...Busch Beer confirmed 🍻

  • James Moore
    James Moore

    I wish you guys would post videos a little sooner after they happen because I see spoilers all over ALgone days before you guys post up your awesome videos


      A lot of time goes into the edits when you have a bunch of different cameras running all the time, nature of the beast

  • castle motorsports
    castle motorsports This was our trip to Moab this year, when you guys visit Osta swing out to the west coast we'll take you guys on some hard stuff, ;) Btw both x3 and yxz are on 30's in this vid

  • Big Ed's beachside garage
    Big Ed's beachside garage

    To funny. "I think I'm just going to back down." Just drive straight up it. 2 seat 4 seat. It don't matter.

  • Steve Brown
    Steve Brown

    I still have my I love beaver bumper the Eh's nick...sounds like your ready for a trip up north bro!


      Getting prepared for that rip with Osta!

  • Michael Hritz
    Michael Hritz

    Definitely was looking forward to some Rock Savage/Rescue Safety 1 (RS1) content in there but its all good. Nice footage fellas! Dougie D String, you'll get 'er next time!

  • honeybadgerl39

    My guess is zous had a run in with the popo?

  • Crazy things with deacon and chance !!!
    Crazy things with deacon and chance !!!

    You guys should try/review a Gibson performance exhaust!!! There super nice!!!

  • Spencer Bell
    Spencer Bell

    The real video starts at 3:30

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