RZR Pro XP 72" with HCR long travel JUMPS! Ripping the HECK out of it!
This thing is unstoppable!
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  • nuurse360

    Would like to see you rip it with 4 guys in it.

  • jonj0nn

    Sick video guys! I also picked up an XP4 Ultimate! Love the progress though your leaving me a little jealous haha 😂

  • Dalovesac King
    Dalovesac King

    That thing nose dives like crazy

  • Lee Burgess
    Lee Burgess

    I think that machine is one off the best that thing can move 💨

  • Collin Robertson
    Collin Robertson

    Dirt dessert dude 🍨 god I love sous

  • Collin Robertson
    Collin Robertson

    You guys should race it in KOH

  • mark warren
    mark warren

    Nice slo mo work.

  • John Volt
    John Volt

    I would have like to see how it flew if you held the Oh Sh!t button before hitting the ramp. I am wondering if it would have flown flatter with out the front diving on impact.

  • Craig

    Can you guys test out the new Maxxis rampage tires? Love your channel!

  • Zach Ellinger
    Zach Ellinger

    I was more excited to see this buffalo fly than the book I have to read for work by the same name.

  • Hunter Duckworth
    Hunter Duckworth

    "Guy on a buffalo" would have been a good sound track for the slo mo😂

  • Hoppy-TAS

    Great, I was subbed to you guys... But youtube decided i shouldn't be anymore

  • Edward Worley
    Edward Worley

    Would have rather seen the 72 on the 2 seater instead

  • McChadsworth

    Good Ol' Doug BisonField...

  • Norm

    You amazing content creators need to add some power to big Bertha

  • David Bean
    David Bean

    That slo mo section at the end with the music was next level. Awesome!

  • Andrew Turner
    Andrew Turner

    The flying buffalo, nice

  • Aaron Spicer
    Aaron Spicer

    Random thought, anything new with war machine?

  • Robert Amantea
    Robert Amantea

    I started Following you guys sometime around the hatfields and Mccoy video a couple of years ago with about 22k subs. I couldn't believe you weren't bigger. Im happy to see you guys took off and now have 163,000 subs?! Thats great. Thanks for all the videos, and all the time and effort that goes into all this. Here is to 1 million subs! Thanks Rob

  • Shop Boys
    Shop Boys

    Awsome!!! Definitely not a rzr guy but really cool to see some 4 seater builds! There are alot of people running the 4 seater over the 2 seater for various reasons and I'm glad you guys are starting to head in that direction a little bit.

  • Tom

    SXSBlog.com what is the noise the machine keeps making you can really hear it at 11:58 ive noticed mine does it to and was always told its normal they all do it but what causes it

  • james clark
    james clark

    Leo we need a camera right on the front bumper on some of these laps that would be a cool view

  • William Vigneault
    William Vigneault

    I now understand why it’s on this and not the 2-seat. However, how much of a monster would it be with this kit on it 😍 tight trail would suffer tho😔

  • sooloodooloo

    N bomb @1:07

    • SXSBlog.com

      Orr "Nicky"

  • Marnie Larocque
    Marnie Larocque

    As an old mechanic/welder, it still amazes` me how much stress and impact parts can take. I love slow-motion replays and seeing how much the tires, suspension, and front end parts jump around and flex and bounce yet still remain intact, very cool. As usual gents awesome vid, save it for today for mornin coffee.

  • Steve Brown
    Steve Brown

    Great build...looks like fun

  • Brian Proffitt
    Brian Proffitt

    The Kawasaki with a turbo will rip I bet 👀

  • Rich Henry
    Rich Henry

    Should be called Buffalo wings

  • XrampageJ

    The great "wide" buffalo..

  • Scott Goulet
    Scott Goulet

    Slow mo at the end was fantastic!

  • Shawn Bodine
    Shawn Bodine

    “Heck Yeah Dudes” Man you guys are just killing it with these videos that pro is a bad machine and that slow mow was pretty cool keep the awesome vids coming !!!

  • aronsrb4815

    What's up with the missing center cap

  • Brett Forbes
    Brett Forbes

    🤣 classic dig at each other @0:37 seriously keep replaying it it just gets funnier 🤣🤣🤣 here I am giggling at myself with my head phones on...... missus tapping me on my shoulder telling me I’m actually laughing out loud!!!!

  • ThatKid Wyatt
    ThatKid Wyatt

    It’s gonna need a stage 6 6️⃣6️⃣6️⃣6️⃣6️⃣6️⃣6️⃣6️⃣6️⃣6️⃣6️⃣6️⃣

  • funwithguns89

    Was that Nick Sous or Dennis Anderson ripping the unit? Couldn't tell 🤔

  • Carpe Diem Flyer
    Carpe Diem Flyer

    That thing is sweet. Looking forward to seeing what you do to her

  • Andrew Taylor
    Andrew Taylor


  • Vipr Media Productions
    Vipr Media Productions

    Man during that slow motion on the whoops section the tires were bouncing all over the place but the body stayed so level. Amazing!

  • ostacruiser

    That is a cool looking black helmet!! Soon as the borders are open where we heading??? Hatfield? Saint Anthony's? Stoodis!!

    • SXSBlog.com

      I have no idea but I'm freaking out not traveling lol

  • Hector Rodriguez
    Hector Rodriguez

    I didn’t know buffaloes could fly

  • TMM


    • William Uskoski
      William Uskoski


  • Steve Fendelet
    Steve Fendelet

    Loved the helmet comment. Haha

  • Highlifter Life
    Highlifter Life

    At racetober can you race dirt bike?

  • Mark Hudson
    Mark Hudson

    Does Sous need a Gofund mr page for a new brain bucket

  • Murdered Out Bowtie
    Murdered Out Bowtie

    I want to send u guys some "FLYING BUFFALO" STICKERS. I need to know what color and how big u want them. I'm also in the great state of Michigan. Let me know.

  • mike jones
    mike jones

    Leo up close looks like Tom cruise

  • mike jones
    mike jones

    72 inch RS1 my body is ready for it

    • mike jones
      mike jones

      I just bought an RS1 a month ago. I am 100% down to let you guys use it as the guinea pig

  • Rat monkey Payer
    Rat monkey Payer

    Yee yee

  • Live2thrill

    Honestly it’s hard to make this body style look good. Not a fan of the pro.

  • Jeff St-Jean
    Jeff St-Jean

    You guys need to rent that prooving grounds billboard and plaster the sxsblog.com logo on there as an add. The perfect totem for the grounds!!

  • Twisted SxS
    Twisted SxS

    I need a Pro XP in my life like now!! Great video brothers!! I think Leo might switching the to Dark side!! POLARIS!

  • Alex Schwarz
    Alex Schwarz

    I’m surprised I haven’t seen many comments asking for you guys to play “Guy on a Buffalo” while you’re driving this machine

    • R. Rucker
      R. Rucker

      Ha ha, my favorite episode yet. I ordered a Pro XP4 Ultimate in black w/red. It was a gamble cause nobody has really tested it yet. Until now. 64" will have to do for now but who knows, If I need to get more performance out of it in the future, I will buy the long travel kit for $5200. Thank you guys for the 4 seater track debut. My wife actually got some entertainment value from you characters. Look forward to the future mods.

  • Nick p
    Nick p

    You guys really need to invest in a water buffalo.

    • SXSBlog.com

      Damn right. Security for the track lol

  • stgraves260

    LoL use your own helmet.

  • Bob Kirby
    Bob Kirby

    I love your channel been watching it for quite some time you guys need to try out pedal command and see if it works like they say it does for you said by surge

  • Holmes Farms
    Holmes Farms

    Sous has one speed WIDE OPEN!!! 🤣

  • Minnow Lake Tuning
    Minnow Lake Tuning

    Damn, suspension looks like it works Really well, when sous was ripping through the rough stuff in slow mo looks like he wasnt getting thrown around in the slightest bit. Throw some long travel on the yxz next woo

  • John Helbig
    John Helbig

    The Slow motion with the music choice was ON POINT! seeing the front of the dance around was EPIC! looking forward to the new Springs and sending it! Please more slow motion stuff! Very cool... Awesomely awesome VIDEO gentlemen!

  • Ronald Wright
    Ronald Wright

    I’d love to hear a summary of retail cost and man hours to install the mods you do included in your videos. I was glad to see Amsoil on the shelf in the last video! Thanks for the education and entertainment in your videos.

  • hunter chalkley
    hunter chalkley

    I said git them liquored up and take them to the peach tree dance!

  • NS Gearhead
    NS Gearhead

    You guys mentioned that the 2 seat Pro is a great trail machine... I'm considering it for that purpose, but also the Talon. Power vrs reliability perhaps? What would you say is the better trail machine?

  • Pat Campeau
    Pat Campeau

    Keep a can of ether in the glove box and a bic lighter to bead thos tires back up😉

  • Gerald bake
    Gerald bake

    Congratulations on the 163k keep up the good work. Never cared to much for Polaris but the new ones seem to hold up great. The long travel really set that machine off!

  • Michael Messner
    Michael Messner

    Great footage! Way cool team.

  • preblewtf

    I feel like the title is directed towards me after my comment on the last video 🤣🤣

  • Greg Garrot
    Greg Garrot

    Once you get the Proving Grounds of the way you want it mixed up one gallon of corn syrup to 500 gallons of water spray the track it'll keep the dust down biodegradable and cheap

  • Bill Allen
    Bill Allen

    Rim screws are a cheap beadlock alternative in drag racing to keep the wheel from slipping on tire bead band's....from Wyoming USA 🔫🤠🇺🇸p.s. stay safe and healthy everybody GOD BLESS ❤

  • Josh Nichols
    Josh Nichols

    The past two videos have put a major impact on the decision to whether or not beadlocks are a necessity or not lol

    • SXSBlog.com

      No shit eh lol

  • Woofer SD
    Woofer SD

    Would think over a jump, with engine in back, all SxS’s would jump flatter.

  • Aaron Spicer
    Aaron Spicer

    I think it'll look good with the bumpers back on, just painted a dark silver or something

  • Rodney Standish
    Rodney Standish

    Hey Leo it's time for another friends song lol

  • First Last
    First Last

    Guy on a buffalo.

  • Edward Calcut
    Edward Calcut

    Sweet...😁👍....you need to install a dixy horn, and give it a Dukes of hazzard send. Next time add some leo ballast in the back....flatten out that sick send. Can't wait to see what's next....stay covid free guys...! ✌

  • Rab

    Sous Senderfield!

  • Johnathon Kelley
    Johnathon Kelley

    You guys are so legit need to get a mini bike and come check out my mini bike track im building 20 mins from your shop

  • Troy Kadin
    Troy Kadin

    I hope they come stock that way in 2021! I'm buying one!

  • Johnathon Kelley
    Johnathon Kelley

    Like ice skating or inline skates turn sharp to slow down

  • Raul Silver
    Raul Silver

    A doug a day keeps the virus away

  • techs 1smh
    techs 1smh

    Still has a rubber band

  • Shaun P
    Shaun P

    Let’s see the 72” kit on the two seater. Would be such a tank!

  • Jamie Johnson
    Jamie Johnson

    Have you guys seen anyone do a long travel kit on the OG maverick 4 seater?

  • Alex Santill
    Alex Santill

    I love four wheeler I would love to get one but I don’t have enough me money :(

  • Haydenrenner 45
    Haydenrenner 45

    I’m just imagining a wrap with the Buffalo Wild Wings logo.😂😂😂😂😂 For the flying buffalo

  • LongRangeGame

    Yall now copying Cleetus saying "dude" is the most obnoxious thing now. Got back to yourselves and quit saying dude every other word like Cleetus

    • SXSBlog.com


  • Kenneth Ketterer
    Kenneth Ketterer

    you guys should do a thing on your headsets in your helmets because I'm thinking about getting some for my helmets

  • John doe
    John doe

    Is that stock accept the suspension

    • SXSBlog.com


  • paullutterloh51

    Love the pro xp. Cool that you guys are semi local to me. Saw you guys out ripping a couple days back.

  • AJ Miller
    AJ Miller

    You need a "guy with a buffalo" soundbite for when Doug hops in it. 😂😂

    • SXSBlog.com

      Doug on a buffalOoOoo!

  • Corbin Clarke
    Corbin Clarke

    Should I get a kit like this for my can am xds?

  • Bryce Larson
    Bryce Larson

    flyin buffalo! does that make it buffalo wild wings?

  • Atv Adventure Vlog
    Atv Adventure Vlog

    Loved the slow motion!!! Who else watches and ride any type of off road ?!?!?!? #atvpassion

  • stykyun

    Those slow mo shots were fantastic.

  • Bad Beard Offroad
    Bad Beard Offroad

    I'm really curious why it feels much different than a Turbo S? Is it just the arms that make that much of a difference? Or are the dynamix systems different?

    • SXSBlog.com

      Geometry on the Pro is changed (improved) significantly from the previous turbo chassis

  • Doug Flatt
    Doug Flatt

    Looks like George Lopez ride the way it sits low rider

  • TagGeorge

    If you got in my 900 trail after driving that you would feel like you were in a bicycle.

  • Billy Hoyle
    Billy Hoyle

    Buffalo Soldier

  • Randall Bernard
    Randall Bernard

    Looks like you need to put the rear springs in the front ... lol way soft

  • djm93

    What happened to beast mode?

  • Matt Evans
    Matt Evans

    Loving this build

  • david fritz
    david fritz

    Leo "I did touch bottom", that's not what she said...

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