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  • SXS Blog
    SXS Blog

    This is SO AWESOME! Be sure to check out Tomfoolery Motorsports! Link in the description.

    • Tucker Hipkiss
      Tucker Hipkiss

      Y’all should get a monsters SxS it’ll be the best of both worlds😂

    • Eryn Tyler
      Eryn Tyler

      Can't wait to see the 2jz rzr at the dunes

    • Sedorath M
      Sedorath M

      SXS Blog you guys should build out one of Tomfoolery’s SXS.

    • Wesley Clements
      Wesley Clements

      Don’t like this comment it’s at the best number

    • gary nordby
      gary nordby

      Enjoyed this and the level of no F***S given is better than anything that you have done with Cleetus love these monster truck guys

  • Michael Carlock
    Michael Carlock

    Just think if they was in the ghoul lol

  • Its Me
    Its Me

    14:32 except for priuses

  • James May
    James May

    Wow! That was epic. I know what the face f*cking thing is now haha

  • Kyle Swift
    Kyle Swift

    Cut down all the brush in the gauntlet so we can see around the telephone pole!

  • Mark Reed
    Mark Reed

    This was awesome! I dont even know that "Full Send" is strong enough to describe....

  • C W
    C W

    Damn I’m liking this guy he’s wicked nice haha “gonna let em eat” well fire me up!

  • Mariano Paz
    Mariano Paz

    this content is so awesome

  • ThaGingaNinja69

    Y'all and your reactions made this video triple in entertainment 😂

  • Jeff Vance
    Jeff Vance

    Lol. Should we stop them?

  • NemoFadeGaming

    Isn’t Jeff Sinn sauciers brother-in-law? I thought he looked familiar if so

  • Ismael Marrero
    Ismael Marrero

    Allsome better jet Franken amazing the jumps where crazy those where some of the biggest jump I seen in a S&Those people where crazy and I love every single minute and every single jump this video was Fun to watch a big tums UP to you and your team for making this video.

  • octane jake
    octane jake

    Mmm wonder how far ill go wide open well let's find out

  • Bean306


  • Shane Mccoart
    Shane Mccoart

    I used to golf, I think I will just go back to golf.. lol you guys are great!

  • Jaxon Case
    Jaxon Case

    Am I the only one that was staring at the banana the whole time😂😂

  • sledderal1016

    "Act like it wasn't that big" hahahahahaha!

  • Jason Haley
    Jason Haley

    1:20...WATCH OUT...for that dastardly, nefarious looking, SLIPPERY fellow in the background!!!!

  • Zed Fender
    Zed Fender

    I enjoyed that

  • Robert Vasquez
    Robert Vasquez

    Dang son stuck watching it at 480 p

  • David Beck
    David Beck

    These boys need some SHOCK THERAPY in their lives. Full Send Editions.

  • Adam Loader
    Adam Loader

    Clearly he comes from a long line of senders! Grandfather’s Matt’s call. “Just act like it wasn’t that big.” 😹 1st run he just out jumps them by 5 feet. 😎😎😎

  • Jostein Carlsen
    Jostein Carlsen

    How long was the jumps??? So so cool!!! Thanks !! Wish we had dunes in Norway!!😆😆

  • stuffingf

    Let’s be honest here.. seeing WhistlinDiesel make a guest appearance on your channel out in Silver Lake was some great fun! Definitely had me laughing! Way to keep it burning right! 👍🏻

  • Brett Blackwell
    Brett Blackwell

    Doug's voice when he opened the door 😂😂😂 6:58

  • Myron P
    Myron P

    Good comment on WD Yep 👍

  • Jason Pickett
    Jason Pickett

    I love the content from these guys but they are annoying AF. “Big facts”

  • Mike G.
    Mike G.

    Just crazy. Watched it several times!

  • Wildturkey10121

    Finally someone that actually jumps a sxs....You guys need to pay attention and learn that this is how it should be done especially with those awesome shock kits some of you have!

  • Steve York
    Steve York

    It amazes me that with all the suspension technology they have that it’s still stock.Time for some shock therapy if nothing else.Sous has some catching up to do to stay king of the big senders.💯👍

  • Bassett Family
    Bassett Family

    What is the camping like here?

  • King RJ
    King RJ

    Y’all should build a monster truck side by side! Maybe someday?? 🤷‍♂️

  • Jay Ellingsen
    Jay Ellingsen

    You guys suck so bad. I don’t know why I ever started watching your videos a year ago. I once was just a happy go lucky quad guy. I thought SxS’s were for wimps and old people. Fast forward a year and now I’m 35K poorer because after watching your pathetic videos all winter I just had to go out and buy a Polaris General XP4 and an enclosed trailer for it and spend an entire summer finding out I really enjoy the new buggy and really enjoy your videos. In all kidding aside, you guys knock it out of the park all the time. You are the SxS world version of Cleetus. Subscriber levels should be through the roof with the quality of your content. Truthfully you guys have changed my off-roading lifestyle dramatically. I’m a cancer patient undergoing chemo and would have never been able to ride a quad for any distance here in Northern Maine this summer, but with the buggy, I’ve logged 1700+ miles so far. I would have never gone down this road without being here on this channel. Thanks for all the good work you guys put into this. You guys are a class act.

  • James Mckee
    James Mckee

    Do a king of the hammers rig!! Perfectly between monster truck and a SxS

  • daniel Belt
    daniel Belt

    Hold up sous plays runescape!!!!! no way thats amazing my ingame name is Leroybrown94

  • CharlieboySLONDON

    Turns out, Monster guys do monster things !! Them jumps were unbelievable 😳. Cant wait for tomorrow 👊

  • TRUMPER 517
    TRUMPER 517

    I haven't been so excited to see the next post as I am now. Great job SxS.

  • Bud Car
    Bud Car

    If SOUS was there- “ What the heck! Rick hold my Vape!” 😂🤣😂

  • Sultan Alhitmi
    Sultan Alhitmi

    Geez 200k man now I can say I’m an og subscriber 🙃 I was hear before 30k subs man you guys have grown a lot keep up the amazing work 👍

  • Kattie Carrier
    Kattie Carrier

    Thanks Matt for Cutting parts off Jester for my two boys! Their 3rd generation dunners are absolutely loved seeing you and the guys from the blog out there.

  • Overachiever

    Lol awesome I see Ricks face and all I see is man I wish I had the ghoul these guys were awesome you all need to hang out more

  • Rusty Wells
    Rusty Wells

    Guys don't be so hard on yourself you wouldn't compare your b-game to Jordan's just set back and enjoy the show!

  • Crow Family
    Crow Family

    Straight sending it big facts

  • Aaron Green
    Aaron Green

    People complaining going to lake silverwood to much it’s to hot to go anywhere else Glamis is 113 degrees it’s miserable silver wood you can go swimming and cool off

  • Anarchy Run
    Anarchy Run

    this episode was a riot beginning to end!

  • TEAM clipping
    TEAM clipping

    gotta get V2Vids aka Mikey Vaters on your videos sometime!

  • Jonathan Chapman
    Jonathan Chapman

    Stone cold Steve Austin 💀 awesomeness has begun. That was different with y’all not really ripping but this is what I love about yalls channel. When y’all get with other guys it brings everyone closer together and lets people know how we live our lives in America .

  • Jovani es
    Jovani es

    i love monster trucks. so glad to see some on your channel. send it guys.

  • jamz cam
    jamz cam

    Awesome video as always! Can't wait to see the monster trucks.

  • big vicious
    big vicious

    As long as it works and not broken 😃

  • big vicious
    big vicious

    Is the X3 still for sale or any machines

  • Dale Mcneilson
    Dale Mcneilson


  • Kyle Shultis
    Kyle Shultis

    How can people complain about you going to silver lake too much. Tell them to stfu cause silver lake is the shit.

  • Relax Gringo
    Relax Gringo

    I love runescape!

  • Justin Henderson
    Justin Henderson

    Lol need to get some of the rock bouncer racers from the south up there next

  • ngh

    I believe the term is Polari when there is more than one... Lol

  • Joseph Sparks
    Joseph Sparks

    Can’t wait for the next video

  • Erric D Johnson 74
    Erric D Johnson 74

    WD ain't got shit on those massive trucks AWESOME

  • Bourbon Junkies
    Bourbon Junkies

    I'm so glad I didn't miss this episode... I've never seen you guys unsure what to do with sxs and it was incredible. Died when Doug said he used to golf a lot... Holy shit those dudes sendddddd.

  • Joseph Sparks
    Joseph Sparks

    Heck yes dudes!!! Sous!!!

  • OutLawBoyZ KtM
    OutLawBoyZ KtM

    Those guys got BALLS OF STEEL

  • Adam Hack
    Adam Hack

    Act like it wasn’t that big... That’s what she said!!

  • John Carson
    John Carson

    Best episode ever!

  • Chonch

    I was crackin up the entire video, those dudes are bonkers!! cant wait for the next video!

  • Marauder Mitchelli
    Marauder Mitchelli

    Watching you guys get nervous was better than the jumps...awesome video!

  • david ayres
    david ayres

    Not impressed with the Polaris

  • Paul Woelber
    Paul Woelber


  • happys104092243

    How far is silver lake from you.

  • willp8788

    I hope everyone sees the positive things these boys are doing for the mitten! Keep it up dudes!

  • trav402

    Came in super late on video but was not disappointed! Great material guys, so pumped for part 2!

  • Kevin Meyer
    Kevin Meyer

    Leo please shout up

  • Jake Smith
    Jake Smith

    Driver nick with the infamous front mullet when he pulls up!

  • Doug Flatt
    Doug Flatt

    Can you all just take a break from trips and regroup with the machines so you all can have nothing broke for once lol

  • clemente rodriguez
    clemente rodriguez

    i cant wait to see sous try to soar with the boys

  • randy durga
    randy durga

    you know whistling sucked that they had to make lil vid lmao

    • randy durga
      randy durga the ending lmao i love these guys


      This has been in the works for months relax

  • Hogey Pompernickle
    Hogey Pompernickle

    What happened to the RS1?

  • Colt 45
    Colt 45

    Well hell yeah!!

  • Kamden Nelson
    Kamden Nelson

    U guys should of sent your machines

  • Chuck Jones
    Chuck Jones

    When you have more nuts than the sxs has hp

  • Larry Allen Jr
    Larry Allen Jr

    I really enjoyed this episode! Felt like I was there! Thanks for sharing guys! 👍

  • kalvin_kobain

    Doug is so humble and comes off as such a good guy, I wish I had him close enough to be the only mechanic to ever touch my machines.

  • Mark Nothing
    Mark Nothing

    Ahhh more monster truck......sick jumps though🤘

  • Valeri Slavov
    Valeri Slavov

    gotta turbo the talon that thing would rip

  • HessianForHire

    That crew seems so down to earth, good ole boys just having fun 🤙

  • Fabrication Nation
    Fabrication Nation

    Nothing to be mad about here.....maybe that I have to wait for the 2nd half of the video......tough break!!

  • brain tschirhart
    brain tschirhart

    Absolutely love you guys. Which is why I have to ask what is up with the lack of helmets these days?

  • Alex Smith
    Alex Smith

    The silver lake page was going crazy about the monster trucks. I had no clue it was all because of you guys!

  • Jeremy Russ
    Jeremy Russ

    Frickin Awesome ! Talk about FULL SEND !WTF!!

  • Brandon Floyd
    Brandon Floyd

    The mans stache is the real mvp.

  • matad311

    Ive waited since i was a kid wishing Monster trucks to show up at silver lake and the day has come!!!! Thank you SXSblog for getting this done! You guys have really shown what potential silver lake has.


    Open the side door and BOOM💥 FATTY TRANSFER CASE IN YOUR FACE!!! HELL TO THE YEAH!!! Been watching y'all for a loooong time and man, is it awesome to see how far y'all have come and it's been an amazing journey I'm sure, congratulations on y'alls success!!! I know I enjoy the vids, feels almost like I know y'all😂🤣

  • Michael Bishop
    Michael Bishop

    Duluth trading firehouse pants cannot be beat.

  • Backfire Productions
    Backfire Productions

    Dougs mechanical sympathy is going crazy😂

  • Friggin Leonardo
    Friggin Leonardo

    Excellent outro. Next episode will be killer

  • Jeremy Pyke
    Jeremy Pyke

    Nobody should ever complain about Dune videos!

  • Todd Brethauer
    Todd Brethauer

    That last jump was insane! That's death waiting to happen with a stock cage

  • chad scott
    chad scott

    To the 30 people that I have it a thumbs down 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

  • chad scott
    chad scott

    How the hell can someone give this video a thumbs down what an idiot wtf

  • Baby Boom
    Baby Boom

    Please upload the second half, I don't want to wait. Thanks in advance! :)

  • Jay Smallwood
    Jay Smallwood

    Lmao!! That was awesome. Good job guys.

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