We all WANT a monster truck... but do we buy one?! COMMENT!
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    Official poll at 17:40 or vote in the replies... do we BUY THE MONSTER TRUCK?!

    • Luk454

      Monster truck = NO, Monster Sxs = YES

    • Benny's KL Adventures
      Benny's KL Adventures

      If you got the money and are willing to spend it I say do it. It's never going to be a large air catcher. The suspension and frame is so old school. It's like original monster truck territory. Would it be sick? YES! would it be worth it in the end? NO DOUBT!

    • Brice Tingle
      Brice Tingle

      I’m saying no. It’s all old tech I would say buy a newer suspension style truck if you want to do it that way

    • Joe Vigil
      Joe Vigil

      I say no!

    • Mike Gordon
      Mike Gordon


  • cntsles fabrication
    cntsles fabrication

    I have a buddy that builds Monster Trucks for a living and competes racing them and freestyle. If you are truly interested in buying 1 turn key ready to go I will get you hooked up with him. He has some that are the best money can buy and he has some that are older but still competition safe and ready to compete. If you are seriously interested let me know and I will get you hooked up with him. He's been in the industry since the 90's so he has been apart safety upgrades, how shocks react to the big air, driver safety and a lot more

  • Shane-0 Gaming
    Shane-0 Gaming

    Hey guys! I would like to say is just make sure you guys buy what you really want and make sure the pros out weigh the cons!

  • Matthew Restelle
    Matthew Restelle

    I wanna see the General get built no to the truck

  • Tito Pacheco
    Tito Pacheco

    No on the monster truck guys, then you would fall into an entire realm that was played out years ago when infact you guys could use that money to keep doing what you doing and THATS entertainment!!! LOL, this is the new wave you guys are in fellas keep riding it and continue on the path to making the most wildest S×S vids and machines on the planet and also continue to do crazy shit with them LOL....its the new thing fellas s×s's is where its at today😃🤙

  • Joseph Saenz
    Joseph Saenz

    nick just shit himself

  • Kodiak Creations
    Kodiak Creations

    this truck no. a full race truck. abso freaking lutely

  • Matthew Zartman
    Matthew Zartman

    Forget the monster truck, let’s see a 4BT swap in MUDLYFE!

  • Justin Mcmurray
    Justin Mcmurray

    I dub thee double QP pond ripper .lol

  • Justin Mcmurray
    Justin Mcmurray

    Yes pond ripper .

  • Jaqlyn Pettit
    Jaqlyn Pettit

    Skip an hook up parts for side by side units


    that thing is such a piece of shit. SUPER glad you didn't buy it

  • vincent p
    vincent p

    Everyone needs a monster truck!

  • Kayne Walker
    Kayne Walker

    build a bigger more power full sxs side by side just add big block chev

  • TJ Wallace
    TJ Wallace

    Buy a fast one

  • Terry Mansfield
    Terry Mansfield

    Not the right one

  • Nathaniel Bass
    Nathaniel Bass

    Ah ok I see

  • Nathaniel Bass
    Nathaniel Bass

    All y'all crushing dreams are dumb it would be awesome

  • Nathaniel Bass
    Nathaniel Bass


  • Chris Hamre-Drake
    Chris Hamre-Drake

    I @$%&@$# LOVE you guys. But build a custom highlifter monster sxs!!!! You can do it! #teamsous #teambattlefield

  • colton vargas
    colton vargas


  • Brandon Scott
    Brandon Scott

    Build your own out of the race truck, side stacks and all

  • Andy Bowers
    Andy Bowers

    You guys have too much money if you are thinking about this thing. Bring Out Another (10) thousand.

  • Ryan Kelly
    Ryan Kelly

    I'm a no. There are a lot of other cool things you guys could do in the sxs world. Some races. More trips to different parks across the country. Maybe a rock bouncer. Could build yourself w Doug and Ricks mechanical skill. Cool to see the monster truck though!

  • Hillbilly Motorsports
    Hillbilly Motorsports



    Don’t buy it please make a better track

  • Rhaulman

    RUN away from this... Turn the 2JZ in to a monster SXS. It has the motor to turn larger tires.

  • james mcritchie
    james mcritchie

    Might as well buy it as I just watched you getting stuck needing to be winched out of a sand bottomed puddles (all then Polaris pro machines) so might as well have something else you can’t drive.

  • Cody Storkman
    Cody Storkman

    Hell yeah brother!

  • i9m

    Don't do it.

  • Scott Talasko
    Scott Talasko

  • Dustin Bagent
    Dustin Bagent

    Get a truck but not that one

  • Jordan Nagy
    Jordan Nagy

    Do a mini monster build solid axle swap and a drop box in a rzr 4 or an old blown up wildcat with a v6 or v8 swap

  • Tracy Griffin
    Tracy Griffin

    That's entirely up to you guy's. Going from smaller SXS's, to fully loaded full size SXS's. Boy's gotta have their toys.

  • Tim Johnson
    Tim Johnson

    I saw Bigfoot 1 and USA #1 in 1987 in Providence Rhode Island..



  • Ricky Maukstad
    Ricky Maukstad

    Buy the truck

  • Tyler Barger
    Tyler Barger

    Buy it

  • Conner Ruth
    Conner Ruth


  • kgbyr

    NO, we are with you for the polaris sbs


    Oh and I’m not nine years old


      We are mentally


    Buying monster truck equals jump the shark

  • jerred birkes
    jerred birkes


  • Alexandar Barancic
    Alexandar Barancic

    Hard no. Build something to compete in Baja!

  • kylen Phillip's
    kylen Phillip's

    Also in the drop case there's two gears. One is small and one is big. You flip those and you get more high end out of it. Just saying you can get speed out of her with 15min of your time🤷‍♂️

  • kylen Phillip's
    kylen Phillip's

    Build a rear steer ranger on 60in tires with 1ton axles and show mudlife up💯

  • MrHilltopper28

    No get a speed utv

  • FRCyoung

    Pure junk. Dont waste your money

  • American WildChilds
    American WildChilds

    The question is, would it be worth it? You have a ALgone channel and you get paid for the content you make. This would be a way to expand your audience and grow the channel. However, it is very outdated and I don't know if you really understand how the suspension on a truck like that just doesn't do much for it. It's not like you could just upgrade the thing to a 4 link, that would mean an entire new frame and really better to just start from scratch. I'm sure there would be a lot that you could do, there could be enough work for you to add a couple other people to the channel and do a lot more. You already have a truck that could tow it around, but you still need at least one trailer if not 2 so the tires get transported. I say yes, buy a monster truck... Maybe not that one... IDK, depends on the price. Maybe you can get this one cheap enough to be able to use the parts off it to build it into a more modern truck with links instead of leaf springs

  • Greg Demateo
    Greg Demateo

    We all had dreams of a monster truck!!!! Reality hits and we settle for a bad ass SXS ... But you only live once so do what makes you happy. Love the vids boys.

  • Luke Combs
    Luke Combs

    Dude you change 2 gears in the drop transfer case and it changes the hearing I’m pretty sure

  • Westie 4AGE Turbo.
    Westie 4AGE Turbo.

    By one just not this one!

  • kirk rollins
    kirk rollins

    go for it guys just gotta do it man lol.

  • cody crabtree
    cody crabtree


  • Steve Palmquist
    Steve Palmquist

    No don't do it.It's a dinosaur.

  • Tim Carroll
    Tim Carroll

    Put an LS and Rockwell's in mudlife instead

  • Jordan Bosse
    Jordan Bosse

    i didnt evin wath the vid, just so the title and thot, YEEEEESSSSSS

  • DJ 18
    DJ 18

    Or a monster truck sxs that would be legendary

  • DJ 18
    DJ 18

    I’d say no to this truck but a monster truck in the future would be amazing. Watching a monster truck going off Dunn’s with your usual monsters would be awesome. Def do it please 👌🏻👌🏻🔥🔥🔥



  • Ryan Y
    Ryan Y

    Nooooooooo. Just make a monster sxs

  • Garrett Petersen
    Garrett Petersen

    I don’t think so sadly

  • G4 Off road
    G4 Off road

    Packard yxz1000r...more yxz1000r content.

  • shaunmilor

    A trophy truck you can take to the dunes and freedom Factory would be the ticket.... DM Brian Deegan He needs to sell his monster energy trophy truck and build a new one with a smaller engine since his trophy truck class is going froma big block v8 down the to a 410 motor and he can;t just switch a smaller block in i knowhis truck its got like 900hp

  • shaunmilor

    I dont want to see you guys broken by a big investment you can't sell very easily. Just to get it ripping your looking something like 100k+.......... New Built engine, built drivetrain, tons of specialty parts maybe even have to get parts specially machined. Buy a Trailer probably buy a bigger tow rig like an F550-650 to tow th 26k+ in truck & trailer.... Its an awesome idea would love to see it but I loved the 2jz build just as well... Did nick get the bug from Jh's monster truck at Freedom Factory?

  • MasterDsaster

    Hell get two

  • Ray Battle
    Ray Battle

    Guys , I have a buddy that owns Southern Sunshine . Lot of work. More of a novelty item and show toy . Fast is NOT an option on it either . Your decision, lot of work tho

  • Remi Deno
    Remi Deno

    Right Miller

  • Southern SXS
    Southern SXS

    Put that $$$ into Mud Lyfe and JP!

  • Jaso n
    Jaso n

    Buy it please

  • Asteria Adventures
    Asteria Adventures


  • Gerard Weigel
    Gerard Weigel

    I like the monster side by side idea. Don't buy the truck.

  • Kirk Kempen
    Kirk Kempen

    Don't buy it!

  • Irish Phil
    Irish Phil

    Really like the SXS material, but if it’s y’all’s dream I’m cool with it.

  • Mitchell Kain
    Mitchell Kain

    Yes but one

  • Mitchell Kain
    Mitchell Kain

    Yes mega truck

  • Conner Pyles
    Conner Pyles

    Do not buy it. Spend your money on more sidebysides or atvs

  • Matt Smith
    Matt Smith

    Going monster truck way is a waste of money and getting away from.what this channel suppose be just saying .

  • Matt. Mallon
    Matt. Mallon


  • Chris Rogers
    Chris Rogers

    is that a Sous fart at 10:45 - Rick, "I think ducks"

  • Doug San
    Doug San

    Not easy being an adult, want vs. need. I watch because of the SxSs, I’d watch if you built rock bouncers. Monster trucks are way out of the average guys reach. I say “no”. Thanks for asking my opinion.

  • Michael Messner
    Michael Messner

    Knowing how you guys are I think he would much rather enjoy a rock bouncer. It’s kind of a smaller monster truck but a lot more functional for what you guys do. Also keep in mind that is an old leaf spring style suspension you don’t wanna go fast as it bounces and it’s hard to control your suspension is basically in the tires. I would pass however the cool factor is there. Enjoyed watching you guys eat Chick-fil-A, or Rick-fil-A lol 😝

  • holla yo
    holla yo

    That truck is a POS!!!

  • Alex Bell
    Alex Bell

    I gotta say get out of the truck content. Theres enough of those videos out there. Id rather see more destination rides. Tennessee, wv, etc.. thats what keeps me coming back anyway...

  • Matt McBride
    Matt McBride

    You're going to be kicking yourself in the nuts if you don't buy that truck

  • Christian Norman
    Christian Norman

    I've worked with Travis for years. I can tell you if you want to buy yourself a nice piece from anyone. Look no further than Travis. This truck has the potential to do all the things you want it to do once you make those slight changes your talking about.


      Travis is definitely the man.

  • The Austin Ofarrell
    The Austin Ofarrell

    Better off doing a rock bouncer project then a monster truck

  • Zak Buckner
    Zak Buckner

    Go back to the old two stroke cold smoke style I wouldn't mind seeing a sxs jump a monster truck boys much love stay true fellas follow the dream!!!!!!

  • LowSlo 92
    LowSlo 92

    But it

  • Scotty B's RC's
    Scotty B's RC's

    Look for a turn key monster truck

  • Louisiana Flippin & Pitchin
    Louisiana Flippin & Pitchin

    build the race truck into a mud monster truck

  • RudeboyMoto

    As cool as it would be it's a no from me, stick to SxS content, should do a build on an older unit like an OG turbo mav (as I have one) and see what can be done to an older machine, as not everyone has the latest and greatest machines, still plenty of us running OG mavs and old RzR's.

  • Bob DeGood
    Bob DeGood

  • Bob DeGood
    Bob DeGood

    I can't tell if you are serious, or if this is click bait. From what I saw in your video, everyone thinks it would be cool to own a monster truck. But I didn't see any clear sense of your end objective. It seems to me like you need to do way more research, on current designs of monster trucks and what parts it needs to have to be able to do what you want it to do. Monster truck parts are going to be way more expensive than SxS parts and you need to have a different set of tools. It would be a complete new universe.

  • TimEh893

    I'd honestly rather see you guys buy a rock bouncer to rip around and jump like hell. Thinking it wouldn't require anything new for transportation. Still huge horsepower and speed in a smaller more transportable package

  • Mike Martin
    Mike Martin

    It would be cool to have. I personally won’t watch the videos you post of building the truck to what you want it to be. But I will watch the videos of you ripping it when it’s done. Love the SXS videos. I just bought a new YXZ because my first video I watched of you guys was when Doug picked his up. If you do buy it, I’m sure you guys will have fun though. Good luck.

  • jbirtk9

    Yes buy it

  • Randy Leeder
    Randy Leeder

    I’d say no... Stick with the sxs stuff and..... finish 2JP!!!

  • Simpson Rd Larry
    Simpson Rd Larry

    Engine alone would be $35-40K!

  • Simpson Rd Larry
    Simpson Rd Larry

    Another $50-65k and you’d have something! 🤣💥👍🏼

  • n o a h h
    n o a h h

    You would be top of ALgone with a monster truck man.

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