So... we found an abandoned RZR Pro XP! (our stuck unit)
Time to recover our ABANDONED Pro XP!
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    Might have to go back and conquer this trail for real. What do you think?

    • mike mccully
      mike mccully

      @mr4x4s xrfy

    • Jacob Yeager
      Jacob Yeager

      @Hugh Mungus yes


      @michael malkowski its kinross / Kincheloe thats the airport

    • Ron Daman
      Ron Daman

      Lol comments are great. Fyi I have a honda talon I was stuck out there a week ago it's all swamp and some of those holes feel like theres no bottom. So old mac trail being as old as it is is sketchy at best lol. Some parts of it have gates up so you cant go down there in the summer. That's how real it can get lol.

    • Mark Pepaj
      Mark Pepaj

      Yeah and pick me up on the way.

  • WW-town! !!
    WW-town! !!

    It’s so gay when people name their machines. “Mud life” so stupid

  • Scott Carson
    Scott Carson

    Plastic tracks not going to last in the could weather think tires far more durable get better traction plus get it up higher

  • Josh Williams
    Josh Williams

    god, you are gay

  • Outdoor fun for everyone
    Outdoor fun for everyone

    Nice video I got stuck bad once had to leave it overnight and next day a comealong and 4hr of grooling inch at a time work in the rain with Northern Ontario CA bugs and no help

  • paul jones
    paul jones

    Does anybody actually believe that somebody would just leave $25,000 ATV out in the middle of the woods and never come back to try to get it out of there you watch all of these videos with the same people in them and they just happen to find very expensive vehicles out in the middle of nowhere that somehow people just up and abandon them because they got a flat tire come on people are you that dumb or are you that dumbed down that you actually believe that they're finding all of these things is out in the middle it's staged I get it it's entertainment but come on


      Lol Paul clearly you don’t understand the premise of this video. We had to abandon the machine in the woods a few days prior due to track failure and this is our recovery.

  • Gracie Chiasson
    Gracie Chiasson

    1 down 4 to go

  • Jaqerion Shivers
    Jaqerion Shivers

    Bro that’s mine I left it I was coming back to get it

  • Martin Neps
    Martin Neps

    I don't know why you didn't just win shootout that would've been your best bet is that of doing all that work

  • Brian tel
    Brian tel

    Did you bring extra belts remember it is a Polaris

  • bobby kibble
    bobby kibble

    If that machine has a winch on it why wouldn't you just winch yourself out in the first place

  • Charles Waits
    Charles Waits

    Didnt know you could just steal someone stuff

  • daSTUMP906

    You jacked it up why not put wood under the tracks & drive it out ? Way too much work putting tires on !!!!

  • K Crawford
    K Crawford

    Come on, you could drive the flat bed back there and why you didnt just pul it out a few feet and drive it out with your other rig. Silly make work video

  • Elijahs Outdoor entertainment
    Elijahs Outdoor entertainment

    Good but dont like cursing. #jesus

  • Real Airplane
    Real Airplane

    Yous guy ever hear about snowmobiles?

  • Kevin Ferguson
    Kevin Ferguson

    Leave the snow for the snowmobiles!! You have created a very dangerous mess for someone to hit a high speed!

  • Kevin Ferguson
    Kevin Ferguson

    Can't believe the camera guy stood in front and then complained about the danger

  • Joseph Patton
    Joseph Patton

    I live in the U.P. at the McMillan area

  • Bryce Devoe
    Bryce Devoe

    Why didn’t you take the key wit you

  • backyard builds
    backyard builds

    I ride those trails all the time on my blaster

  • Josh Yste
    Josh Yste

    BRUH you found my stuff i parked it there cuz i was getting gas bruh bring it back

  • DJ Williams
    DJ Williams

    Those 36's looked great...did they rub in the turns??...was there a lift installed on that to be able to handle it?

  • Lucas Matthews
    Lucas Matthews

    Can am wouldn’t of got stuck

  • bpetnoi

    Abandoned???? Really? Don't think so.


      We did actually abandon it lol

  • Josh Bertke
    Josh Bertke

    do this again

  • nivesknight

    Wish I could afford these toys....

  • Pasquale Papaleo
    Pasquale Papaleo

    Don’t do that again I bet you won’t dangerous

  • Brady Beck
    Brady Beck

    "not much" is how much i get in a full year :( 6:07

  • jimmy thomas
    jimmy thomas


  • Bradley Fraser
    Bradley Fraser

    My hometown. That's awesome. I ride them trails year round.

  • Eddie Fisher
    Eddie Fisher

    Was it yours or someone elses

  • Crazy Earl
    Crazy Earl

    When u said 2020 is going to be insane i think u was right

  • Tito Pacheco
    Tito Pacheco

    We fricken love battle dad, him doug and leo i wouldn't worry about ANYTHING!!! That treo can pull off a moon recovery!! I read it on the last video and i agree this world needs more dougies and battle dads LOL!!

  • Zeus m84
    Zeus m84

    Sorry bros but tracks are weak af

  • Kerry Soden
    Kerry Soden

    Head back with mudlife on tracks. She'll kill it

  • Ron Daman
    Ron Daman

    Way awesome. Looks like it went well right on. Dang swamps around here so sketchy hahaha. Theres actually some cool spots around kinross. And rudyard especially if u can get on some private trails or head to the quarries there all around.

  • Brandon Heinrich
    Brandon Heinrich

    I work at SuperATV hq in Madison INdiana and I love being surrounded by these beauties everyday. LOve your guy's channel!!

  • Terry Geraldsen
    Terry Geraldsen

    the amount of tires on that truck in the beginning - 😳

  • Lucas Elliott
    Lucas Elliott

    “2020” is going to be insane, if only he knew

  • Paul Yoder
    Paul Yoder

    next time you get stuck like that and have a jack, you can lift it up and break off tree limbs and put them under your tires.. thatl get you out

    • Paul Yoder
      Paul Yoder

      can even do it without the jack...just place broken branches under the tires.

  • Smitty _851
    Smitty _851

    Confused.. wouldn't tracks be better in snow than tires beings more flotation like a snowmobile?

  • Daniel_ Duran
    Daniel_ Duran

    What helmet is Doug using? I like the integrated shield that tucks under the visor.

  • Tt Ss
    Tt Ss

    Oh Jesus I wonder how much he is gettin flair to be a bill board for yami.... I mean dam that’s a squid thing right there

  • Davis Kimmel
    Davis Kimmel

    Sxs blog is it me or does it look like mud lyfes front tires are torkerd in on the top

  • Coby Gammon
    Coby Gammon

    It’s sad that y’all have so much money that you leave a 30,000 dollar unit and forgot all about it

    • Coby Gammon
      Coby Gammon it’s sad y’all have that much money to leave a 30,000 dollar unit and forget it even was built


      Lol what

  • Luke Rosnermanz
    Luke Rosnermanz

    Must suck that you can’t get views without lying about your videos content


      Explain the lies 😂

  • Gilles Godin
    Gilles Godin

    That was awesome guys i always like you video, i glad to see your dad in the video like to see that more often and so then he im sure looking for the next one

  • Eduardo Salazar
    Eduardo Salazar

    let me have the rzr 😂

  • AppalachianGunSlinger

    all that work and all you really needed where some maxtrax and a jack...

  • Mike Nash
    Mike Nash

    Wow! After all that would you recommend Trax ? Do they go where snow machines go

  • DAVID schlief
    DAVID schlief

    Probably stolen now your a thief



  • Fenrir

    As a truck driver and seeing the trailer in the backround at the start the first thing i thought was holy mother of tire change


    That was MINT.

  • bryan maynard
    bryan maynard

    What caused it to get stuck in the first place, high centered?


      Check out previous episodes.

  • Winston Paul
    Winston Paul

    Click bait ... I hope you get stuck again and again. Lol

  • Shire Farmz
    Shire Farmz

    Good ole Michigan 🤙

  • Luke Smith
    Luke Smith

    Only in a America hahaha

  • Jim T
    Jim T

    Did u break a trac, thought they were better in snow?

  • Thomas Auger
    Thomas Auger

    Yall seem like the type of guys I chill with on the weekend

  • MoTo_Tech_Braap_it out
    MoTo_Tech_Braap_it out

    I like the way 2 seaters look ..4 seaters are blah

  • AgAir Videos
    AgAir Videos

    The tracks should have worked and would have been way better for snow, also not very smart to use tires with literally no grip

  • Logan B
    Logan B

    Just waiting for the guy who actually owns it to come claim it back from you

  • Fred Gomez
    Fred Gomez

    Good job - what a tremendous attitude.

  • D Harper
    D Harper

    Just came across this, is this yours or a friends or are you stealing it

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    Heck yeah men, good job!! That's never fun and never easy but y'all got her

  • Colorado Mike
    Colorado Mike

    So you guys dug and jacked and then changed from trax to tires? Good fun and all, but wouldn't it just be better to dig and jack and drive out on trax that are already installed???


      Tracks were broken and immobile, check out the previous vid

  • Mike Secondo
    Mike Secondo

    Get a job!!!!

  • David Osbourne
    David Osbourne


  • Greg Rogers
    Greg Rogers

    A roof and sides and a windshield on those buggies and they might be more comfortable in the winter.

  • Dudley Baggerman
    Dudley Baggerman

    To bad u boys Dont know how to drive in the Snow ! Lmfao uall need to get a Brain ! Dumb and Dumberrr

  • RSH21

    Why cant they just dig it out and then drive out on tracks? To put tires on seems like a wrong step. Please explain

  • RSH21

    “1 down 4 to go”. How many wheels are on this machine?

  • Eric Jenkins
    Eric Jenkins

    Why not just jackit up and put a piece of that cut log in the rut

  • Gunnerfa1

    With them 36s on the pro some portals would be a nice to help with the turning radius and some extra ground clearance

  • george martinez
    george martinez

    If you drive a Can Am that wont happen ! :)

  • ShawnIBEW

    CLICK BAIT...….

  • Dean Randall
    Dean Randall

    Did anybody think about bringing a torch to thaw out things ?


      We did

  • Arick Hook
    Arick Hook

    Mudlife needs some love and more use

  • Darien Timbrook
    Darien Timbrook

    1 down 4 to go 😂😂

  • James Core
    James Core

    If anything your videos have proven to me is I will never give up my Outlander 1000 for any side by side. That snow is nothing but child's play for an Outlander.

  • Pasquale Papaleo
    Pasquale Papaleo

    I think you guys are nuts and you’re lucky the winter is a bad time to do your sports it looks like those machines are not that great with tracks on it please advise why you got stuck with tracks

  • zloftsgard1

    Nice work!!👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • Brian Langhorst
    Brian Langhorst

    why not snowmobile in winter?

  • Dark_Bastion

    This is a serious question where did the driver of the mudlyfe get the helmet would like to know so I could look at it and possibly purchase it


      It's a gmax gm-11s

  • Flip broskies
    Flip broskies

    Where do you live in Michigan. Bc I live in grand travers county and I’m a big fan

  • Buddy McCallum
    Buddy McCallum

    Ok...why couldn’t you just jack up one end at a time and fill in the holes with snow wood or rocks ? Makes way more sense to me.

  • Jay Burrough
    Jay Burrough

    Just stand there as a fast moving side by side coming at you LoL 😂😂 who does that

  • Spread The Love TV
    Spread The Love TV

    That was mine

  • IthinkthereforeIam OrsoIthought
    IthinkthereforeIam OrsoIthought

    Not exactly sure how I got here but it was interesting; explained how I see the tracks in places I never dreamed I would see them.

  • Terry Skaggs
    Terry Skaggs

    Hi guys do you have any plans on ripping those around at the freedom factory?


    Ever thought about doing the right thing and contacting the REAL owner asking him to cover cost you endured for extracting it! Thief..

  • CJ Manning
    CJ Manning

    So what happened? How does treads get that stuck!?

  • Meanold bonbon
    Meanold bonbon

    2019 Can-Am™ Maverick™ X3 X™ mr Turbo R X mr TURBO what do you thing about this unit for a first time buyer of atv for an old man wanting fun in the sun and a added set of tracts

  • IndyHelis

    clickbait... you didnt find shit you left shit..... everyone i ever see using snow tracks on a 4 wheel vehicle gets stuck... their useless...

  • joe mama
    joe mama

    Not a good endorsement for those ridiculous Traxx treads.

  • joe mama
    joe mama


  • matthew baker
    matthew baker

    Did the tracks mess up or was it just stuck?

    • matthew baker
      matthew baker

      Nvm just watched it a second time, must’ve missed it the first time when he said they were for a different machine

  • Rodney Duran
    Rodney Duran

    When Doug first move the pro it made some sounds, like if the brakes were frozen... Extreme temps can freeze grease and oils.

  • SwampDonkey530

    I enjoyed your video. Don't you fellas know, you need SNOWmachines to play in the snow, hahahah, I'm happy you got your buggy back..and no losers fucked with it!!!