SXS Short course racing CARNAGE! X3 vs Turbo S vs YXZ vs XX
The Full Throttle Offroad short course day was another awesome event!


    Happy 4th everyone!!!

    • Harlan Hughes
      Harlan Hughes

      By far my most favorite blog!

    • Jeremy Minor
      Jeremy Minor happy 4th to y’all. Are you all going to be doing any more new shirts?

    • Rodney Duran
      Rodney Duran

      Hope all had a great 4th and many more to come...

    • Billy Mcclanahan
      Billy Mcclanahan happy 4th to you all,,

    • Ryan Winchester Known Sender
      Ryan Winchester Known Sender

      Happy 4th y'all

  • Mario Coronel
    Mario Coronel

    So what happened with @fullthrottleoffroad

  • V4 YT
    V4 YT

    Leo's awareness for the viewers point of view is unseen on any other channel I watch

  • Nolan Brooks
    Nolan Brooks

    You’re not gonna be able to get back in your acts through your head is too big

  • Tito Pacheco
    Tito Pacheco

    WOW LEO MAN!!!!! NICE#!!!

  • Tito Pacheco
    Tito Pacheco

    "People think we don't think about safety, i stand around all day in a helmet" LMAO ROTF......smh😂😎🤙

  • Ashley Meza-Pennell
    Ashley Meza-Pennell

    Man I have been so inspired by how much fun y'all have I am trying to get my own side by side 4 seater Canam?!? for the family. I hopfull will "send it" with the wife and kids yelling the whole time!!! God bless!!

  • Ken

    Lol leo was proud of sous cuz he WOOPED HIM lol

  • Ken

    What happen sous? Leo....whooped

  • Ken

    The OEM dogs.. they won’t help either

  • Ken


  • Ken

    You guys have 40GRAND to rip.. broke budget people don’t... make a myth buster video... PROVE A DOG CAN KILL A 40,000 UNIT ON THE CHEAP

  • Ken

    Sous is always the driver 🤓

  • Ken

    Can you guys PLEASE make an underdog rip.. un dog a dog... the xx needs your help.. and now the KRX needs help desperately.. the reason is the OTD PRICES ON BOTHE ARE AS LOW AS 16GRAND NEW HELP SXS BLOG.. PLEASE

  • Ardie Condin
    Ardie Condin

    I would like to thank you guys for the great videos... they always keep me entertained and I also learn some stuff here and there. Keep up the good work

  • Nate Luther
    Nate Luther

    That looked fun man.. Great job guys!

  • ngh

    What width machines do you guys all run? Are any of you 64 or all 72? How big of a difference is it in stability and control?

  • Michael Sorensen
    Michael Sorensen

    Y'all keep it up keep safe and enjoy

  • Donald Oliver
    Donald Oliver

    Would like to see Doug race I think he would do great in battlefield

  • Calvin Pettet
    Calvin Pettet

    What com system do you use helmet to helmet



  • BigApple Ranch
    BigApple Ranch

    I so wanna build a short course track on my property here in Colorado. There is a lot of trail riding, but not a whole lot of sxs events out here. I think I’ll start designing one this summer

  • Kurt Knas
    Kurt Knas

    Love when you have some real track races, you should have some track/dunes/dragracing league.

  • Matt Evans
    Matt Evans


  • Dean Friesen
    Dean Friesen

    Generally too much talking compared to action shots in my opinion.

  • THE Fisherman Presley
    THE Fisherman Presley

    What kind of doors do you have on your rzr?

    • THE Fisherman Presley
      THE Fisherman Presley



      Polaris OEM doors

  • Eliezer Clemente
    Eliezer Clemente

    Can am is can am brother

  • Eliezer Clemente
    Eliezer Clemente

    Can am is can am

  • louis kirk
    louis kirk

    Best video yet, guys. I felt the energy, enjoyed the humor, and stayed hooked until the very last minute. It's nice seeing the development of your videography skills as well. Thanks for the escape.


      Thank you Louis!

  • Renegade 1000
    Renegade 1000

    Can yall please send Nick Sous to the chiropractor. His posture while standing around makes my neck ache. He needs to be aligned by a professional asap. Just looking out for yall. I want the best for you all and your success

  • Reis Dushanek
    Reis Dushanek

    So positive! Would be sweet to rip with ya guys! Drive safe

  • JaxHawkguy

    Haha love that Monster Jam level entertainment comment from sous at 5:41 I actually work for monster jam.

  • John Sharba
    John Sharba

    Were there any Rzr RS1's running, if so how did they run?

  • Stacy Reid
    Stacy Reid

    There's a lot of people who win at everything and there are some people who don't but I've noticed that whether y'all win or lose it doesn't matter y'all say thanks to the ones who put it on and to those who not just lost but who make you work harder to win. And during yalls events you thank everyone for coming out and having fun. I Say thank y'all for being true sportsmen

  • Bad Dealer
    Bad Dealer

    Short Courses Really Show The Disadvantage Of The Belt Drive. Manual Shifting And Engine Stops Would Help

  • Bad Dealer
    Bad Dealer

    Another Post......Another Blown Belt... Im Patiently Waiting For A 2 Seat Turbo Honda With A Fox Live Valve Suspension.

  • 06goatm6

    Why no Dougie racing? Wheres the YXZ!!??

  • skankhunt 42
    skankhunt 42

    I see you guys ran with my keep rollin rollin rollin post from instagram🤣🤣🤣I'm surprised you guys are not wearing hanns devices.

  • manny ahles
    manny ahles

    2 words for all you racers : WRIST RESTRAINTS! My family of 4 wear them anytime we are in the X3 even if it just for a trash dump, trail/desert ride or when we dune. $20 each could save your arm and/or life.

  • Eric D
    Eric D

    On the subject of Firewipes….they got a lil problem with their freight costs....WOW!! Great content boys!! Keep up the good work buds!!

  • HarleyDavidson88

    Did anybody else notice all the birds chirping when the Can Ams were running??

  • Tyler Jones
    Tyler Jones

    The polaris needs faster acceleration, it has great top end, but thats where the rotax excels. Good driving Leo, thats better than horsepower sometimes

  • That Bearded Veteran
    That Bearded Veteran

    Well done freaking Leonardo! We expect a 3peat next year ;)

  • Derek Bergman
    Derek Bergman

    What kinda radios you guys use in the helmets??

  • G’s Life
    G’s Life

    Yeeeeeee maaan!!!!!! Atta boy Leonardo

  • Paul G. Gerard
    Paul G. Gerard

    Vary nice job !!!!!!

  • totallyi812

    Rolling a joint? Na just a sxs

  • 84moneypit

    We need less of lnards neck beard

  • Arick Hook
    Arick Hook

    Yep definitely need the world chanpionship belt to wear and be allowed to talk the mad shit you want for a year, until you degend it lol great shit

  • speedshift

    Maybe he's running us over maybe not lmao great vid guys

  • Johnathan Jordan
    Johnathan Jordan

    Congrats Leonardo 🎊🎉

  • Bob White
    Bob White

    You guys need a water truck and if the cost is to much then get or rent trailer water buggy that has gas power motor that will run the water hose sprayer, Great video, good job Leo two years in a row.

  • Rodney Parsons
    Rodney Parsons

    All you want is speed...newbie generation thinks this is off roading..gonna kill someone...doing this crap

    • Rocky Primm
      Rocky Primm

      The sport is not out of control you just didn't see all this stuff 20 years ago because it wasnt all over the internet trust me SxS have done way more good than bad

    • Rodney Parsons
      Rodney Parsons

      @Rocky Primm nope just seen to many wrecks..with young kids...I did the first 4 rides from windrock to west va...500 plus miles each time 1996...98..2001 2003....speed is the issue with atvs .....look at the family that wrecked st windrock few weeks ago..look at the stunt guy who bought killed him self trying to jump...a sxs...them things are not made for that...any way..I think iv earned my right to my this sport....that's our of control....

    • Rocky Primm
      Rocky Primm

      Sound like a bitter old man SxS have brought more money to the offroad community than anything before them dirt bike riders said the same about ATV riders get of your high horse

    • Rodney Parsons
      Rodney Parsons

      @Rocky Primm sxs have runied trails at windrock an Hatfield McCoy the newbie generation ride like crazy people wide they make more ruts..cause they try an show off in 2wd..sorry time to regulate these sxs...u dont need a 1000 cc moter with a turbo....enjoy changeing them belts an over heating...I got 3 Honda rubcons over 120,000 miles..never once over heated....pow pow

    • Rocky Primm
      Rocky Primm

      People have been going fast sense the first thing with wheels was built and no this isnt off roading it's off road RACING. So get out of here with that newbie generation stuff

  • V1BEZzz

    Oh okay good to know!

  • Doug Summers
    Doug Summers

    Does it feel weird not having to go to a typical job anymore?

  • Doug Summers
    Doug Summers

    I liked the in car view. Normally I don’t care for it. But in the race it is nice.

  • aronsrb4815

    Leo looks like a chubby Eric Church in this video

  • Newjed11

    Where’s beast mode with the xds control, and a arms

  • OutLawBoyZ KtM
    OutLawBoyZ KtM

    Sous need more powarrr

  • grandprismatic

    Be sweet too see the RS1 on the track. With the secondary brake. Sweet race glad buddy is ok. RZR was going like a boss.

  • Hunter Todd
    Hunter Todd

    Cool stuff man!!! But y’all should really use some driver side window nets so your arms and head stay in the cage

  • NS Gearhead
    NS Gearhead

    Couple thoughts; why don't you guys try hand brakes and take the corners a la Ken Block? I wonder if that would be any faster? Also; you might want to consider window nets or wrist straps. Hate to see anyone get hurt.


      No center diff, can't lock just the rear wheels in these while in 4wd

  • DSx Nate
    DSx Nate

    You should do a giveaway


      We do one every month fam!


    Let's go leo!!!!

  • Rodney Duran
    Rodney Duran

    Sous needs to keep a steady throttle around the turns and not do a sudden throttle let-off which is causing him time...

  • tim jones
    tim jones

    Right on! Congrats Leonardo !

  • Bourbon Junkies
    Bourbon Junkies

    You two just slaying out there. Nick Rollin that back to back champ dude... Awesome job! Just finished this one off... Asking if the ole tire popped after you finished your lap when you ran a 36.6 :'D

  • TJ Shine
    TJ Shine

    Leo's Mom won't let him play outside without his helmet!!! :-) Check with Sous, I think he opened your glove compartment to sabotage you! HAHAHAHA

  • V1BEZzz

    Why are u guys using the slow key? For the x3


      We aren't, which key is the performance key just depends on how the dealer programs them

  • Jake Dibbert
    Jake Dibbert

    Leonardo gonna need a bigger helmet pretty soon

  • C Chap
    C Chap

    I like those goggles, what's the advantage to the magnetic part? How do ya'll like them, worth the pricetag?

    • C Chap
      C Chap what’s a good lens for daytime use?


      We like them a lot, detachable lens makes them super easy to clean and swap out for conditions

  • T

    Leo has lots of excuses


      For what? He won, lol

  • Trace Azure
    Trace Azure

    Murf nick

  • eddogg2 eddogg2
    eddogg2 eddogg2

    Good job Leonardo And good job sous there Is always next year and Mr. Battlefield get your butt out there

  • Matt Whitt
    Matt Whitt

    I saved this video for Friday to make work a little better after the holiday

  • M K
    M K

    LMAO that YXZ try hard...

  • Renn

    Vid description says XX also, but I didn’t see one...what’s up with that? 🤔

    • Renn
      Renn, okay thanks. I was hoping to see one running around that wasn’t broken in some form or fashion.


      There was one but unfortunately he broke the 4wd coupler during practice and was stuck in 2wd all day so it just didn't make the highlights

  • Jaran Higley
    Jaran Higley

    Good job Nick!

  • Austin K
    Austin K

    good job leo and sous solid performance

  • mckrackin5324

    I wonder if the roll over broke the sway bar or a broken sway bar caused the roll over.


      Nothin actually broke, it just flipped over from the links being too short, hard to say when it happened exactly

    • mckrackin5324

      The reason I wonder is, my sway bar link broke on the passenger side a couple weeks ago. I felt it break and almost rolled in a super easy and familiar corner. It snapped and I was instantly in an inferior ride. It was as scary as if the steering wheel had fallen off. lol

  • Carter Applegate
    Carter Applegate

    Yall need to get a polaris general. Would love to see yall build one

  • David Renner
    David Renner

    How can I contact you


      Shoot us an email man!

  • Brett Forbes
    Brett Forbes

    Hhmmm was just wondering why your videos were coming out after the boys from Full Throttle..... strategic may be so the boys don’t see you guys set yo machines up 🧐


      Haha nah, we generally just try to stick to posting in the order things were filmed

  • G20xwarx

    The tires in that yxz are so small and from nicks perspective it makes him look like he’s slow

  • Joel Shurtleff
    Joel Shurtleff

    What's the radio you guys have installed in your helmets?


      Sena 30k

  • Vipr Media Productions
    Vipr Media Productions

    Who needs the extra power you still took the win! Power isn't everything when you have a track that doesn't stay consistent and multiple tight turns. Great job Leo! I like that song at the end who was that?


      You're right power ain't everything, sure does help though!

  • j g
    j g

    HEY SOUS IS THAT A NEW SXSBLOG.COM T-SHIRT DESIGN LOL THE MUD SPECIAL congratulations to Leo for the Win🚘🚦🥇🏆🎆🏎

  • zloftsgard1

    Nice work!!!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Deadly Donague
    Deadly Donague

    Nick would join the 35 club if you setup the yxz for short course!

  • Danny Williams
    Danny Williams

    Where was the turbo yxz?? Could have won it all!

  • Jadon Bethel
    Jadon Bethel

    Did u guys go to the mud nats 19 at hillarosa they have a sick short course

  • Tim Koniecny
    Tim Koniecny

    THE TWO TIME!!! Congrats Leo! You need to get a tshirtfor this - "LEO THE TWO TIME from"

  • Carpe Diem Flyer
    Carpe Diem Flyer

    Great job boys! Sous looked like he was a few laps away from putting down a super fast time too. Aaron looked super fast too! Glad Dozer is ok.

  • brent roberts
    brent roberts

    Congrats LEO!! Again a victor of the short track!

  • boostenmkiv

    I feel like I've watched every video, but missed what happened too beast mode


      It's a dedicated drag machine now

  • Jeff Patrick
    Jeff Patrick

    Great video 👍 was it dusty Doug?

  • JCE

    Why didn’t leo run beast mode?

    • JCE

      I knew you done that but thought it was for all styles of racing instead of drags only thanks for replying though!


      It's narrowed and lightened drag race specific setup now

  • Gary Tee
    Gary Tee

    WAY TO GO LEO (you the fast man )

  • Thomas Holman
    Thomas Holman

    Happy 4th to all , and congrats Leo👍👍👍

  • BackyardGoons

    You should install a hydro e brake for those hairpins :)

  • Darrick Dykstra
    Darrick Dykstra

    Awsome track but those poor air filters😔

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