SXSBlog LIVE! Q&A, shop update, GIVEAWAY Winner!

  • Ultra Limited
    Ultra Limited

    That is so awesome. Thank u guys so much. My family and I will have a blast. I also want to thank RZR RIPN RENTALS.

    • Ultra Limited
      Ultra Limited

      @DUNE YXZ thank u

    • Ultra Limited
      Ultra Limited

      @devvyboy tiktok thank u

    • Ultra Limited
      Ultra Limited

      @Tony Mattisson thanks

    • devvyboy tiktok
      devvyboy tiktok


    • Tony Mattisson
      Tony Mattisson


  • Ricky Rogers
    Ricky Rogers

    What about Okla

  • Sean Norris
    Sean Norris

    Hey guy's my birthday was friday july 10th and was hoping to have you all help me with my 2016 polaris ace 570 sports man but i do love your video's and you guy's are awesome

  • NoMercyHawk

    You guys need to be sponsored by McDs! Double QP!

  • RatTerrier1369

    You guys should plan on going to Waynoka OK during the Snake Hunt weekend! 1600 acres....25k-ish people 😮....what could be better?? 😂

  • Jacob Wilton
    Jacob Wilton

    What about project 9 lives?

  • Michael Shields
    Michael Shields

    Please announce when you are going to Waynoka. Been watching since day one and would love to see you guys ripping in person.

  • jacob redburn
    jacob redburn

    Not gonna lie boys. Waynoka is a good time. Trails are killer. Dunes are a good time. Rick is right. You need to make it happen, your life will be changed forever. We make the trip almost once a month.

  • Chad Huhn
    Chad Huhn

    For the yxz check out platinum powersports in rockford best price I could find out there

  • John Mccullough
    John Mccullough

    Make a video on the rzr.2020 xp An the other utvs towing mabe a f250 pickup truck on a trailer its never ben done an u guys will get so many views an mabe change the aspect of. The machines it will be so cool

  • Jimety Etty
    Jimety Etty

    Hell yeah! Just now watching this, if you guys got to waynoka, I'm there. Where should I look for an announcement if you do?

    • Jimety Etty
      Jimety Etty If you need anything related to that just hit me up. It's not glamis, but it's a fun time


      May put it on IG or FB. Certainly not expecting it to be a meet and greet but wouldn't be mad having someone with knowledge there

  • Mike Martin
    Mike Martin

    Yesss! Buy a 2020 YXZ. I just got one and would love to see what you guys would do with it.


    Y’all should build a Sasquatch research team themed SxS. I think that would be a fun build. Just an idea. Keep up the great work guys! It’s been awesome watching y’all guys grow

  • BrokeBike Mtb
    BrokeBike Mtb

    You guys rock man.....I freaking love the race day vidjas.....sad year ....

  • clemente rodriguez
    clemente rodriguez

    im sorry guys i love ya but i just dont enjoy the videos as much with rick i rather have sous full-time so goodbye for now

  • William Douglass
    William Douglass

    When are you guys gonna make a race legal unit? BITD, SCORE, or KOH

  • Dickerlump1277

    laggy sound, crappy image quality, come on dudes, improve your internet or wlan connection! way to crappy to watch, even on mobile phone :/

    • Blake Cameron
      Blake Cameron


  • Chris Klug
    Chris Klug

    Have you guys ever been to Tulsma trail park in South Dakota they have a Halloween ride and think you guys would love it

  • RidetoLive199

    Definitely answered my question! The Waynoka Oklahoma one! Can't wait to see when you guys go would love to meet y'all!!

  • chavez Buffalo
    chavez Buffalo

    Hello sxs blog i always tune in to watch you guys i run a Polaris 900s 2016 but been have lots of problems for past 2 years that i can recall i bought it new but love the mud have it snorkel but like i said having major costly issues replaced 6 clutches in 5years that Polaris says also every repair was done at Polaris in wetaskiwin alberta but i was wondering if we can talk an i was wondering if I can have you and your team fix it so i can watch the repairs looking forward to hearing back

  • Zach Monsue
    Zach Monsue

    Doug how you doing guy? you just seem down lately.

  • Ryan Bieberich
    Ryan Bieberich

    Can't wait for some newer YXZ content!!!!

  • devvyboy tiktok
    devvyboy tiktok

    Serious question for anyone who has purchased a new can am maverick x3: How long does the break in period last? I have only 2 hours on the machine, and it limits me to about 30 mph.

    • devvyboy tiktok
      devvyboy tiktok

      @Mike Martin i found out the next day, the dealer programmed both of my keys as work keys by accident. Thanks for the response.

    • Mike Martin
      Mike Martin

      Sounds like you’re using the low power key. I thought they had two different levels of power and speed keys.

  • Duane Ostermayer
    Duane Ostermayer

    We need Sous full time👍👍

  • Duane Ostermayer
    Duane Ostermayer

    Why isn’t Nick S not full time working on the blog? Please get back to me or talk about it on the blog, I watch every upload so I’ll hear it there.

  • Jeff Patrick
    Jeff Patrick

    Tough Break! I missed the live feed! Great to see the old crew back together though 👍

  • CntrlOregon ADV
    CntrlOregon ADV

    You guys should be drinking for your live events! Party time! LOL

  • Joshua Richmond
    Joshua Richmond

    Talk to my buddies at Cycle Sport Yamaha KTM in hobart,indiana they can get you a killer deal on a yxz

  • Chance

    Nick/Rick are the SandCraft paddles worth the extra money over Tusks for the great price they are? TIA.

  • Outdoor Man
    Outdoor Man

    Are you guys going to Canada to rip with David Costa!?!?

  • Brandon C
    Brandon C

    Congrats rick! Happy for ya bud

  • Zach Ellinger
    Zach Ellinger

    Is Sous ever going to full-time or is the party store his family business?

  • Dave Carroll
    Dave Carroll

    Talon Tabernacle!

  • D Boy
    D Boy

    Lmfao. Hell yeah I had to pay for that. I love Sousy boy.

  • Alex

    Duuuuuuuuude get the Fiber 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Luke Crumrine
    Luke Crumrine

    Heck ya Rick!!!!!!!

  • LowAss720

    You guys really need to do a trip to St Anthony dunes. Best dunes in the USA!!

  • tnross23

    I bought a mpi turbo yxz from platinum Powersports in Grand Rapids area and I have had really good luck with it. Dropping it off tomorrow for a service, I’m sure they a 2020 in stock. Check them out, cool guys and the head mechanic is very knowledgeable.

  • Aibackgandar

    Can u guys tell for once what is the situation with sous ?one time u guys said he has a family business to run or something like that Thx for the great content BTW it always makes me happy to see a SXSblog notification 🔝

  • Robert Hess
    Robert Hess

    Congratulations mud digger rc

  • Billy Cabra
    Billy Cabra

    I wanted to ask you what you thought of Robby Gordon speed UTV And will you get one

    • Caintuckee

      I know I thought enough of it to put a down payment on one..

  • Mike S
    Mike S

    Nice going back to the OG crew. ✌️

  • Stuart Doutch
    Stuart Doutch

    Good work fellas

  • Austin

    Glad to hear Rick is going to be full time. I enjoy his sense of humor and everything he brings to the table.

  • Gonecheenin

    Would love to see the Doug YXZ get long travel so it could put down all that power in the sand drags and truly dominate!!!

  • Steve Fendelet
    Steve Fendelet

    Spoiler into space dude! Haha

  • Blake's Builds
    Blake's Builds

    Do the yxz build. Sounds sick I love the yxzs

  • DrivingGod1998

    Fiberwerkx kit on BeastMode for the absolute meme? Would look fantastic, and it's mostly a drag car so it's less likely to roll or damage the body.

  • WahidTrynaHeghugh

    Twin turbos on the race unit


    When Nick said your looking for a 2020 YXZ to purchase I didn’t hear another word after that! 😍

    • DUNE YXZ
      DUNE YXZ Going to try and meet up with you guys at Camp RZR again. Last year I kept missing you guys from Olds to China Wall...🤔


      Lol I knew it

  • Mike Davis
    Mike Davis

    More KRX

  • DrivingGod1998

    Wish I got to see this live boys!! I've been a fan of the blog long enough to know when Rick moved away. So stoked to see everyone. Now just that pesky Nic Sous. I know he's got a family business to run but when is he coming full time????!!!

  • WahidTrynaHeghugh

    A very sous moment at 1:56 “ what have you been up to?” “Ding dong ding ding job dong ding ding dong, here’s the thing dong dong... ... ... HAHAHAHA”

  • Frank Steinhilber
    Frank Steinhilber

    ever thought of adding a mezineen in the shop .

  • Terry Lusk
    Terry Lusk

    Live at 2:00 ???????? Oooook

  • Pr3ct

    Rick full time....yee yee. He can not keep Sous in check. Sous doesn't keep track of expenses? Cool, I want to shop at his liquor store. Customer builds?? Are y'all really doing customer builds now or are they friendstomer builds? You're gonna need a bigger shop.

  • ltr450NoS

    Make sure to let us know when you plan a wynoka trip im about 4 hours from there and go pretty frequently

  • Chonch

    I wish Sous was full time as well.

  • Matt Smith
    Matt Smith

    Cool love ride up.there someday

  • Milton Banner
    Milton Banner

    Hey guys you used to have your gf/wives on your would be nice to see them on your trips again enjoying with you

  • Daniel Davis
    Daniel Davis

    Wait why did we all have to write a blurb about why we should be picked if you were just going to draw a name randomly??

  • dakotalayinlow

    welcome back home, Rick! Glad to see you are back in action!

  • Joe Mattson
    Joe Mattson

    Is it just me or does Rick seem so much happier now that he's full time? Glad to see it!

    • Dan B
      Dan B

      Now that he’s above both Nick’s in the pecking order he’s owning it!

  • 96dodgeram

    What ever happened to the sxs that was getting a snowmobile engine ?

  • Cleetus The Dog
    Cleetus The Dog

    It's great to hear that Rick is coming back full time! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

  • Rodrigo Diaz
    Rodrigo Diaz

    Hey yo was up sxs blog what do u guys think of a 2012 rzr with 2012 z1 artic cat turbo engine in it I'm looking to buy the toy but what do u guys think thanks

  • Relax Gringo
    Relax Gringo

    I would love to see you guys come to brimestone in Tennessee white knuckle event

  • jasond38134

    I have a 2016 for sale with less than 50 hours one it. I’ll make you a deal.

  • Eric Flores
    Eric Flores

    did Rick and his girl break up?

  • Johnny Gearjammer
    Johnny Gearjammer

    Here ya go....”Talondaga”

  • William Cultra
    William Cultra

    I have a question about JP, was it used in Jumanji, The Next Level? The 4 person RZR looks very similar.

  • XJlover

    I'm super happy to see rick going in full time him and sous always make me laugh

  • cross 777
    cross 777

    Happy to hear Rick is coming on full time. seems like he's always had a good attitude good sense of humor and the chemistry between you guys makes for great contact👍👍👍

    • RageMonkey

      I like when Rick dresses up like Doug and does savage actions


    Congrats to mud Digger enjoy and have fun

  • Gary's utv Videos Fancy
    Gary's utv Videos Fancy

    Glad to see Rick back I missed him as he was one of the original 3 , funny guy, welcome back.😆

  • Ultra Limited
    Ultra Limited

    Lol Mud Digger Rc is a name I came up with because my son and I play with RC cars and trucks. It the name just fits. Lol

  • James Carter
    James Carter

    you guys better hope the boosted boyz dont hear rick talking S about the china turbos.

  • Wes Rushing
    Wes Rushing

    Hearing you are adding a 2nd gen 2 yxz into the fleet along with dougs turbo yxz monster is the best news I’ve heard all year! Let us know about the Waynoka trip. I would love to meet up with you guys out there with my supercharged and turbocharged yxz!

  • Elliott Coleman
    Elliott Coleman

    When will the pro xp long travel 72 inch model be released.

  • Jeremy Shaw
    Jeremy Shaw

    Nick is the shit

  • Alex

    2JP will be making it to glamis right?

  • Elliott Coleman
    Elliott Coleman

    Awesome guys! Thanks for what you do!!!

  • Ryan Magana
    Ryan Magana

    Turbo the KRX!!!

  • Austin Wilson
    Austin Wilson

    Oof... tough break! Congrats to the winner though! And thanks for the chance at an awesome giveaway!

  • Bumpertrash1

    Maybe water seal a couple rzr xp's belt covers?

  • Cleo LaVallie
    Cleo LaVallie

    Where is the banana

    • XJlover

      If you're talking about the bruised banana I believe they sold it!

  • cgammans

    I wanna see 2JP vs KaterTot when it’s done. 2 crazy builds doing crazy things. Let’s see it guys!!!

  • justin george
    justin george

    We just went to little saharah in Oklahoma 2 weeks ago

    • Charles Rogers
      Charles Rogers

      Hey I was there that weekend too.

  • Jeff Salazar
    Jeff Salazar

    Good to see you guys , take care N be safe this weekend

  • Michigan Ripper
    Michigan Ripper

    Heck yea dudes

  • Dylon Grace
    Dylon Grace

    Hello from British Columbia Canada

  • Jason Kotlow
    Jason Kotlow

    Hope your all doing Well🙌!!!!

    • Jason Kotlow
      Jason Kotlow

      So what do you guys think is the Best side by side for reliability Jumping and Arizona? I like the new Polaris xp pro with the fox live valve ..The cam am turbo rr is really nice as well ..Just heard Polaris are easier to work on ! One thing that worries me is the Clutch belt drive..I do like the Honda talon with the reliability and that transmission type!! Plus you guys drive one with a turbo upgrade and it seemed really cool...Love to hear what you think..I should be in the market soon

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