Taking 8 UNITS TO GLAMIS! RZR, X3, Talon, and 2JZ RZR! (huge haul)
This trip is gonna be LIT!
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  • fat yeetz
    fat yeetz

    the rick montage may be the most beautiful thing i've ever seen

  • Stacy Reid
    Stacy Reid

    Great trip video. What kinda fuel economy were y’all getting in both trucks and I see y’all met up with my buddy Steve from Dukes of Offroad Hazzard He sent me one of his shirts and I wear it all the time. He’s got a PreRunner RZR now and can’t wait to see him ripping it with y’all

  • SmallBoreOutlaw

    MAN COMPLETELY DESTROYS HIS NEW CAN AM X3 - CRASHES 3 TIMES IN 2 WEEKS! algone.info/slow/video/mqyZlomagKFr0XU

  • Feedrate 138.
    Feedrate 138.

    You guys fuckn rock. Hope some day I can ride with you.🤘🤘🤘🤘

  • omgnothingisavl

    Gasoline f350? Damn, what size fuel tank?

    • SXSBlog.com

      Lol what? She’s a DOOSEL

  • Nathan Zweiacher
    Nathan Zweiacher

    Watching the 2jz rzr pull up at the gas station while I was pumping gas made my day👍

  • Fish slayer SoCal
    Fish slayer SoCal

    Wtf !!! I think glamis is far for me and I’m 3 hours away....😳 you guys are not messing around. 😂 next time you guys make the trip I’d love to putt in from Oceanside California and run it hard with a east coast crowd. 👍🏼 stay safe and on the gas 👊🏼.

  • Brent Taylor
    Brent Taylor

    I met Leo and Rick out on Saturday at olds and u guys are the real deal cool as hell and just some real ppl don’t know if u remember me but I was stoked to Meet u guys

    • Brent Taylor
      Brent Taylor

      Damn we were camping right next to u guys

  • Jason Meier
    Jason Meier

    Buddy and I made that trip in February to hit Glamis and Hammers from SE Michigan , cool to see this video and the memories of the road trip and the stops ,, didn’t do the 72 but took down a 28oz , awesome trip can’t wait to do it again, I already know you guys are gonna have a blast , love the channel and the videos , keep it up and the tires down !! 🤘🏻

  • Holmes Farms
    Holmes Farms

    Seen you guys last night on I-44 is Missouri Gave ya a big thumbs up out the window! I was driving doubles with ol big brown. Larry the lariat looked darn good pulling all the units! Keep up the good work boys!

  • Jeff Schmitt
    Jeff Schmitt

    The slow motion rick fall..... 90s sitcom perfection!

  • HessianForHire

    I really enjoy these road trip videos 👍

  • Ben Mollett
    Ben Mollett

    All the behind the scenes commentary is where its at!!

  • 82394forrest

    “Would ya just look at it”?

  • John Ayers
    John Ayers

    Woot Woot!!!! Geter Boys!!!!!

  • Tanner maness
    Tanner maness

    How heavy was the load on the ecoboost? Trailer and 3 units.

    • SXSBlog.com

      Probably 9-10k lbs

  • spaz xo
    spaz xo

    crazy to see you guys in STL

  • Michael Weber
    Michael Weber

    Ya you can see the machines on other channels but im here for the dirty mitten shenanigans. You guys could do a video with no rigs and id still watch🤙🏻

  • Michael Messner
    Michael Messner

    Very happy for Rick for making the pilgrimage out to Glamis. Cheers 🍻

  • jgodawa13

    Why would I watch your videos when I can see your content on other channels?

    • jgodawa13

      @SXSBlog.com look wasn't trying to be that salty you and other channels use to better time your content releases like if it was a cleatus event you would let him lead then right up behind him with your content and support his and ride the ride the new release wave out to me 2jp was the big deal idk

    • jgodawa13

      @SXSBlog.com You guys work so hard and spend so much money on this why would you guys let other providers bust out your content

    • SXSBlog.com

      With that attitude you shouldn’t

  • Trav City
    Trav City

    Nice strategy, let everyone else show your 2JP and hopefully gain a bunch of subscribers good luck to you guys. Still waiting for some of the action videos.

  • Julio Valencia
    Julio Valencia

    I miss videos like this 🥸

  • Brett Forbes
    Brett Forbes

    This trip to Glamis has to be the pinnacle of exposure for you guys that 2JP is out there. Good work guys!!!

  • jacob roe
    jacob roe

    Does ricks truck have air bags for towing

  • JOEY L
    JOEY L

    enjoy your videos and keep them coming. You guys learned a valuable lesson about Gecko Road and the pads, they are premium spots! Guys set up and stay a week or 2! How do you like Glamis vs the other dunes?

  • Jerome Armijo
    Jerome Armijo

    Can’t believe I got to see you guys passing through Albuquerque! Pretty sure I almost crashed my car a few times getting videos of you guys on I-40, but it was well worth it. I’ve watched all of your builds, so seeing those units in person was unbelievable, even if they were just on a trailer. It made my year! Keep up the good work guys, if you ever make it back to the southwest again I’d be happy to show you some trails 🤙🏼

  • Polar Preston
    Polar Preston

    Do they have an rv ? Also where is there shop located?

  • The Perry Family
    The Perry Family

    Glamis is on my bucket list

  • Cooking in the Dark
    Cooking in the Dark

    LETS GET THESE GUYS THEIR NEXT 250K SUBS!! Honestly you guys deserve it so much, hard work, generosity and a love for having fun is what this channel is all about.

  • Wes Johnson
    Wes Johnson

    Hey, what if I told y’all, there’s a 22,000 acre off-road park 30 minutes from that 72oz Big Texan steak house! It’s the biggest off road area in all of Texas. It’s called the Canadian river and you guys need to check it out!

  • Mitch Lance
    Mitch Lance

    Not really the “comment” guy but I’d rather help a brother out than watch another season of you guys gettin separated on rides, losing a rookie out in the big dunes or god forbid a big crash that nobody saw. Get rugged in all your rigs. Not only is it a lot safer but you can all talk to each other while boggin. You’ll wonder how you ever got by without em. Also a little cheaper made for motorcycles that fit in your helmet are made by Sena. Mitch

  • Hallgurd Dizaye
    Hallgurd Dizaye

    Its too bad the YXZ is a dragster. If it was a stock turbo everyone would fight to drive it in the deep stuff

  • cmorlok

    Man!!!!! This what we’ve all been waiting for!!! Oldsmobile Hill beat downs with 2J🔥🔥🔥

  • Dr. Mark in Texas
    Dr. Mark in Texas

    🏆🏆🏆👍🙏 Thank you for sharing 🎅🎄⛄❄️

  • Fa5 Fastafngl
    Fa5 Fastafngl

    How far did you guys travel to glamis ??

  • tjrommel93

    how is the Talon R for a 6'3 driver and passenger?

  • Bill Reid
    Bill Reid

    Holy crap you fit a lot of extra tires on the wedge. wow everybody gets a extra set!!!

  • Dustyr Wuehler
    Dustyr Wuehler

    Yall should stop around vandalia illinois and do some river bottom ridin 😂

  • Wesley Kjar
    Wesley Kjar

    Protip....back your trailers up to each other to prevent UTV thefts

  • Paul Tarbox
    Paul Tarbox

    I saw you guys out there on olds over the weekend

  • Nick Herrera
    Nick Herrera

    Much love from NM there’s some crazy fun trails out here definitely worth a look!

  • 304Trails

    shout out to that hat at 4:09 amirite. idunno if it made the full trip but still gotta give a shout out to it lol.

  • Alejandro Grey
    Alejandro Grey

    The decorous state concordingly frighten because joke energetically compete failing a grateful gratis stream. spurious, smooth quince

  • jorge sugich
    jorge sugich

    I saw you guys on the highway in Las Vegas on you're way back home!!! Dam near caused an accident trying to record!!!

  • Jace’s Own World
    Jace’s Own World

    I grew up going to Glamis. My Dad had a sand rail and took us there every month or two. I learned how to drive manual when I was 12 at Glamis in his sand rail. We’re from San Diego. Go hit up Ocotillo too! It’s pretty rad for some hard dirt off-road’ing!

  • bodywerks

    You ran into my friend Shaun!

  • Billutimme Is cool
    Billutimme Is cool

    Hearing them saying him saying he has been wanting to go there forever made me realize how happy i am too go there 3-4 times a year

  • Aaron Griffin
    Aaron Griffin

    Check out dove springs next time your in town it’s only about and hour maybe hour half drive and it has about 3 miles of nothing but hill climbs

  • Alan Loyd
    Alan Loyd

    This editing is mint 😂👌

  • Mr No name
    Mr No name

    Im from Amarillo, tx and it has a lot of interesting things. That 72oz steak is no joke lol

  • Erik Fonder
    Erik Fonder

    My guess is you guys sold the blue chevy??

  • Rodrigus Harrison
    Rodrigus Harrison

    Love the videos guys keep up the good work

  • Jeremy Pyke
    Jeremy Pyke

    Gonna see the ol "jump rzr" get shown up by two crazy florida men.

  • y0manda

    Wish you could have made it out for New year. Most of us were at Primm last weekend. Glad you guys enjoyed the trip.

  • Ricardo Ruiz
    Ricardo Ruiz

    i live 45 minutes form the dunes for 43 years and never been to glamis . have fun and be careful lots of crazy people out there , every season someone gets badly hurt.

  • Cameron Cordle
    Cameron Cordle

    Love the channel, love the content! But your pulling a triple axle trailer with an ecoboost...🙄🤔 Have fun!

  • Kodiak King
    Kodiak King

    The slow motion video of driving could realy cut about 1/2 this video out. Long time watcher and subscriber but not too impressed with this vid. Keep up the good work tho, still never miss a episode!

  • Head

    You gotta go to the pads and you can make the circle style camps.

  • john ressler
    john ressler

    Who else had an add right at before the end of that awesome time laps

  • TheBorderCivic 979
    TheBorderCivic 979


  • Jeepin Scott
    Jeepin Scott

    So happy for you guys man to say that yall are from Michigan and are out here doing big things is amazing keep up the amazing content and the great work guys! I always loved watching yall rip around in silver lake when I was in my jeep lol

  • Adrian Campos
    Adrian Campos

    Nice meeting you guys.

  • TheBorderCivic 979
    TheBorderCivic 979

    Did Doug end up drinking the BUZZ BALL I gave you guys at the drags 🤘🏾🤩🤠❤🔥

  • Voties

    i literally saw you guys on the highway in St. Louis. I knew it was you the second i saw 2JP

  • TheBorderCivic 979
    TheBorderCivic 979

    Sweet guys

  • Jeffi Dubb
    Jeffi Dubb

    Hating on the iPhone that video looks just as good as your camera!

  • Dylan Chenard
    Dylan Chenard

    Beast mode tough break

  • Jake Thompson
    Jake Thompson

    Where did I miss that they have a ford now? What happened to the blue chevy? I don't recall them covering that. I know they have had the ford for a while

  • Bear Manchild
    Bear Manchild

    I am not going to lie. Cleetus channel brought me here.. I would like to say, thank u cleeter!!! U guys are naturals and will grow quickly. I appreciate yall.. 🙏💯

  • Doug Hooper
    Doug Hooper

    One Heleva Haul.... Good job guys...

  • Brad Pennington
    Brad Pennington

    We saw you guys going west through Springfield MO last Monday. I said to my wife there going to Glamis!

  • Iron Tough01
    Iron Tough01

    I ended up having to watch cleetus videos I couldn’t wait to see y’all rippin

  • paul33ify

    Been watching you guys since the beginning! You guys are killing it!! 🔥🔥

  • Shady Shortbus
    Shady Shortbus

    Way has cleet already have a video up of 2jp a day ago and you just now got this up

  • Jared Hartman
    Jared Hartman

    It’s so funny to me how the 72oz steak at the big Texan is a thing for everyone but for me growing up in the Amarillo area and has been to Amarillo countless times has been there like 3 times hahaha

  • David Jessee
    David Jessee

    Well Shit!!! This video was a bust.. Where's the action? Ugh!!!

  • Bryan Bro
    Bryan Bro

    Does anyone know what type of trailer is hauling the 3 units?

    • SXSBlog.com

      Wolverine 34 aluminum

  • Dirt Shaker
    Dirt Shaker

    That’s why I live in Arizona. SXS’s are street legal and we have plenty of trails boys!!! Come see us again!!!

  • Patrick Haverty
    Patrick Haverty

    Gotta love the ecoboost baby Towing beast

  • The adventures of Pink monkey
    The adventures of Pink monkey

    Why don’t you guys have a semi?

  • crazy Luke on 2 wheels!
    crazy Luke on 2 wheels!

    4:35 is he pulling all of that with a friggin f-150?!? If it has a 5.0 I’m not that mad... but if it’s an eco crap (or ecoboost) it definitely don’t need to be pulling that!

    • Rick Spencer
      Rick Spencer

      Almost as if the EcoBoost has way more torque than the 5.0

  • Relax Gringo
    Relax Gringo

    So glad Rick got to go! Love the content guys! I hope there is some night riding content!

  • RandomRed

    Yall need to plan meet & greets when your in AZ damnit hahahh

  • gabrielnovell0

    4:17 who else noticed the hat?

  • Jessie Estock
    Jessie Estock

    Unit unit unit unit unit

  • Doc Holliday97
    Doc Holliday97

    I'm so happy rick got to go


    I think I speak for everyone when I say we need a solid week of videos for Christmas!!!! 7 days 7 videos!!! Ready?????.........GO! Let's get you guys past the 300k hump... after that, its game on!!!

  • RT Outdoors
    RT Outdoors

    Slow motion Rick is my favorite.

  • stoichiometry147

    I truly appreciate you all and your videos. I’m a little bit south of Anthem in Glendale.

  • importmike

    Can’t wait for the next video. Glad you guys made it out safe! Gecko Rd isn’t ideal camping. Washes always a lot easier to pull in and make a nice circle.

  • Ryan Sawyer
    Ryan Sawyer

    Just went back and watched the Blogs' maiden voyage to Glamis with the YXZ and old Wildcat... highly recommend 👌... you guys have come along way.

  • Matt S
    Matt S

    Need some help picking out paddles & fronts, this is completely foreign to me and I'm a little confused. Stock tune turbo talon and a 220ish hp X3. Beadlocks, yes or no? Not afraid to spend money either, so don't hold back. Might be making my first dune trip in the new year and I'm super excited!

  • Estevan Ramirez
    Estevan Ramirez

    Did you guys came back trough the i-17? Like flagsstaff? I think i saw you guys today 12/15/2020 4oclock

  • dunerinaz

    Way too late to the party. Everyone has already put their videos out. You guys will probably miss out on a lot of views because all the content has been shown already.

    • dunerinaz

      @SXSBlog.com OK, you've got my attention, lol

    • SXSBlog.com

      All the content eh? We’ll see about that lol

  • Peter McDonough
    Peter McDonough

    Probably easier to ship the machines and then fly down, j/k, where’s the fun in that😀

  • blazin_bouch 420
    blazin_bouch 420

    Rick is pumped up hahaha

  • Anthony Roberto
    Anthony Roberto

    I just have to stop the video and say the montages are absolutely pro

  • Tim Mummert
    Tim Mummert

    A good friend of mine was the head design engineer on the original Rhino. He spent time in Glamis with a Banshee as inspiration to what would become the boom you see today. PM me for his contact info. It would make for a great story on the birth of the SXS.

  • Jeffrey Dreamer
    Jeffrey Dreamer

    You guys nailed the overall experience of a trip like this, something I can only imagine ever doing. Good stuff 👍🏼

  • Howard Cliver
    Howard Cliver

    Need to come to St Anthony Idaho and play in the big bowls!

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