The BUFFALO (RZR Pro XP4) gets TRANSFORMED! Power, BCF cage, color!
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  • chad nelson
    chad nelson

    Brick City Fab is the best cage builder around!

  • SmallBoreOutlaw


  • gypsy xxx
    gypsy xxx

    that cage looks sick..nice color

  • nick baldwin
    nick baldwin

    It’s awesome to think they build that cage off my car. I let him run with it and it turned out amazing. Glad you guys went with them.

  • Devon Johnson
    Devon Johnson

    Yes i would buy that bobble head

  • Johnny Kovich
    Johnny Kovich

    Little bit of Hannah baron and a flair shewwww!! Whats not to like. Preciate-cha!

  • Andrew Holtzman
    Andrew Holtzman

    hahahaaha Great Sous bobble Great show boys!!

  • Tony Owen
    Tony Owen

    I just got a 2021 Ultimate Pro XP 4 and love seeing what you are doing to the Buffalo. I'm already thinking about many of the mods you have done. Please keep it up. Love your channel and all that you guys do. Thanks!

  • Alex Linkmeyer
    Alex Linkmeyer

    What is that color called

  • Chris Mann
    Chris Mann

    The buffalo is looking awesome though

  • Chris Mann
    Chris Mann

    That fork truck needs some mods😃😃

  • John Schouten
    John Schouten

    You guys should get a Yamaha and put the turbo kit on it

  • Moneyaflacdukky

    someone needs to build a side bye side with a Kawasaki ninja h2r motor or put a turbo hulabusa motor on one

  • Dylan Rutherford
    Dylan Rutherford

    anyone know the paint code on the black and blue 2021 turbo s velocity? i need to know the paint code for the black or what black it is

  • jott2121 ott
    jott2121 ott

    Just bought a 21 pro xp 4 ultimate. Picking it up friday!

  • Mapple perez
    Mapple perez

    That big dog 14:37


    You guys are the best do you remember at silver lake when you guys were packing up I was the little kid that said hi to guys

      GABE OR JEFF lol I can’t believe you guys seen this


      Oh yeah we remember!

  • NS Gearhead
    NS Gearhead

    I liked it better red.

  • Douglasw

    Fa get a boot the buffalo. Where's the install video for that multipurpose workbench???😍

  • Kristof Strehl
    Kristof Strehl

    Mount it on the dash in Larry

  • Alex Stepanchuk
    Alex Stepanchuk

    Love that u guys fly the flag of the land and show it proud... America baby!!! If offended get lost and get out!!!

  • luis rivera
    luis rivera

    I’ll take the set. Must have for any shop or home.

  • kody braden
    kody braden

    😂😂😂the sheeeeeew at the beginning

  • Arch417

    Legitimate question: How do you fit 4 people in the 4 seater RZRs? The back seat room is extremely tight.


      Not true. Leo is 6’5” and rode in the back on a 2 day orienteering trip. The pro has even more room

  • Shaun Troublefield
    Shaun Troublefield

    Need to add some 8 inch boxes and 42" tires

  • J Redmond
    J Redmond

    Are the Black plastics OEM or Aftermarket?? LOOOOOVVVVVVE this look Definitely know what I'm asking for / Buying for my Pro for Christmas


      They’re OEM

  • ngh

    That cage looks dope! Love the color!

  • Steve Brown
    Steve Brown

    Color and cage look great gents.

  • Brian ermeling
    Brian ermeling

    Just seen your rigs in my home town the units are killer in person safe travels enjoy the Chanel

  • X

    LMAO, 2:19 🤣

  • devvyboy tiktok
    devvyboy tiktok

    Bobblehead was great! 😂

  • Brandon Kunze
    Brandon Kunze

    Turbo talon with a new cage?!?! We need this video!!

    • Brandon Kunze
      Brandon Kunze

      Can't wait!


      It’s coming!

  • Adam Reece
    Adam Reece

    Y'all going to be in glamis for new years?

  • Brock Sharp
    Brock Sharp

    Whatever color like cages you need to get that color on wheels and put it on there

  • Bansheekid 10
    Bansheekid 10

    Man where do I get this bobble head 😂😂😂😂

  • louischuleta24

    looks badass. great job guys. I have a question what happened to the krx1000? will you all be doing a build on it?

  • Jimmy Abercrombie
    Jimmy Abercrombie

    Very nice build! Thank you guys for what you do!

  • hunter davidson
    hunter davidson

    The wheels that color also would look sick

  • BrokeSXS

    Need some bronze wheels for sure !

  • Jon Pemberton
    Jon Pemberton

    I need all four of yall in a bobble head. That was cool.

  • Tyler Shepard
    Tyler Shepard

    I want an aftermarket cage for my ranger😭😭

  • WrenchandRip

    definitely need to run that on the dashboard every time sous doesn’t make a ride

  • Tito Pacheco
    Tito Pacheco

    Wow!! The buffla is stunt'n lol, looks sick fellas new "second" favorite rig after beast mode first, im sorry Rick the buffla took the "seconds" place from ghoul in my opinion now LOL

  • TheFightInsideTheFighter

    I say y’all should put a chain steering wheel on it and rename it the BUFFA-low Rider😂

  • Robert Winkler
    Robert Winkler

    Just need cow print Simpson seats in her now lol

  • Sergio Caballero
    Sergio Caballero

    Id buy

  • Mr Wildness
    Mr Wildness

    I have a 2015 sportsman 570 backfired now it won’t start rolls over still can someone help thanks


    She’s a beaut Clark.

  • ThaGingaNinja69

    Would buy a sxs blog multi pack of bobbleheads. 👌

  • Trailnecks

    Buffalo looking good!

  • brian2ize

    sell the bobble heads!

  • Mark Lee
    Mark Lee

    I’ll buy bobble heads!

  • KammBam35

    What color is that powdercoat on the roll cage?? I need to know, been looking forever for a color like that for my Baja truck build!

    • Jay Tee
      Jay Tee

      Just hit up brick city the people who did it and ask them bro

  • Scott Sigmon
    Scott Sigmon

    Great build series.

  • Sam Vester
    Sam Vester

    Where do yall get the plastics from?

  • CertifiedGhettofied

    Shoooooee. Lmao!

  • Shanefoux

    Y’all should look in to the new yammah Rmax 1000

  • Relax Gringo
    Relax Gringo

    I would totally buy a sous bobble head😂

  • Relax Gringo
    Relax Gringo

    I love this! Custom doors would be sick, higher doors too.

  • Twisted SxS
    Twisted SxS

    Buffalo lookin tight!! Cage it sick.

  • blueyfilms

    you boys doing Danny Duncan's side by side?

    • blueyfilms
      blueyfilms fck yeah! Shits gonna be mad



  • Lp

    Pro xp 4 or x3 max?

  • Cole Guillory
    Cole Guillory

    Needa leave it o. The mud tires look the best on it

  • Asylumental

    For me personally...i was a skeptic, it was hard for me to accept the buffalo's transformation..until I watch this video..

  • Chicago1

    The garage channel link doesn't work for me just fyi

  • jacob anaya
    jacob anaya

    How much for that roof that was on the old cage?? My bro just got a pro xp4 and he needs a roof. I can meet you out in glamis

  • Gods Squad
    Gods Squad

    This Ezra looks great, all Polaris cages should look like this & I’m a Canam guy but this machine looks amazing

  • Jools West
    Jools West

    Bobble heads ftw!!! I’ll buy the feckin’ set!

  • Westie 4AGE Turbo.
    Westie 4AGE Turbo.

    That bobble head was a crackup!

  • Jack Mcfarlane
    Jack Mcfarlane

    Only sxs blogs can entertain me for 3 minutes with a bobble head

  • Dan Wilburn
    Dan Wilburn

    Wheels need to match cage color for sure....

  • branden czechowski
    branden czechowski

    Nick Sous coming in hot like a goose better get ready cuz the Bobble loose is going to let loose

  • Reno6.7 -
    Reno6.7 -

    Brick city take my money already 🔥🔥

  • B.justice96

    The gold cage actually looks pretty sick with the black plastics

  • G4 Off road
    G4 Off road

    I'd buy a Nick bobble head!

  • Garrett BigBear
    Garrett BigBear

    Color match over the brushed aluminum areas on the rims. Would make it pop even more.. 😍

  • Pablo !
    Pablo !

    Looks good but you guys need a new logo and wrap for advertising. The block letters from Microsoft paint are pretty long in the tooth.

  • Ty Hengesbach
    Ty Hengesbach

    Check out bat cave custom on Facebook. Builds side by side cages for anything. They also powder coat. Family owned as well

  • Lazaro


  • Ethan Adcock
    Ethan Adcock

    Paint the springs,the details the same color as the cage

  • 428ice

    Let’s get some likes for the name change from Buffalo to The Bison #byeson

  • Rowdy Broomstick
    Rowdy Broomstick

    Big dog's t-shirts back in the 90's was all the rage and pit viper's, I guess when your a Superstar you can bring anything back!

  • Greg Graham
    Greg Graham

    it doesn't have a white stripe on it ...funniest line!

  • jr88brutus

    I have the bronze system 3 rims on my red pro xp. Bronze actually looks really good with the red.

  • USA

    Where the hell has Nick been!? He’s the best part

  • Hunter Roberts
    Hunter Roberts

    the og refrigerator in the back

  • Alex Houdek
    Alex Houdek

    Y'all definitely got to get some bronze wheels or beadlocks to match that cage!

  • ProjectADD

    BCF got the Pro XP lines perfect. It was on top of my accessory list until Polaris didn't release a 72" car, and I bought an X3 instead.

  • Jon Flaherty
    Jon Flaherty

    Looking good guys keep it up and enjoy the trip

  • BR Speedy's Automotive
    BR Speedy's Automotive

    Nice bobbles, as he was unwrapping it, it just popped into my head, “I bet it’s a bobble” 😎


    Moses comes thru again!

  • Josh Bailey
    Josh Bailey

    Is Glamis not gonna be a total CF considering what state it’s in? We canceled our annual Glamis trip this year.

  • Mario Samora
    Mario Samora

    That shoooee sounded like an off brand flair shewwww.

  • Brodom62

    Need a Bobble head of each of you. I'd buy a set. Thats so funny and life like. Lol

  • USMC 1911
    USMC 1911

    Rims got to match that cage . Not those rims aren't badass .

  • David Wallace
    David Wallace

    I'll take a whole set but it's got to be the whole crew of everybody in the bobblehead fashion

  • Devon Galvin
    Devon Galvin

    You guys should look up 3D off-road on Facebook. Guy makes custom cages, tree kickers, skid pans at awesome price points. Works out of Ohio. Would be awesome to see some of his stuff on your machines!

  • Doug Hooper
    Doug Hooper

    How many fingers on the Bobble Head? lol

  • cain sample
    cain sample

    BIG SHOE GUY i see 😂👍

  • cain sample
    cain sample

    So that's where cleetus's tires/wheels ended up😂

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