The YXZ is back!!! CF1 vs BIG TERBA X3, and the GHOUL SENDS IT!
Mo boosties mo problems
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  • Cameron Underwood
    Cameron Underwood

    @sxsblog - does doug wanna sell the yxz?

  • Hobbs4x4


  • jhaase21

    Trust in the rust

  • human


  • Adair Badilla
    Adair Badilla

    Doug + yxz equals 🐐

  • Iron Maiden
    Iron Maiden

    When you're filming in the future. Can you please get in their ear and up their nose a bit deeper please? We just didn't get to count the actual hairs... Cheers.

  • Travis Michelin
    Travis Michelin

    100 gal tub and some pipe make your own water truck for cheap just throw it in the back of the tow pig youbguys got the fork lift

  • Shawn Gordon
    Shawn Gordon

    Put a water container on the back of the race unit

  • G4 Off road
    G4 Off road

    Do you have any issues with the E85 going bad/stale?

  • mottom

    Waste gate ?. Or maybe a boost leak?

  • J J
    J J

    Are SXSs reliable? A buddy has two of them and says they burn up belts and diffs... Are they worth buying?

  • Velislide

    That YXZ could def use a pre filter over that K&N.

  • Tyler Stosich
    Tyler Stosich

    Hey! You guys should build a water sprayer unit to go on the back of the Burnin Right burnout Chev!

  • cpepper5702

    I’m from Kansas and live in Kansas and can confirm, we don’t say that. HOWEVER, you’re not lying. Lol

  • Roberto Higuera
    Roberto Higuera

    I miss this unit. Make more videos with the YXZ!

  • gusengstrom2

    How about you non inclined left foot skilled people stop hating on a real transmission driving dude. If you want to live your life on a ski lift go for it. Stop contributing to the death of the manual transmission.

  • cb 95
    cb 95

    Matt at sehorn always hooks it up

  • skids ftw
    skids ftw

    Clogged injectors?

  • Wack To Wicked
    Wack To Wicked

    Love the YXZ! Clean up the injectors and swap the plugs.

  • George D
    George D


  • Paul Belson
    Paul Belson

    JH who?

  • Taylor Outdoors
    Taylor Outdoors

    Yall just need to get a huge tank for the back of the race unit and hook up some sprayers on it...homemade water truck. Who else agrees?

  • richard hanning
    richard hanning

    Fed ex blows lately... probably stuck in oak park

  • NW Huckin
    NW Huckin

    Love the yxz. My favorite machine in your shop and I own a rzr turbo. Just needs long travel suspension and it would be a beast

  • Nathan Ellwood
    Nathan Ellwood

    the ghoul still that squeaky after shock therapy springs and internals done??!


      Mostly heims. Nothing to do with ST

  • Ken

    Ricks gunna get whooped ricks gunna get whopped... lol

  • Christopher Koppes
    Christopher Koppes

    Change the plugs

  • Brandon Giron
    Brandon Giron

    It looks like heaven when the cameras in the shade

  • Robert Hess
    Robert Hess

    Where is the rotary side-by-side??????

  • Drew Smith
    Drew Smith

    How about the E85 sitting in the lines for so long I know with our race cars it will gum up could that be an issue.

  • Pistol pete
    Pistol pete

    I bet its bad fuel e85 absorbs water fast

  • Robert Fachini
    Robert Fachini

    Wheres nick sous been???

  • rick moreau
    rick moreau

    Run a hose in a sprinkler for the water

  • Benny Smith
    Benny Smith

    YXZ= awesome

  • Landon Manning
    Landon Manning

    Where is the 4 seater 2jz

  • Shane Mccoart
    Shane Mccoart

    Doug's Mullet is so majestic! Keep the videos coming guys!

  • Douglas Phillips
    Douglas Phillips

    Rick needs an enormous ghoul head sticker on the roof

  • scotty2688

    If it ain’t dirty, it ain’t from jersey lolol

  • Paul Jensen
    Paul Jensen

    can we get some more scrambler content? maybe go muddin with it

  • Jethro Outdoors
    Jethro Outdoors

    What's going on with the 2jz build ?

  • Motoking 69
    Motoking 69

    try cleaning the injectors in the yxz. Check ur fuel pressure gauge coming into boost. E85 is horrible if its not drained in something that sits. Gums up the system. best of luck guys

  • lcduncan92

    New plugs. If the ceramic got chipped or there's a little bit of corrosion on the electrode, it'll act fine in lower cylinder pressures but start fouling in the higher cylinder pressures

  • Dirt Shaker
    Dirt Shaker

    What size tires is Rick running on the ghoul?

  • FL riding
    FL riding

    In Texas they say everything is bigger

  • Racing with Jason
    Racing with Jason

    Once again it proves them big heavy ass carnivores slow the 0 to 60 times down . 32s aka belt burners. Go back to the 29s and then race again.

    • Racing with Jason
      Racing with Jason try the system 3 dune tires off the yxz and put them on the cf1 and Rick's x3. For shits and giggles. I had good luck with them on my quad in dirt.


      We lost one so we can't lol

  • Jim P.
    Jim P.

    Call Weller...

  • Thomas cannon
    Thomas cannon

    What if, the maverick engine, goes in the RS1? Wheelee monster!

  • Civilized Delinquent
    Civilized Delinquent

    *F U E L I N J E C T O R S DOUGY OL’Pal*

  • Patrick Tho93
    Patrick Tho93


  • Cameron Lindner
    Cameron Lindner

    Have you guys cleaned the injectors? If you leave E85 in them long enough they can get pretty nasty. May be worth checking. 👌🏻🤙🏻🇺🇸

  • ngh

    So, where did you get your kit for your engine? What was needed to make it into a turbo machine?

  • derekseab

    All you need is big ass plastic tank. .. with some pvc pipe, a t fitting, an simple valve, drill some holes...put it on the race unit and you have a water truck...

  • Colton Harlow
    Colton Harlow

    Sounds like the boost is blowing out the spark

  • Larry Waggoner
    Larry Waggoner

    I thought there was gonna be a big Independence day 2JZ reveal but still nothing! Where's the follow through guys!

    • Larry Waggoner
      Larry Waggoner Very true! It looked like it was so close in the last video. I've been counting the days. Still waiting on parts?


      Great things take time brother

  • Vivid Racing
    Vivid Racing

    Awesome video once again guys! 🙌🏼🤘🏼

  • Kay Omland
    Kay Omland

    One of them ying yang spinni thang

  • Ride Red
    Ride Red

    Rs1 looks like it needs some clutch work, she a dog out of the hole,,,or need that pop pop bang tune

  • foxryder7c

    boys gonna need a water truck out there

  • matad311

    Hell yes, The YXZ is back! The best sxs on the channel. You should consider buying a new 2020 YXZ for the channel as a trail rig!

  • Connor Durand
    Connor Durand

    Love the vids but can you shorten them and post more often instead

  • Jared Weed
    Jared Weed

    Can you guys get the CF1 to look as good as it rips at least?

  • Bullyborg! ! !
    Bullyborg! ! !

    E85 sitting for 8 months gummed you’re injectors


      I think you're right

  • omaha core
    omaha core

    matt seahorn is the man

  • Nathan Blackshear
    Nathan Blackshear

    Hey the yxz try spark plugs. High boost like nos is hard on plugs

    • Nathan Blackshear
      Nathan Blackshear cool yeah it sounded like a flood bog. So I figured weak spark or to much fuel


      We went through that, they're at .018", should be good

    • Nathan Blackshear
      Nathan Blackshear

      Gap on plugs could have changed as well

  • 8rivers_native

    Okay listen guys....I've waited patiently and I'm plum tardt of waiting any longer. Yall should be able to get a Terba for one of your Talons by now. Get that sucker ordered so she can burn right buds!!!


      Tell Jackson Racing!


    Going full Erik Estrada lol. Hey guys they say the Carnivores are designed for the West Coast desert. Do you think they would work out here in SoCal- Barstow- King of the Hammers

  • MrRunWO

    Why do u need a water truck just get one of those tow behind water sprayers for atv

    • MrRunWO
      MrRunWO go old cleets rout find a used fire truck


      Gonna take A LOT more water than that lol

  • pkmiller77

    Time for the Turbo Talon project, come onnnn....

  • C Chap
    C Chap

    Carnivores are junk tires, sorry not sorry.

  • Riverratsd

    I've been to YXZ City! So rad. Poncherello!!!!

  • Outdoors 19
    Outdoors 19

    I wanna see beast mode

  • Torque Monkey
    Torque Monkey

    Where has Nick been lately? Hope he is doing alright!

  • Noah Mitchell
    Noah Mitchell

    So.... where’s beast mode. I mean I see it sitting there all sad but let’s see it run at least to race jp obviously probably not fair race but it’d be cool to see something to base it off of.


      Stole some parts from another project..she will be burnin right soon

  • Nick .januik
    Nick .januik

    Finally!!!!! Yxz!!!!

  • RC W
    RC W

    You guys need to get back to your roots. Stop treating channel like day job and start filming in evenings when Sous can be there. He’s the funny man in your trio Doug and Nick are the straight guys. You work better as a trio. so do the test runs and editing during day and shoot you guys hanging out and talking in the evening when Sous can be there. Plus our drinking game depends on Sous saying rip or rippen. Need more Sous.


      Lol that's not the issue

  • Chad Pudvan
    Chad Pudvan

    Will Doug please continue growing the hair. He NEEDS a pony tail to go with his kenworth jacket.

  • Kid Yolo
    Kid Yolo

    I live in evart and I havent seen your tire haha I went and drove around looking for it


      Haha thanks for trying

  • Nathan Casperaites
    Nathan Casperaites

    Sounds like a fuel pump issue to me. Since the gas had been sitting for so long it may have gunked up the fuel pump.

  • nick mcguire
    nick mcguire

    rick please jetwash your helmet and goggles, its been too long.

  • Grant Glor
    Grant Glor

    I love the new intro music

  • Mary Jane
    Mary Jane

    CAM sensor or something simple like that + turbo return line

  • C lockburner
    C lockburner


  • clemente rodriguez
    clemente rodriguez

    videos just arent the same without sous i find rick to be a tad annoying the way he talks

  • Ian Johnson
    Ian Johnson

    This machine is 100% the reason I decided to buy my 2020 Z. I absolutely love it. Coming from an 800S to a 1000XP and now the Z I wish I'd have bought the Z long long ago.

  • Marshall Giannonatti
    Marshall Giannonatti

    Doug's YXZ revisit it great and all, but I'd love to see a SOUS 1k back again....

  • Ride Elevated
    Ride Elevated

    Yes! I have been waiting on the comeback of the YXZ!

  • Andrew Johns
    Andrew Johns

    Fuel filter?

  • Jake Folke
    Jake Folke

    Bruh they have 2 supras

  • Lance R6
    Lance R6

    Boost cut ?

  • Luke McGraw
    Luke McGraw

    What’s wrong with beast mode ??

  • Brian Jacobs
    Brian Jacobs

    Please please the 2jz build I can’t wait anymore 😩

  • Sergio Caballero
    Sergio Caballero

    What ever happened to project 9 lives?

    • Sergio Caballero
      Sergio Caballero awesome man all your projects are great just remembered about that one.


      Just haven't had time to get back to it, we will

  • rueben goodgion
    rueben goodgion

    Im digging the new cages!

  • 780 Aleks
    780 Aleks

    Exact opposite here where I live. We've never had so much rain its crazy all the trails are flooded.

  • Johnny H
    Johnny H

    i love the new intro guys keep up the good work !

  • Sam Robins
    Sam Robins

    Considering the many questions y’all have for the yxz, you need to rename it the whyxz. Jus sayin

  • CharlieboySLONDON

    On boost the YXZ sounded like a 2 stroke but its 4 stroke 🤷‍♂️ sounds mental !

  • TheRyFi Channel
    TheRyFi Channel

    You guys should get a 250 gal water tank/sprayer unit and haul it behind one of the sxs to reduce the dust issue.

  • CarlosW42

    I’ve never heard them say trust in the dust here in Kansas lmaoo

  • عراقي وافتخر
    عراقي وافتخر

    Mybe 1 or 2 nice driver but I saw bafire accident your friend is a clowns no experience

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