Towing EIGHT UNITS to Little Sahara! RZR X3 and 2JZ RZR!
This gon be FUN!
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    Looks like we need a RV! SOMEONE SELL US A SICK TOTER

    • K E
      K E

      I think I heard rick shout "teddy ****smith" while they were getting ready to ride, could be wrong though

    • K E
      K E

      I'll add that talking to these guys in person is like talking to a friend. Yes, I looked for them, but when I found them and 2JP, Doug just came on over and talked to me. And then Sous pretty much did the same thing. These guys are just good people, couldn't ask for more

    • K E
      K E

      It was awesome meeting you guys out there and getting to see 2JP in person, what an absolutely insane unit

    • Troy Noble
      Troy Noble

      So on a serious Note, when you guys going to hit up St Anthony's Dunes in Idaho? Largest North American Dunes, when your ready for the real stuff, thats where you ride! ;)

    • Jeff Thomas
      Jeff Thomas

      Is this the only part of little Sahara your going to upload. I live in okla. I love the dunes in the day time. It is sketch at night I’ve ran straight off one of the big dunes at night and it felt like I was flying for 30 seconds. And then landed at bottom and blew a shock mount completely off lol

  • Tito Pacheco
    Tito Pacheco

    You guys are just killin it lol, no matter what you guys get into its fun and enjoyable to watch so definitely keep the camera rollin and thank u guys for another awesome vid!!!! KEEP EM COMIN🤙

  • ReapR_X FPV
    ReapR_X FPV

    You guys are just awesome! Always nothing but smiles and positivity. I love it 👊🏻😊

  • all4sho

    AWESOME!!! I really want a kit for mine!!

  • Jael Elliott
    Jael Elliott

    I watch alot of your videos and I am from Tuttle, Oklahoma!!! Hope you guys had a good time in Waynoka!!!


    These videos are slappin!

  • Beecher

    you guys should say slappin/slaps way more


      We're in. lol

  • Trevan Pendergrass
    Trevan Pendergrass

    Bros. Look up Cloud 9 Ranch. Big side by side place to ride 100 miles west of Springfield Missouri.

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    Where’s the episode 2 with rick rolling it’s 9pm est?

  • Robert Simpers
    Robert Simpers

    Are you dudes okay weres the blogs

  • mccann19871

    I found another toy for comparison have you guys heard of the Argo Xtv? It's a 8 wheel machine


    Hey uh... it’s been 4 days... I NEED to see the 2J in action!!! Big 2J Guy over here


      Your fix will be coming soon ;)

  • TheRealBanana

    Looking forward to seeing it in the sand. Here's hoping they didn't lose the SD card and that's why we're waiting. 😆

    • Mike Napper
      Mike Napper

      yeah im getting impatient wait on the 2jp rips in sand

  • Greg Olsen
    Greg Olsen

    Sorry to keep bothering you guys, but, it's been 4 days and still no video. This should go without saying, but those of us that are watching religiously, require a new episode ASAP. CHOP CHOP!

    • Greg Olsen
      Greg Olsen hahaha OMG I hope you realize I'm kidding. Thanks for the reply, I love your channel and what you guys do! Keep up the good work fellas.


      We just got back in the shop and we're working on it!

  • Fisherman Dan
    Fisherman Dan

    Was Nick drunk in this entire video? Lmao

  • Joshua Gonella
    Joshua Gonella

    Whats going on guys been waiting 3 days for the day 2 video to drop so we can see the 2JP whats the hold up? Hope everything and everyone is ok.

    • Jay Ellingsen
      Jay Ellingsen

      Joshua Gonella my thoughts exactly

  • Austin Sukley
    Austin Sukley

    y’all should do a video with @thebraydonprice


    Omg Nick! Is it hard to flip people off with that stubby?

  • Ross Thompson
    Ross Thompson

    I just barely miss you guys. I’m from Springfield Missouri and just got back from riding at Taylor Park Colorado

  • toobadd4

    When are yall gonna get a wolverine rmax4 in there I really want to see that I love the honda live valve video nick gave good notes and take aways from their experience

  • Harry Dabs
    Harry Dabs

    Who else just patiently waiting on the videos they about to bless us with this week. Hope yall had a bad ass weekend yall deserve this

  • Joey Baldarelli
    Joey Baldarelli

    Where's the vid where the 2j rips the sand?

  • Hunter K
    Hunter K

    Need to head over to Disney while in Oklahoma

  • Draco_891 kk
    Draco_891 kk

    It's Monday where are these 2jp video at release this preview and 3 days later still no drop 😭😭😭

  • adolfobr123

    are you guys going to glamis this year??

  • Jered Jennings
    Jered Jennings

    You guys really need to come to Oregon dunes! There way better!

  • Crow Family
    Crow Family

    Huge fan. Wish I could have made it down this weekend you guys are only about a hour from where I live keep up the great videos

  • Tanner Nichols
    Tanner Nichols

    Meet up w wilkey! Be sick video

  • Nick Unknown
    Nick Unknown

    This is the only channel where I can watch the videos with out skipping through them. I Love every second 😂

  • Blake's Builds
    Blake's Builds

    Man you guys are doing big things. Can't wait to see that 2jp rip in the sand

  • Jeepsterdaddy 37
    Jeepsterdaddy 37

    Little Sahara is a 3hr drive for me. I'm a few min north east of Tulsa. Love the place. You guys should Check out Disney too. Its a lot of trails and crazy rock crawling stuff

  • Chad Biltz
    Chad Biltz

    Fellow Michigan boys having a blast!!! Love it!!! Need to go for a ride in Beast Mode someday!!! Never been in a SXS. Makes my Jeep look stupid 😜

  • RedLine Garage
    RedLine Garage

    Come one i can't wait for the next vid for 2jp in the sand see it rip like a champ

  • bambam 94
    bambam 94

    Rattlesnake round up is another big event out there that alot of people enjoy

  • Juan Vasquez
    Juan Vasquez

    Little Sahamis💀🤣💀🤣💀🤣

  • jacampos6

    What happened to Nicks ginger?!? Just noticed

  • Casey Brookshire
    Casey Brookshire

    Sand was atrocious this weekend due to high traffic and no wind. Didn’t ever see y’all out at the same time I was ripping or would have yelled a quick “heck ya dude!"

  • SquidSquad

    New video? 2jz please!!

  • Steve IW
    Steve IW

    Where's the new video

  • Jahaziel

    i have met this guys in person and they were really chill and cool. after we took the picture everyone in my family was like these guys seem really cool. i saw u guys coming in the little sahara when we left


      Thanks man. Just regular dudes lol

  • Joe Strause
    Joe Strause

    Nick Sous makes EVERYTHING better. 😂


    At 9:14 your in my city

  • hunter winters
    hunter winters

    It was cool seeing your rigs in person hope to see y’all out there again

  • David Lucero
    David Lucero

    Pretty cool that you guys are at little Sahara my buddy use to run a buggy shop right there close to well i dont know if its called the oasis any more but yes a pretty cool park. I think they still have it there you guys should go during snake hunt weekend. Always the weekend right after Easter. One year we had 50,000 people in town and at the park combined many many good times up there. Road in my first long travel car there was an 1800hp twin turbo Northstar powerd buggie

  • Aaron Masquelier
    Aaron Masquelier

    The wheelie line at 17:15. That's south gate, move towards the fence, at that first drop, THAT is the wheelie spot.

  • danzooo1

    Flying Baby yoda at 22:30 lol

  • Mike Bird
    Mike Bird

    id watch these boys make food for an hour...straight comedy all the time

  • Jeff Roberts
    Jeff Roberts

    Who can remember what video Matt was in and he was talking about different names for turbos? Older video


    Hey guys.... Just a heads up.... I know one of these days (or lots of days) will be coming down I-65 South through my neck of the woods near exit 76..... If you ever have some big red bearded guy start hollering at ya..... It's just me..... And I'll be following you guys to wherever the party's at. So just don't freak out. I'll even buy Nick Souse some chicky nuggies. Hahahahaha!! I'm sure you guys are easy to spot hauling 8 side by sides on 2 trailers down the interstate.

  • Devin Burk
    Devin Burk

    Can wait for the next video

  • Zach Ballzach
    Zach Ballzach

    Nick is trying to be funny way too hard. He's funny when he's not overdoing it... Great video guys!

  • Erin Woods
    Erin Woods

    The bee fiasco cracked me up! Cant wait to see more!

  • LD Books
    LD Books

    Nick suck ?

  • mymini911


  • Quinn Brenneman
    Quinn Brenneman

    Once had a bee hit my chest and bounce up into my helmet while I was riding my motorcycle a few years back so Rick, I feel your pain man. I almost jumped off the bike because the lil dude started crawling around on the inside of my visor. Side note, 2JP is turning out to be an absolute _beast_ of a unit.

  • Shadow_Optx 1x
    Shadow_Optx 1x

    Would you guys go to Sand Sports Super Show??

  • C Chap
    C Chap

    Had no idea y’all were here until I ran into Sous and Rick, good meeting y’all in person.

  • Martin Sandoval
    Martin Sandoval

    I'm here now I wish I'd knew you guys was here id love to had met you all

  • Doug Summers
    Doug Summers

    I should give a thumbs done on this video! A little heads up on the Oklahoma dune trip. I would have went!!👎🏻.

  • Devon Walker
    Devon Walker

    I literally just hugged Rick, Nick, and Doug!!! Nicks hug was the beat tho!! You guys are my weekend out at Little Sahara. Keep it up!!!!!

  • Ken

    Are you leaving in bottom out over a piss ant hill mode....

  • Ryan Nyquist
    Ryan Nyquist

    where is this place at?


    yall should make a shirt that says "big RZR guy" around a pic of the 2JZ or "big talon guy" around a pic of the talon

  • Gus Kelman
    Gus Kelman

    What is the burger thing I don't get it

  • juan p
    juan p

    "every time I start this thing you know it's going to be a good day" he starts it and it blows up "Uhh guys today was not a good day"

  • bob Barrett
    bob Barrett

    I love the road trip videos!!!

  • Kevin Hughes
    Kevin Hughes

    I lived outside of glamis in Cali in Indio . I miss my big back yard !! And moved to bowling green Oh and had the chance to ride out there !! Awesome guys keep it up my favorite day is wen you guys drop that hot slapping fire 🔥

  • jr88brutus

    Cedar Point is awesome

  • Wayne Hicks
    Wayne Hicks

    Biiig video guy here and I approve!

  • Bill Reid
    Bill Reid

    I just really appreciate doug thanking every body that's pure genuine . Love you guys keep up the cool videos can't wait to see the j2p in hot live action Bill from Emmett Mi.

  • Randy Thacker
    Randy Thacker

    Keep heading west to Utah's Little Sahara. 60,000 acres with sand mountain over 700' high.

  • Greg Sebulsky
    Greg Sebulsky

    You guys have a lot of followers you want to promote some masks keep us all safe keep it up

  • Benny Smith
    Benny Smith

    It is really hard to not be jealous of you guys.

  • cody hamill
    cody hamill

    I live just south of Springfield mo

  • SaigaExpress

    little Sahara recreation area in UTAH or whatever that place is in OK?

  • Tonto Gonzales
    Tonto Gonzales

    You're gonna love LS, great dunes for jumping. And trail riding is good 👍. You can drive your rigs into town for food and supplies. Be safe out their.

  • Chris Troutman
    Chris Troutman

    Grew up riding out there. From ten years old to my early thirties. Thanksgiving trips were fun when the dunes were covered in snow. Also made three trips out to Glamis. Dad moved to Texas, sold the two Banshees and Raptor, and bought a boat.

  • Junior Davis
    Junior Davis

    Little Sahara is 30 miles from my house! Damn it!

  • jared buchholz
    jared buchholz

    Someone kinda looks like Eli Tomac?!

  • cody Lenning
    cody Lenning

    I feel like they are just posting stuff just to post it and keep there "views up" , I'm glad I kept forwarding because it was a very slow and pointless video

  • J T
    J T

    Yall need to put some SXS Blog stickers/wraps on the trucks to fully represent!!

  • mike dawg_501
    mike dawg_501

    Cover pic is cool but

  • Broke Misfits
    Broke Misfits

    This videos slaps dude🤙🏼

  • James Shotwell
    James Shotwell

    Sooo. When's the crew getting their CDLs?


    How do you feel with the air to water when your in the dunes with jp? Do you have to keep filling it up with ice every few minutes? Gonna be a sweet next video! 👍👊🦾

  • BusaJohnny1

    Guy driving up at the end is like “hey that’s SXSBlog” then realizes he’s on cam😂

  • Austin Elliott
    Austin Elliott

    Next time y’all go to little Sahara day something non the blog I’ll go rip with y’all I’m not far from there live in Missouri

  • Off-Road Riding Adventures
    Off-Road Riding Adventures

    Sous is in his element on road trips. Now for the important questions. Which motor in the Eco Boost, fuel mileage out there and approximate weight of the three SxS's and trailer?

    • Off-Road Riding Adventures
      Off-Road Riding Adventures damn, that's great mileage! I was expecting 6 to 7. Thanks for the reply.


      3.5, 10, 10,200 on trailer

  • Anthony Jones
    Anthony Jones

    Perfect! Great Video from the SxS Boys before leaving to go riding in east TN to do some hill killing! You Guys are the Best! Omg! Grab my ass!

  • jeffex72

    Hell yeah

  • Jaran Higley
    Jaran Higley

    Wish I was there with ya!

  • Ken Leppek
    Ken Leppek

    Hey fellas I've been watching Matt's Off Road Recovery channel quite a bit. He's always at Sand Hallows park in UT, place looks like it might be worth checking out....

  • Arsh.

    When you guys get the time could you go to Tackett creek park

  • Speedteamlosi

    12:20 Leo was totally checking out nick's ass .. Really bro the zoom in, we could have done without that . LMAO

  • wrenchinator

    TJ's gonna be the end of you boys.

  • GrimmReaperRacing

    Our group is headed down there mid October. I hope dunes see serious winds between now and then. Good times in LS.

  • Andrew Crawford
    Andrew Crawford

    Leo has a very ornate ability at finding polite ways to complain about every situation

  • The Addict
    The Addict

    I pass that hotel every day

  • Emmanuel Reyes
    Emmanuel Reyes

    I got stung by bees 4 times this month.. on the arch of me feet, Rt side of abdomen (belly) days later left side and Lt index finger bilateral tip.

  • Cami The Kiwi
    Cami The Kiwi

    Man you guys should make a fire wall for 2jp asap, never too safe you know?

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