TUG OF WAR!! X3 vs RZR Turbo S vs KRX vs Talon vs Pro XP vs Defender!
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  • SXSBlog.com

    What battles do you want to see?!?!

    • Dakota Webster
      Dakota Webster

      Yes p

    • Fernie-eff

      Can am rr vs the Buffalo!

    • Russell Carnahan
      Russell Carnahan

      how did yall not hook the talon to the pro 2???

    • Joshua Kephart
      Joshua Kephart

      Utility side by sides

    • Nico Stahl
      Nico Stahl

      Do a drag race

  • chinaman6457

    where is the RS1?

  • Milan Siroky
    Milan Siroky

    go sit in stretchens driveway statie turd

  • ArnoldT

    Men`s interest will always Men`s interest feminist are almost bgoing to come and spoil also this one

  • Ross Campbell
    Ross Campbell

    i wana see the buffalo hall the cops of the property ... call the cops back lol

  • Kale Christianson
    Kale Christianson

    Sous can't help but saying TUG OFF

  • Rydenhaze10

    0:07 nah bruh 2020 sucked

  • Thomas Daugherty
    Thomas Daugherty

    All about traction, weight, and then torque. In that order so the more contact patch the more likely it is to win on pavement...id be interested to see a run of these units with more equal tires, mudlife would probably cakewalk everything with the low range highlifter gearing

  • tnnss111

    Tires, tires, tires. Tires.

  • Interoperability

    Krx vs pro xp two seater to make it fair with weight. Or a krx 4 seater vs buffalo

  • Zach Cooper
    Zach Cooper

    All the dislikes are Polaris belts

  • Quad Brothers
    Quad Brothers

    I’m watching this just waiting for something to break!😂

  • Tito Pacheco
    Tito Pacheco

    This is freaking awesome fellas...a cool event you guys started and gained 1,000 cool points being brought to the pavement!!! KEEP EM COMING GUYS!!!!🤙

  • Defender 90
    Defender 90


  • 550rev

    Need to do it again but need to setup for the drive . Think tire grip was problem with some..

  • Agriont Nogo
    Agriont Nogo

    Would really like for a show about comfort and sitting positions. Particularly those machines that have room to move forward and back and possibly raising the front seat mounts with a spacer, raising the incline. Doesn't matter the machine, the ergonomics being the most important. How about a Polaris Ranger Northstar crew or two seater?

  • Sam R
    Sam R

    awesome video! I would like to see some of these machines run again with the strap elevation the same. The utvs with the higher strap elevation automatically have an advantage because now you don't just have a horizontal force, they have a vertical downward force helping traction. The lower elevation strap has an upward force in addition to the horizontal force causing them to break traction quicker giving them a big disadvantage. Overall awesome video though!

    • SXSBlog.com


  • MrHotsauce542003

    I can't stand these Joe Biden ads

  • Tyler Logan
    Tyler Logan

    As a fan of the buffalo, I would like to see some power mods for it please

  • Nick Tibbs
    Nick Tibbs

    I think If there were 2 different brackets one with just 4 seaters and one with just two, it woulda been closer because the weight is gonna beat power 99 percent of the time

  • jbando

    2:34 poor sous

  • Jayden V
    Jayden V

    still wanna see buffalo vs commander

  • Dillon Coomer
    Dillon Coomer

    Kind of unpleased with this one watched the video for the talon. Which only debuted once.

  • MataN Baru
    MataN Baru

    So Polaris xp pro the best side by side around so far ?

  • Landon Wilson
    Landon Wilson

    I love your vid‘s

  • Saucy Tv
    Saucy Tv

    Oh my god I knew they went to silver lake a lotttttt but i never knew they actually lived in Michigan I saw that state police and I was like omg it’s crazy bc we are all in Michigan I’ve always wanted to meet you guys y’all are some great dudes and just keep ripping 💯🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Jason Boggs
    Jason Boggs

    Enjoyed watching. Would like to see it again. Next time match the weights of the machines to see what happens.

  • 4 Wheeler And UTV Parts
    4 Wheeler And UTV Parts

    really enjoyed this video.

  • Kiona Enders
    Kiona Enders


  • dmaxfan

    Weight... that's what wins these

  • Caleb's Vlogs
    Caleb's Vlogs

    Alot of the time when those mud sxs would lose is cause of the tires there pulling against guy woth mud tires with huge legs wich don't stand a chance against the those more trail tires

  • AJ Lanter
    AJ Lanter

    It totally makes sense to hook 2 seaters to 4 seaters and even have a thought that the 2 seater would win

  • Darren

    Now that was funny!

  • Guillaume Muller
    Guillaume Muller

    polaris> all

  • Terry Harris
    Terry Harris

    not fair 4 seats against 2 seats 2 much weight difference 2 much weight displacement im filing a grievance lol

  • Full Throttle
    Full Throttle

    Tires and weight is everything on blacktop. More so than power. Rzrs fish tailing back and fourth was awesome!!!😎👍 KRX really surprised me!!!

  • Mellonpopr

    very entertaining, thanks

  • Melissa Pitts
    Melissa Pitts

    My freind has a scrambler 1000 and it makes 110 hp

  • Rogelio Vazquez Guerrero
    Rogelio Vazquez Guerrero

    Puro x3 a la verga nada que de rzr puro can am alv

  • Kevin Ruddles
    Kevin Ruddles

    I loved this video.

  • Poor Thing Productions
    Poor Thing Productions

    This has to be one of the best videos on ALgone. Subscribed

  • guy_with_a_4.6

    You ain't wrong!

  • joseph philipello
    joseph philipello

    Maybe a Wolverine X2 vs commander

  • Dam A
    Dam A

    Roxor vs Buffalo

  • Rickie4

    What about the X3 verse. Pro XP 2-seater

  • Nico Stahl
    Nico Stahl

    You guys should do a drag race

  • Nico Stahl
    Nico Stahl

    Polaris was pretty dominant my favorite

  • Camkir13790 Dc
    Camkir13790 Dc

    To make it truly fair all the side by sides should have the same tires.

    • SXSBlog.com

      Maybe all the same engines and weight too?!

  • PrankBoss

    Yall need to get me one of them gokarts

  • John Zane
    John Zane

    I can smell the belt burning form here.

  • DAN M.
    DAN M.

    Not an accurate test. Whichever got the jump first 🥇

  • Odyssey Offroad
    Odyssey Offroad

    would like to see more of the krx to be honest.

  • TruVlogTv

    If the belt is the weakest link of each unit isn’t it technically belt vs belt or which one can outlast the other?

  • Karl Kliber
    Karl Kliber

    Rematch the KRX and Buffalo

  • John

    Did you film this in watseka?

  • IntegrityMatterz

    Lower trajectory has an advantage

  • danialphaomega

    For the price of those razr I can build a sand rail with a junk yard LS1 v8 and other goodies, but I guess I'm just a gearhead with a shop for a garage lol ✌🇺🇸

  • Cristian Munoz
    Cristian Munoz

    So today i went to look at some rzrs and i saw a 2020 Polaris pro XP 4 ultimate and i was wondering if i really wanted as my first RZR, and thanks to you guys and this video i have made up my mind and im buying it next week.!! Keep up the good work.!

  • Jordan Philman
    Jordan Philman

    Ride red

  • George Pulliam
    George Pulliam

    So awsome

  • Andrew Denine
    Andrew Denine

    Haha that was fucked

  • Allen B
    Allen B

    Why didn’t u guys do the can am 4 seater ?

    • Allen B
      Allen B


    • SXSBlog.com

      We don't have one

  • codsac

    I'd still rather have the kawa

  • CAMO_chevy517

    nice, you're in Michigan too, im in Lansing, love the vids

  • Daniel Millan
    Daniel Millan

    Looks about white

  • valdemar alvarado
    valdemar alvarado

    2 seater against 2 seater and 4 against 4


    how many fuckin machines???????????

  • John Mccullough
    John Mccullough

    You guys need to make a video on the rzr xp towing a pickup truck on a trailer as no one has made a video like that yet me an alot of others wanna c it done an how effective its towing is big facts im shure your views will go up

  • Shane Chambers
    Shane Chambers


    • SXSBlog.com

      Thank you!

  • angel villarreal
    angel villarreal

    We wanted to see the YXZ doing that too...

    • SXSBlog.com

      Yikes lol

  • Southwest ORV
    Southwest ORV

    KRX for the win.

  • Kuledoob

    scrambler on slicks vs all

  • Ryan Hasoon
    Ryan Hasoon


  • scott reynolds
    scott reynolds

    give that Talon some love, give it a TURBO!!!


    Krx vs Honda talon

  • Lewis Baker
    Lewis Baker

    Freaking love you guys! Come visit Grand Junction, Colorado.

  • CTMX _
    CTMX _

    That guy needs to shut up. He’s actually starting to piss me off with his unfunny humor

  • Ezra Redgwell
    Ezra Redgwell

    Talon won’t burn a belt it don’t have one

  • Mud Puppy Garage
    Mud Puppy Garage

    Do a truck tug of war

  • Eli Belmont
    Eli Belmont

    one of the first vids ive seen from this channel super entertaining actually made me laugh out loud. looking to get a side by side in the future. Keep up the great content brother

    • SXSBlog.com

      Thanks Eli!

  • Ivan Alvarado
    Ivan Alvarado

    Buffalo Ultimate vs Buffalo Premium

  • Off Road Adventures NH
    Off Road Adventures NH

    heavy and carnivores will win every time lol

  • TheCarcajoo


  • Big Larry
    Big Larry

    I did not know you guys were out of Michigan.

    • SXSBlog.com


  • Gone Ballistic
    Gone Ballistic

    Should have challenged the cop to a pull

  • Tom A
    Tom A

    Ok fellas. Serious Serious question here, well for me it is anyway. I have yet to pull the trigger on a sxs purchase going on 3 years now. It's going to be the most I've ever spent on anything and will most likely have to remain stock for a long time because I can't afford the wicked stuff you guys do lol. Ok so I'm 6'3" 260 I need to get something that my knees will not be busted around so much in. I live and ride in michigan. No I will not be sending it haha. I was in a serious accident a couple years ago that changed everything in my life so please be totally honest with me. No turbo can am or turbo polaris. But plz give me a couple options be it a pro, ranger, pioneer, teryx, wolverine, general, etc... thanks a lot in advance. Great videos you guys keep my wild child inner self alive. When my busted up body won't allow me to do it myself.

  • Noah Goodbrand
    Noah Goodbrand

    Should get a yxz 1000 in there.

  • Jacob Compton
    Jacob Compton

    Pull in Reverse

  • Jaden Krosis
    Jaden Krosis

    But.....the KRX........

  • Creed Childs
    Creed Childs


  • poneadelphia

    I need some good ol white friends like y’all 😩😩😩

  • Brandon Leone
    Brandon Leone

    Buffalo vs trx with tires same as buffalo

  • Jaceland Adventures
    Jaceland Adventures

    Loved it good stuff! 🔥💯

  • TgGaming1113

    All of them are more than 100k

  • J P
    J P

    Dude alert...🤣

  • Prav 63 AMG
    Prav 63 AMG

    What would you guys recommend on buying today as the best machine for 2020? I’m looking to get one

  • Joe2Jock

    How's Rick like those ITP Tenacity tires? Just put those on my X3 as well.

  • nobody

    Wheres the xx

  • George Sidelinger
    George Sidelinger

    What about that commander sport utility vehicle. 2 out of 3. All were awesome.!!!! It’s all about the coyotes Aawwooo!!!

  • Red Rider7
    Red Rider7

    7:10 Ooops, did I do that? : ) Ha!