Turbo RS1 gets fixed and BROKE! Pro XP BUFFALO track SENDS! +Toyo SxS
These Toyos are INTRESANTE!
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  • Bryce Devoe
    Bryce Devoe

    I found your tire


    Need a handbrake setup (hoon handle) to get the rear to come around on those hairpins

  • jon poole
    jon poole

    Why dont you go desert racing and see how real pros build a sxs.

  • Lisa Lorenzo
    Lisa Lorenzo

    You guys are the bomb I’ve been absent for a while watching the vids but glad I’m back on board you always put a smile on my face 😊

  • Glockspecific

    Make sure Nick doesn't eat paint before y'all film next time! 😂😂

  • Glockspecific

    So much power in that little machine, it looks like a handful to hold on!

  • Twisted SxS
    Twisted SxS

    CF1 needs a sweet cage, HCR 72” full suspension setup and fix the body up. Absolutely love that machine. Looking forward to seeing new cage and power mods for Buffalo! Great video as always!!

  • NvSrAgE679

    You guys are awesome. Keep it up. Love the content.

  • Mitch Lake
    Mitch Lake

    The best part of the whole video is the end. Sous giggling like an idiot landing the jumps. Glad hes showing up more again

  • Erric D Johnson 74
    Erric D Johnson 74

    Can't wait to get some more 2JP in my life I feel empty inside 😭😭😭😭 Awesome vids guys just make everything Zeus prof and everything will be alright 🤔🙄😁✌️

  • Mario Eid
    Mario Eid

    Man convincing me to get a 4 seater! Good content guys, always making me and im sure many others smile!

  • fanof03always

    If I can make it out next year..would you do a average joe call out on the track..I would like to call out doug..one practice lap..

  • rusty harris
    rusty harris

    new term "Sues proof" as in you need to make everything Sues proof. LOL

  • Dexter Shouse
    Dexter Shouse

    You guys are the greatest thing on the planet right now. The best humans alive. I can't get enough of these videos and the diversity within your group is off the charts. Everyone is so unique and different. Keep up the good work and keep them coming, I am forever a fan!

  • zach gallegos
    zach gallegos

    Holy shit I've never laughed so hard on how lowsey that pontiac is, rzr all the way

  • Marty Martin
    Marty Martin

    If you could only have one set of tires to use for the rest of your life for every type of riding . What tire would that be ?

  • Cuco Lopez
    Cuco Lopez

    CF1 need some shock therapy springs👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼

  • Joseph Rogers
    Joseph Rogers

    Can you guys please test and review a new rmax

    • Joseph Rogers
      Joseph Rogers

      Compare it to the general

  • Montel Berry
    Montel Berry

    I just bought a talonR can y’all do more vids on the 2jp

  • wes duchon
    wes duchon

    Are you guys going to get a set of sxs boggers

  • Lou G
    Lou G

    Sous is a wild man lol

  • Full Fledge OUTDOORS
    Full Fledge OUTDOORS

    Yxzzzzz!!! Bring it back out

  • Bob Laws
    Bob Laws

    You guys really need to quit losing stuff off your trailer. Take a couple of minutes and actually secure your loads before you cause a wreck. A couple of helmets is bad enough, but a damn tire/wheel can kill somebody!

  • D Pel
    D Pel

    That Buffalo doesn’t seem to have any clutch issues 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • ltgall

    RS1 needs a HCR kit

  • Michele Ford
    Michele Ford

    Is that Doug or Spike Lee with that sweatshirt on?

  • Kevin Raymond
    Kevin Raymond

    Buffalo is Running similar to almost same times as xrsds and battlefield, on stock power setup. Low 30’s who knows sub 30 second lap times with a little buffalo sauce added on.

  • MI.Dunerunner

    The CF1 taking a beating, but keeps going. Can't believe that rear hub held up for as long as it did. Figure out the oil thing yet?

    • SXSBlog.com

      Nah man she just keeps chugging it

  • brandon eddinger
    brandon eddinger

    Your channel is awesome! I been without inerweb for about a month and a half. Miss watching you guys an Your time in the rigs. I just purchased property on a mountain-ish . Washington, would love to have you guys up for a rip up the mountains.

  • Haiti Moto Adventure
    Haiti Moto Adventure

    I thought you changed the plastics on the rs1 lol it would look good in tan!

  • benjamin barbahkus
    benjamin barbahkus

    Let's get a fresh YXZ in the fleet! Would love to see some content on the newer YXZ and some updates on the beastly yellow YXZ!

  • Andy Swift
    Andy Swift

    I wanna see another buffalo track battle, but with everyone in the car. Just rotating drivers! Snowrienteering round 2 would be awesome too!

  • kelly densmore
    kelly densmore

    RJ Anderson uses a steering brake, why don't you guys try it?, cornering times would improve on the track.

  • NotaBRZ NotaMiata
    NotaBRZ NotaMiata

    Those Toyo's would be a great on the turbo Talon.

  • Jordan Carver
    Jordan Carver

    Turbo RS1 really reminds me of a sprint car! Things insane man! Biiiiig air guy!! 🤙🤘

  • red bitter123
    red bitter123

    I’ll be brutally honest. If you guys get rid of that RS1. I will unsubscribe. I love it that much.

  • red bitter123
    red bitter123

    hey boys the RS1 is part of the channel. LOVING IT.

  • tayjadster

    Watch out boys..........Send It Sous is on the loose again!!! Awesome video, as always dudes!

  • Darwin Calliou
    Darwin Calliou

    Scrammy needs too lay sum track times, sous is a beast on the track 🤘 I can't believe Toyo makes it tires now wowzies

  • kylekdk456

    Really the amount of stuff you lose from your trailer is seriously becoming unacceptable......helmet isn’t terrible, and wheel and tire will easily kill someone. Please be careful it’s not difficult to properly secure a load.

    • kylekdk456

      Sorry for the negativity I really love your videos but this has become a serious issue.

  • codsac

    Really needs a hand brake to cut those corners

  • Shawn A
    Shawn A

    Used to love the channel but why wouldn't you upgrade suspension, BALL JOINTS AND AXLES. I MEAN REALLY you spend the time effort and money to post mods and leave weak parts on the machine.

    • Shawn A
      Shawn A

      Who wants to watch something with mods break parts that are not upgraded. Don't you sell upgrades to correct other parts that will break when adding hp?

  • Michael Lowry 541
    Michael Lowry 541

    Track battle with all four of you guys in buffalo, Chinese fire-drill style. Hahaha

  • Tito Pacheco
    Tito Pacheco

    Sous is an animal lol!! Good job sous !! 🤙

  • Mojoejojo

    I feel like you guys are losing a lot of time slowing down to hit the finish line

  • tkou272

    Need 50% less Leo and 100% more Sous

  • Jose Soto
    Jose Soto

    Put launch control on the rs1

  • Colin David #44
    Colin David #44

    For the rs1 hit up east lake axle that are great and have a really good product

  • Jonathan Chapman
    Jonathan Chapman

    Honestly I’ve missed the battlefield track but with the way the new track is set up now I really think this is the way to go with all the new machines. And wow those Toyo tires where hooking up pretty damn good . Thanks for the videos brothers. Yee Yee heck Yeah brother

  • Brandon Howren
    Brandon Howren

    Time for Monkey "Drag Racing" and "Lap Battles"!!!

  • James Sissom
    James Sissom

    Really enjoy what you guys are doing, but I find my head spinning. Wish SXSBlog would make a list of each model you have and ALL the mods done, kinda like player stats. Also, maybe make a video of somebody walking the track so we can get a feel for the angles and what not. Thanks

  • shootr

    Leo going the extra mile to defend his berm corner cutting lol

    • SXSBlog.com


  • Craig Mckenna
    Craig Mckenna

    Love toyo mts

  • Joseph Sparks
    Joseph Sparks

    Glad to see sous lately the guy is hilarious 👍👍👍

  • Rick Schroeder
    Rick Schroeder

    The Buffalo should be nicknamed 1.Big Girl 2.The Limo 3 The couch

  • Michael Messner
    Michael Messner

    Just awesome! Love the Buffalo 🐃


    Ls motor in the buffalo asking for a friend

  • Eric Contreras
    Eric Contreras

    I really enjoy videos like today. Been here since 20k subs. I love it when you guys are all together and having a good time. Can’t wait until I meet you guys later this year at glamis

  • rdhill3

    It would be awesome to see the 800 come out on the track when it gets all fixed up

  • Mario Coronel
    Mario Coronel

    You guys coming to glamis?

  • Brodderick Freeney
    Brodderick Freeney

    Loading dock seal = less heat escaping

  • trav402

    Can Sous just become a full time member of the team already?

    • Bryce Green
      Bryce Green

      Sous owns a business... I'm willing to bet it's not quite lucrative enough for him to give up his business.

  • Trailnecks

    Pretty excited for these lap battles with a board to track the fastest!

  • Nick Whitefield
    Nick Whitefield

    Hey if you break it before the anyone else cam put a lap in, you win by default

  • Mario

    Hell yea that buffalo!!

  • WvTrailN

    SOUS + BUFFALO = ONE PIECE OF DRIVING!! He was pushing that thing HARD! Nice work👍🏼👍🏼

  • VeyKen

    Turbo RS1 conversions are about to become hot. My god, that thing is WILD.

  • Eddie Clark
    Eddie Clark

    Watch many other channels but you just kill it have almost as much fun watching as you guys seem to doing it

  • Esteban Tejera
    Esteban Tejera

    Is it really necessary to tune my machine if I put on a performance exhaust?


    That rs1 sounds like two grizzly bears fighting!! Seriously check it out lol AWESOME!!

  • TrxTrailBlazer

    Any info in the plan for glamis trips this year?? Maybe a Thanksgiving trip or Halloween in a couple weeks?

  • John Kozik
    John Kozik

    U guys are awesome I envy ur lives sooo

  • James Glenn
    James Glenn

    Good times guys👍 The track is getting better.

  • Fang Of Truth
    Fang Of Truth

    Nick said something that just fits. He said the “Buff.” So how about a sticker with a muscular Buffalo flexing.

  • Damien Love
    Damien Love

    Anyone else wanna see the highlighter again

  • Dusty Morrow
    Dusty Morrow

    What happened to the XX?

  • cornspace

    Looks like someone is trying out their new soccer mom vehicle, Nick, good testing.

  • Joe Becker
    Joe Becker

    We need the 2 jp on the burnout pad at FF

    • jam dragons
      jam dragons

      For sure

  • Jay86 _
    Jay86 _

    Not gonna lie kinda want a buffalo now lol

  • Blayden_1n

    Please put a long travel on the cf1

  • Nathan Panter
    Nathan Panter

    Didn’t know toyo made sxs tires. Honestly for most trail rigs (full size) they’re pretty darn good so I have high hopes unlike when I hoped the super swamper bogger atv tires.....oooooffff. Maybe interco needs to make a tsl in a sxs or utility style atv tire?

    • Nathan Panter
      Nathan Panter

      After watching the rs1 absolutely rip, those toyos seem to hook and that’s saying a lot for the power to weight that machine is putting down. Haven’t priced out a set but I’d almost bet they’re cheaper than the km3s and they look better suited for the Midwest terrain vs the more rock biased km3 (since it’s rounded vs squared off). Potential comparison in the works?

  • Donald Gowans
    Donald Gowans

    Nicky is crazy lol sweet jumps

  • Daniel Vinyard
    Daniel Vinyard

    I think the cf1 need a bit less boost right in the mid range. the front looked very squirrely.

  • Christopher Hughes
    Christopher Hughes

    Do you guys have a promo code for RMATV if you do I haven't heard it in any videos. Could I get it by email or by buying certain items from your store

  • BIGRED1032 offroad videos
    BIGRED1032 offroad videos

    How long you keep putting stock toothpick parts back on that cf1? Lol. Sick vid

  • Joe Boyanowski
    Joe Boyanowski

    When’s the yxz getting tuned and finished?

  • Kyle Stachnik
    Kyle Stachnik

    All units need the same tires on each to really see how they compare to one another.

  • Terry J
    Terry J

    Take the monkeys around the track before it snows

  • Don Payne
    Don Payne

    Leo you forgot to tell Souse you couldn’t hit the jump as fast as the old line.lol

  • Rosko311

    The RS1 was getting so much traction with those new tires I think it contributed to that front axel breaking.

  • Nick Kavanagh
    Nick Kavanagh

    As Doug is the only one with some juicy lettuce going on he needs to cut his hair into mullet for lemullets

  • Rey Villegas
    Rey Villegas

    Will the crew be heading out to Glamis for Halloween weekend?


    Loving the new Ghoul shirt you guys sent me! Great operation you guys are running!

  • SXS Shuster
    SXS Shuster

    All hail the buffalo 🐃!

  • Jake Dibbert
    Jake Dibbert

    Nice, your my boy souser way to go🖒🖒 what are the plans for 168. You guys building a long jump machine??

  • Donald Tripp
    Donald Tripp

    Buffalo WILD WINGS!

  • Moe Iden
    Moe Iden

    Where are those tires made?

  • Dark Vapor
    Dark Vapor

    Nick Sous, the Manimal of sending it 🙌🏽. Good to see you back

  • Rhino Offroad
    Rhino Offroad

    Y’all need some rhino axels

  • brad grant
    brad grant

    Always a good day when sxs blog posts!

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