Turbo RZR RS1 RIPS WHEELIES!!! 0-60 tests, wheelies, and SLICKS!
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  • smokeymtncowboy

    ASE certification expires? I'm an aircraft mechanic and it doesn't. lets put together a jet powered x3 together boys.

  • Tito Pacheco
    Tito Pacheco

    That was bad ass!!! Good deal leooooo🤙

  • Jesse Porter
    Jesse Porter

    should try runnin low psi in rears slicks hook better at like 3 psi

  • Seamus Hamilton
    Seamus Hamilton

    cool frig

  • Alright Bud
    Alright Bud

    should get a wheelie bar

  • Sam Barthel
    Sam Barthel

    How much for it??? If you are willing to sell it DM me at samjbarthel!

    • SXSBlog.com


  • dirk digler
    dirk digler

    The ginger dude seems a really nice dude



  • Calthecool

    (Looks at thumbnail) “Cool, I’ll watch this.” (Clicks video) (Sees 32 minutes) “Sigh.” (Clicks off video.)

  • 4 Wheeler And UTV Parts
    4 Wheeler And UTV Parts

    awesome looking machine. like the front wheels

  • Bradyn Jones
    Bradyn Jones

    Ok comments are 666 I’ll get 667

  • Andrew Goss
    Andrew Goss

    Mr hot dog in bay city? My family's from there and I go there every time I visit

  • patt20b

    Close that wastegate so it makes boost from idle.

  • Aiden Bielefeld
    Aiden Bielefeld

    like the fridge

  • Jake Malone
    Jake Malone

    Tighten front shocks. Soften rear. And take off from just outside the burnout puddle. Just like all tge drag cars do

  • CrippledMerc

    Would you guys mind swinging by my place? I’ve got a pizza in the oven and can find my pizza cutter so I’d like to borrow yours.

  • Sema Trucks
    Sema Trucks

    Love the fridge

  • RyZe x
    RyZe x

    29:05 is the reason you came here

  • Jayden Kochmanski
    Jayden Kochmanski

    Get a wheely bar and longer strip and see how long you can ride it

  • Tampa Boys Customs
    Tampa Boys Customs

    Dude this was so freakin amazing guys great work way to push thru it

  • Luke Sparkman
    Luke Sparkman

    That guy at 29:25 doesn’t seem impressed lol

  • Octane Atv
    Octane Atv

    Love it!

  • The Kipper
    The Kipper

    I cheered out loud at the first wheelie..... my girlfriend thinks I’m crazy now lol!

  • QB1

    Nice frisge

  • Cashout.lilcesar

    You need a Willie bar now 😂 💯

  • mason samples
    mason samples


  • Joshua Buhler
    Joshua Buhler

    At 30:00 that cough tho

  • True Q
    True Q

    Nice fr those wheelies our hype

  • Phillip

    at 29:25 the truck driver throwing his hands up is hilarious

  • Kent Kollath
    Kent Kollath

    why not strap the front end to reduce the drop out? for the actual hit not wheelies.

  • Gavin Sparkie Mavic Pro lee
    Gavin Sparkie Mavic Pro lee

    That fridge 👍

  • steven mitchell
    steven mitchell

    Don't forget about deboss garage and dbhd

  • steven mitchell
    steven mitchell

    Cleatus sent me over y'all are badass go look at Finnegan and vice grips garage and zip ties and bias plies

  • Jesse Gallegos
    Jesse Gallegos

    Dont let off lol

  • The Legend
    The Legend

    Mr. Hotdog = will put in the the $hithouse faster then any turbo Polaris

  • Broo_sh

    wheelie bar in that so you dont rekkt it

  • Broo_sh

    lower back tire pressure to those rubbers so its stick really good in tarmac

  • Aidan Tube
    Aidan Tube

    He is making music with that hammer

  • Jojo Wells
    Jojo Wells

    Lower the tire pressure it will get more grip and possibly do a wheelie

  • Slim Willy
    Slim Willy

    Really no one has nothing to say about the fridge???? I def need that in my shop, only prob would be catching ur drunk friends trying to hit on her...

  • Conner Snow
    Conner Snow

    Can anyone tell me what app they used for the 0 to 60

  • NikolamotoCanAm Bebić
    NikolamotoCanAm Bebić


  • richpopey

    Y’all need limit straps for the front to kinda hold it down

  • Dyllan C
    Dyllan C

    Dude no way I'm from baycity to hey you should see if the drag slicks and skinnys make a difference with them rond abouts

  • George F
    George F

    You guys need to get a Honda Pilot FL400r or a odyssey fl350r those are the true units

  • Rob Reich
    Rob Reich

    A 488 spider does 0 to 60 in 3 seconds im not believing it

  • Rob Reich
    Rob Reich

    U need to track it or do sometype of speed trap the satellite gps thing isnt precise at all

    • SXSBlog.com

      Lol uhhhh yeah it is do some research

  • Mt off-road
    Mt off-road

    build a big wellie bar

  • Richard Buckner
    Richard Buckner

    Put some weight on the back

  • Justin Metheringham
    Justin Metheringham

    I wanna join the sxs blog crew lol! Too much fun! Keep it up fellas!

  • Crispybacon 92
    Crispybacon 92

    If you guys need race gas I deliver to that inconvenient building all the time for company use.

    • Crispybacon 92
      Crispybacon 92

      @SXSBlog.com yes sir we specialize in sunoco

    • SXSBlog.com

      O really? Hmm

  • Samsqwamched

    Video starts at 11:23

  • Courtney Moore
    Courtney Moore

    Reminds me of the WINGED EXPRESS FUEL ALTERED. gotta love it !!!

  • Bryan Hirte
    Bryan Hirte

    Did y’all just put a turbo on it or put a turbo motor on it

  • Cayden Jeffries
    Cayden Jeffries

    What app is that???

  • Robert Hachten
    Robert Hachten

    The term "monkey fucking a football" come to mind....


    Bad ass!!!!

  • keith cox
    keith cox

    what app are you using for time

  • Stacy Reid
    Stacy Reid

    And my cousin says that he wheelies his stock 800 Commander on sand running stock tires I haven't believed it yet and until I see it still won't, this is proof it takes a lot of hp to pull the front end up on a very light car

  • DrKampfpudding

    For Those 2 tenths of a second difference id let the knobbies on

  • KuntryBruh

    What’s the gas mileage

  • Sultan Alhitmi
    Sultan Alhitmi

    THAT WAS AWESOMMMMMEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😱😱😱😱😱

    • Sultan Alhitmi
      Sultan Alhitmi

      SXSBlog.com what happened to your rs1😂😂 I remember you just had the exhaust and what happened to the gauntlet?

    • Sultan Alhitmi
      Sultan Alhitmi

      SXSBlog.com I can’t believe you remembered me☺️

    • SXSBlog.com

      Been a while brother!

  • Benny C
    Benny C

    7:11 I need that fridge

  • Alejandro Paniagua
    Alejandro Paniagua

    They i- I would love to get a 3:50 Me so happy because i hit 4:50 😂😂

  • Louis Turner
    Louis Turner

    Bullshit crap content, Worst thing to happen to cleetus since the tracker

    • SXSBlog.com


  • Dustin Claussen
    Dustin Claussen

    It whas up for a 1 sce

  • Daymeian Richardson
    Daymeian Richardson

    What’s the name of the app you used to tell you 0-60 and all that good stuffs

    • SXSBlog.com


  • Braden Crumbacker
    Braden Crumbacker

    27:00 this is where it starts.

  • Megan Oates
    Megan Oates

    600th comment

  • Austin Fisher
    Austin Fisher

    29:00 for good wheelies

  • Austin Fisher
    Austin Fisher

    28:00 starts wheelie

  • Cryptic Rage
    Cryptic Rage

    does anyone know any websites that i can find a utv (side by side) good for mudding?

  • Scratching Materz
    Scratching Materz


  • dookie454

    brake torque it up then release brakes and floor it. Is it not letting you do that?

  • Lucas VanPopering
    Lucas VanPopering

    Definitely thought this was clickbait until the end

  • clout demon
    clout demon

    28:33 naisuu...

  • Big spoops
    Big spoops

    omf please practice working the rear break and getting distance this is fuckin great to watch 😂😂

  • Brody Plourde
    Brody Plourde

    i like you fridge

  • Jeffrey Hyde
    Jeffrey Hyde

    They’re like the most non rzr guys on the planet that happen to be rzr guys lol

  • jesse macneil
    jesse macneil

    Haha those wheelie clips and everyone there . fun to watch

  • Tristan Bouchard
    Tristan Bouchard

    That’s the craziest thing I’ve ever seen

  • Justin Kite
    Justin Kite

    Can we talk about the fridge

  • Bradyn Paskaruk
    Bradyn Paskaruk

    Make a wheelie bar so you can ride them

  • BadZOMB3HD

    From what I've seen of the surrounding area I literally live 15 minutes from where there recording that 😂

    • BadZOMB3HD

      Exactly 11 miles from my house and I can confirm I'm thinking of the right place

  • Ronny Phi
    Ronny Phi

    6:55 in the back round..... noice haha

  • watchthisusa

    Great Video!!!

  • TJ Shine
    TJ Shine


  • Duey Jones
    Duey Jones

    Mustang tires? Never knew tires were application made with the exception of “super car” tires which eventually go size specific. Learn something new everyday

  • Deluca Darneille
    Deluca Darneille

    28:06 is where the wheelie is

  • lol 2006
    lol 2006

    I can say that the world's fastest UTV I never seen

  • Jim Rowlings
    Jim Rowlings

    That was awesome

  • Justin Guilmain
    Justin Guilmain

    Did anyone see the fridge 😂

  • shawnkiller90

    It's Forza Horizon Bounce wheelie physics IRL.

  • Nathan Metcalf
    Nathan Metcalf

    Looks like a side by side Leroy

  • seiska 51M0NEN
    seiska 51M0NEN


  • Toni Kuntz
    Toni Kuntz

    Nice fridge

  • Mr. Wild
    Mr. Wild

    What app is that?

    • SXSBlog.com

      It's a Dragy high frequency GPS unit

  • RPM

    Cool video 😂 you may like @drayr32

  • jaybones07

    Now add 50 psi for boost

    • jaybones07

      Like 50

    • SXSBlog.com

      More boost is coming.

  • Fords4life 91
    Fords4life 91

    What app do u use???

    • SXSBlog.com

      Dragy high frequency GPS unit

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