We bought a mini PULLING TRACTOR! (and it RIPS!)
This thing is the best!
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  • LoggerJohn01

    Hello Guys, obviously someone has removed the real wide pulling tires and replaced them with stock ones on the back.

  • Seth Taylor
    Seth Taylor

    i wanna see this thing rip again haha

  • Chris Toph G
    Chris Toph G

    LL pull J

  • Conner Brown
    Conner Brown

    So this pulling tractor was actually originally my grandpas and my dads (my dad being Lonnie😂) and they pulled it all the time when I was a kid. We still do tractor pulling with garden tractors (One being crazy horse) but not with the motorcycle engines anymore. Really cool to see you guys so stoked about “The Brown Pulling Team” 😂

  • Robert Sinclair
    Robert Sinclair

    Where's the Update vid for this one!?!?!

  • Muskrat Offroad
    Muskrat Offroad

    Nice 👍

  • Jorden

    Funniest video I’ve seen.

  • Brian Sandefur
    Brian Sandefur

    I would like to see a pulling video of this KZ1100 tractor.

  • Ashley Whitt
    Ashley Whitt

    War dog

  • Hayden Royer
    Hayden Royer

    But whose russ the helmet said Lonnie

  • Hayden Royer
    Hayden Royer

    You need to add the weights to the tires for it to read a load on the motor

  • Freddy Muldoon
    Freddy Muldoon

    I hope y’all abandoned this project.


    I think it should be pull inc

  • Chuck Hudson
    Chuck Hudson

    Get 50mpg on this hog!!!!! Just when you think Leo can’t do anything dumber, he goes aaaaand COMPLETELY!! redeems himself OMG!!! Hands down best episode EVER!!!!

  • Jacob Martin
    Jacob Martin

    I like wild horse especialy if its a wheel horse mower frame

  • Stephen Goodwin
    Stephen Goodwin

    For a person who pulls garden tractors and full sized tractors, I really want to see yall pull a sled!

  • Ian’s Garage
    Ian’s Garage

    Just call it FULL PULL

  • aj200415

    L.L. Pull Jay for the Win!!! You HAVE to name it that!!!

  • TrulyUnfortunate

    Regear and put some slicks on it. A drag mower is far more interesting than a pulling tractor....and more dangerous.

  • TrulyUnfortunate

    Those look like water reservoirs for more weight on the ass end.....you'd think the hose fittings would be a dead giveaway.

    • SXSBlog.com

      Good thing they're filled with fuel


    Wow they lucky thousand dollars for all if this

  • Gods Squad
    Gods Squad

    Leo is soooo excited!

  • Logan B
    Logan B

    That thing sounds like shit but I can’t wait till you guys make it better

  • Van Hillbilly Halstead III
    Van Hillbilly Halstead III

    Lil ripper

  • Wheely Will
    Wheely Will

    Something tells me those wheel weights are robbing torque. Hmmm

  • Big Ranch
    Big Ranch

    The oxxxxx👌👌👌

  • BDM Garage
    BDM Garage

    That has no Wheel Horse parts on it yet it’s plastered with wheel horse decals and named crazy horse lol.

  • Levi DenHerder
    Levi DenHerder

    It was made from a wheel horse lawnmower

  • Samson Lashua
    Samson Lashua

    Wild horse

  • Jacob Devereux
    Jacob Devereux

    Those usually run on grain alcohol or E90 but it depends on the setup

  • Seth Pigman
    Seth Pigman

    That logo is a garden tractor brand its wheel horse

  • chimookoman

    Is the throttle backwards?

  • Raymond Lowe
    Raymond Lowe

    Dr.Pull Em All

  • MadDog Gaming
    MadDog Gaming

    i build them things

  • puddle rat
    puddle rat

    LL pull J for the win

  • Brandon_the beast
    Brandon_the beast

    Gear it higher it is to slow

  • Zach Baird
    Zach Baird

    Big green tractor

  • Ebola_AIDS_ISIS

    Please, PLEASE get the owner out for a final rip. Or spectator if his health is too far in decline... Stage 4 is a death sentence... lost my "mentor" in my mid 20s to cancer. Had to watch him rapidly waste away. The guilt and mourning pain drove me to opiates and i lost the next 5 years to drug addiction. Happy to say im 8 years sober now, and just riddled with guilt about the whole thing. If i had the chance to do one final "hurrah" for him, would have been amazing, especially after everything he had done for me

  • cornspace

    I like when you zoomed in on the sound

  • f250_rangergaming

    Just curious have you ever been to a tractor pull event

  • Cincinnati Cobra
    Cincinnati Cobra

    Omg you have to call it LL Pull J

  • Isaac Reel
    Isaac Reel

    LL pull j

  • jrolf423

    Omfg "LL PULL J" 👍🏼👍🏼

  • LGIswamper YT
    LGIswamper YT

    You should hear the rear end for drag racing

  • Dereck Keilty
    Dereck Keilty

    LL pull j all the way

  • Gary Southern
    Gary Southern

    LL Pull J for sure!

  • Colton Sutherin
    Colton Sutherin

    Put a nice bright red paint job on it and call it the screamin demon

  • Kilkman

    it's called Wild horse as a play on the name of the tractor manufacturer "Wheel Horse" the wheel with the horse head is their corporate logo.

  • UnderGround Mafia Terry James
    UnderGround Mafia Terry James

    Burn out machine

  • Darryl Martin
    Darryl Martin

    @sxsblog.com, that logo on the fenders is a wheelhorse logo. They made riding mowers and garden tractors years ago. They are known for having a durable driveline and are popular in garden tractor pulling. I'm guessing the trans and rear end are wheelhorse components.

  • Ronnie Williz
    Ronnie Williz

    That pulling tractor is badass. Dam i hope y'all fix that lagging throttle response. But its badass

  • Russell Henderson
    Russell Henderson

    How about tugger ?

  • Jack Gould
    Jack Gould

    Beef the engine some+remove fenders+paddles=most talked about dragster at SLSD this year.

  • eruden


  • Furn333

    Pull and pray

  • k

    lets go Russ!!! bring him out and let him have at it.

  • Dustin Miller
    Dustin Miller

    That rear end has a Peerless with a 3-speed high and low transfer case he's probably literally in first gear low range on the rear transmission if y'all could get under there and put it in the high range third that thing would stand up and smoke the tires

  • Dustin Miller
    Dustin Miller

    Evertime I see people freak out over these I face palm cause people used to say I'm crazy for building these

  • Leland Daniel
    Leland Daniel

    Kinda like Post Malone

  • Leland Daniel
    Leland Daniel

    Post Pull on

  • come at me bro
    come at me bro

    ( lil pull then I started think what do I like) that's were I lost it.... Lmfao

  • Eddy Schonfield
    Eddy Schonfield

    Sounds like the timing is off or something it should have way more power for a 1200kz motor or corbs are bad just saying

  • Tv Drift
    Tv Drift

    How is it going to spin the brand new pulling tires if it can barely spin the stock lawn mower tires

    • SXSBlog.com

      We'll see lol

  • T&A Pulling & Gaming
    T&A Pulling & Gaming

    It'll look better with the pulling tires on it I would say the class that it rain in in was probably 1150 lb or a 1250 class there is a guy that semi local to my location he has a brand new Hayabusa motor on nitrous on his pulling tractor

  • T&A Pulling & Gaming
    T&A Pulling & Gaming

    Garden pulling tractors is a very fun sport to get into I've been doing it for 10 years and now I've got a 2 wheel drive small block pulling truck I've seen that thing I think at Liberty Kentucky

  • Michigan Vape Mafia
    Michigan Vape Mafia

    I almost bought this damn thing before lol

  • Adam Polhamus
    Adam Polhamus


  • Jake Bishop
    Jake Bishop

    I have one of these they are bad a y’all need to run it once

  • MrJohnnaz

    I milled the head on this unit, and my friend did extensive engine work on this unit. Artie & Lonnie Brown owned this unit. Artie was teamed up with the famous E. J. Potter

    • MrJohnnaz

      @SXSBlog.com Might have some video when Lonny was pulling this thing at Ashley. Keep it Wild Horse (I might be a little biased though)The Brown's run Wheel Horse tractors, so I'm sure that's why it has that name.

    • MrJohnnaz

      @SXSBlog.com Duane Hoffer at Hoffer Performance could tell you anything you want to know about the engine. I think him and Artie built the headers as well. Duane's shop phone number is 989-862-5353. Where are you guys located? Did you happen to buy it from someone that lives in St. Johns MI?

    • SXSBlog.com

      That's awesome! Any other insight on it?

  • zloftsgard1

    For sure. Never know what to expect from the blog.. Laughed the whole time. Hope the previous owner can see it rip!!!

  • xDUMBERx

    I MEAN hes already on stage 4 of cancer so its prolly very easy

  • Manufalket

    Very nice 💪💪💪

  • dunerinaz

    Doesn't sound like it's firing on all cylinders

  • RZR Daze
    RZR Daze

    "Sir Pulls Alot" has kind of a creepy, raincoat wearing, harry palmed guy, vibe to it. I say go with that! LMAO

  • Bumpy


  • Rj Johnson
    Rj Johnson

    LL pull j

  • Alaska Gold & Tool co.
    Alaska Gold & Tool co.

    How stupid is this . Fake laughs about made me puke

    • SXSBlog.com

      lol fake eh?

  • Eli Jones
    Eli Jones

    Gotta keep WILD HORSE!

  • Reccallo TimTom
    Reccallo TimTom

    I wish people on Facebook Marketplace didn't dick around so much...

  • DrivingGod1998

    LL Pull-J

  • DrivingGod1998

    I approve of this message

  • Zachery Currier
    Zachery Currier

    “BAD LARRY” is fitting for that beast

  • Neeley dev
    Neeley dev

    Wild horse is awesome name

  • NS Gearhead
    NS Gearhead

    Gearing change and you've got yourself a dragster!

  • shootr

    Nick sous for the win @ the freedom 500!

  • Northern Redneck
    Northern Redneck

    Nick is on some drugs

  • Pr3ct

    The gauntlet has been thrown down, boys. Cleetus says "The Michigan boys won't be a factor." You dudes gotta represent down there in FloriDUH. Michigan, The Motor City, this is what we do. Go down there and put a Ford Le Mans 1-2-3 on 'em.

  • RandomRed

    Who is here after watching cletus McFarland video just to say SOUS is gonna win the freedom 500!

  • Syzygy

    Busa engine.

    • MrJohnnaz

      Kawasaki KZ 1100

  • Daniel Kelley
    Daniel Kelley

    Are you guys going to do anything with a KRX 1000?

  • Brayden Sherman
    Brayden Sherman

    You guys should enter the sled pull at quadna mud nats this year!!

  • Rattius Finkius
    Rattius Finkius

    Hey goofballs. It's meant to pull weight, not make passes lol.

  • Joe Hall
    Joe Hall

    that's assume good name I V pulling thinking HOW you got it 🚜🚜🚜👍

  • Alex

    The rap names..... immediately died 😂😂💀

  • totallyi812

    Omfg ... LL pull J omg

  • Andrew Kessler
    Andrew Kessler

    Y'all should come to Paulding Ohio on the first weekend of May for horse power holiday a huge mudding weekend

  • AlbinoMunkay13

    Heck yeah! Use it to tow busted up side by sides off the track!

  • Aaron Joyner
    Aaron Joyner

    you guy should turn the machines around and chain them from the back on the burnout pad wild horse is awesome and so funny

  • Mark O
    Mark O

    Most people would be dissuaded by the total lack of ground clearance or suspension, kudos to Nick for seeing the diamond in the rough! :)

  • maxwell industry's
    maxwell industry's

    Was that on Facebook market place

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