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  • SXSBlog.com

    More monster truck content?!

    • Gabe Maillet
      Gabe Maillet

      Helll yaaa

    • David Francisco
      David Francisco


    • TruckBoyPlays

      big yes

    • Zeus Yt
      Zeus Yt


    • Muzz

      Monster sxs?

  • ReapR_X FPV
    ReapR_X FPV

    4 words for those few that disliked this video, or any other video that the boys put out: YOU SUCK AT LIFE!!!!

  • jacob westbrook
    jacob westbrook

    @SXSBlog.com now that 2JP is done you should have the Tom Foolery Motorsports team back out to Silver Lake for a RIP!

  • Brad Butcher
    Brad Butcher

    The son seemed to be a very nice young man. A lot of adults would find it hard not to be conceded when you drive a monster truck.

  • Mike lehr
    Mike lehr

    We need more monster trucks. Huge Thumbs up

  • Jesus Hernandez
    Jesus Hernandez

    ??? chinese ??? ??? indian chief ??? !!! tickets !!! ??? Chest ??? $100 dollars for gas !!! ??? Cougar 4 legged ??? !!! Car !!! ??? Hurricanes ??? !!! Gas !!!

  • Jaycee Abbo
    Jaycee Abbo

    Tyler Perry helped 5,000 families this Thanksgiving by donating food and gift cards to his community in Atlanta, Georgia. fxn.ws/3lYOMdP (Photo: Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images)

  • Alpha-CTS-V

    These guys are awesome!

  • David Francisco
    David Francisco


  • doodreally

    So sick man! Bet it cost a lot of money on this weekend but I’m sure it was way worth it! Love watching your guys videos

  • doodreally

    Lol the pony tail bradda

  • Mr Blueberry
    Mr Blueberry

    I saw jester at Monster jam if you’re wondering where it was in Arlington oct 24 2020 :D

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    Next some Karen Will cry about the Monster Truck wheels being too big.

  • Nickolas Leverock
    Nickolas Leverock

    Hey I go to the moster truck show all the time at the track the jester and the cracken are the best there

  • Ray Parker
    Ray Parker

    They look slow!

  • Joe Stiver
    Joe Stiver

    Hey Leo! You should make a yellow Jester that would be amazing!

  • Ay Ay
    Ay Ay

    Why not develop a transmission for longer runs? After all it is a monster truck

  • Tito Pacheco
    Tito Pacheco

    Definitely more monster truck content!!!! So freaking cool guys that double send at the end was epic!!! Another amazing vid guys thank you!! KEEP EM COMIN!!🤙

  • r315

    You can hear the fuel pump running before he started that truck

    • SXSBlog.com

      Considering it runs off the crank I doubt it lol

  • Jerry R
    Jerry R

    Cool video

  • Scott Mcdonald
    Scott Mcdonald

    Dont look that big" little overrated

  • Lewis Smith
    Lewis Smith

    Imagine the monster truck with sand dune tyres on

  • Aaron Calvin
    Aaron Calvin


  • balec

    They should have jumped the side by sides for comparison

  • Mad Jeeper NH
    Mad Jeeper NH

    I want to know what drop boxes they are running, Whistling Diesels Monster boxes are garbage!!!

  • Ghosts Inc Wayne
    Ghosts Inc Wayne

    Best video ever! Monster trucks never get old. 💣🚛🚚

  • Joshua Mello
    Joshua Mello

    i love that the monster trucks need a safety flag

  • ARMOR GAMER gamer
    ARMOR GAMER gamer

    The tandems monster truck jump was bad ass

  • trippie redd kinda chunky ngl
    trippie redd kinda chunky ngl

    How did they get those trucks?

  • Alex Garvey-welch.
    Alex Garvey-welch.

    Leo's eye's as he nails it of the line!!!! is one of the best things i have seen, any wider and his eyes would have fallen out. lol

  • Brad Duddey
    Brad Duddey


  • Russ M
    Russ M

    Couple of gracious crews. Thank you all for sharing the weekend with us!

  • Darrin Murley
    Darrin Murley


  • Brian Englehutt
    Brian Englehutt

    Freakin awesome video dudes!

  • State Utility Contractors
    State Utility Contractors

    What? No lock the deff !?🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Dan Arganbright
    Dan Arganbright

    They both won the drag race.... because they got to race frickin' monster trucks!!!!

  • Missy Knight
    Missy Knight

    i like you

  • Joshua Covey
    Joshua Covey

    I’m done with grave digger and max d I found some new some new favorite monster trucks.

  • William Clough
    William Clough

    If you guys are gonna put on a real good show with monster trucks in the dunes taking jumps you gotta have S×S's jumping after the trucks to truly show the comparison of those titans

  • Kyle Swift
    Kyle Swift

    Cut down all the brush in the gauntlet so we can see around the telephone pole!

  • Kyle Decaussin
    Kyle Decaussin

    watching leo's eyes during the test pull LOL

  • kondrup diving
    kondrup diving

    u need a drone guyse :P

  • Mason Kline
    Mason Kline

    Is it just me or were they way cooler before the mufflers

  • Steven Lopez
    Steven Lopez

    I've had a big smile and a boner watching this whole series, hands free. Good stuff. I'm retiring soon, need somebody to mop your floors.

  • daniel gisewhite
    daniel gisewhite

    These guys are just crazy man love it

  • John Baldwin
    John Baldwin

    That has to be the coolest feeling ever.

  • Semper Fi
    Semper Fi

    Why do dunes out in the middle of nowhere need to be quiet? Makes no sense 😕

  • James Dupin
    James Dupin

    That was EPIC!!! Beyond thrilled you guys got to do that!!

  • T Nicholson
    T Nicholson

    That’s so stupid

  • jmrewa

    Happy for you guys, you’ve worked hard on a passion you all share so good to see stuff like this. Can tell these guys from Tomfoolery are genuinely good people. During a time with so much strife in the country I really enjoy seeing people bond like this!

  • Snotric

    Who is that stupid to complain about the sound... Idiots

  • Just Braaap It
    Just Braaap It

    It seems like everyone of u guys can't even look at the camera its funny shit hahaha. Great vids bro

  • Joshua Urban
    Joshua Urban

    Dude in the black is just there hype man or something?

    • SXSBlog.com


  • ben low
    ben low


  • cornspace

    Would you consider making a Side by Sidester Truck?

  • cornspace

    That's nuts 10k-12k lbs getting air, landing and not breaking anything.

  • Daniel Khoo
    Daniel Khoo

    old town road


    I’d be willing to bring over the tribute car if u know someone who can jump over it .

  • gary66669

    Rick is like Doug but exaggerated by 200%

  • bansheebandithot350

    They look slow as f..k

  • Joshua Foust
    Joshua Foust

    Heck yeah brothers more monster truck content for sure living your best lives buddys

  • YoungFlexerz

    Looks like the guy in the red shirt is jealous or just a hater and complainer

  • Matthew Kuhn
    Matthew Kuhn

    Where is this?

  • Justin Walters
    Justin Walters

    it should be illegal to choke up those beautiful engines like that, but at least yall were able to make it work and send it. one of the coolest things i've ever seen.

  • Diddy Doodat
    Diddy Doodat

    Invite cleetus

  • Adam Buttner
    Adam Buttner

    Damn I just realized y’all hit 200k subs. Congrats guys y’all will hit 1mil before you know it.

  • honeybadgerl39

    Was that a hybrid MONSTER TRUCK? 😂

  • Mike Desilets
    Mike Desilets

    Those guys were ultra cool. Looked like a blast.

  • adam knudtsen
    adam knudtsen

    You guys seem like best friends who all just lost their virginity on prom night! Never seen rick so speechless, like he’s hiding a freedom boner. You guys keep making the most entertaining content and I thank you for it. Really helped me through some rough times.

  • Devin Jackson
    Devin Jackson

    Need Cletus out there!!!!

  • Devin Jackson
    Devin Jackson

    Why are they not going FULL throttle?? Keep getting off the throttle just before or early????

  • Holden Wright
    Holden Wright


  • Trevor Meagher
    Trevor Meagher

    I don’t want to se another monster truck unless you’re jumping over sxs

  • J C
    J C

    Was Doug all hung over ? lolol

  • Mark O
    Mark O

    I'm not really into monster trucks, but watching them sail over the dunes like a Thanksgiving parade float will never get old! :)

  • Chad R
    Chad R

    Having a safety flag on a monster truck seems counter-productive when the truck is still taller than the flag. lol

  • Jimety Etty
    Jimety Etty

    Awesomeness incapsulated in a youtube video. I know you guys are ready to build/buy a monster truck, but please, do a 2jp type build. Get it right, do it with a SxS

  • ononewheel7

    So badass guys!

  • ngh

    Those trucks were made for the sand! I can't believe I've never seen one on sand before. Just gotta keep em cool....

  • E. App
    E. App

    I pushed play thinking these were rc’s

  • Handlebars From Hell
    Handlebars From Hell

    Life is good!

  • JKU Joyrides
    JKU Joyrides

    Best content on ALgone!

  • bob Barrett
    bob Barrett

    That tandem jump was super cool!

  • Tim Corley
    Tim Corley

    That was truly EPIC!

  • Friggin Leonardo
    Friggin Leonardo

    How in the hell did Sous not make it for a second day? Tom Foolery FTW. Those guys are awesome

  • lb7zf6 03
    lb7zf6 03


  • JaySoos O
    JaySoos O

    Wait...... Did someone complain about the trucks being too loud?

  • Michael Toledo
    Michael Toledo

    Bring them to Glamis California so people won’t cry over sound.... people are so soft

  • Ismael Marrero
    Ismael Marrero

    This was a allsome video I got to say thank you to the owner of the MONSTER Truck that was a very nice thing to do letting the guys of S&SBlog,com get a chance to fullfill a life time dream you guys are allsome seeing them race side by side was allsome but that last jump two MONSTER Truck side by side getting big air that is what dreams are made off allsome absolutely amazing I got to give a big tums UP to everybody that made this possible this was a great and fun video.

  • Rick Terrill
    Rick Terrill

    @sxsblog.com how much fuel do those burn an hr?

  • Chonch

    Rick and Leo being bitter towards each other is the soap opera moment this channel needs not wants... lol

  • Bean306


  • brians48now

    This is a great way for Tomfoolery to gain new fans. Get out there among the people and just have fun.

  • Brent Mcchesney
    Brent Mcchesney

    Whistling diesel needs a big block.

  • Carpe Diem Flyer
    Carpe Diem Flyer

    Awesome! Geeet

  • Chris Watson
    Chris Watson

    Wow.. Last jump was Faaaaaaaaantastic.

  • mcrmarty

    I've never seen such a big smile on ricks face! Badass content! Keep it up!

  • Brandon Floyd
    Brandon Floyd

    We need the ghoul monster truck.

  • Kybudz Jackson
    Kybudz Jackson


  • Dector JMC
    Dector JMC

    OMG! I m crazy about monster trucks! Thats epic! Thanks bro

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