WE DRIVE MONSTER TRUCKS! Biggest dune jump ever? INSANE!
I still feel like this didn't happen!
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  • SXSBlog.com

    Best surprise ever?

    • james Mattos
      james Mattos

      Hi I’m going out for the night and then I’ll come back to the house

    • Brandon Cortez
      Brandon Cortez

      !!!!!!!!!!!!!PLEASE LET CLEETUS MCFARLAND DRIVE ONE 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • M Whitelaw
      M Whitelaw


    • Toy-Yoda

      Ehh. My Land Cruiser on 35" tires would have done it. Probably at twice the speed and 1/10 th the price.

    • That Bearded Veteran
      That Bearded Veteran

      Do I see a MAJOR upgrade coming to MUDLYFE.... I think so!!!!

  • Silverboy005

    There's always a party pooper. Just stop and enjoy the show okay? XD

  • Billy Barrow
    Billy Barrow

    Let's kick them off the sand cuz they're to loud. Darn party poppers. Are you serious?

  • Valdemar Perez III
    Valdemar Perez III

    16:25 thank me later

  • Dylan Canady
    Dylan Canady

    i can imagine all of the monster trucks at the sand dunes, jumping the biggest dune jump one by one

  • Will Holmes
    Will Holmes


  • Will Holmes
    Will Holmes

    Hi I'm William Holmes, and I love this video, and it's my all time favorite.

  • Dusty Lee
    Dusty Lee


  • Holmanboyz

    So I come home from work all day totally not expecting to watch a video like this...What a rush man. These trucks were insane. I watched it twice now its time for bed and another day of work. So very cool and thank you!

  • marc sanchez
    marc sanchez

    The skillful face basically fetch because zone echographically exist notwithstanding a opposite mustard. big, brainy tachometer

  • Caleb M.
    Caleb M.

    You know what’s fucking crazy? 2JP has the same HP as one of these monster trucks!!! Probably a lot less torque but that’s still nuts.

  • Tom C
    Tom C

    I love talking crap with my hat on backwards !!!😂

  • Hello World
    Hello World

    The abusive fine karunagappally scare because step-son clasically worry beyond a offbeat replace. upbeat, panicky surgeon

  • V4 YT
    V4 YT

    The sheer Joy on Nicks face from 04:40 > made me genuinely smile ear to ear, what a team!

  • Silent Mustang
    Silent Mustang

    Idk if monstermax or this was better

  • Flexall

    Epic!!!! Been a long time since I was at Silver Lake.. man test hilll lost alot of sand.. looks like the new top is the old shelf. Not to take anything away from how insane this video is. Got a new stroker in my Rubicon so I'll be making a visit up there in a few months. You should ask them to go2 the badlands IN next.. lol

  • Cage

    where are u in the USA i want make this too XD greetings from Germany

  • 1cont

    This is why I am a libertarian. Stupid california government is out of control.

  • H S
    H S

    EPIC!!! You guys are putting out some amazing content. Jealous of the fun you guys are having. Keep it up!!!

  • Phyllis James
    Phyllis James

    Best surprise ever?

  • Game Entertainment
    Game Entertainment

    The Moran in the Baseball hat Looking like he 11 years old Knowing He like 50 years old I’m Referring to the guy that Was Talking thru the entire Video the Little White ass

  • Honklerton

    Those machines cost in the millions right? Holy fraaaaack guys........

  • Adam Garon
    Adam Garon

    Omg 😱🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Josh Wilson
    Josh Wilson

    FFS you are filming moster trucks. quit panning away as soon as they land. jesus christ hire a cameraman.

  • Mike

    I so happy you guys got to do that because I think everyone should be able to do what they always wanted to do at least once in their lifetime, even though I didn't yet but God Bless 👍🏻👍🏻🔥💯💪🏼🙏

  • ecotts

    Jester and his boy are cools as **** , that was awesome.

  • Fredrick Logan
    Fredrick Logan

    Holy shit dude, you lucky sumbuck. If they would let me drive one of those trucks, i think i might have an organism

  • Joel Palacios
    Joel Palacios

    That’s stupid you can’t even have fun cause your vehicle is loud it’s the fucking sand dunes fucken cops I swear

  • Fishing with EJ Ej
    Fishing with EJ Ej

    Was this in South Georgia Bc I kinda wanna come here one day

  • Boyce Jordan
    Boyce Jordan

    Is the red head gay he talks to damn much

  • Ryham301

    The damn tires as big as their car

  • JimmyCasket 02
    JimmyCasket 02

    Why are monster jam shows so lame when they could do this?

  • Sterling Andersen
    Sterling Andersen

    whats next monster jam in the dunes

  • Mr Blueberry
    Mr Blueberry

    Tom Meents: average day in my book. Lol

  • shawn thompson
    shawn thompson

    I live blocks away from where the Kraken body was built and watched the molds get made. It's an amazing creation !

  • Tito Pacheco
    Tito Pacheco

    That was just amazing!! I am so so happy for you guys man honestly its so freekin cool to see you guys living your dreams and doing the coolest shit on the planet and i truly couldn't pick anybody else other then you awesome dudes whos more deserving for this!! You guys rock your killin it with the vids, Leo you gotten soo awesome with the camera work and editing its just truly amazing, guys keep going please this is just the best channel we have a blast with every vid! FREEKIN cool man ty guys! (And WHY THE HECK AREN'T YOU GUYS AT A MILLION SUBS YET) smh......another great one guys!🤙

  • KingKinggTv

    I've seen monster trucks live 3 times in my life, love it. Unfortunately I live in a city where our stadium is to small to see these monster trucks unleashed. I'm mindblown, and feel like I was robbed to see this in such small indoor cages. Monster Jam needs to start hosting more outdoor events!!! And bring it to my city in Canada ;)

  • KingKinggTv

    Omg amazing. Can we have the hours of raw footage? Lol

  • Kason Summers
    Kason Summers

    this was uploaded on my sisters birthday

  • Internet Glitchy guy
    Internet Glitchy guy

    Imagine the kraken monster truck go against the pirate monster trucks Like captains curse black pearl and pirates curse

  • Carlos Carmona Gallego
    Carlos Carmona Gallego

    where is this???

  • David Francisco
    David Francisco


  • Frank Capaci jr
    Frank Capaci jr

    Let's build a monster side-by-side Let me know I'd like to get in on the ground floor

  • T. W.
    T. W.

    E P I C !

  • spyder000069

    Just when you think you got a couple of nice toys.. BAM someone shows up with a monster truck.

  • Sam St. Martin
    Sam St. Martin

    So cool

  • Hoosier Patriot
    Hoosier Patriot


  • douglas adams
    douglas adams

    That was awesome!!

  • Cooper Fenik
    Cooper Fenik

    i saw them in silver lake

  • endurableDAN vlogs
    endurableDAN vlogs

    Thanks guys for the good co tent

  • endurableDAN vlogs
    endurableDAN vlogs

    I’ve always wanted to see monster trucks in the dunes or at a mud event

  • Chad Ables
    Chad Ables


  • Jerry Lifsey
    Jerry Lifsey

    He needs his side by side upgraded..y'all should colab algone.info/slow/video/iWWn2op3q4uo2Z8&ab_channel=AndrewCamarata

  • Joe Jackson
    Joe Jackson

    Loved it! so did my son two thumbs up smiles the whole video those guys got some new fans good people.

  • pinter123

    their engines make me think of a T-rex roaring in Jurrasic Park. Like they rev and I feel like everyone at the dunes head turns to be like "dafuq was that beast"

  • Conner Jordan
    Conner Jordan

    He got left hanging on 18:07

  • Addix37

    how do you dislike this video. I wasn't even there and i felt the power and awesomeness of those machines!

  • matt G
    matt G

    holy throttle blipping belt stress!

  • James Figaro
    James Figaro

    Lmao sxs are cool but pretty stupid lmao dead

  • Justin Metheringham
    Justin Metheringham

    What the French toast Lmfao.

  • Heavy hauling Idaho
    Heavy hauling Idaho

    Really cool people that own both those monster trucks!!! You all are very lucky

  • Heavy hauling Idaho
    Heavy hauling Idaho

    Damn guys that was cool!! The little kid inside me was smiling, and laughing

  • Jason Byrne
    Jason Byrne

    Why are you guys so ridiculously excited, it's just a couple of big trucks doing some little jumps, what's the big deal?

  • Brad Bassett
    Brad Bassett

    Cant even off road without Government involvement?... We need to fix this shit!

  • Brad Bassett
    Brad Bassett

    So out of nowhere the police show up and fuck things up?... You have a serious law enforcement problem!... Definitely agree with defunding that bullshit!

  • Russell Fulker
    Russell Fulker

    Did the dnr make you do anything to the exhaust?

  • Jesse Sturtevant
    Jesse Sturtevant

    Feel like a monster truck should be an exception to a few park rules just saying

  • Alex madkour
    Alex madkour

    Where are these Dunes located

  • Its_justa_system202 ,.
    Its_justa_system202 ,.

    lets see whistlen diesel jump monster maxx

  • Jake5885

    I mean, I get it that he had to do his job but like, who the hell kicks a MONSTER TRUCK out of the dunes. What happened in your childhood, who hurt you?

  • Kaden Carter
    Kaden Carter

    At 23:02 you hear the clapped out shitbox lol

  • carlos soto
    carlos soto

    It's hard to watch somebody living out your dream.

  • spingel88

    NOT SPARK ARRESTED!?! You're in the DUNES. You gonna catch the SAND on fire????? SMH

  • deegan727

    The trucks are so massive the safety flags are barely noticeable. LOL.

  • Wendy Teague
    Wendy Teague

    Jester and Crakin I'm definitely a new Super Fan. What good people you are!!!

  • Matt gaming
    Matt gaming

    New sport born. I want to see mosterjam "out side" racing. Dunn racing. Come on now

  • Hannibal Hiley
    Hannibal Hiley

    Best reaction clip of 2020!!! *so jelly rn

  • Hannah McCann
    Hannah McCann

    I seen jester and the kracken yesterday in spring city TN, rip to krackens hood 😂

  • stewduntdryvir Ainsworth
    stewduntdryvir Ainsworth

    what no mud boggin in the pond

  • stewduntdryvir Ainsworth
    stewduntdryvir Ainsworth

    What took you guys so long, BAJA 1000, or the Oregon dunes

  • thethePete

    Owner was a super rad dude too.

  • thethePete

    Flags on the front of the monster trucks made me giggle.

  • fetish636

    My new favorite monster truck drivers! What absolute super stars! Amazing guys!!

  • iavagnilio3903

    I had a smile the whole video!

  • Owen MacLeod
    Owen MacLeod

    You guys should think about building a monster truck with a sxs body and push to get into monster jam

  • Big 'ol Booty Cheeks
    Big 'ol Booty Cheeks

    Wtf DNR?! How are you gonna shit all over monster trucks like that?!

  • DR34M4CH1NE

    Best automotive related video I've seen in ages, earned a sub!

  • Bucks RC World
    Bucks RC World

    unreal!! so badass!!!!

  • Ethan Stream
    Ethan Stream

    Good ole silver lake

  • Vipr Media Productions
    Vipr Media Productions

    That was totally insane. I've always had a thing for monster trucks. I wish I would have been there that day that would have been incredible! Dang DNR for shutting them down for the day though. Need spark arrestors. When was the last time you saw sand catch fire? Stupid lol but awesome video nonetheless

  • Quentin Porcupine
    Quentin Porcupine

    Greatest video ever who doesn't want to see monster trucks on the dunes

  • Joshua Covey
    Joshua Covey

    Little bit taller gears and I bet they could’ve broke some world records

  • Joshua Covey
    Joshua Covey


  • Joshua Covey
    Joshua Covey

    This is dope imagine these guys taken a rip to the glacier in Alaska. I bet they’d be able to make it all the way on top of the glacier at knik River. Image that picture.

  • Doyce Beard
    Doyce Beard

    who else thought it was funny that the monster trucks needed a flag for visibility

  • Wade Moulton
    Wade Moulton

    That moment when you made your childhood dreams come true. Amazing video and congratulations on pulling off one of the coolest things ever.

  • Salvatore Vulcano
    Salvatore Vulcano

    This is proof that men never truly grow up. Because we all know, if u had a chance to see a real monster truck that close up, you would 🤣

  • Clipzz 12
    Clipzz 12

    My ears were hurting through the phone audio

  • Tigerguy 101
    Tigerguy 101

    Weak jumps, get Dennis Anderson or Tom Meents there and they’d go flying

  • ostacruiser


    • Greg

      First like lol

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