Steve, Doug's brother, has gone to the NEXT LEVEL with his Stage 4 tuned X3 XRS and installed a CUSTOM nitrous kit! IT RIPS!


    Who's down for some NAAAAWWWWWWSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!???????

    • Humberto
      Humberto 🙋🏻‍♂️🙋🏻‍♂️ what’s the name of the app btw?

    • Lindsay K
      Lindsay K

      Just remember part of a nitrous tune is taking timing out it's the same as taking timing out for any boost application

    • Hard Target
      Hard Target

      Doug I just subbed a couple days ago. But have been watching for a while. I have to say you are the Madd Hatter of SXS! Nick, Sous, Steve, Mike, and Brian are cool too!

    • David Barraza
      David Barraza

      You guys just started a whole new set up for x3’s across the world...

    • Jimmy55don

      The Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat has a menacing 3.5 second 0-60 mph acceleration time and an insanely fast 11.2 second 1/4 mile time. Not my words its from a Dodge promotional ad. Come on Steve your almost beyond menacing and most definitely insane.

  • Arthur Leon
    Arthur Leon

    Hard work payed off

  • Darwin Calliou
    Darwin Calliou


  • Tyler Truitt
    Tyler Truitt

    was this a N/A x3, 120 turbo or 172hp to start with?

    • Tyler Truitt
      Tyler Truitt have you guys thought about running nitrous on a RZR stage 6 from 0psi to about 10-12psi then shut off(for the launch)? im considering it. nothing crazy just a smaller shot until boost starts building


      This started life as a 2017 154hp unit

  • Donald J.Trump
    Donald J.Trump

    Bro it’s not the first I have 2 of the same bottles on my can am turbo

    • Ethan Nickels
      Ethan Nickels

      Donald J.Trump look at the date the video was posted lol

  • Jose Beltran
    Jose Beltran


  • Alex Lawens
    Alex Lawens

    I saw this thing in action that day and it was first to the end every time

  • fullyford

    What’s app is that you’re using? Dragy?

  • Butter Chicken
    Butter Chicken

    holy fkn shit

  • Bike Life
    Bike Life

    Hahaaaaaa holy shiet!!!! This thing must be a blast to drive🤙🏽 cool holeshots👌🏽


    Does the nitrous hurt the buggies overall life?

  • Oskar K
    Oskar K

    Braaaaaaaap braaaaaaaap born2ride

  • Suffer Nofools
    Suffer Nofools

    You're totally Not breaking new ground, bro. 🤦🏼‍♂️

  • RuggedRaw

    So cool new subscriber

  • Mike Larsen
    Mike Larsen

    Only if you can get launch ,itd be a rock6

  • Daniel Ware
    Daniel Ware

    Y'all ain't the first. A dealer in Wyoming did this about a year ago.

  • Jnl Jnl
    Jnl Jnl

    Needs a bottle heater.


      It's got one now

  • ChristianX Z owner
    ChristianX Z owner

    You guys made sick X3 ...Can-Am trills

  • shazbot199

    Needs real paddles

  • Sand Ninja
    Sand Ninja

    Not the first. My buddy did it over a year ago.

  • Rob Anderson
    Rob Anderson

    Warranty savagely thrown to the curb....

  • l Lucifer l
    l Lucifer l


    • l Lucifer l
      l Lucifer l next up? Small spoolie boi Turbo with the nitrous ?


      A bunch, lol

  • Kennon Snow
    Kennon Snow Selling 2017 stock YXZ.... any of yall interested?

  • brian meattey
    brian meattey

    Glad I subscribed thx for cleetus in trying you all so all I can say is wow that's impressive .looking forward to more see ya next time godbless

  • Daniel Wurthmann
    Daniel Wurthmann

    Cleetus brought me here. Awesome toys boys!


    I came here from CBOYSTV! Love it

  • Sean Rose
    Sean Rose

    holy fuck that launch

  • Jeff Ward
    Jeff Ward

    Might want to think about taller tires so it will carry out longer

  • Jeff Ward
    Jeff Ward

    Cant wait to it when it is turned all the way up

  • Calvin Pettet
    Calvin Pettet

    OK I want nos on my talon oh wait I dont own one yet

  • Brayden Yates
    Brayden Yates

    If the bottle isn’t warm the pressure will decrease, in drag racing we use bottle warmers and spray around 900 - 950

  • vtekeatr

    Dude that 0-60 time is what my Hellcat does on a decent street tire that’s sick....

  • Matthew James
    Matthew James

    How much does a refill cost?

    • Matthew James
      Matthew James

      Wow that’s not bad. I was considering spray for my mustang


      About 80 bucks

  • minibike madman
    minibike madman

    Clitorious needs that on his cam am.


    get me to 1k

  • toordog

    Seems like you didnt inject it into the motor, its slow...

    • Chandler D.
      Chandler D.

      toordog bruh wth you talking about

  • Adam Moore
    Adam Moore

    Silver Lake in Michigan??

  • Louis Barker
    Louis Barker

    The amount of nitrous in the bottle has nothing to do with the have to bring the pressure up yourself

  • Joshua weisenborn
    Joshua weisenborn


  • Brodderick Freeney
    Brodderick Freeney

    Yall need to take all the tuned machines to a test and tune to do some grudge matches, or rent out a track and make an event out of it. Either way should make for some good content.

  • Brodderick Freeney
    Brodderick Freeney

    I need an OH!.....MY..GOD.....counter, lol! 🤣🤣😅

  • James Moore
    James Moore

    Run the nos systems they have for the renegades and I'd leave the bottle on all the time looks sick


    Nitrous oxide is temperature sensitive. 85 degrees will give you 900 PSI

  • Denver Hardin
    Denver Hardin

    A nitro buggy in its natural habitat

  • Orel .Garcia
    Orel .Garcia

    Hey sxsblog what’s the most economical most reliable sxs to buy for some trail riding mud riding

  • Ken blank
    Ken blank

    Seen your show with cleetus and his reveal of his can am You guys now got me hooked on your channel as well great job

  • Justin Harrison
    Justin Harrison

    Soon Cleetus will have this done to his x3 lol

  • John Alexander
    John Alexander

    That's going to need a new motor soon.

  • Lorne Stacey
    Lorne Stacey

    Are those Sandblaster paddles 30” or 32”??



  • Doug Flatt
    Doug Flatt

    Oh put a bottle on battlefield

  • Doug Flatt
    Doug Flatt

    Sous should put a bottle or 2 on the rzr turbo

  • A V
    A V

    I'm tuff too impress All I got to say is WOW Great job BATTLE BOYS

  • tommy23490

    What part of MI are you located... Normally day to day.. I know this is Silver Lake

  • Johnny Speed
    Johnny Speed

    Need a bottle warmer to keep the psi up!


      It's got one now

  • jacobburger 123
    jacobburger 123

    he needs some racing tires

  • jasong712

    That’s a clean install guys! Great job

  • Jaime Albert
    Jaime Albert

    She need some slicks

  • Big M
    Big M

    Man.....I thought when you guys got on the road that you would just start snapping axles or something. Fun to watch. I am a polaris guy but gotta love the x3.

  • Can Am X3 American Flag
    Can Am X3 American Flag

    How would it perform with the new 32's he purchased as opposed to the stock 30 bighorns?


      We've done a bunch of testing and in these conditions have yet to find anything that is as quick as a Bighorn

  • Evan Wagner
    Evan Wagner

    Are you guys ready for new axles 😂

  • BigD1395

    Yeah Stevie that SOB is quicker than a fat kid eating cake.

  • skidoochris

    N2o systems have a bad flaw, they leak ...even systems that have filters can and do leak small amounts of N2o causing intake explosions. if you been around n2o long enough you have seen the mess it can make. last is not having the correct n2o and gas mixture, this can cause a back fire resulting in intake damage which probably is the reason this X3 did not make it to the sxs race. at a race track is one thing, but there is no good reason to put n2o on a small turbo system used any place else


      There's plenty of good reason. You just have to understand it isn't the faint hearted.

  • devon meadors
    devon meadors

    Needs a bottle heater


      It's got one now

  • Sand Dogs
    Sand Dogs

    What app your using on the phone....


      its an app to control the dragy. its a performance meter thats gps based.

  • Chris Tyler
    Chris Tyler

    i'm surprised that thing isn't popping willies if the shocks were stiffer it probably would

  • Use this one stupid
    Use this one stupid

    Hey buds, around the 6 minute mark you said the bottle was full, but only showing 600 psi. That should tell you that the bottle is pretty empty by racing standards. The only way to really know how much is in the bottle is to weigh it. You need to be around 900 psi on the bottle to make a good hit. Low bottle pressure is going to make your machine run really rich when you hit the gas. I know it sucks, but nitrous really doesn't last very long.


      Bottle weighed full, thus the surprise at the 600 psi in the video. It has a heater on it now, problem solved.

  • Brad Mikuta
    Brad Mikuta

    Why not water/meth injection instead??

    • skidoochris

      water meth does not make any power, its used for cylinder cooling or knock prevention only


      Tough to match the power to cost ratio of nitrous!

  • Brad Mikuta
    Brad Mikuta

    I think everyone was just waiting for a guinea pig.

  • Daniel Aragon
    Daniel Aragon

    Fkn sickkkkk good job😎

  • Joseph Lane
    Joseph Lane

    Dude that is just unreal. Frickin awesome job on tuning the nas.

  • Schulze That Guy
    Schulze That Guy

    What app do you guys use for all your 0-60’s?

  • Chris K
    Chris K

    There is a Nitrous power x3 here in western Wyoming it rips!!

  • SVR

    Bye bye motor, the real sustainable issue free performance is going to be achieved when X3 will get electric dual motors like Tesla and some fast charging battery.

  • wyocattech

    Are you pulling any timing? Colder plugs?


      Colder plugs, not pulling timing

  • Justin Bink
    Justin Bink

    where do you guys live?


      Lower Michigan

  • Taylor Outdoors
    Taylor Outdoors


  • Dirt Junkies
    Dirt Junkies

    lmao, i've been gone too long buds. Edit: someone please make a meme of his face at 1235 ish. Looks just like the alien dude meme.

  • AppalachianMountainRiders

    INSANE!!!!!!! Nuff said! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • Chris H
    Chris H

    What do you think the power limits of the X3 motor are? Savage AF so far! Nice Steve!

  • Kevin Kennedy quandt
    Kevin Kennedy quandt

    Can am x3 is bad ass and very good video keep it up

  • M3 OffRoad - MI Mud Masters
    M3 OffRoad - MI Mud Masters

    Time for a J.Juan Big Brake Upgrade kit!

  • Blazin X3
    Blazin X3

    Ok I'm sold!! I've been watch you guys for a few months now and other than the extreme close-ups of Doug's face, I gotta say thank you guys for great videos and taking SXS's to the next level.. P.S. When can we order this NX3 kit from Cheers!

  • Keith J. Geising
    Keith J. Geising

    This is so badass! SxSBlog is hands down the best show on ALgone or TV! Keep the good stuff coming!

  • Philip Foster
    Philip Foster

    Hope that thing has a good bottom end, don’t want to blow it or melt the pistons.


      Bottom ends on these suckers are pretty stout. We'll probably find the limits of the headstuds / gasket first.

  • Izom

    you guys are nuts.............go on !! ;- ()

  • why fight fate?
    why fight fate?

    Sorry guys it's not the 1st nos x3..... not by a long it? Shot? Lol anyways nice setup but it's already been done


      Show me

  • mrcholow

    Freakin awesome

  • FloridaBackWoods

    Try running some aggressive 32's or 33's with NAAAWWWWWWWSSSSSSS

  • natemiller2500

    All these wild tunes and now NOS on this lil 3 cylinder is a TRUE testament on how tough these engines are.

  • Always Broken RZR
    Always Broken RZR

    I’m only in PA


      Bring it!

  • Always Broken RZR
    Always Broken RZR

    Can. I bring my LS 4 bugggy With Whipple Supercharger With nitrous it’s only 2400 hp I’ll run it and bring the heat Aka Doug ...... It’s on alcohol


      Absolutely yes!

  • Adam Kasper
    Adam Kasper

    you guys should take her to a drag strip


      That is going to happen.

  • Matt Schafer
    Matt Schafer

    Are you guys using any thing to pull timing?

    • Matt Schafer
      Matt Schafer sweet, just be careful introducing the nitrous at low rpm don't want to see it go boom lol I have the same window switch on my car lol


      Nope, just a colder set of plugs and shooting race fuel with the nitrous

  • Dryzanuns

    You know it's fast when the driver comes back with the same hair do as Sonic the Hedgehog! :D

  • Mike Miller
    Mike Miller

    What happened to the dragon fire tires I thought those were excellent and dirt and mud


      We still run em, just a little heavy for drag racing!

  • Duke Daddy
    Duke Daddy

    Can we see some upgrades on the old 1k. The new stuff is killer but most of us are running the older rigs


      Yeah we'll have more 1k stuff coming for sure!

  • wattscitymadeit

    Hey guys I finally got my x3 home just to find out the dealership over filled the oil smh 😠 I'd like to know if anyone has had this same issue from the dealership and if so how did effect the life of your motor?

    • wattscitymadeit
      wattscitymadeit thanks bud I appreciate it


      It's a dry sump setup, should't be a big deal, just drain and refill correctly!

  • Jon Blair
    Jon Blair

    Excellent Work Guys! Steve's Walking Softly but bringing the Big, Well Engineered Stick! NX3 is Amazing!

  • Canam 2016
    Canam 2016

    Sxsblog sighting in birch run 🍻

  • Marc Lancaster
    Marc Lancaster

    Is the NOS affecting your boost pressure? Just curious on the boost peak while the system is active. Thanks