X3s MUD, Turbo S climbs, and Pro XPs dominate! Drummond PART 2!
Part DOS of our island RIP!
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  • SXSBlog.com

    What was your favorite part of this trip?

    • Kev

      Rock tailight

    • Vortex_Xt_1986

      All the trash talk cracks me up ever time 😂👍

    • Chad Smith
      Chad Smith

      I like that you guys keep a little "home movie" action in the video like when Doug and Sous were playing foosball in the morning before the ride... I also loved seeing the Michigan trails on the island 🏝

    • shawn singh
      shawn singh

      It was

    • nkoeppen


  • Yooper

    What trail were you on that lead to the shale beach, I want to take it next time I go up. I have a place down past Bass cove

    • Yooper

      @SXSBlog.com I look on the map it's just south of marble head, love the videos keep it up I believe I saw you guys driving down the main road one day when I was heading into town,thanks again

    • SXSBlog.com

      Man I don’t remember. It’s on the Far East shoreline

  • Corbyn Rogers
    Corbyn Rogers

    I love it

  • Carson Meier
    Carson Meier

    Eho else knows this place from snowrunner

  • SCBullterriers

    Which one of the sxs is y'alls favorite?

  • Robert Vogen
    Robert Vogen

    Shale is weathered bed rock basically.

  • Kevin Ruddles
    Kevin Ruddles

    You guys have made a point that you all do not like driving the KRX1000.

  • J T
    J T

    y'all should get some more mud focused tires for trips when you know it's going to be real muddy.

  • John Boucher
    John Boucher

    This is why I don't buy used SxS's.

  • 4 Wheeler And UTV Parts
    4 Wheeler And UTV Parts

    great trail. after 10 min should use the winch

  • Justin McDaniel
    Justin McDaniel

    What ones over heated, and what did not??

    • Justin McDaniel
      Justin McDaniel

      Over heating is the worst for an engine, please let me know!!

  • joshua bello
    joshua bello

    Did I miss the Krx ???

  • Vortex_Xt_1986

    Love the work team. I am new to the channel keen to know why your significant others get no show on the channel? Keen to hear a lady’s prospective on all your trips and tribulations 😎👍

  • Ghost Face
    Ghost Face

    Did you guys lock your diff’s on that rock climb?

  • Merica Freedomland
    Merica Freedomland

    Needed some definite mud life action @21:00 some serious rutties there

  • Joshua Ball
    Joshua Ball

    Rzr is the way to go

  • Madhurya Das
    Madhurya Das

    Polaris only !!!!!!!

  • TTV stoutboys
    TTV stoutboys

    Can we get some “lock the diff” merch😂? Like if you agree.

  • EAST SIDE313
    EAST SIDE313

    Idk if u guys already do this, but when u were talking about Angus top choice beef first thing I thought of was u guys oughta do some bbqing/cook out videos after the trails... Bet ur channel would grow double what it is...👍🤟

  • Winston Pratt
    Winston Pratt

    U just pick the top off of those center faces

  • Winston Pratt
    Winston Pratt

    Next time bring a couple picks and a shovel and you can conquer all those

  • Winston Pratt
    Winston Pratt

    Damn got the tornado foosball table that's super legit

  • Glockspecific

    Being from Tennessee I want to tell you all the things you were doing wrong, you’ll get it over time!

  • James Noah Branch
    James Noah Branch

    Wish yall would go to Goldsboro north Carolina and go to busco beach

  • Chris Lostumo
    Chris Lostumo


  • Richard Harris
    Richard Harris

    SAW THE WHEEL, always saw the wheel in the mud, try it

  • Richard Harris
    Richard Harris

    Locked diff doesn't help in SOME situations, can cause drifting

  • Navy Vet
    Navy Vet

    Surprised you guys don't drink more beer when riding.

  • Paul Davis
    Paul Davis

    You guys are great. Life’s a garden dig it

  • Dave Templeton
    Dave Templeton

    would have liked to have seen more of the krx just to see how it did.


    I think this is one of my favorite videos. Lots of funny stuff. I about died laughing at the hemorrhoid spark arrestor 🤣🤣🤣

  • Jacob Lechner
    Jacob Lechner

    Rick looks high ASF the whole video, prolly just "tired"😂😂

    • Jacob Lechner
      Jacob Lechner

      How much did he drink lmao

    • SXSBlog.com

      We don't actually do anything except drink lol

  • John Kennedy
    John Kennedy


  • Matthew O'Brien
    Matthew O'Brien

    Dude put superswampers on the razers they work for everything rock crawling trail riding and mud bogging or cut boggers

  • Jason Jones
    Jason Jones

    Someone on the channel needs to get a Teryx4 and see what it can do.

  • eric rush
    eric rush

    Mike reed need to come to Florence Az he’d be good rock crawling

  • Js Js
    Js Js

    Where is this ? I wanna ride at this place

  • Slades Speedshop
    Slades Speedshop

    That shale beach looked like a sick spot to fly power kites!

  • gjurgens38

    Who was riding with Rick and what is lock the diff?

  • shawn singh
    shawn singh

    Here from the cleetus channel. Love the content

  • Zoomie

    I go to KOH every year bro we race ultra 4 class through the desert

  • Rnewman612

    God I love the turbo sounds

  • Anthony Sellers
    Anthony Sellers

    Was really hoping to see the krx get some rock and mud reviews.... Guess it needs a turbo so it can get some use.

  • Dominic Cataldo
    Dominic Cataldo

    I rode the same trails a few years back. We didn't make it far before we had to turn around. Those holes are deep and gnarly!

  • Andy Bowers
    Andy Bowers

    Where any babies conceived on this trip? Lots of ladies just off camera.

  • Bob Laws
    Bob Laws

    Can't help but think that they are afraid of the KRX. Afraid that it will do everything as good, or better, than their monster Canams and Polaris'. A bone stock, $18k machine vs ..... LOL

    • SXSBlog.com


  • Boosted Dad
    Boosted Dad

    Love what you guys do!!! I’m sure I’m not the only one but I wish I could go rip with you guys!!!

  • Andrew Degraffenreid
    Andrew Degraffenreid

    You guys ever planning a Waynoka Oklahoma trip?

  • Mizz Grizz
    Mizz Grizz

    “That’s what you call the hemorrhoids in the machine” Sous 💀💀💀

  • William Cultra
    William Cultra

    Where was the Pro 2?

  • Nick Lewis
    Nick Lewis

    Could you share a link or the name of where you lodged?

  • Dave McCreery
    Dave McCreery

    You could turn these videos into a drinking game. Take a shot every time someone says dude...

  • Atlanta Mustang 5.0
    Atlanta Mustang 5.0


  • truckermoore65

    It's official Leo is a douch....

    • SXSBlog.com


  • G’s Life
    G’s Life

    Dougie said “Get your mind right” 🤦🏽‍♂️🤣🤣🤣

  • D Harris
    D Harris

    God damn I love the sound O that Turbo spittin!

  • honeybadgerl39

    Sous’s goalie skills need some work!!!

  • Shockin Awesome
    Shockin Awesome

    Might have to call it the hippo with all the water and mud it’s going through

  • John Sharpnack
    John Sharpnack

    What air pressure were you guys running here?

    • SXSBlog.com


  • Tim Rose
    Tim Rose

    Do you guys run skid plates

    • SXSBlog.com

      Factory ones

  • Tim Rose
    Tim Rose

    This is not not nice 👍🏻

  • Tim Rose
    Tim Rose

    Your not wrong lock the diff

  • Tim Rose
    Tim Rose

    Your not wrong

  • Oz Guy
    Oz Guy

    A little angle at those ledges so both tires aren't climbing at the same time goes a long way.

  • Jeremy M Carlson
    Jeremy M Carlson


  • Bernard M
    Bernard M

    I can’t believe no one has commented on the girls telling Leo he’s doing it wrong lol

  • Brandon Kaminsky
    Brandon Kaminsky

    I don’t know if you’ve heard about them but you can buy extended mudflaps for the rzr. They work magic on our 4 seater and I’m sure they would keep a huge amount of mud off you guys lol. I forgot the name of the ones we have but they are easy to install. If you want I can send you a link or something.

  • Steve Brown
    Steve Brown

    Great vid gente. 180k subs. Wow

  • Ryan Bogle
    Ryan Bogle

    What tires is Leonardo running on his x3


    23:50 oh the Memes that can be made!!

  • Trevor Braden
    Trevor Braden

    Man no KRX love 😀 I always get excited.... ypu see it on the trailer but no trail action

  • conceal it
    conceal it

    Locked diffs Matter

  • conceal it
    conceal it

    U are all racist making a mockery of our great movement!!! Lmao just kidding heard the part were u said ooooo lol

  • Dustin Warren
    Dustin Warren

    how many diff's could nick sous lock if nick sous could lock diff's? lol

  • Ryan Hoffmann
    Ryan Hoffmann

    I thoroughly enjoyed seeing you guys ripping it out there. Also, very excited to see that sub count getting nearer to 200k! Keep up the amazing content!

  • sherman raney
    sherman raney

    thanks, I had a lot of fun and my highlifter 1000 is still really clean. enjoyed your video very much, oh yes and my clothes are still dry.

  • Carson Garito
    Carson Garito

    Why change stock tires to those if you had stock tires you guys would’ve made it further

  • Austin Morley
    Austin Morley

    What happened to sous finger jw

  • Evan Cobb
    Evan Cobb

    Heard cleetus is coming next year

  • Bryan Krohn
    Bryan Krohn

    Loved the vid. Awesome action!

  • Chris Cardoza
    Chris Cardoza

    That is some awesome stuff you guys and girls are playing on..

  • seanp777

    Drummond is Def some of the best wheelin spots in Michigan.So many good memories from trips up there with my Jeep buddies. Great videos!!!

  • Alex

    Here’s the thing... real glad to be a part of watching this video 😂🙌

  • Dan Phelps
    Dan Phelps

    Awesome video. Y'all could have a comedy special.

  • Michael Oleksy
    Michael Oleksy

    On your way back, stop at Java Joe's in St. Ignace. Great food.

  • Kristof Strehl
    Kristof Strehl

    Awesome looking rides, wish the YXZ showed up in some videos

  • henry hernandez
    henry hernandez

    I think mud life needs to redeem you guys next time!

  • Michael Oleksy
    Michael Oleksy

    Been going to the UP since the early 60's. But always on the West end (Kewanana). No place better. Thank you guys for the video.

  • Scottstoyz

    Mud holes

  • pukemaggots

    Look at Sous's big ol bald spot coming in nicely.

  • Jeremy Minor
    Jeremy Minor

    Great video!! But I would’ve love to seen y’all make it through some of the holes.

  • Doug Flatt
    Doug Flatt

    So who loses the bet to wash the toys lol


    When you sped up the footage in the mud pits they sounded like nitro rc cars lol

  • Christopher Wagner
    Christopher Wagner

    You need some big balloon tires overinflated lol

  • Charles

    we NEED Lock the diff shirts and hoodies

  • M K
    M K

    Everyone knows the 4 seater is the king of climbing.

  • Mark Webber
    Mark Webber

    Trip looked like a blast!!! Love the good times you have it makes us viewers feel a part of it all!!! Great content

  • Everything Off-road
    Everything Off-road

    Please get mud tires for the rigs when you got to Florida

  • Blcoffroad

    Should of had the krx out rippin, wanted to see it in action

  • Mike White
    Mike White

    Just saw the s×s crew 5 miles from ohio on 23 ... loaded down with all the units ..

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