X3s, Pro XP, Turbo RS1, and Turbo Talon hit the drags! Epic wheelies and CARNAGE!
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  • Joegun Talaski
    Joegun Talaski

    Local strip... Nice track, good people.

  • Rippinlips fishing
    Rippinlips fishing

    Did you make a vid on my bosses x3. Name is josh Phelps

  • Braap Bros
    Braap Bros

    Hey if you guys gas your machines when it’s parked it will get the moisture off the belt and it will last longer

  • the the
    the the

    I mean i get it but four adds is a little much like cool video but adds suck

  • Colton Wilson
    Colton Wilson

    Ya need to race braydon prices x3

    • SXSBlog.com


  • Travis Burk
    Travis Burk

    27:23 you’re welcome

  • Beam

    R.I.P rickstang clutch

  • the random
    the random

    3:36 damm man looks mad af lmao

  • Sampson Okur
    Sampson Okur

    I've never felt bad for Rick... until this video. Lol. Rick man... we appreciate your sacrifice. 😋😉

  • One Colorado Jeeper
    One Colorado Jeeper

    Stop tryin to sound like Cletus ... Cool video tho

    • SXSBlog.com


  • 3x The Charm
    3x The Charm

    That battlefield one really squats

  • Torry Rhodes
    Torry Rhodes

    It's green from maybe .5 yall should work on them reaction times..You dont leave on green.

  • OG1

    Let’s start a « Go Fund Me » page for Rick to cover the damages from the drag strip session...LOL

  • Josh Kleinhans
    Josh Kleinhans


  • cobrasvt347

    Guarantee you it went into 4x4 during the burnout. Bet money on it.

  • cobrasvt347

    "Lesson to be learned here" do as I have done to prevent Murphy's law from ruining your day and costing a shit ton of money and beer. Throw those retarded shitty factory rocker switches away and get something in there that cannot be accidentally turned on. Can't tell you how many times it took me tearing up shit before I realized it was the damn switches mysteriously turning themselves on during the worst possible time from vibrations and Murphy's stupid ass.

  • cobrasvt347

    Shit !!!! Driveshaft dangerfield is in the house. Good thing there was plenty of shit between you and it. Sure have the dash a forceful punch. Damn. 😬

  • Yan7001978

    Doug, Supra butt dyno can never go back!

  • Dr. Mark in Texas
    Dr. Mark in Texas

    🏆🏆🏆👍🙏 Thank you for sharing

  • GordoWG1 WG1
    GordoWG1 WG1

    Different tyre diameters front and rear - as soon as it went into 4WD the whole transmission would have been fully loaded to the point where the tyres would need to slip. If the transmission didn't have enough reserve strength to do than, then things break... Next time, might be a good idea to drop the front driveshaft so there would be no way it could happen - or at least disconnecting the swith wiring/pulling the fuse. Darned shame it happened, but fortunate it was the wallet, not the guy, that took the hit.

  • marcos can
    marcos can

    @21:51 yea that was all clutch

  • chad scott
    chad scott

    Ricks driving had me laughing so hard expecially after I smoked that joint

  • Steve Fendelet
    Steve Fendelet

    “Basically stock” f-150 running 12’s?? Lol. I’ve been running the mighty eco since 12. Blew up my first one in fact. I’d say either 5 star tuned or Unleashed.. fun too watch it all.

  • Chevy Duramax 400 horsepower
    Chevy Duramax 400 horsepower

    Brother he burned that clutch bad I mean there's no clutch left

  • William Hurren
    William Hurren

    Damn it. How'd I miss this?

  • Lukas Foumia
    Lukas Foumia

    I have that car in gta👍🏼

  • Izzy johnas
    Izzy johnas

    Just sucks how cheap these machines are built from factory

  • Nolan Volk
    Nolan Volk


  • gore1gore

    Thanks for ruining NNN

  • ABarney 15
    ABarney 15

    Side by sides side by side

  • Kole Bailey
    Kole Bailey

    21:51 i can smell that from here

  • dave mei
    dave mei

    thank you for totally taking me out of my own world this is hilarious on all levels

  • Ken

    Ricks car is fast 👏

  • Ken

    You guys have a ton of parts so tough break... your words not mine..

  • Ken

    Lol. Looks like he was about to cry

  • Joshua Foust
    Joshua Foust

    I had to rewind and watch the talon and Rick omg HALIROUS

  • Brendan Mathis
    Brendan Mathis


  • Mark Vosper
    Mark Vosper

    Like to see it climb dunes in st Anthony Idaho

  • JC Carpenter
    JC Carpenter

    WARNING: All Hamstrings were injured in the making of this video

  • JC Carpenter
    JC Carpenter

    Looks like to me the phone hit the 4x4 button when it fell down. but drive shaft blew before then

  • Doug Hooper
    Doug Hooper

    Need a set of wings for the CF1...

  • svt ford
    svt ford

    Would it be possible to make a 3 speed rzr? Just wondering

  • BusaJohnny1

    The Ghoul wasn’t in 4wd on the burnout. No front tire spin.

  • BusaJohnny1

    Dougs honesty is so genuine🤣 “worst first pass ever” gotta love it. Go Ghoul🤘🏻

  • philip games
    philip games

    My family owns ubly😂

  • Felipe Trevino
    Felipe Trevino

    God damn it rick you burn the clutch up

  • Cody Storkman
    Cody Storkman

    Yall need to put 2jp up against Leroy!!! Yall have to take her to the ppv!

  • eric rush
    eric rush

    13’s f150 dam😂

  • Josh Rooster Cogburn Wood
    Josh Rooster Cogburn Wood

    I recently picked up old 2015 1000 xp RzR 2 seater and just been playing around and having a good time with it at the moment but my plan is to see how low I can get it and put some belak wheels with Hoosier dragradials on it i haven't thought about it enough to know how tall of a tire yet and figure out whats best awd or rwd with skinnys up front with tall radials I only do 1/8 stuff but after i get it halfway figured out suspension and tire wise im gonn put a bottle in it. Its gonna be a street and track only deal

  • Chikilin FlySwagga
    Chikilin FlySwagga

    Bro I wondered what freaking axels y’all used since the first pass lol until the X3 finally broke one and said they were 2017 stocks. Y’all run stock axels on all of them?

    • SXSBlog.com

      Most yes but we’re gonna try some aftermarket stuff soon!

  • Randy Wright
    Randy Wright

    Those are garbage why was your money on such a piece of crap get a banshee

  • Christopher Butcher
    Christopher Butcher

    I've never seen rick mad, he is usually the chill one, definetly not his day lol.

  • Jarret Calbury
    Jarret Calbury

    Hey fellas new to following ur channel got to admit love it my name is Jarret this is about an older video I'm not tech smart lol so sorry but it's about using clutch pullers I see u use them alot when u get stuck and use the hydrolic effect try using some Teflon tape around the threads of ur puller it works much better keeping the pressure in the clutch

  • S P Audio
    S P Audio

    I have a feeling rick cant drive for shit, and has no clue what hes doing

  • bzballstar721

    Oooooff 😂

  • Best Wins/Fails Ever
    Best Wins/Fails Ever

    Take the 2jz to the drag strip!!

  • CryinBranston

    I thought you couldn't run different size tires in four wheel drive?


    Omg the first 6 mins is great

  • Brady Pride
    Brady Pride

    Awesome video. Would have loved to see beast mode and Doug's YXZ run down the track.

  • All Things Offroad
    All Things Offroad

    Different size tires front and rear, all the power, drag strip, In 4wd....ooooofff

  • Foolgazy

    Gotta extend it

  • Fluffynugs

    Ricks car has more potential.. he’s granny shifting... tell that boy to shift right before she bounces he’s early shifting dropping high rpms


    That was fun!


    I sure wish the 2JZ was ready to rip and there. Looking forward to seeing it.

  • Justin Summers
    Justin Summers

    I live 5 min form that track. Definitely wana see 2JP in Ubly! And I’d love to be there too see it! Been following your guys from the beginning.

  • Mr No name
    Mr No name

    Is that Rick Ecoboost stock? or does it have a tune

  • ScumBagStreets

    I’m saying the drive shaft broke because of the 2 different tire sizes. Transfer cases aren’t a fan and something is bound to fail

  • Nick Mendoza
    Nick Mendoza

    its wild how all these SxS's cat walk down the strip


    I can smell that clutch from ottawa

  • m v
    m v

    Do you think maybe that the phone hit the switch and put it in 4 wheel drive?

  • Kenneth Gerdon
    Kenneth Gerdon

    Battledad is a legend!

  • Michael Herrmann
    Michael Herrmann

    I feel bad for Rick too. Where is the fat guy love? I saw your ads pop up but all your shirts and hoodies only go to 2XL! we need some fat guy 3XL4XL love in the SXS blog gear! Am I missing it or is it just not there?

  • Dustin Warren
    Dustin Warren

    @4:56 i hate to see when things break, but man when rick is fired up, he words things in such a way that just makes me literally laugh out loud.

  • Dustin Warren
    Dustin Warren

    that first pass was rick going to FFV

  • matthewstauffer

    "Sticking to the sand with the 2j" if you're scared of it just say it hahaha

  • Kiing Quincy
    Kiing Quincy

    Not bringing the 2jz swapped side by side was just idiotic.... could've left all those slow mfs home and just tested the 2jz 🤦🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️ Great vid though

  • Bean306


  • Dylan Chenard
    Dylan Chenard

    I broke the the axle on my sxs today

  • David jr Martinez
    David jr Martinez

    A@sxsblogs.com I like all ur videos there cool can't wait to see u in glamis

  • John F IV
    John F IV

    Do u guys build junk because almost everything you brought out there broke.

  • Anthony Aubuchon
    Anthony Aubuchon

    Hey Rick, LOCK THE DIF! Lol. Stuff happens bud. Like you said, " a bad day at the track is better than a good day at work".

  • Joe Patenaude
    Joe Patenaude

    It wasn't Rick's day between the front drive shaft then the clutch

  • Joe Patenaude
    Joe Patenaude

    Just got done work early today got my McDonald's fillet of fish and a 10 piece for a $ and catching up on sxs blogs

  • Steven Grillini
    Steven Grillini

    You guys sure thats not a 1000 ft track? They aren’t bad numbers even at that... but im having a hard time with the numbers no disrespect fastest that my buddies intake , exhaust and dynotune 2019 f150 ever did was 13.87

    • Steven Grillini
      Steven Grillini

      @SXSBlog.com MAN.... Real rippers out there then... even the tow-horse. Also RIP Rickstang clutch....🙏😇💸

    • SXSBlog.com

      Lol definitely quarter bro

  • Nombre Es Juan
    Nombre Es Juan

    that lincoln can't be stock, there is no way a stock beater lincoln is faster than a supercharged 3.0 liter v6 audi

    • SXSBlog.com


  • 83z28 Guy
    83z28 Guy

    That poor poor clutch!!!

  • William Dubya
    William Dubya

    Hahahaha awesome video !!!!! Sorry Rich ! You’ll get it back together and better than ever #PARTSGUY 👌🏻

  • Boom 42
    Boom 42


  • WrenchandRip

    doug laughing at ricks first pass had me dying lol

  • Ride Red
    Ride Red

    Ubly is my local drag strip,, you have to let us no when 2jp will be there

  • D K
    D K

    Long time watcher, first time commenter. Thanks for posting the real life stuff. This shows to keep the/our world off road., Cuz off-road is Who We Are. Put a tree in the middle of that drag strip. Just saying. 4x4 4ever.👊👍✌

  • Gavin Somers
    Gavin Somers

    Hi I am 2

  • Superdutychase

    Is Rick's truck a 2.7 or 3.5?? A 12.9 is crazy fast if its not tuned, my 5.0 version of the same exact truck (2019 f150 4x4 crew cab 10 speed) ran a 13.50 @101.5 with a very aggressive E85 tune from 5 star....

  • Tinkering Turbo
    Tinkering Turbo

    Where’s the launch control on talon and run on 28-30.

  • DjCjx

    Soo looks like when the shaft exploded it jerked the console and could have switched 4x4 on. Only my optimistic look on how the switch flipped.

  • William Stamper
    William Stamper

    Michigan boys all the Way!!! Hell yeah

  • Gerald Wheaton
    Gerald Wheaton

    Go there all the time

  • Riley Lockhart
    Riley Lockhart

    Imagine if they put slicks on the 2jz rzr

  • tayjadster

    Who won the foot race?

  • Paul Singer
    Paul Singer

    Damn, back in high school in the 80's 13 seconds was way faster than every primered camaro with a vacum leak could run...now you just gotta buy a factory pick up truck.

    • gsppuffer

      My 1994 z28 lt1 ran only ran 13.80's and was whooping ass on everything. CRAZY a 4 door truck and side by sides are in the 12's

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